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Salbutamol Tim Whitfield @WhitfieldTim🔁What is Salbutamol and did it help Froome?
Salbutamol Rory Myles @RoryMyles4🔁 Chris Froome's asthma inhaler, apparently. No wonder he lost track of all that Salbutamol.
Salbutamol Roger Pielke Jr. @RogerPielkeJr🔁 Will Chris Froome's Salbutamol result sink Team Sky?
Salbutamol emir purba @emirpoerba🔁 Everything you need to know about Chris Froome’s salbutamol case |
Salbutamol Paddy Power @paddypower🔁Chris Froome's asthma inhaler, apparently. No wonder he lost track of all that Salbutamol.
Paddy Power @paddypower🔁So Chris Froome tested positive in the Vuelta and Team Sky just say they gave him an extra bit of salbutamol because his asthma was bad.
Sky Sports News @SkySportsNews🔁BREAKING: UCI ask Team Sky to explain why Chris Froome had elevated levels of Salbutamol from an asthma inhaler durin g Vuelta a Espana following urine test on September 7.
enri'que flores @starfoxx5🔁C'mon pro better hope this doesn't become another true scandal for 🤦🏼:

Chris Froome returns adve rse analytical finding for Salbutamol |

Owner @marstwillow🔁Britain's was found to have twice the permitted concentration of Salbutamol |

Peter Cresswell @TomsDad🔁 The Chris Froome Salbutamol saga could be the end of Team Sky | @lawrenceostlere
Glenn Paulley @gpaulley🔁Note to student-athletes: Salbutamol levels are part of normal substance testing in competition. As an asthmatic, I a lso know that 2,000 nanograms per millilitre (ng/ml) is A LOT.
En la masmédula @kaysersoze1🔁Alessandro Petacchi was handed a 12-month ban in 2007 for excessive use of Salbutamol during the Giro d'Italia & stripped of his five stage wins. The same punishment should be handed to Chris Froome! 🚴
Thor @Thorblackcreek🔁So I wrote some stuff about this Froome thing on my website: Thoughts on the dru g, the upper limit, the unanswered questions and the possibilities.
michael @cittymike🔁If Chris Froome's asthma was so bad in Spain that he had to take DOUBLE the permitted amount of Salbutamol then surely he should have withdrawn from the race.
Flaca! @L_N_G_C🔁All those who are ranting about & think they’re experts in doping.

Salbutamol literally helps you to breathe. Yes, breathe. Not win competitions, just to stay alive.

Whatever the outcome of the inquiry, be thankful that you don’t suffer that terrifying feeling.

helen avery @helenhighwater5🔁If you have asthma Salbutamol is reliever not performance enhancer. Ask Botham Scholes or any other asthmatic. Ludicrous talk of bans
James Parrish @JamesCParrish🔁 Chris Froome's chances of winning BBC's SPOTY have gone up in a puff of salbutamol.
Tim Clairs @tim_clairs🔁 //INRNG: Chris Froome’s Salbutamol Case
Tommi Himberg @tijh🔁Chris Froome’s urine sample from a test taken after stage 18 of the Vuelta revealed 2,000 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml) of Salbutamol — the legal limit is 1,000 ng/ml.
Martin Austermuhle @maustermuhle🔁If this ends up being actual doping, it’s really not good for pro cycling:
Al @Al__S🔁To an extent that I've just been shifted to powder salbutamol because apparently the dosing is more reliable
Fabrice Escarbassier @FabriceEsc🔁@chrisfroome Salbutamol is huge anabolic drug link with testosterona and help to mask other drug !! This is the end of movie
Aryam Contador @AryamContador🔁"There’s no jumping ship. It’s sink or swim time[for team sky]"
Stephen moore @Stephen28780796🔁So you're using massive amounts of salbutamol, but see others using it too & you decide to take even more. Deflection at its finest. Or is it worst?
Dave McHugh Band @DaveMcHughBand🔁Ah mo chara, life is too short; it's a shite rainy day out, I'm going to leave you with good vibes - if you want to wind someone up leave me out of it - hope the asthma is ok - mines not great today - bring on the salbutamol! 😂
Thomas Sijtsma @ThomasSijtsma🔁Froome op de bewuste dag met te veel Salbutamol in de urine.
Journalist: 100% fit and healthy today again?
Froome: I felt fine today.

Alfred @alfbobadilla🔁So interestingly, after doing some reading it appears that the upper limit of the WADA permitted 24hr dose of Salbutamol of 1600ug resulted in over 60% of subjects exceeded the urine threshold when they cycled to between 2 & 5% dehydration.
jimbo* @JKBal4🔁Tom I'm lifelong asthmatic. If I doubled my salbutamol levels for the day, all it would mean is I've had cause to nee d my inhaler an extra time in the day.
I'm pretty sure this will be a non story.
Ron George @RonGeorge_Dubai🔁So Froome and the doc. apparently felt he needed a little extra salbutamol after the to Los Machucos on the 6th of September. As a result he manage to stay with and drop on the 7th of September to Santo Toribio de Liébana.
Andrew Mortimer @AndrewMort18🔁 Our latest post: Brief thoughts on Froome’s salbutamol result
Rowbear @RobertTurpin🔁Uh oh! Froome tests for double of allowed limits of Salbutamol during 2017 Vuelta | via
Julio Mateos @juliotesco🔁 Must read ➖ Chris Froome’s Salbutamol Case by @inrng
paul oliver @mrpsoliver🔁 as a severe asthmatic I’ve taken an salbutamol inhaler ever day for most of my 40 years unfortunately it hasn’t hel ped me cycle any faster it’s just kept me alive!!! All will be fine 👍
Matteo @TeoMatt89🔁There's precedent for exceeding the limit on Salbutamol, eg Diego Ulissi had 1900 ng/ml detected during 2014 Giro, got a 9 month ban, negotiated down from the 2 year tariff
emir purba @emirpoerba🔁 ⚡️ “Chris Froome returns adverse analytical findings (AAF) for Salbutamol”

Alfred @alfbobadilla🔁 I thought Salbutamol isn’t banned in motorsport.
Dr. Rachel McKinnon @rachelvmckinnon🔁In order for to have the levels he did, he had to take *at least* 3200µg of salbutamol within 24hrs of his test. Tha t's at least 16 puffs on a big 200µg puffer or THIRTY SIX puffs on a normal 100µg puffer. That's , not an accident.
Alessandro Bedosti @CiclistaPelato🔁The concentration of clenbuterol found in Contador's urine was 50 picograms, 400 times less than the threshold required by a WADA accredited laboratory, but they called him dope, cheat and fraud! What exactly is Chris Froome now doubling the permitted amount of Salbutamol?
Nicola Tagger @Freedomfrom78🔁What's stupid about waiting for all the details on something before throwing stones?! Many factors can influence resu lts. Salbutamol only improves performance if you are indeed asthmatic and only comparable to levels of near normal in a non asthmatic.
David Hewett @DavidHewett8🔁Problem is WADA limit is urine concentration, but salbutamol’s inhaled (a method that’s hard to control). Not easy to predict exact rate of metabolism & excretion, esp. factoring in grand tour effects, dehydration etc. Think they just misjudged it quite badly on this occasion.
Luke Burstow @LukeBurstow🔁Actually you can share anything you want to. You can share your medical records around use of salbutamol. There are no restrictions on sharing except for self imposed ones.
Paul @007_Rebooted🔁I dunno. I think that highly aerobic events like cycling tend to introduce asthma to competitors - intake of cold ai r over years and years.

But of course, I've read that salbutamol can be used as a masking agent for other drugs.

It's murky

Indy Sport @IndySport🔁The Chris Froome Salbutamol saga could be the end of Team Sky | @lawrenceostlere
Frank E @FEeckman🔁Salbutamol. Like Petacchi, Ulissi and Trentin. Never believed Froome was clean really. Too many surprising events (ge tting dropped in Liege and then zooming up the mountains in the Tour??
Rob Wiggins @rwiggins86🔁Cyclist Chris Froome returns abnormal doping test via

1) Acute asthma symptoms? Like, shortness of breath, tightn ess in chest, wheezing... I guess I had an acute asthma attack my last ride in the mountains of CO. 😀

Felipe Niño @gfnino🔁Chris Froome’s Salbutamol Case -
Chris A @391_chris🔁Sky say Froome's salbutamol concentration was 2000ng/ml.

Diego Ulissi got a nine-month ban for 1920ng/ml in 2014.

Petacchi got a year for
1320ng/ml in 2007.

BUT Leonardo Piepoli got no ban for levels reportedly similar to Petacchi's in 2007.

TheWattmeister @Stravaddict🔁Don't snort...Christmas fragrance... 'Salbutamol' by Va Va Froome. #Froome
Dan Barry @dbarlon🔁Sky. Marginal gains. Kenacort, testosterone patches, tramadol, prednisone, salbutamol, bio passport issues for two riders, a Doctor who won't talk, lost laptop, Jiffy bags, collective amnesia on Jiffy bags, bribe of a journalist. But other than that, clean.
Trev Shep @trevshep🔁Probably because any child with asthma knows not to take breathing for granted. Sport’s can help to train the lungs a nd crucially to fight off infections. The cold virus is an asthmatics nemesis.
If salbutamol made anyone super human.. I’d have taken more over the years :)
a 🇨🇦, eh @dragpokhorlo🔁Chris Froome returns adverse analytical finding for Salbutamol |
thibault pompidou @bigbadrab36🔁A blood bag. But the salbutamol was in his system from the day he took out the bag originally. He got the timing wrong.
Murray Craib @murraycraib🔁 as said, you are confusing the inhaled limit with the urine sample limit. They are not measured in the same units. Inhaled salbutamol is measured in micrograms while urine salbutamol is measured in nanograms. 1 microgram is 1000 times more than 1 nanogram.
ioaan @ioaan🔁He used an increased dosage of Salbutamol (still within the permissible doses)As race leader, Chris was tested (...) and he declared his use of the medication as part of the process.

The notification of the test finding does not mean that any rule has been broken'

LeBrownie @BrownieCut🔁@quickstepteam @LidlBelgium @lidl @lidlespana @PhilippeGilbert Be away from the salbutamol, pls
Giovanni V @gvisconteo🔁This makes more sense than anything else I've read on the topic, the sport should move to this philosophy. They don't seem to realize how it looks and feels for both fans and non-fans with all the technical mumbo jumbo. Again not bashing.
Jack Meoff @Scriv007🔁 Great read by Daniel benson. Well done.
Team Gino Bartali @teamginobartali🔁This makes more sense than anything else I've read on the topic, the sport should move to this philosophy. They don' t seem to realize how it looks and feels for both fans and non-fans with all the technical mumbo jumbo. Again not bashing.


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