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#SaludTues Salud America! @SaludAmerica🔁Q7: Share your #HeartHealthMonth and #ACEs resources! #SaludTues
Salud America! @SaludAmerica🔁A5: Sadly, trauma-informed care is not mainstream in schools yet! BUT there is an opportunity to change that & to s twitter.com tart building resilience through collaborations. See more 👉👉
Salud America! @SaludAmerica🔁February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! Join us on 2/20 @ 1pm ET for as we talk "Oral Health: It Takes twitter.com a Community."
#SaludTues Elin Silveous @ElinSilveous🔁 Do You #KnowYourNumbers? Numbers to live by....listen to your #heart. #SaludTues #MoveWithHeart
Salud America! @SaludAmerica🔁A5: Work to incorporate bilingual health coaches to primary care and more personalized care that engages patients in twitter.com preventing heart disease.
Margo Porras @ShesNachoMama🔁The latest Nacho Mama's Lifestyle Daily! paper.li Thanks to @JusticeJonesie @MoniqueFrausto @_workingmother_ #saludtues
Ellen @elenitamichelle🔁February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! Join us on 2/20 @ 1pm ET for as we talk "Oral Health: It Takes a Community."
Salud America! @SaludAmerica🔁For kids, not properly caring for teeth can lead to cavities, decay, gum disease, and other oral health problems. Joi twitter.com n us on 2/20 at 1pm ET for as we talk "Oral Health: It Takes a Community!"
PCANC CEO @PCANC_CEO🔁A4: Schools can get educated about the Protective Factors to help build resilience. preventchildabusenc.org
PCANC CEO @PCANC_CEO🔁A huge thanks to our very special co-hosts:

Risas Dental& Braces @RisasDental🔁We can't wait! Join us next Tuesday to talk issues, discuss solutions, and share resources on oral health for all kid twitter.com s
ACEs Connection @ACEsConnection🔁❤️ & ? Join us TOMORROW for to discuss how adverse childhood experiences can impact heart health! w/ ❤️
National CACFP Forum @CACFPForum🔁Thank you so much for hosting and for having us! If you’re a parent or caregiver wondering about the impacts of ACEs, whether your child is at risk, and how you can help: visit . Happy !
Forward Promise @Forward_Promise🔁If you missed today’s chat on ... it is definitely worth reading back through the hashtag !
Daniel W. Hatcher @hatchdw🔁If you missed today’s chat on ... it is definitely worth reading back through the hashtag ! twitter.com
Babys First Test @BabysFirstTest🔁A7: We also have an educational video about pulse oximetry in Spanish, designed to give parents and healthcare profes twitter.com sionals an overview of the process for :
Salud America! @SaludAmerica🔁@nacersano Awesome! Thanks for the invite! #SaludTues
Babys First Test @BabysFirstTest🔁 has a great selection of videos on for Critical Congenital Heart Disease ()! Check out our video series here: twitter.com
Salud America! @SaludAmerica🔁Thanks for participating in : & ALL others who joined! twitter.com
nacersano @nacersano🔁Join us tomorrow, 2/14 at 3pm ET for a chat to learn about preventive services available to women. twitter.com
Prevent Child Abuse @PCANC🔁In ? Register for our first Walk & Run April 14 in Raleigh, NC at Dorothea Dix Park. Help us to build stron twitter.com g families & communities
Salud America! @SaludAmerica🔁We hope to see you at the next #SaludTues Tweetchat! See our full schedule here: salud-america.org
Nacersano baby @nacersanobaby🔁Gracias. Excellent topic! Thanks so much! #SaludTues twitter.com
Forward Promise @Forward_Promise🔁Thank you , and for co-hosting this incredibly important conversation with us! twitter.com
Prevent Child Abuse @PCANC🔁Live in ? Raise awareness on the roads with a Kids First License Plate. A portion of the funds goes back into local p twitter.com rograms that prevent child abuse and neglect!
Salud America! @SaludAmerica🔁@TexasYmcas @Texas_Heart @YMCAHouston Great to see this type of team work! #SaludTues
CYW @CYWSanFrancisco🔁Thank you so much for hosting and for having us! If you’re a parent or caregiver wondering about the impacts of ACEs twitter.com , whether your child is at risk, and how you can help: visit . Happy !
Forward Promise @Forward_Promise🔁Join us TODAY for at 1pm ET as we celebrate and work to raise awareness of how impact w/
Forward Promise @Forward_Promise🔁A5:Childhood history and should be considered.Trauma and childhood social environmental directly affect BYMOC develo twitter.com pment.
Salud America! @SaludAmerica🔁We had a great #SaludTues chat today! Let’s keep working to spread the word on #ACEs and #Healthyhearts in Latino and all communities!
HHS OASH Region II @HHS_HealthReg2🔁The @nih_nhlbi has a wonderful webpage dedicated to American #HeartMonth, nhlbi.nih.gov #SaludTues #MoveWithHeart
Forward Promise @Forward_Promise🔁A7: Stress and other mental, emotional factors can directly contribute to heart health. Trauma among BYMOC can have d twitter.com evastating effects on how youth view the world. Learn more on our site about how trauma and violence affects BYMOC
Texas YMCAs @TexasYmcas🔁Thank you for having us! So encouraging to see all of your engagement on this topic. twitter.com
Prevent Child Abuse @PCANC🔁Child Abuse Prevention Month is coming in April! Get involved to show your community you’re committed to children’s h twitter.com ealthy development and start important conversations about how important it is to
Salud America! @SaludAmerica🔁A huge thanks to our very special co-hosts:
Texas YMCAs @TexasYmcas🔁A7: recently visited branches as part of ! More events to follow twitter.com
HHS OASH Region II @HHS_HealthReg2🔁The CDC has a great webpage on About Adverse Childhood Experiences, cdc.gov , and the Essentials for Childhood Framework, . twitter.com
Salud America! @SaludAmerica🔁Time’s up! Thx for participating in today’s #SaludTues Tweetchat on Latinos, Heart Health & Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)!
Forward Promise @Forward_Promise🔁A6: It’s important to learn about the resources available locally and nationally and share that info with the communi twitter.com ty. Leaders should understand community concerns & work with local organizations to address them. (2/2)
Forward Promise @Forward_Promise🔁A6: offers resources made for minorities that help address health concerns. They also provide resources to enable in twitter.com stitutions to expand their cultural competency in order to provide better services.
Rhonda Bryant @RTsoiBryant🔁A6: It starts with trust. Build trust with patients, be authentic. Health providers should seek to learn about twitter.com and as a way of understanding best approaches to heal disease.
Salud America! @SaludAmerica🔁A7: We have all kinds of resources & research to learn more about ways to promote & overall health for Latinos! See twitter.com more on & here→
National CACFP Forum @CACFPForum🔁Q2: In CACFP we find education, positive messaging, good role models make the difference in addressing health issues twitter.com
Salud America! @SaludAmerica🔁A6: More clearly defined clinical guidelines for how to asking about #ACEs would be useful to primary care practitioners! #SaludTues
Prevent Child Abuse @PCANC🔁A6: This would look like screening for and working with outside partners to connect the family to resources that can twitter.com address the problems they are facing. We have been going to grand rounds to talk about the ACE Study & get it in the hands of med students early
Rhonda Bryant @RTsoiBryant🔁A6: Health care can partner w/ trusted community orgs to learn about cultural norms and values, use this to tailor h twitter.com ealth care to their needs.
Salud America! @SaludAmerica🔁A6: Yes! Primary care professionals can take action in a number of ways! They can start by asking patients about expe twitter.com riences with adverse childhood experiences () in a sensitive manner
CYW @CYWSanFrancisco🔁A6: To help health practitioners screen for ACEs, we created the National Pediatric Practice Community on ACEs. Learn twitter.com more here:
Jesús Rodríguez, MD @KPbuenasalud🔁A6: Yes, providers can incorporate questions on Adverse Childhood Experiences into their primary care screens: twitter.com
Rhonda Bryant @RTsoiBryant🔁A6: are often not addressed because of lack of cultural understanding in health care system. This must be addressed. twitter.com
HHS OASH Region II @HHS_HealthReg2🔁The Public Health Leadership Initiative toolkit for child abuse and neglect prevention was developed to help state h twitter.com ealth departments promote and enhance child maltreatment prevention efforts.
Forward Promise @Forward_Promise🔁A5: are often not addressed because of lack of cultural understanding in healthcare system. This must be addressed. twitter.com Healthcare can learn from communities about cultural norms and values and use this to tailor care to their specific needs.
CYW @CYWSanFrancisco🔁Yes! Health practitioners play a vital role in addressing the impact of ACEs and making sure children can thrive! We twitter.com believe that routine screening for ACEs at pediatric well-child visits should be universal.
Sociedade Portuguesa de Educação Física @spef_tweet🔁 can often be prevented when one makes healthy choices and manage health conditions.
National CACFP Forum @CACFPForum🔁Retweeted Salud America! ():

Join us TODAY for at 1pm ET as we celebrate...

Salud America! @SaludAmerica🔁A4: An example of an mental health center using yoga based psychotherapy 4 boys who had experienced ACE's
Salud America! @SaludAmerica🔁Q6: Can health practitioners incorporate an assessment of patients’ childhood history & ACEs into primary care? What twitter.com would this look like?
CYW @CYWSanFrancisco🔁A5: Communities can help to advocate for children’s health, including supporting efforts towards routine screening o twitter.com f in Latino children - and all children!
Prevent Child Abuse @PCANC🔁A5: Health care practitioners can help communities learn the importance of reducing & stopping the cycle of by co twitter.com nnecting parents & families to critical community resources.
Jillian Regan @JillianReganMPH🔁A4: An example of an mental health center using yoga based psychotherapy 4 boys who had experienced ACE's #SaludTues ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
Jesús Rodríguez, MD @KPbuenasalud🔁A5: Health care providers need to direct educational efforts➡️caregivers
⬆️community resources to teach how➕& support twitter.com ive familial relationships foster physical and emotional health in children, and ACE's⬇️children's health in adulthood
Texas YMCAs @TexasYmcas🔁A5: Community nonprofits offer education (like , , and ’s Diabetes Prevention Programs)! twitter.com
Rhonda Bryant @RTsoiBryant🔁A4: Our grantee does amazing work using cultural healing approaches to get youth to heal from trauma and thrive. twitter.com
Rhonda Bryant @RTsoiBryant🔁Addressing living conditions in high crime communities where low-income Latinos live can help prevent physical illnes twitter.com s like heart disease.
Rhonda Bryant @RTsoiBryant🔁Addressing immigration issues and fears it causes can help to prevent physical health problems like heart disease. twitter.com
CYW @CYWSanFrancisco🔁A5: Addressing begins with awareness. Parents and caregivers should consider talking to their own doctors and their twitter.com child’s pediatrician about how early adversity may have impacted .


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