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Sarah Huckabee Sanders: 28.822k tweets talking about this in the last 24 hours

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Popular tweets tagged with Sarah Huckabee Sanders:
I WILL RESIST @tnick853🔁 sarah huckabee sanders says espn should fire @jemelehill over her tweets about donald trump
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Marcy McGowan @marcylauren🔁 Sarah Huckabee Sanders always looks like she just asked to see your manager.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Brown Dog @EddieQueener🔁 Sarah Huckabee Sanders calls on ESPN to FIRE Jemele Hill
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Bruce @wbruce44🔁 Sarah Huckabee Sanders, this one's for you!
Sarah Huckabee Sanders John Wayne Pint @JohnWaynePint🔁 Sarah Huckabee Sanders always looks like she spent her lunch break making a Talbots salesgirl cry.
George Takei @GeorgeTakei🔁Wow, Donald has managed not to say anything too offensive in several days. But not to worry, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is picking up the slack.
billy eichner @billyeichner🔁Boy do I despise Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I realize this is not a helpful tweet but it makes me feel better, thank you.
Laurence Tribe @tribelaw🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders is an ignorant tool. And humorless to boot, unlike McSpicey. So no redeeming social value what soever.
Limes n Thot Crimes @fridakahlol🔁Every day I think about the time described Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a "shaved bear in a $30 wig" and it makes me howl.
Lyn Murray @3BClover🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders is an ignorant tool. And humorless to boot, unlike McSpicey. So no redeeming social value whatsoever.
therealPeebeaux @cheryl_marlin🔁The internet is dragging Sarah Huckabee Sanders for all the outrageous lies she told today.
Sookie1_ @sookie1_🔁 Yahoo
Paula @PLapann🔁 If anyone should be fired, it's Sarah Huckabee Sanders who lies incessantly to America.
Wraith @NyanRage🔁Someone please tell Sarah Huckabee Sanders that James Comey worked in law over 20 yrs & she's just a glorified Trump parrot.
Gavin Duhig @Mad_Mantis🔁 Wow, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is laying out a case for prosecuting Comey from the WH podium
Ohnjaye @Ohnjaye4🔁@NBCNews @ESPN @PressSec Sarah Huckabee Sanders on a daily basis has to defend someone who led the birther charge against Barack Obama ...
cynthia harbour @smell3roses🔁tomorrow at press office podium, Sarah Huckabee Sanders: "At least we did not identify him as Mr. Bojangles"
robert lyons @astralalchemy🔁According to Sarah Huckabee Sanders & The White House, if you didn't win an election none of your ideas are valid.

That isn't America.

Heather @H0418811807🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders owns the WH press corps again.

"I think that's an outrageous comment & a fireable offense by ESPN."😂👊

AJ Saint 👼 @kingfish7418🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders: "anyone who breaks the law should be prosecuted"

Great advice. That's the majority of the WH & trump admin.

David M. @Renegadetrek🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders is trending every single day because Democrats HATE hearing conservative viewpoints from a woman's mouth

I love it 😂

Jorge RevillaFajardo @jorge8129230🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a picture of dishonesty and discomfort; out of her depth; lacks solid knowledge of Trump. Hostile.
Liz Lawless ❄️😈 ❄️ @LizWill99🔁Anyone who ever screamed about free press (both sides) should be outraged about Sarah Huckabee Sanders calling for Jemele Hill's firing.
Prez Putin Bannon @CJFinNM🔁Why does ANYONE continue to show up for the Sarah Huckabee Sanders liefest?

Breaking bullshit-o-meters daily.

Sheila Harris @hume712🔁BANG! BANG! Sarah Huckabee Sanders Cont's laying out case for prosecuting Comey who illegally Leaked/Conducted a FAKE Hillary Investigation!
Jenny Eversole @eversole_jenny🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders calls for people to be fired for mocking Trump. I defend free speech - Trump and the right want to criminalize it!
Dragon Jo ☮ @J0ann3🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Frank, the child, will be here to cut the grass.

Ivanka: And then he will go to work at my factory.

griffin713 @griffion713🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders may now be on the hook for obstruction of justice in Mueller probe - Palmer Report
David @dgerogers🔁White House Sarah Huckabee Sanders Calls Jemele Hill’s Attack on Donald Trump a 'Fireable Offense'
TreLing @TwiceBrown🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders calls for Jemele Hill to be fired for condemning racism? Isn't firing a black woman for speaking up, I dunno, racist?
Tammy @TammyJo19267312🔁 "How dare @jemelehill call my White Supremacist President a White Supremacist!! Fire her!"
- Sarah Huckabee Sanders 🙄
Jeff Owens @DarkMalkovich🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Lies, lies, & more lies
: Tells the truth
Huck Sanders: "Fire her!"
Carmen Di @carmen_di🔁Hillary Clinton responds to Sarah Huckabee Sanders' criticism: "I honestly don't pay much attention to what she says."
Tejanala @Tejanala🔁So Sarah Huckabee Sanders thinks being a white supremacist is not a fireable offense but criticizing one should be?
Laura @Laura16730507🔁 Boy do I despise Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I realize this is not a helpful tweet but it makes me feel better, thank you.
joyceheiman @joyceheiman🔁 Sarah Huckabee Sanders claims Obama never made bipartisan deals. She couldn’t be more wrong. - Mic
Juicy Spiller @MrsBigJohnStud🔁Note which journalists/commentators the White House chooses to target: April Ryan, Jim Acosta, Jemele Hill...
Diana @deeathomedee🔁Hah! Sarah Huckabee Sanders Lights Up Hillary Clinton When Asked About Her Book 'What Happened'
kay gosh @lovetreeskk🔁ESPN Host Committed 'Fireable Offense' With Trump 'White Supremacist' Tweet: White House Aide | HuffPost
Donald J. Putin @donald_j_putin🔁ESPN commentator criticized Trump. The White House wants her fired. Da. Is how tinpot dictators roll. via @voxdotcom
trina @trinacat40🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders always looks like she's trying not to seem drunk while asking a pet store cashier for eight beagles.
HikerGirlJoy @hikergirljoy🔁 LOL: Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ answers to questions about Hillary’s book are priceless!
firestorm, fojesus45 @bczoberek🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders WRECKS Crooked Hillary: Her book full of lies is another reminder of why she's not President!
AM Hines @am_hines🔁By your logic Sarah Huckabee Sanders there are grounds for firing your boss who slandered Susan Rice for the last 9 months. I'd go for that.
Purr Curiam @Floja_Roja🔁 Only ppl Sarah Huckabee Sanders should be calling to be fired are: her nutritionist, her personal trainer, her makeup ar…
Andrew Gross @TheCarCzarsPage🔁Has a WH comms shop ever had so many women at the top?
Hope Hicks, press sec Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Mercedes Schlapp now running the show
💥SrirachaRedd💥 @cctrini🔁 Hey Sarah Huckabee Sanders Donald Trump is a racist! #freedomofspeech #fireme


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