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Peewee Sureman @wellproperbloke🔁@realDonaldTrump Um, someone want to tell him about Sam's Club?
Bob Bryan @RobertBryan4🔁Walmart this morning: We're giving everyone pay raises and bonuses!

Walmart this afternoon: We're also closing a sle w of Sam's Club stores and laying off thousands

Jennifer Hayden @Scout_Finch🔁Walmart also announced it was closing 63 Sam's Club stores, laying off thousands. Workers arrived at stores today to find them closed, ZERO warning the store's were closing.
Sam's Club nish. @omgitsnish🔁 "Sam's Club"
Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1🔁Hours after Walmart announced it was giving raises and bonuses to employees, Walmart told Business Insider it’s abrup tly closing 63 Sam's Club locations across the U.S. Many employees weren’t informed of the closures ahead of time, according to reports.
RConner @Stingray73Vette🔁It all adds up:

- Sam's Club laid off approx 11,025 employees today. If they are full-time employees making $11/ hour this = $252m

- Walmart to give an average bonus of a $190 to each of their 1.4m US employees. This equates to $266m

Basically the layoffs pay for the Bonuses

Pensive™ @PensiveTM🔁Walmart closing Sam's club at 63 location! Oh, and that Carrier scam last year you pulled? 215 Fired there, ... jobs sent to Mexico. You are a con artist and a fraud.
ELK1989 @ekieffer1989🔁@realDonaldTrump Our Sam’s Club closed!
Pamela 💼 @PamelaSchuur🔁@morningmoneyben Maybe someone told POTUS about Carrier and Sam's Club?
Donn Lovett @donnlovett🔁The way this “raise” was rolled out was extremely disingenuous, especially in light of learning about all of the workers who lost their jobs when Walmart shut down nearly 10% of their Sam’s Club stores yesterday.
Patrick Mitchell @pamitch75🔁Yeah that is why Wal-Mart fired 5000 people at Sam's club and not just yesterday announced they are eliminating most Co manager positions. Yeah nice tax scam.
Alex Phillips @Papa_phil🔁That's it. Case and teddy aren't donut club guys. Give Sam the start tomorrow.
Denser than balls @chinji🔁Apparently Sam's Club is having sales this weekend, because they have too much stock after shutting down all those stores
RT Dailey @rtd6bggl🔁@realDonaldTrump What about Sam's club, Sears, Carrier, and all those coal mining jobs you promised.
Layna @laynat🔁What about Wal-mart shutting all those Sam’s Club stores? And then there’s those Carrier jobs you actually didn’t sa ve. The stock market isn’t the only thing that matters in the economy. And even the market is not all about you.
MySherree Smith-Dixo @HDixo🔁These Are All the Sam's Club Locations That Are Closing #Topbuzz
Sharon Lo @SharonL56198959🔁BREAKING: Billionaire Walmart owners abruptly close wave of Sam’s Club stores across U.S. and lay off thousands of workers, without warning, after receiving $7.8 billion in tax cuts from .
NBC Chicago @nbcchicago🔁Sam's Club to close several Illinois locations
Beverly Fasig @BeverlyFasig🔁No big talk about Wal-Mart. Laying off hundreds at the corporate offices. Closing 63 Sam's Club stores. Hundreds losing jobs there. You're economy is a joke!
Kathy @kathymd999🔁At&t layed off this pass week, Walmart also, a lot of Sears Kohl's Sam's club shut down, Carrier seding jobs to Mexic OK whatever with your lies.
UpAllNightEveryNight @GastlyGirl120🔁This Morning Trump Tweeted a video saying that his Tax Cuts caused Walmart to raise their US Minimum wage and provide bonuses of up to $1,000 to employees.

Also Today, Walmart closed 29 Sam's Club stores, employing approx 5,075 people.

These employees got 0 days notice.

Hal Eskew @GalleryByHal🔁What about AT&T's plan to fire thousands in March & outsource those jobs?
What about Pfizer firing Alzheimers/Parkins ons researchers?
Sam's Club?
Home Depot?
All those corps out there buying back stock to increase dividend distribution?

Maureen @reenie715🔁There’s a lot more closing then just Sam’s Club. Over 5000 stores in 2017. 2018 isn’t looking much better .
TC @Jarheadri🔁 @realDonaldTrump What about the Sam's Club store closures and the loss of those 11K jobs?
TheIndependenceParty @TerraMarQue🔁Walmart closing Sam's club at 63 location! Oh, and that Carrier scam last year you pulled? 215 Fired there, ... jobs sent to Mexico. You are a con artist and a fraud.
Eric Flaxman @CalRulz25🔁BREAKING: The Sam's Club sudden shutdown is much worse than originally reported.

- 63 Stored Shut down

- Approximately 11,025
Employees lost their Jobs

- Most of these employees didn't even get a single day's Notice!

_ Trump Brags About The Company giving measly bonuses

NoSePuedeCreer1 @NoSePuedeCreer1🔁Did you miss the story about Sam's Club closing hundreds of stores and putting thousands out of jobs? Was it not covered by Fox & Friends?
JLCIII @TheRealJLCIII🔁11,000 jobs lost from Sam's Club closings. Not to mention hundreds out of work after Carrier laid them off. You know Carrier right? The company you said you'd protect workers from those very same layoffs? You're an absolute joke.
Jennifer Savoy @sheilanewb🔁BREAKING: As Trump takes credit for the Walmart bonuses -- which averages out to just $190 per employee -- Walmart also closed at least 29 Sam's Club stores today, laying off thousands. They plan on closing more stores in the coming days! Of course Trump won't mention that!
marshmonster @marshmonster🔁The didn’t prevent layoffs at AT&T.

It didn’t prevent layoffs at Carrier.

It didn’t prevent layoffs at Sam’s Club.

You know where else it won’t prevent layoffs?


KLPC @klpc713🔁@realDonaldTrump Carrier and Sam's Club? Good day for them?
D.J.Carleton @djclarinet🔁List includes the Edgewood Sam's Club in Lansing.
Amara @MARAMARAYIN🔁so the sam’s club by Stonecrest was one of the locations that abruptly closed...great
@Joellimoguy @joelleshay1🔁Can I get an amen from the 9000 + ex-employees of Sam's Club (Walmart) ?
jonathan birenbaum @jonbirenbaum🔁Loyal Sam’s Club Members Lament the Loss of a Trusted Friend via @NYTimes @Costco @BJsWholesale @Walmart
Hehurtsmyhead @hehurtsmyhead🔁Tax cuts haven’t even started yet you dolt. You forgot about Sam’s Club abrupt closing 63 stores, laying off thousa nds. GE is cutting 12,000 jobs. Carrier laying off at plant you pledged to save. Sears laying off. You are a pathetic liar.
_FEAR_my_TONGS_ @CHEF_JD81🔁Carrier? Sam's Club? Wells Fargo? AT&T? Sears? Should I continue??
Are you pooping and Twitting again??
Oh wait sorr y, "Executive time"...
So how many F-52s does the U.S. have stored away in Nambia?
"The best fighter planes ever!"
Michael Leegan @Mleegan🔁@realDonaldTrump What about Sam’s Club?
Jan @Jan99705🔁Really? Tell that to the thousands loosing jobs due to Sam's club closing. Also effects businesses that purchase from them ie price increases, more job loss, earnings loss. Making America great again?
Kevin (Stable Genius) @Kevin_Bassett🔁Walmart closed 63 Sam's Club stores, affecting 11,000 employees. No warning, no announcement. Guess they thought the raise announcement would provide cover.
Diana Roberts, NBCT @teachingwonder🔁Am. Rev. historical fiction: My Brother Sam is Dead, Sophia’s War, The Fighting Ground, George Washington’s Socks. Af ter, 3 more historical fiction book club sets: civil war, civil rights, and persecution (ex: The Night Divided -Natzi Germany, & The Boy I’m Stripped Pajamas.)
James E. Selbe @JamesESelbe🔁Maybe some of the 11,000 just laid off at Sam's Club can sweep floors for Chrysler? Or the 1,400 lost at your infam ous Carrier plant?
Consuelo Riveros @ConsueloRivero5🔁Sam’s Club Closings, Walmart, FEMA SECRETS EXPOSED!
PerkiGiver @NatrinaLawson🔁Approximately 10,000 Sam's Club employees are going to lose their jobs as Walmart is closing 63 of the bulk item stores
Jbgud @Jbgud🔁Loyal Sam’s Club Members Lament the Loss of a Trusted Friend via
LFerrell @LFerrell1🔁Sam’s Club closed in my community with no advanced notice this past Thursday. So I will no longer shop at the remaining Walmart stores!
Mark Blasingame @MarkBlasingame🔁@PRyan Just lost 3000 jobs Sam's club 200 carrier jobs wells Fargo lost jobs tax cut already working to throw your ass out of office.
Marie Leonard @marieleo🔁I liked a @YouTube video Sam’s Club Closings, Walmart, FEMA SECRETS EXPOSED!
Tiger @Tigergal62🔁 @realDonaldTrump Wasn't a "big day" for the 11,000 Sam's club workers that got fired b/ c of your #TaxScamBill
FrankFlowerz @FrankFlowerz1🔁Sam's Club is closing and thousands of workers will lose their jobs. Wells Fargo is closing many branches which means more job losses. The jobs that Trump promised are mostly on paper.
Four Olives @FourOlives🔁@realDonaldTrump What happened with Sam’s Club?
silverbuckeye1999 @Hebrews_13_15🔁Our Sam's Club in Connecticut is shutting down. As unfortunate as it is, apparently, that particular location just is n't making money. There's nothing evil about basic economics. If you're not making money, you can't stay in business. Just that simple.
JP @CEOJDGLOBAL🔁Laid-off Sam's Club employees reach out to BJ's for work - Fox Business
kat @_imKaylee🔁This Sam's Club shit is sad. There's never a "good" time to lose your job but I can't imagine a worse time than two weeks after the holiday that cleans a lot of people's bank accounts out.
MoonWa @jbeck24358367🔁@SpeakerRyan Tell that to the employees of Sam's club. Oh wait you can't, they are no longer employed.
Roger McKenzie @Roger05able🔁Dear Republicans,
Please explain to the employees of the 65 Sam’s Club stores that closed without warning how Donald Trump is the ‘Jobs President’.
Rob Steven Williams @rstevenwilliams🔁The “Dow” is not our economy. Btw In Walmart news, Sam’s Club is closing 68 locations.
Matt McCullough @MattysCrazyMind🔁@realDonaldTrump How is Carrier doing in Indiana, er, Mexico? AT&T? Comcast? Sam's Club?
Abbie Anaya @ATGirlFights🔁Is anyone blind enough not to see that the government is planning a holocaust inside these 63 Sam's Club stores that are closing? Just a year ago they did the same inside a mini water park in Raytown, I can prove that a mass burial was performed there deny it and you may be next.
#waterislife @wildscenery🔁Cindi won't be replying directly to those 63? Sam's Club that closed because it doesn't fit her narrative
DealNews @DealNewsDeals🔁Sam's Club 3-Month Membership Extension: free for select members -
Gorges @foodndeals🔁As moms, we all know children are our greatest gifts. We also know they are our greatest expense! Find out how you can save $450 annually when purchasing Member’s Mark Formula at Sam’s Club:
Terri Hendrickson @Hendrick58Terri🔁@Too_Many_Leaks @nathanplatt @SpeakerRyan Ft Wayne Sam’s club is always busy. As is all the Walmart’s.
Middleton C Hunt @mchunt111🔁 reaction to receiving Billions of dollars in tax breaks - Closing 63 Sam's Club stores, firing 11,000 people. UNSPEAKABLE GREED
Shane S @ShaneSTX🔁@IRdotnet @realDonaldTrump I guess the government should step in and take over Sam's Club now? Give them a bail out.
TowerTramp @Tower_Tramp🔁Carrier-Moved to Mexico. ATT and Verizon laid off in December. Sam’s Club laying off 11k. Industrial Greenfield jobs are on hold for 2018 so 200,000 layoffs. But hey 4K jobs cover none of the lost jobs.
Diane Olsen @DianeOl20918490🔁Your must really suck if you give such huge tax cuts and then corporations lay off tens of thousands of people...Sam's Club, AT&T, Carrier, Sears and K-Mart all announced big layoffs after getting a tax cut! Nice plan Donald!


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