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#SYRvsLSU Shannon Norman @Thatssosnorman🔁#mikevii HERES LOOKIN AT YOU! #syrvslsu #LSUFootball #GeauxTigers
#SYRvsLSU Katerina Kramarchyk @RobersonFanKat🔁Its ok, @CoachBabersCuse, the frosting is ready for when the cake is cooled off. #cusefootball #SYRvsLSU
Alan H Turner II @AHTurner2🔁 Ugh @CuseFootball. Really could have had that one #SYRvsLSU
Ashley Shilo @abshilo🔁Ugh @CuseFootball. Really could have had that one #SYRvsLSU
#SYRvsLSU Austin Valdez @AValdez01🔁 It's awesome seeing #SvAlum @AValdez01 doing great things! #SYRvsLSU #Cuse #Cougars
#SYRvsLSU Tommy Farrell @TommyFarrellJr🔁What an experience covering @CuseFootball in Baton Rouge. Look for my story on @NewsHouseSports shortly! #SYRvsLSU
#SYRvsLSU Anish Shroff @AnishESPN🔁First time @LSUfootball. As advertised and then some. Great fans. Great food. Can't wait until nightfall! #SYRvsLSU
Gourab Das @gour_av🔁TOUCHDOWN OREGON #GoDawgs Chico McClatcher Bryce Love #LoveSoGoodThatI #UWvsCU Penn State #SYRvsLSU
DT Sports Media @CallDT🔁Following the 35-26 loss by #Syracuse to #LSU on the road in "Death Valley", I feel _______?
#CUSEvsLSU #SYRvsLSU #CollegeFootball
AB @ABtheKingsSon🔁 5yo just asked how #LSU had more points when they're playing "worser" than the bright colors team. #SYRvsLSU
Blunder @VforVendettish🔁#SYRvsLSU fuck yeah Syracuse
✨ Matt Nelson ✨ @MattNelson34🔁Congrats to @Coach_EdOrgeron on a great successful win worked hard on both sides of the Grid Iron! Great win #CoachO #SYRvsLSU
CarbonNeutral @JPVWAG🔁#SYRvsLSU

The Orange played better then I thought or is LSU that bad?

CORY🌹🇺🇸 @ShutitdownCuse🔁 Why onside ?? Im so confused y they didn't back up lsu and let our D get us into position for a GW FG #SYRvsLSU
Tommy Farrell @TommyFarrellJr🔁“I don’t know if you turn corners when you lose.” -Coach Babers saying the team shouldn’t be satisfied #SYRvsLSU @NewsHouseSports
Rob Bagdis @swmbch🔁 I'm opening my bar tonight 87563429572608" target="_blank">
I'm Bigmam @connorohara73🔁Just like we drew it up. Jump Pass and Great Catch.
Ryan Pina @pinacuse🔁If you’re sad about the LSU game, here’s a picture of a puppy playing with a doll of a smaller version of himself.
Robby Fischer @robbyfischer🔁LSU wins, but WOW was that terrible. #SYRvsLSU @LSUfootball
fasteddie @fasteddie111🔁#SYRvsLSU Becoming harder for Private schools to beat State-funded schools. Gap will only widen.
Ryan Pina @pinacuse🔁Technically LSU won, but SU definitely didn’t lose this game. #SYRvsLSU
Kevin @KevinBrashear🔁Nothing pretty about that @LSUfootball, but a W.
All of a sudden, who is QB1?
✨ Matt Nelson ✨ @MattNelson34🔁Said it last Saturday Night Wow @LSUfootball Watched Film and Practiced hard Over the week a successful win tonight! #SYRvsLSU
Tommy Farrell @TommyFarrellJr🔁That's it here in Baton Rouge. Too little, too late for the Orange. They lose to #25 LSU 35-26. #SYRvsLSU More on @NewsHouseSports later tn.
Mike Shiers @SportsGuy_Mike🔁Good job, good effort by @CuseFootball at #25 LSU, but I haaated the onside kick try after cutting the lead to 28-26 in the 4th. #SYRvsLSU
WTXG Talk Radio® @WTXG_Talk_Radio🔁Final | #LSU 35, #Syracuse 26 | #NCAAFootball #SYRvsLSU #WTXGSports🏈
Jarrell @Rell_Lauren🔁Syracuse should have won today. They lost that game more than LSU won. Mistakes are going to be what stands out. #SYRvsLSU
LiveLoveHaHa @lynnispook🔁Thank you to the fans that were able to stay and cheer on our Tigers! #GeauxTigers #LSU #LSUfootball #SYRvsLSU
tori🌺 @provorovnhl🔁i’m not sad about it. syracuse stayed in that and they should be proud about it #SYRvsLSU
Juanky @juankylara🔁Helleva game SYRACUSE. Much respect #SYRvsLSU
Elvin dolf @RobDolf🔁Why onside ?? Im so confused y they didn't back up lsu and let our D get us into position for a GW FG #SYRvsLSU
Alan H Turner II @AHTurner2🔁The Orange played to the end! Proud of @Cuse! @CuseFootball #SYRvsLSU
Tommy Farrell @TommyFarrellJr🔁The Orange can't convert on fourth down and LSU will take over on downs. #SYRvsLSU 1:25 left to go LSU up 35-26.
Jessica Sward @SoBe_LMT🔁great game Orange. Dungy's touchdown and hot potato throws...wish it was a win but the fight was phenomenal #SYRvsLSU #LetsGoOrange
Kyle Whitfield @Kyle_Whitfield🔁I can explain #SYRvsLSU... Tigers just not a good team. Eight wins is this team's ceiling.
Kyle Stich @k_sticher🔁Babers not going for 2 after either of the previous two TDs is mind-boggling. Cost team a chance at upset. #SYRvsLSU
Jarrell @Rell_Lauren🔁No moral victories. #SYRvsLSU
Ben Amey @BenAmeyTV🔁I will never understand not going for two when scoring a touchdown to put you down 10. Being down 9 doesn't help you at all. #SYRvsLSU
Jay Pristash @CaptainJayP🔁Onside kick with all that time? Worst coaching decision in a while.... #SYRvsLSU #OrangeNation #CuseMode #IBleedOrange
Banner Sports @Banner_Sports🔁Well, that’s disappointing. #SYRvsLSU
Cecilia Hanson @ceamaehan🔁D.J. Chark, Jr. with the birthday touchdown! #Number7 #SYRvsLSU @LSUfootball
Brian Sandler @_BrianSandler🔁Too many mistakes by #Syracuse to win, but a moral victory is acceptable here given program rebuild. #SYRvsLSU
Amanda Mackoul @amandamackoul🔁Currently watching the #Cuse game at an LSU alum bar because it's the first thing I passed. #SYRvsLSU #dedication #GoOrange 🍊❤️
Angela Vanveckhoven @avanveck🔁I freakin love @DJChark82! He never brags, just always gets the job done. And Happy Birthday! #LSU #SYRvsLSU
Geoff Hogan @ghogan35🔁I do not understand the onsides kick playcall with over 5 mins on the clock down 2 ??? #SYRvsLSU
Shannon Norman @Thatssosnorman🔁Yes, we support Matt Canada but quit praising the play calls--the team is banged up: you are seeing heart and athleticism! #lsu #SYRvsLSU
Kris D @ksherpdaly🔁Horrible decision to go for an onside kick #SYRvsLSU
✨ Matt Nelson ✨ @MattNelson34🔁Oh yeah #DJClark Scoooooooorresss #TouchdownLSU Yes Great Run DJ! 35-26! #SYRvsLSU
tori🌺 @provorovnhl🔁well we had it #SYRvsLSU
Arjun Alwis @ArjunAlwis🔁 Terrible call Dino @CuseFootball w/ the onsidesKick w/ 5min left&D strong, , just dumb. #SYRvsLSU
Jarrell @Rell_Lauren🔁Syracuse had a lot of mistakes tonight. The dropped TD by Sean Riley was huge, but that onside kick was a bad call. #SYRvsLSU
PlayBoi @MeanWitGreen🔁Thank god.... #SYRvsLSU
'spooky' /dev/audio @devaudio1🔁Damn it #SYRvsLSU
Chris Harter @ChrisHarter8🔁Dino blew this one. #SYRvsLSU
Jarrell @Rell_Lauren🔁Deflating. Dino Babers lost the game with the onside kick. #SYRvsLSU
LiveLoveHaHa @lynnispook🔁Thank you, thank you #GeauxTigers #LSU #SYRvsLSU
tmi3rd @tmi3rd🔁Good call, and #LSU seals it with the end around for the TD.
Tommy Farrell @TommyFarrellJr🔁DJ Chark in for the Tiger TD with 1:52. 35-26 LSU. #SYRvsLSU @NewsHouseSports
--jordan-- @lil_J_3405🔁TOUCHDOWN!!! #SYRvsLSU
Jason Smith @howaboutafresca🔁That horrendous onside kick is going to wind up hurting as much as the dropped TD. #SYRvsLSU
J. as in Jazz @Mme_Falcon🔁 Anyone seen Les Miles? #SYRvsLSU
Amie S. McNaylor @amiesm🔁5yo just asked how #LSU had more points when they're playing "worser" than the bright colors team. #SYRvsLSU
brooke @BrookeMeenachan🔁Coach Babers called a TO. 2nd and 13 for LSU on the 20 @NewhouseSports #SYRvsLSU
tori🌺 @provorovnhl🔁i feel like im going to throw up im so nervous #SYRvsLSU
tmi3rd @tmi3rd🔁I'm glad they're going to win, but #LSU does not look like a Top 25 team.
rusty miller @BigRussMill🔁Myles B. needs to be the starting QB for #LSU. Just let him play and live with his mistakes. Offense looks better with him in #SYRvsLSU
LiveLoveHaHa @lynnispook🔁There we go. Come on Tigers. #LSU #LSUFOOTBALL #SYRvsLSU
TradeCNBC @TradeCNBC🔁Terrible call Dino @CuseFootball w/ the onsidesKick w/ 5min left&D strong, , just dumb. #SYRvsLSU
Scott Greene @Scotty_Ballgame🔁I love my #Syracuse Orange, but those football uniforms are atrocious. #BleedOrange #SYRvsLSU
Elliot Broyles @elliotbroyles🔁Dear Lord. Please give us @CoachBabersCuse until he retires. Amen. #SYRvsLSU
Wilhelm @herrwhitfield🔁Stupid onside kick call by Syracuse... WOW. 😳 #SYRvsLSU #LSUFootball
Mrs.Gougisha @lawrencialg🔁Even if @CuseFootball lose tonight, they've won...SEC team. Prime time. #SYRvsLSU
tori🌺 @provorovnhl🔁god please get this ball back #SYRvsLSU


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