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SalemSalem Parker Czipar @Sniper_Czipar🔁salem was beyond ecstatic when i picked her up from the groomers today
Salem Mike McFly @NeoDark93🔁 Ladies and gentlemen, meet #Greendale’s latest resident. All hail, Salem! #sabrina, #netflix
Amy Mitchell 💋 @Mitchy_x🔁 Salem knows.

#pancakeday2018 #pancakeday

Lees-McRae MBB @DunkMountain🔁 PINK game tonight at 7pm vs Winston-Salem State! BE there🔰#TogetherWeWin
Days of our Lives @nbcdays🔁This week on : Salem is full of romantic surprises for Valentine's Day… and one shocking return.
Ron Wyden @RonWyden🔁My thoughts in the @Salem_Statesman on the urgent fight to protect #netneutrality for a free and open Internet:
Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts🔁I'm in Salem to help kick off Oregon volunteers' Advocacy Day. Because it's time to close abusive boyfriend loophole in Oregon's gun law. via
William Mitchell @militiabook🔁Salem Poor, distinguished military who fought valiantly in the
Bob Currin @CurrinJr🔁Keep the train rolling #4

Lets roll! Car 1

Brian Wilcox @brianmwilcox🔁 Oregon Army National Guard launching a Blackhawk helicopter from Salem to help in rescue of climbers on Mt. Hood.
Bob Currin @CurrinJr🔁Following all.
Peter Meyers @pemeyers1🔁Salem IL weather data 2:00 PM 43.7 58 pct 3.4 E
WSSU @WSSURAMS🔁Miss Jordan Reaves is proud to support the Food Lion Feeds initiative, committed to donating meals to families in ne ed. A vote for Miss WSSU for Miss CIAA is a vote to support Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC. VOTE NOW & OFTEN
سالم المنصور @AlManSour_SaLeM🔁Goodnight 😋💙
Coach Trotter @CoachSATrotter🔁@CoachDwill9 hello Coach, have potential recruit interested in your program from Winston-Salem
Caleb⚽️✌🏼 @Caleb_3624🔁 "So what's Salem like?"
The OneUps @TheOneUpsBand🔁@Faya_Hoek Hey, we've been busy! We're in Salem, Massachusetts for a show this past weekend. Hoping to record more soon!
🌀KnightOfTheWind🌀 @Reaper12Xx🔁Showing he's got all the tools to come through in the spotlight, puts the on the edge of their seats with an upset win over Salem in Winners Top 32! 🙊


Alpha Reboot @Alpha_Reboot🔁But, and I'll say this slowly. You. Have. No. Proof. Rich men, rich families, attract lawsuits. It happens. Paying so me women to go away and stop their nonsense is normal life for them. This sexual predator bullshit is a modern Salem witchhunt.
سالم المنصور @AlManSour_SaLeM🔁Sorry "Valentine" It's My Birthday😋💙
Omnia @omniasalem07🔁The women at the blazer calls me Salem because no one knows how to pronounce my name correctly 😂
Queen B❤️ @lacykailyn123🔁UPDATE- 6 the last one right before Salem exit!
pw @fairybarf🔁'Twas indeed a dark time in history when the townspeople of Salem wrote long thinkpieces about their neighbors then allowed them to keep working in their high-profile industries
snowangelzz 🍁 @TheSnowAngelz🔁ATTN fans!!! May will be raining concerts in the northwest! 2 MORE SHOWS posted!! (awaiting confirmation by Team Archie)

(1) MAY 7th Salem,OR and
(2) May 9th Olympia, WA!!! TIX on sale this wk!

Pat Dooris @PatDooris🔁Oregon Army National Guard launching a Blackhawk helicopter from Salem to help in rescue of climbers on Mt. Hood.
Rahmir Battle @rahmir_b🔁This my type game tonight win or go home 7:00 vs Kempsville at salem 😆
jo @klasy🔁This week on , Billie returns to Salem and Andre's killer is revealed! Coincidence???
Tsu Nami @ofblessings🔁LISTEN. Join us as Fr. Chris speaks with Dr. Gary Chapman, Senior Associate Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC, about the importance of raising emotionally healthy children and teenagers.

Living Aloha @kmarsh625🔁That's Salem for ya... Where Olive Garden routinely wins restaurant of the year. You shoulda rolled a little further south and grabbed some grub in Portland.
Cam Harlick @camrynharlick🔁Don’t forget to !
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