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Dotard Trump @TeaTraitors🔁@JessCohan Sally Yates just wants to save America from madman Trump. LOCK HIM UP! Lock Him Up!
Herman Munster @HermanM36169986🔁@Vermillious_ @GoofyKerr @jejehai Sally Yates and corrupt liar
NN500 DEPLORABLE @NicolNYG🔁 #Weinstein Sally Yates. Goodell NFL. #Eminem #BehindTheBumperSticker
Mary McLane @marymac169🔁Sally & Preet place high bar on Mueller's indictment so they will be taken seriously when they are made public.
Alicia Dede @AliciaDede🔁 #Hollywood #nfl #Eminem Sally Yates #NBC #breaking #Hollywood #BenAffleck
Ryan Jacob @Ryanjac01791467🔁The reports and said the same thing I tell you—proving criminal charges is hard.
Standing Up 4 Trump @UTHornsRawk🔁#Hollywood #nfl #Eminem Sally Yates #NBC #breaking #Hollywood #BenAffleck
NotRight @DAL_Pittsburgh🔁✔Mueller
✔Bob Corker
✔Sally Yates
✔James Comey
✔People of Color
✔66 Million Americans
Are praising Eminem tonight!
TurnTXBlue18 @turntxblue18🔁Sally Yates said the Trump White House tried to fire her via email "but the email kept bouncing back" so they hand-delivered a letter.
Left my ❤️ in Paris @MsKunatai🔁 Sally Yates: Presidential standards should be higher than 'everything short of a felony is OK'
Mary Gehrmann @MgehrmannMary🔁What is "Sally Yates" whining about now? These hacks need to go away. Their time is OVER. Thank God.
John Hill @JohnHill_writer🔁"Sally Yates" I know its irrelevant & doesn't matter, but besides Sally Yates = great example of gov. super-integrity, she's beautiful too.
Arc Angle @Arc7Angle🔁Hey Sally Yates care to shed some light on Debbies & Dems IT boy wjo jad access to House Intel Committee members servers ? 👇
Sharon @leemitchellr🔁Sally Yates says the admin tried to fire her by email: "That's sort of like breaking up with somebody by text."

Dell M. Hamilton @dellmhamilton🔁 Sally Yates, Preet Bharara Stress High Bar for Criminal Charges in Russia Probe - WSJ
Lesley @leyles7🔁 Sally Yates needs to run for #POTUS. #SallyYates2020
Liberal Daily @LibtardNews🔁Sally Yates - what did she say when she was asked about how much she knew about Lynch obstructing HRC's investigation - oh I mean "MATTER"?
Arc Angle @Arc7Angle🔁No Democrats use sexual assault as a means of control , see Asia Argento & Harvey Weinstein maybe Sally Yates & Bill maybe Joe
Joe Glaser @joemama920🔁 Sally Yates Why is someone fired for not doing their job and proven wrong in not doing it getting any air?
C.R.TruthCrusader @Sailingflyingd🔁Sally Yates is one of those self righteous hypocrites that knew something bad went down with Lynch but kept her mouth shut and did nothing
Arc Angle @Arc7Angle🔁Sally Yates did she finally admit she was Brian Fallon's "in at the DOJ" & gave heads up on HRC's Investigation- oh I mean.. "MATTER"?
deplorable Cofaxs @Cofaxs1🔁Sally Yates - did she tell Lynch "NO" when Lyn h instructed staff to call HRC's Investigation a "MATTER" & NOT Investigation?

I'll wait..

Juan Aguas @JuanAguas🔁 Sally Yates: Presidential standards should be higher than 'everything short of a felony is OK'
Arc Angle @Arc7Angle🔁 Did Sally Yates talk about the SCOTUS-approved ban she refused to enforce?
🇺🇸Kimble🇺🇸 @shmupe🔁 Weinstein is only the beginning.

#NFL Goodell Sally Yates #BehindTheBumperSticker

Gary Nabhan @GPN14🔁NO EVIDENCE, NO PROSECUTION—Sally Yates, Preet Bharara emphasize high bar for criminal charges in Russia case
Trumpocrat @Trumpocrat2🔁No Democrats use sexual assault as a means of control , see Asia Argento & Harvey Weinstein maybe Sally Yates & Bill maybe Joe


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