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Luana Marques ✌🎸🍀☔ @LuanaAr85🔁 Magical night in Salt Lake City... BOOM! #FreedomChildTour
The Associated Press @AP🔁Salt Lake City Police fire officer filmed as he dragged nurse who refused to let him draw patient's blood.
the script @thescript🔁Amazing night in Colorado. Salt Lake City, we're coming for you tonight! #FreedomChildTour
Bloody Mary @ForsythMarykate🔁 Magical night in Salt Lake City... BOOM! #FreedomChildTour
Jamil Smith @JamilSmith🔁Patrick Harmon was killed by a Salt Lake City cop. He was shot in the back while running away. As we can now see.
You Knew Me When @youknewmewhen🔁Just Announced: Salt Lake City, UT - Jan 23 at Piper Down ...
Karl Jobst @karl_jobst🔁Salt Lake City Company Sends 10,000 “Survival” Meals to Florida Relief f="" target="_blank">
End Homelessness @MDHA2🔁Salt Lake City was once a bright spot in our country's efforts to end homelessness using data and . This is baffling and sad.
Mikey 2 Platezz @MikeyFrsh🔁Who's been to Salt Lake City? I think I'm putting it on my list. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Bart Badgett @bartbadgett🔁@MichaelDemko You still live in Salt Lake City?
Mila @creiiis🔁 is about to invade Salt Lake City featuring x + many many more! Ready to let your inner freak out? 👻👹
Chris Trevino @ChrisNTrevino🔁 makes a good impression on Salt Lake City East four-star defensive tackle Apu Ika following weekend visit:
Mobile Beacon @mobilebeacon🔁Preparing for our first Bridging the Gap distribution event tomorrow in Salt Lake City with @PCsforPeople! #BTGSaltLake
Pgidd @freebluebird19🔁I love when ppl delete data/Tweets. Tells me specifically what they’re trying to hide. NSA data center outside Salt Lake City has the data.
Xoxo Mayra ❤️ @mayra_hope92🔁🌹 NEW DATES ADDED 🌹

Jym Dingler @JymDingler🔁Harvey Weinstein should hire fired Salt Lake City thug cop Jeff Payne for personal security. They’re a match made in hell.
MarchForScience-Hou @MarchForSciHou🔁Next week, join for the Diversity in STEM conference in Salt Lake City! There's still time to register:
la llorona @kreepyqt🔁Who wants to move to salt lake city with me
SocialNN Utah @SocialNNUtah🔁Help Salt Lake City unlock part of $2MM in preservation grants.
BusFinJobsUT @BusFinJobsUT🔁Driver Recruiter / Contractor - Salt Lake City, UT
D.Karagiannakis @D_Karagiannakis🔁FIRED
A Salt Lake City Police spokesman announced that Chief Mike Brown made the decision to terminated Payne's...
karen @kare_bear6🔁I can't wait for Christmas time to see my entire timeline filled with couples pictures in front of the Salt Lake City Is For Lovers sign 🙄🔫
Salt Lake City News @SaltLakeCity_NC🔁Salt Lake City News 4-year-old girl killed, mother in hospital after Salt Lake City crash -
Ruxypin @SkeddyRuxypin🔁Wow, $35 million to house 300 people based on an estimate from a Christian group? Salt Lake City *does* this, at $800 0 per person per year.
American job trader @trader_job🔁Other: Night Custodian – Salt Lake City, Utah
LJT Recording Studio @Ljtstudio🔁Uber is offering a $430 guarantee when you become a driver in Salt Lake City and complete 40 trips. Sign up here:
Liz Player Young @ElizaPlayer🔁Our home for Salt Lake City School District tomorrow. Thanks to the amazing team…
Deal-A-Minute @deal_minute🔁Going to Utah Pride Bash in Salt Lake City, Utah? Go totally free with $50 Lyft credit Get Lyft & Use Code NUMB #uber #Lyft #lgbt
Robert Allen @Bobby47Level🔁I liked a @YouTube video Frank Zappa Salt Lake City 1980 12 03 (2° show)
Rafael Querales @rafaqbass🔁Esta noche con y en Salt Lake City!! ernieballstring…
IriE_$tack$ @SeveR_ConfusioN🔁#FBFamily does anyone one have friends or family in The Salt Lake City area willing to put my son and I up for a night??


Booking Wizard @oliverbookingco🔁 Missoula, Salt Lake City, Denver. The next three days are going to be awesome. Let's go.
DaleDot @Daledot🔁We celebrated the grand opening of 's new industrial maintenance service center in Salt Lake City today.
ScottChristianBauer @SCBinUT🔁Still waiting for @fuddruckers to return to Salt Lake City/County! I miss the World's Greatest Hamburgers! Come back! Please! I beg you!
Engineering Jobs UT @EngineerJobsUT🔁Entry Level Engineer - Salt Lake City, UT
Cliff Majersik @IMTCliff🔁Salt Lake City buildings are on the path to — our on-site city adviser shares how
Kristin Groom @KristinSleight🔁Journeyman for Salt Lake City Airport - Ludvik Electric Co.
SocialNN Utah @SocialNNUtah🔁Have you tried @UberEATS in Salt Lake City yet? What’re your thoughts? Is it worth it for the drivers? @CNNMoney
Weather @_SaltLakeCityUT🔁current weather in Salt Lake City: few clouds, 53°F
17% humidity, wind 9mph, pressure 1022mb
Peter Jones @DaddyMD🔁to Astronoid at The Complex (The Grand) in Salt Lake City, UT - Dec 1
Peter Jones @DaddyMD🔁to @Dyscarnate at Metro Music Hall in Salt Lake City, UT - Nov 17
ProtectSrv Jobs UT @ProtectSrvJobUT🔁School Crossing Guard - Salt Lake City, UT


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