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#SaturdayNight Charles Brand @etdweasel🔁 #SaturdayNight
Night Owl
#SaturdayNight Storm_Raven @TredwayStorm🔁 Who else misses the experience of renting movies?

#SaturdayNight #Blockbuster #90s 📼📺📼

#SaturdayNight ChaoticWeirdo💀☕ @BelladonnaChaos🔁 😬ERMAGERD it’s 2:30AM I’M SO EXCITED where is the AFTERPAWTY??!! #saturdaynight 🌃
#SaturdayNight Daniel Kalban @DanielKalban🔁 #SaturdayNight #SaturdayMotivation @salcomicbookpro #Batman sketch cover
#SaturdayNight Marc Serra @65Serramarc🔁 #plasticman age 7 and now #artinspiration #saturdaynight
#SaturdayNight ProudFrancoAmerican @Fladaniele1🔁 @KenDilanianNBC Did the CIA make you tweet this propaganda ? #saturdaynight
#SaturdayNight William Biddlecombe @WBiddlecombe🔁 Set times tonight for our SOLD OUT Main Room show! #thecomedystore #SaturdayNight
#SaturdayNight Salman C @DaSalmanator🔁 Heading into #SaturdayNight
#OMGTR #NissanGTR #NissanSkyline
📷: kenmsaito
#SaturdayNight April Traywick @ciplcoach🔁 The only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking them. #SaturdayNight
#SaturdayNight Splash Magazines @SplashMagWW🔁 Get bit tonight #Saturdaynight @Palms @SplashMagWW
#SaturdayNight Jeremy Danvers Fan @JeremyDanvers81🔁 No shirt, no service. #IWillDrinkOutside #TheFather #FarCry5 #SaturdayNight #Ubisoft
#SaturdayNight Todd Simmons @NYCSimmons🔁 The Sopranos

What a perfect cold open to the #SNLFinale

#SNL #SaturdayNight #SaturdayNightLive

#SaturdayNight Nissan @Nissan🔁Heading into #SaturdayNight
#OMGTR #NissanGTR #NissanSkyline
📷: kenmsaito
Raven @theraveneffect🔁The only problem w/aging is..
you get older.
Damn, I used to be good looking! What the hell happened to me?
I guess I twitter.com ’ve been to one 2many barbecues where apparently, they used my head as the grill...
Luckily I’m too old to care.. much

Robin Hood Tax @RobinHoodTax🔁“Who is the freeloader: the working poor on food stamps — or corporations that don’t pay them enough?”


Jo-Anon219 @JoWayne219🔁It’s and I’m bored to tears with tweets about the ... so it would be YUGEly entertaining if my savage POTUS wanted to tweet out the declassified 😎

Vicki dotterman @VickiDotterman🔁More Trump Winning ~ China Agrees To Substantially Reduce America’s Trade Deficit

Once Again Proved To Be Wrong~They Predicted A Doomsday Trade War


30Days30Sites @_30days30sites🔁 R1D27: I just registered for CSSconf EU 2018 ti.to =) #100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #SaturdayNight
Monkey Island @rosie514🔁Autocorrect accidentally changes Melania to Melanie.

Liberals go nuts.

Hillary deletes 33,000 emails, smashes cellphones with hammers, uses bleachbit on her server, and creates a Russian dossier to frame Trump.


neulonmancer @neulonmancer🔁Tom Petty & HBs'~ The Damage You've Done via Turn it youtu.be up 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎧 ✨✨✨✨✨
Bob @BOB_1and_only🔁Not the answer to that America is waiting for, although I'm sure and their donors would readily approve.
Tijuana james @tijuanajames22🔁

Healthcare in America is inadequate, You could help change my life with a small donation or a simple RT. Thank you!

Honley MVC @HonleyMVC🔁A feast of music awaits you next with & massed choir of 220 directed by & with the world famous & soprano . will be there & there’s a !
🇺🇸Forever Amber❤🇺🇸❤🇮🇱 @newnorcalgal🔁

The deceitful media embracing the MS-13 animals, but condemn an American teenager wearing a Chinese prom dress🙂

Mark @firstnameMark🔁Thank you for playing one of my all-time favorite bands 's song "Something Beautiful" RIGHT as I started lifting wei twitter.com ghts. 😃

I'm poor with no iAnything. Not even an iPod or MP3 Player?! 😮

Dreary Moon @dreary_moon🔁My off the cuff Misfits tribute band, The Astro Zombies, made it's debut last night@open mic. Mini set was
Hybrid Mom twitter.com ents
Some Kinda Hate
American Nightmare

Side Hustle Wino @SideHustleWino🔁Incredible tasting experience with & 🍷
Pat Szczepanski @pszczepanski🔁Someone, anyone... please call the and notify them that the president*'s stream of consciousness has become a hazardous waste site.
Ceri Davies @welshmanupnorth🔁A feast of music awaits you next with & massed choir of 220 directed by & with the world famous & soprano . twitter.com will be there & there’s a !
Lidija Bavloska @bavloska🔁 bombshell 🌙 !Supermodel this week at the Gala 😉. 🎬
Sandra Rushbrook @sandracoleen71🔁Anyone coming in to my bedroom this morning might mistakenly think I'd spontaneously combusted last night!! twitter.com 🍾🍾
NotSo Mellow D @melodijoy🔁“Who is the freeloader: the working poor on food stamps — or corporations that don’t pay them enough?”

Joey Tweedy @joey_tweedy🔁The Sopranos "Final Scene" cold open to was an absolutely GENIUS concept...

with totally DREADFUL execution.

BTW, I have started referring to Trump as President Trumpano.

Flip N The Keys @ThirstologyAlex🔁Best friends, share happiness, tears and craziness together.
Antonia Micallef @TotallyTonio🔁Getting my Cheryl on 👩🏻‍✈️ twitter.com
Love Passion Karma @lpkwaterfront🔁Let's Roll ! / / #saturdaynight #love #passion #karma #lpkclub #lpkwaterfront #LPKClub vk.cc
elmiro anselmo @elmiroanselmo🔁As Mars approaches its unusually close opposition this July, use our Mars Profiler tool to know which side of the Red Planet you're staring at through your scope:
Young Simba @aupheleous🔁It's OK to go out and have fun, it's OK to throw some money at good stuff, it's OK to treat yourself to some of our delicious meals ❤

DreamyFlowerWonder @Ingrida11065959🔁"Optimistic sunshine". Landscapes by photographer Happetr © :


Joshua John Blood @joshuablood98🔁Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God
Oh, it chases me down, fights 'til I'm found, leaves the ninety-nine

-Reckless Love, Bethel Worship

Sanjay Sharma @Im_Sanju_Ss🔁I'm here 🇧🇷 listening to 🎵🎶with 😉✌🏼 on the best web radio 🇳🇱
Everybody 💖
Mary Rose #Basta @Beutifulgame🔁Sources close to and believe Trump stole around $50M from his own Inaugural Committee.

We were once a corrupt 1st rate country; today, we are a corrupt 3rd rate country.


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