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#SaudiArabia Frank Lennon @DisparatePost🔁 #US-#SaudiArabia Standoff Destroys #Yemen As First Stage of Blame Game

#SaudiArabia Elaine Rickard @golferxxgirl🔁 Unlike Obama, There Will Be NO Apologies For American Exceptionalism💯
#MAGA #SaudiArabia
Frank Lennon @DisparatePost🔁 Just a small reception for #Trump.
#riyadhsummit #SaudiArabia
#SaudiArabia أحمد النجار @Abu_Shareif🔁8:25 Now #Isha Prayer Time for #SaudiArabia #Makkah
#SaudiArabia Linda Vee Sado @LindaVeeSado🔁 🆘‼️😃👍 #Melania #Trump in #SaudiArabia! No headscarf and a handshake!
#SaudiArabia 🌎GENESIS🌎 @Genesis33K🔁 History made. #saudiarabia
Brad Ruiters @braddo_ct🔁 #SaudiArabia is the very definition of #Sectarianism.
#SaudiArabia نواف الوايلي @noafaloaele🔁 Thank you for a beautiful welcome to #Riyadh! #SaudiArabia
Ankit Panda @nktpnd🔁And here it is: the long-awaited GIF of Trump voluntarily curtseying to King Salman in #SaudiArabia.
#SaudiArabia Melania Trump @FLOTUS🔁Thank you for a beautiful welcome to #Riyadh! #SaudiArabia
Melania Trump @FLOTUS🔁Had the honor of visiting 1st all-women process service center in , . Thanks to for the invite!
📞202-225-3121🇺🇸 @cnelsonv🔁My favorite description of speech in "uncharacteristically inoffensive."
مها الضاحي @Maha_Aldhahi🔁President Trump 🇺🇸 gets ROYAL TREATMENT in 🇸🇦

Eyes On Fox @eyesonfoxorg🔁You do realize collapsed on with arms deal? Huge part building equipment in , develop internal arms industry
Jianhui @RogerForTRUMP🔁 Check out how #SaudiArabia King GREETED #Melania #TeamKJ #tcot #teaparty #RedNationRising
مها الضاحي @Maha_Aldhahi🔁Wow. Look at that wonderful reception! Very professional, thank you for welcoming !
Irene Wellman @IreneWellman1🔁's performance of the war dance in was a dance on the graves of and killed by Washington and Riyadh.
camilo @tahino1🔁FunnyWatch Trying to Normalize Liar&Criminal Reading from his Speech in
Frank Lennon @DisparatePost🔁15 of 19 suicide terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001 came from , a country at in .

Dumb blames on .

Frank Lennon @DisparatePost🔁 is the biggest supporter of Islamist terrorism. By arming them further, is spitting in the face of his own supporters.
pajam-e azadi @pajam81🔁To understand what Trump's visit means and why the Saudis are pushing the US to war with Iran, read
Frank Lennon @DisparatePost🔁Isn't it hysterically ironic that is asking to help fight extremism? Ask them to stop funding Isis instead.
تركي الحامد @Turkitwitt🔁" is looking to as its ultimate target" AF's

Desti #GoGreen Grace @DestiGrace1🔁Hopefully there are still many in Congress who will stand-up for what's right.
Frank Lennon @DisparatePost🔁After seeing and family in I think history will remember them as America's Ceausescu's family.
Kurian Varughese @kurian_v🔁Had the honor of visiting 1st all-women process service center in , . Thanks to for the invite!
Frank Lennon @DisparatePost🔁Trump visiting and incubators, the post 9/11 war on terror, never was about terrorism.

Miss Gee @goteamgreene🔁Tillerson doesn't need the pesky US press reporting out his dirty oil deals with the Saudis.

soodlee™ @isoodlee🔁But he said teaches terror, no?
Oh wait he is in
The dogs tail is stuck in the butt
hope dies last🇦🇺 @kmbsk80🔁 UNPOPULAR TAKE: #TrumpTalksTerror In #SaudiArabia...And It's Meh #President #Riyadh
TuscaloosaEnergySvcs @TuscaloosaEnSvc🔁 Expect Deals, Investments Worth $300 Billion [MUST-READ from WSJ!!] - charlotte's oil & gas news
Chad Pierre @Chad_Pierre🔁#SaudiArabia - Trump on terrorist "Drive them out!'. FMR #FBI Dir. Comey here in the USA is going to "DRIVE YOUR ASS OUT WHEN YOU COME BACK!
Charlotte Batson @BatsonandCo🔁 Expect Deals, Investments Worth $300 Billion [MUST-READ from WSJ!!] - charlotte's oil & gas news
Charlotte Batson @CharlottesOGN🔁 Expect Deals, Investments Worth $300 Billion [MUST-READ from WSJ!!] - charlotte's oil & gas news
Frank Lennon @DisparatePost🔁 Perhaps @realDonaldTrump can ask why WikiLeaks is censored in #SaudiArabia?
Phillip @FreeUlsterman🔁#Tweeps2017 When will #SaudiArabia stop persecuting #Christians? Why are Churches banned in the Kingdom? @realDonaldTrump #CCOT #PJNET
pixiedust @pixiedust5135🔁: Ready For Peace
Frank Lennon @DisparatePost🔁 just sold 110 billion dollars of weapons to the biggest terrorist exporters in the world ..let that sink in for a bit.
Tatiana Wright @twright55🔁#KingSalman of #SaudiArabia & Pres. #Trump inaugurate Global Center for Combatting Extremist Ideology #RiyadhSummit
Evat1010 @evat101010🔁Thank You Hope and Prosperity can Now be Restored around the World for
GratefulNotHateful @terrimore1🔁FLASHBACK

To Obama's speech in


Rhoda Nunn @RhodaNunn🔁3 big mistakes: "Drive them out" (not aliens, but from within), = enemy, = key partner.
Crede Sed Proba @Thedude67111🔁In '82 shld have been warning abt funding schools4 boys => instead, Americans lulled by craven bizmen
Frank Lennon @DisparatePost🔁 So basically #SaudiArabia bought #America for pennies on the Dollar #TrumpInSaudia
Syed Aslam Hussain @roohanitaakath🔁 Co signs defense deals with as visits


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