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#Salvation Suzanne Gagnon @mcgee_suzanne🔁 Don’t stress, #Salvation is coming up! #SalvationCBS
#Salvation @latestcanada🔁(Ottawa Sun):#Heat turned up on #Salvation Army at public consultation about proposed..
Suzanne Gagnon @mcgee_suzanne🔁 All for one! #Salvation #SalvationCBS
#Salvation Suzanne Gagnon @mcgee_suzanne🔁 Once a fighter, always a fighter. #Salvation #SalvationCBS
#Salvation andre fontenot @abyronpaul🔁 To the moon and back. 🌙 #Salvation #SalvationCBS
Liza Marie @figgybean🔁Excited to head home and watch #Salvation but people's gif reactions has me like
#Salvation foreverfangirl @sillyfangurl🔁 Truth. #Salvation #SalvationCBS
#Salvation foreverfangirl @sillyfangurl🔁 United, once again! #Salvation #SalvationCBS
SalvationCBS @SalvationCBS🔁Only one episode left until the season finale! Take a sneak peek at tomorrow's new #Salvation. #SalvationCBS
SalvationCBS @SalvationCBS🔁Will the truth finally be revealed? Don't miss the last new episode of before the season finale, tonight at 9/8c.
Santiago Cabrera @SantiagoC🔁Only two Episodes left!! Tune in tomorrow #salvation #salvationcbs
Jamie @2BeEnough🔁Can't believe I never tweeted about #Salvation. I really enjoy this show, love the cast & can't wait for next week's finale. @SalvationCBS
samy moustafa @Samy_Moustafa🔁I've just watched episode S01E12 of Salvation! 15 months 12 days 15 hours ="" target="_blank">
SMAReligiousFreedom @SMARFreedom🔁#China-12 #NorthKorea defectors arrested in #Jilin & #Hebei. #Pray they aren't sent back.Pray for #salvation &safety
Jordan Lagrange @Jordan_Lagrange🔁 this episode had me like!!😎😎
🌴PiscesLikeJosh🌸 @PiscesLikeJosh🔁YAY!!! Watching #salvation on the west coast!
MS Apis @SisApis🔁The devil drives us on by force, pulling us toward destruction; but God leads us by the hand, training us for .—Dionysius of Alex.
Joseph Alan @facingeast52🔁✨A Face to Face Encounter With the King 👑 of the ✡️Jews ✨

The Teachers Teacher @MrPBibleTeacher🔁A testimony from one of our youth! God is so good!
Potter's House Min. @PHMPittsburgh🔁 will be this Sunday 9/17! You're invited to join us!
Kimberly Cianci @CianciKimberly🔁@ShaziRaja_ you rocked #salvation tonight! Way to help and push at the very end... SENT! @SalvationCBS
Tyler Hines @T_Hines3🔁 @Quincy that's how far I'll go... #Salvation
Suzanne Gagnon @mcgee_suzanne🔁@SalvationWrtrs Yes please S2😩❤️ #Salvation #SalvationCBS #RenewSalvation
kurt zellner @kurtzellner🔁Of Course They Picked a Brave Strong Actress Like You Jennifer To Play Grace On :)
Kimberly Cianci @CianciKimberly🔁@Jennigan you possess such beauty in your acting.You had me smiling tonight..then in tears when your daughter left. #salvation😢
Suzanne Gagnon @mcgee_suzanne🔁We could go for more of those sleepless nights as well (writing the show, that is)
Aaron @AaronShaawiit🔁Red Herring, upon convoluted twist upon convoluted twist...Okay we get it #Salvation...That damn asteroid hit already...
Suzanne Gagnon @mcgee_suzanne🔁 #salvation. If you aren't watching you don't know what your missing @Jennigan @IanAnthonyDale @SantiagoC @SalvationCBS
Katie DuBois @bjhawk73🔁@CBS Please renew #Salvation for a 2nd season. It's too good for just 1 season. Every episode flies by! Next week can't be it!
Mark S @MtnrMS🔁I just saw "I know my dad is in heaven because..." then they said Works, his own "merit," not saving faith in #ChristAlone for #salvation.
Suzanne Gagnon @mcgee_suzanne🔁…and promptly earned yourself a spot in the hall of fame.
Jacqueline Byers @JacqeulineByers🔁 get ready west coast for Ep 12! Would qualify to b 1 of the 160?
Suzanne Gagnon @mcgee_suzanne🔁I second that ! Wow! Can't wait for you guys to see it! ep 12 starts in 10 minutes.
james @BATTLEOFSOULS🔁#Evil does its work in darkness. -Isaiah 29:15
Jesus the #Light & #Salvation from him available to you. -John 8:12
#Pray2Day & #ArmorUp
Suzanne Gagnon @mcgee_suzanne🔁@SalvationCBS @SantiagoC @Jennigan Does it ever😍 #Salvation #SalvationCBS
Lauren @lalalaurenrenee🔁 No shame here @Jennigan How bout you @SantiagoC #salvation @salvationcbs
Kimberly Cianci @CianciKimberly🔁@IanAnthonyDale you killed it tonight on #salvation .. I love that look you have when you find a clue or see evidence! 😍👊@SalvationCBS
Suzanne Gagnon @mcgee_suzanne🔁@Jennigan I can only imagine you poor woman🙄😒😘 #SalvationCBS #salvation
Lauren @lalalaurenrenee🔁How great was that scene? and brought me to tears. Bravo!
Suzanne Gagnon @mcgee_suzanne🔁 Ugh I know. Total torture 🙄 #salvation #salvationcbs
Suzanne Gagnon @mcgee_suzanne🔁 "Let's take the bastards down." @SantiagoC @Jennigan Who else is with us? #salvation @SalvationCBS
Lauren @lalalaurenrenee🔁Ahahahaha...wait, seriously, make that happen.
Suzanne Gagnon @mcgee_suzanne🔁@JacqeulineByers @SantiagoC Love that!❤️ #Musketeers #Aramis #salvation #SalvationCBS #RenewSalvation
HorrorFanaticGirl🎈 @HorrorScifiNerd🔁My ships are killing me this week . #YoungerTV #Suits #Salvation
DCIrishLass @IrishMoonDancer🔁@shellbell1113 @Jennigan @SalvationCBS @SantiagoC I was fine with either...all 3 actors are stellar and love watching them #salvation
lydia |-/ @hawkeyye_🔁This hour always goes by way too fast. Thanks for hanging with us See you next week for the season one finale!
Suzanne Gagnon @mcgee_suzanne🔁 We didn't take nearly enough of these. Next season! @Jennigan #salvation @SalvationCBS
Donna Cromeans @DJRiter🔁 Thanks for another adrenaline fueled episode! #Salvation @SalvationCBS @Jennigan @IanAnthonyDale @SalvationWrtrs
Suzanne Gagnon @mcgee_suzanne🔁@SalvationCBS Love that answer👍🏻😉 #salvation #SalvationCBS #RenewSalvation


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