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Peanut🥜 @mattmims15🔁 Are you excited for hoops season Saints? The boys will be back at it soon! #neversatisfied
Saints Sean Roden @coachseanroden🔁 Happy Birthday to the one man that made @Saints fans out of an entire province @BCLions @Bighill44
Saints 🙏🏼CesarAcuna🙏🏼 @Cesar_Acuna_1🔁 RB's with the most yards AFTER contact!

#Ravens #Saints #Eagles #Jaguars #Texans #Chiefs

Delaney Nowlan @DelaneyMarie13🔁 The Packers play the Saints this week, so lets bring back the greatest video of all time
Saints FatasySportsChirping @chirpingfantasy🔁Saints promote Daniel Lasco, cut Adam Bighill, Bryce Harris #chirpingfantasy
Saints Andy Guadamuz @aguadamuz24🔁 RT to wish a Happy Birthday to @Willie_Snead4G! 🎈🎂🎁🎊
Saints Mark Stewart-Sims @MforMaverick🔁 Interesting first look on defense for the #Saints
Saints Bre's Closet🛍 @BlackBeauty504🔁 Sources say Saints brought in Wolf for a workout. Contract pending a physical.
Saints New Orleans Saints @Saints🔁#Saints defense yesterday:
5 turnovers, 5 sacks, 16 pass deflections and 3 TDs! #GoSaints


Saints Steven Crowder @scrowder🔁Yikes => New Orleans Saints Protest During Tribute to Fallen Police Officer...
FINAL FANTASY XIV @FF_XIV_EN🔁All Saints' Wake arrives this Thursday, Oct. 19th! What tricks and treats may be in store?
Michael 🇯🇲 @Michaael115🔁Vote the Clutch Performer of the Week for his 114 yards on 25 carries and two touchdowns! 💪🏾


Germán González @GerGGonzalez🔁temaso! California de The Delta Saints
Taylaaaaa @taylaaasimone🔁 When LSU beat auburn, saints beat detroit, and a cold front blows in on the same weekend
Slick Willy @WillyBakes🔁Early line
-6.5 vs

Now: Saints -6
10+ point swing!

Aaron Rodgers is the most valuable player in NFL history!

Ian @Saints_Dragons🔁How dare @SabraLane ask hard questions of @TurnbullMalcolm knowing full well he has no idea of how to answer them?
Keith⁶ @yungsniperr😭😭😭 🔁 The Packers play the Saints this week, so lets bring back the greatest video of all time
Deets @DrDeetsSaints ???? Wtf🔁 These daytime tv giveaways will make you wish that you were in the audience:
Damon Hanson Jr @Damonlhjr🔁 We are saints of God. We are made pure, made holy by the blood of Jesus Christ.
Barry McCockinner @BarryCockinner🔁@ByRyanWood I can't believe the saints versus #packers is still the featured game even with Rodgers out.
St Anne's Music Dept @SaintsMusicDept🔁Don't forget saints that cafe musique is next Wednesday! Show starts at 6:00 and tickets are $5 each!!
TK F. @BornARam916🔁How the Seahawks move up on a bye w/ the Rams taking over the west but falling to 10...
Saints Win in 2017 @Breesing2017🔁Flashback to 2013, when New Orleans Saints last had winning record
Jacob Myers @realjacobmyers🔁 congradulations. After years of verbal and cyber attack, the eagles are finally good. I’ve retired from my hatred.
St. Mary's HS @St_Marys_Saints🔁Congrats, coach Kruder and our varsity Saints on their well earned victory. ⚜️
Bernice Christian @Bernice05705150🔁I pray for you this week Saints, that your testimony shall NOT be aborted. That which God has planned for you shall manifest in Jesus' name.
Plow @Plow64🔁@SaintCharlie I loved the Ramczyk pick. So happy Saints didn't give up the #32 pick for Butler...
Crafting Dj @Crafting_DjFTW🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Save Dane ep 9 Saints Row Gat out of Hell
Saints Win in 2017 @Breesing2017🔁Saints promote Daniel Lasco; cut Adam Bighill, Bryce Harris
Annie Rivers @silkyslimbo🔁 I need the saints to pray for me
St. Mary's HS @St_Marys_Saints🔁 Be there!
St. Mary's HS @St_Marys_Saints🔁TOMORROW on ! 8:30 a.m. on ABC! Show your 💓 by tweeting w/ and . We will RT! pls share
Tim Guillory @TimGuill1965🔁@Saints y'all suck, I *was* a fan, but now y'all can shove that pig skin up y'all's butts....
Mitchell Woulf @M_Woulf🔁Not as high on the Saints, but this looks pretty good.
Danny Wilson @Jarhead461🔁@johncardillo @Reid2962 @Saints @SeanPayton Just more lies!
Southampton FC News @Southampton_FC1🔁Saints U23s 6-0 BTC Southampton: Underdogs beaten but not disgraced #Southampton
ChristianLawyerLady @Lawyer_Lady🔁When I was becoming Catholic, praying to saints was a stumbling block but I decided to ignore that. After I started s eeing my new Catholic friends put so much faith in Mary it freaked me out. I just couldn't imagine using another mediator or intercessor other than Jesus.
Ian @Saints_Dragons🔁Turnbull says energy plan is based on the best expert advice
LSU/Saints/Pelicans @Drs10_🔁Who won Week 6?

: Steelers
: Saints defense
: Cardinals


Humble Beast ❌ @DreBoy_74🔁. has rare skills and it starts with his tenacity to not get "rubbed" by Tate. He is a "point scorer."
Juwan G @jae_sweezy🔁 Week 7 PR

1 C hiefs
2 Eagles
3 Rams
4 Steelers
5 Panthers
6 Patriots
7 Redskins
8 Seahawks
9 Vikings
10 Saints

spooky chris @kawaiigrimmie🔁@BriaKelly IS THAT SAINTS ROW
Pat @psngr2016🔁@bluelivesmtr @Saints @NFL Boycott.
Ash Forbes @ashwforbes🔁Absolute steal. Very jealous and disappointed that the Saints didn’t nab him. He’ll be a very tidy player for the Dee s.
jacob jones @_jjones97🔁@TheHerd @ColinCowherd @Eagles @Saints @Seahawks @Vikings Yesss Vikings getting some respect
Aidan @aidan_hodges🔁Saints 5th?!😂👀 Jesu s
Holli 😽 @yuuriguana🔁cos art is a thing i sort of know how to do. Daniel Lupe Soria from 's All the Crooked Saints. I'm only a chapter in and my love for this character is strong. day 17
Saints Win in 2017 @Breesing2017🔁What We Learned: Cam Jordan and Marshon Lattimore star in Saints 52-38 victory over Lions via @SaintsCSC
Lewis Haynes @LewHaynes🔁Blimey,another absolute dicking inflicted on the Saints at the hands of Saracens😮#ChampionsCup
Karyn Placek @SaintsFanKaryn🔁neworleanssaints​.com >> Saints visit Ochsner #Saints
Harold Darling @highstickharry🔁1575 - the number of rushing yards needs to become the all-time rushing leader. Crazy stuff!
Harold Darling @highstickharry🔁 Saints been on a roll ever since Sean Payton said the white house could use a little more wisdom.
Saints Buzztap @saintsbuzztap🔁neworleanssaints​.com >> Saints visit Ochsner
Aaron Borland 🆎 @Aaron_Borland🔁Give my dude a vote, he earned it! Hell of a game!
Saints Win in 2017 @Breesing2017🔁Saints bring back former special teams captain Michael Mauti via @theadvocateno
EDUARDO GARCIA @yoyoalexakiko🔁Our gold medal winners making Saints proud- Starting catcher at Cal, starting safety at Stanford. Keep it up Ty and Frank!
Govind Singh Rathore @rathoregs726🔁PAID MEDIA has constantly attacked innocent saints and imposed fake allegations out of proportion to earn TRPs!
Saints Win in 2017 @Breesing2017🔁Saints film room: How New Orleans pieced together one of its most disruptive defensive performances in years
... @CruyffFutbol🔁Practice makes perfect. Hopefully he can push on and hold down a place for Saints. Super talented, very good mentalit y, just needs minutes.
Cerrone Battle @MrBrotherBattle🔁@TheHerd @ColinCowherd @Eagles @Saints @Seahawks @Vikings Time out...Seahawks?? LOL!!
Brigette LeBlanc Cur @CurLeblanc🔁Saints beat lions sunday yay
Bro for Christ @WinterLoverYeah🔁"And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel's hand" - REVELATION 8:4
Brandon Rice @IMBrandonRice🔁Rams won and they moved down to 10? Patriots bearly beat jets and move up? Seahawks move all the way up to 3 on a by e?
Saints Win in 2017 @Breesing2017🔁Saints promote Daniel Lasco to 53-man roster via @theadvocateno
Dane Evans393 @DaneEvans393🔁Well there ya go, at some point in time you will get what is coming to you and the Saints had it coming to them...
BUY FOLLO₩ERS :dbj @LanRuszkowski🔁Yeah but all the saints got over that,died & went to heaven
GRID Texans @Grid_HouTexans🔁Texans start the preseason 2-0 after winning 24-6 against the Saints. Reports are to get rookie WR H Seamster more looks next week @GridMbl
Ellablus191 @Ellablus🔁 Along with the Saints, let the joy and beauty of living the Gospel shine through the witness of our lives.
AFL Trade Campaigner @joffaboy66🔁@traderadio saints have got Josh Battle. Shifter Sheahan said he was the steal of the draft. Dont need Schache
Siena Saints Spyder @SienaSpyder🔁[Siena College Official Athletic Site] #SienaMadness Set For Thursday Night at 7 PM #Siena
NaeemaSky222 @NaeemaSky1🔁#radiomusic FM 105.1. Ending 6:35 PM Louisiana time/ 4:35 PM California - Here I Go Again by Whitesnake. Album: Saints & Sinners (1982).🌎☮
Nimbupaani @Nimbupaani🔁Steve Bannon frequently references a deeply hateful book which calls for exterminating Indian immigrants:
John Hagan Jr @jhagan854🔁I have BUFFALO BILLS in the top 10 not DENVER BRONCOS because their home loss to the previously winless N.Y. GIANTS a t home a bad loss
mr. brightside bot @mrbrightsidebot🔁Jealousy, turning saints into the sea
🇺🇸 Sly Drakar @DrakCorpCEO🔁I liked a @YouTube video Saints Row 4 ALL 8 Dubstep Guns
Peter Malone @fenstin🔁Yeah but all the saints got over that,died & went to heaven
Miss Gates 💋😜 @i_TwittedOnEm🔁my baby did his thang tonight 👌🏈 3 touchdowns 48-0 1st round playoffs #Saints 💛🖤
Chris Edwards @ChrisLEdwards🔁People talk about my boy like he turned back the clock! He was getting 4 carries a game w/ saints. Still the best to do it!
El B. Sure! @OnPoint_El🔁Now every time Peterson gets a TD, it's gonna be "Ohhhhhhhh don't look, Saints!!" 🙄 y'all need to be telling the Vikings don't look
Daddy 💕 @__pinkeater🔁I don’t see the saints? 🤔


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