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#SandyHook Deplored Warrior @WarriorforKids🔁@ctrm045 Yeah they do, #Sandyhook i#SandyHoax
#SandyHook Rhonda Andersen Gray @Freewheeln🔁 @ctrm045 Yeah they do, #Sandyhook i#SandyHoax
#SandyHook#SandyHook#SandyHook#SandyHook Deplored Warrior @WarriorforKids🔁 @CBSThisMorning Fake, fake, fake

#Sandyhook is #Sandyhoax

#SandyHook Margaret Kimura @MKCBA🔁 Sweet innocent babies at #SandyHook I remember YOU! 😢
Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts🔁I want to live in a nation where the leader feels compelled to comment on the 5 year mark of a mass shooting that mur twitter.com dered 20 first graders and six educators in the sanctity of an elementary school classroom. Is that too much to ask?
Jay Carney @JayCarney🔁5 years ago today was my worst day at the White House. I saw my normally stoic boss break down. I lost my composure a twitter.com t the briefing. As a parent, I could not comprehend the horror of . I think of those innocent children, and their brave teachers, all the time.
Qasim Rashid, Esq. @MuslimIQ🔁Deaths since the Terrorist attack:

By Americans:
•Mass Shootings: 1,600
•Killed by MS: 1,800
•Total Gun Deaths: 60, twitter.com 000
•Gun Bans: 0

By Refugees:
•Mass Shootings: 0
•Killed by MS: 0
•Total Gun Deaths: 0
•Travel Bans: 3


Linda Gottlieb @linda_gottlieb🔁ICYMI: Evil personified invited on the 5th anniversary of tragedy at the White House.
Roberto Hinojosa @h1ojo🔁Deaths since the Terrorist attack:

By Americans:
•Mass Shootings: 1,600
•Killed by MS: 1,800
•Total Gun Deaths: 60,000
•Gun Bans: 0

By Refugees:
•Mass Shootings: 0
•Killed by MS: 0
•Total Gun Deaths: 0
•Travel Bans: 3


Keith Demko @KeithDemko🔁On somber anniversary, introduce measure to outlaw bump stocks in state
dar @1Corvid🔁Not only did choose not to tweet out any mention of the tragedy 5 years on, he hosted the at the White House on the anniversary of Sandy Hook massacre.

This makes my chest ache.

GrgWmDol🇺🇸🇨🇦🇫🇷 @georgewillmdole🔁Today we wear green ribbons in remembrance of the victims. 40 moments of silence since 2012 and zero commonsense gun bills signed into law. It’s time to stand up for families of gun violence victims and .
Lely/Parrilla🌷 @Oflenascimento🔁Honoring those needlessly lost five years ago at . But it is a tragic story with an ending we can change. You can support at so we can prevent , today 🙏
Marisa Dubas @MarisaDubas🔁It's been 5 years since and protecting our children is more important than ever. Download 's new song to support Promise on the anniversary of this terrible tragedy...
Francois Gagne @fmgagne🔁 1) I reject this cynical, hopeless, inaccurate tweet. So much has happened since #SandyHook. twitter.com
Liberal Arab @LiberalismRules🔁Take the time today to read about what each of the 26 families whose family members were killed at are doing to improve the world in their honor:
the russian hacker @altum_teresa🔁Here’s a pic to trigger dumbasses on the anniversary.

Pro tip: Criminals don’t follow laws. I do.

Greta K. L. M. @GretaKae🔁The 20 children and six adults killed five years ago from today at Elementary School in Newtown, CT will always be remembered.

Except by every Republican Member of Congress, who just voted to loosen gun laws & have taken no action on . Dems will. 2018.

Linda Gottlieb @linda_gottlieb🔁 VP Biden on the courage of Sandy Hook families time.com @sandyhook @Nelba_MG @JesseLewisLove #SandyHook
Sarah Sirgo, Ph.D. @Lead2Support🔁My last year as principal was when Sandy Hook occurred. It was every fear I ever had as a leader magnified in real f twitter.com orm. I’ll never forget that staff meeting, looking at my 1st grade teachers, & crying. We are parents, leaders, & teachers...We are
Sofia Diogo Mateus @sofiadmateus🔁This thread on the shooting, 5 years ago, is one of the most heartbreaking things you'll read today from a reporter. twitter.com
Deplored Warrior @WarriorforKids🔁Unbelievable is non sense

No one died, they are all alive, look, last prom

Deplored Warrior @WarriorforKids🔁 s Noah Ponzer died in Pakistan also in the most deadly school shooting in the world. Poor kid
Deplored Warrior @WarriorforKids🔁No one died in Newtown in 2012 even the agrees
Sandra Stone @sandrastone34🔁The President, whose largest outside donor was the , hasn’t yet tweeted today about , so let’s just go with this from 2012....
Bernie Cicirello @ChicagoBernie🔁 This disgusting piece of shit #ImpeachTrump #SandyHook #DisbandNRA shareblue.com
Lois Childs @L01SC🔁 On the 5th anniversary of #SandyHook the @POTUS hosted the @NRA twitter.com
Sherri Santos @SherriSantosMSN🔁5 years ago today the tragedy at inspired me to become an activist. Please don’t forget the innocent lives lost everyday to .
Marie Pickett @malapick🔁 RT if you think there is a special place in hell for Alex Jones, who claims #SandyHook was a hoax.
Nicole Hockley @NicoleHockley🔁After yesterday’s 5th Anniversary of , we’re dedicating our to organizations fighting for gun reform: , & .
Sara Humphreys @authorsara🔁 vigil with last night. Text JOIN to 644-33 if you want change in our gun safety laws.
Timothy McBride @mcbridetd🔁On the 5th anniversary of #SandyHook the @POTUS hosted the @NRA twitter.com
Sandra Stone @sandrastone34🔁It was 5 years ago today that a mentally ill man killed 20 kids & 6 staff at .

If you believe that mentally ill individuals should have easy access to firearms of any size, let alone guns comparable to the AR-15, then you need to realize the NRA has you brainwashed.

Lou La Bell @Maryloufl🔁Vicki’s family has set up a foundation, The Vicki Soto Memorial Fund, to provide scholarships to students going into twitter.com the field of education. They also collect and donate new books to schools in need.

Pedos be Afraid @PedosbeAfraid🔁It's Nathan Ponzer's mom. The one that died in and thankfully he has nine lives.

Kim @Kimluvmybucs🔁I can’t think of anything that could possibly be more disrespectful to the victims and families of This is a straight up spit in the face.
SHEEPLSUCK®🇺🇸 @DNCkilledSeth🔁 was a MOTHERFUCKING HOAX! I am sorry if that triggers some fuckstick at or but you can take your censorship of legit opinions and go fuck yourselves. will be deader than myspace if they keep this shit up. Everyone switch to .
mjacobschultz @mjacobschultz🔁 #SandyHook was the first time I ever wrote my congressmen. The feeling nothing would happen felt like it was crushing me.
Nikki C @133adr🔁We're remembering the lives of the victims: 20 children and 6 faculty members who were murdered on December 14, 2012
Lynne Brown @dlynnebrown🔁. describes what is was like to capture Obama on the worst day of his presidency


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