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#SPC18#SPC18#SPC18 Karuana Gatimu @ #SPC18 @Karuana🔁Thank you for a great party, a great community and a great product! See everyone tomorrow! #SPC18 #SharePoint
Christian Buckley @buckleyplanet🔁 Spin, spin, lights, spin, lights!
#SPC18 keynote opening talent!
#SPC18 Silversands Ltd @SilversandsLtd🔁 [Out now] @OneDrive File Restore! aka.ms #SPC18
#SPC18 Silversands Ltd @SilversandsLtd🔁 [Coming soon] Target audiences in pages & news. aka.ms
#SPC18 John Carthy @LightningCarthy🔁 This will be fun! @stacyDraper #spc18 #spc18rally
John Carthy @LightningCarthy🔁 WIN the Millenium Falcon at the Rencore booth at #SPC18 🥨
#SPC18 Jeroen Branders @Jerre003🔁 Organize your intranet with #SharePoint hub sites. #SPC18
#SPC18 Office 365 Dev PnP @officedevpnp🔁 Announcing global deployment of #SharePoint Framework extensions! #SPC18 @vesajuvonen
#SPC18 Jari Pullinen @jaripullinen🔁 Congrats dude!!! 🏆 And congratulations to all the Top SharePoint influencers! #SPC18
#SPC18 Ron @r_acker🔁 Sp2019 prerequisites #SPC18
#SPC18 Jeroen Branders @Jerre003🔁 The SharePoint Framework keeps growing! #SPFx #SPC18 via @jeffteper + @vesajuvonen
#SPC18 Phil Worrell @Worrelpa🔁 #SPC18 The Roadmap for #SharePoint Content Services!
#SPC18 Angel Suárez @sguisu🔁 Boom! Starter kit! Thanks to all the PnP peeps who have been working on it! #SPC18 @vesajuvonen
#SPC18 Hubfly @WeAreHubfly🔁 #SharePoint hub sites get additional news layout and running site scripts on association. #SPC18
#SPC18 Microsoft SharePoint @SharePoint🔁Announcing] Updated #SharePoint document library webpart coming soon! #SPC18
Microsoft SharePoint @SharePoint🔁New Capabilities for announced today at !
- Mobile scanning
- Password protected links
- Upload to OneDrive for Bus twitter.com iness
- Known folder move
- and more! via

Microsoft Office News @OfficeNews🔁New innovations—including SharePoint spaces—mainstream mixed reality and AI to transform content collaboration for t twitter.com he modern workplace. Learn more:
richard toland @rrtoland🔁Hitting Refresh on SharePoint and More - Part 4 - including SharePoint spaces backstory - -
Valo Intranet @valointranet🔁Modern Valo is here! Last night at the Las Vegas Valo Team announced the exciting news of the bigger and better Valo twitter.com than ever! 💖
Phil Worrell @Worrelpa🔁 Check out the lastest OneDrive announcements from #SPC18 today! techcommunity.microsoft.com
Pekka Walkama @PekkaWalkama🔁 Come and have a look. It's worth - beliebte me! <3 #SPC18 #ValoLove #ValoModern twitter.com
Arttu Arstila ☁ @nestafo🔁From time to time I too get asked "How does relate to the rest of the Microsoft offering" .... This slide is going to get quite a workout. Thx for the slide and overview at
IAM Platform @InfoProNetwork🔁SharePoint innovations transform content collaboration with and

Via: < microsoft.com a href="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/998805940488024067" target="_blank">twitter.com

Giuliano De Luca @giuleon🔁 Introducing SharePoint spaces and much, much, much more #SharePoint #SPC18 microsoft.com
Fernando Nogueras @nogueras🔁SharePoint innovations transform content collaboration with and microsoft.com
Mark Kashman @mkashman🔁Oh what a wonderful jam-packed here-there-everywhere awesome day #1 of ! Good day, community, good day. ☺🎤🐒

Can't twitter.com wait for the busy of tomorrow.

Andrew Mutua @NguliMT🔁I agree!

....and thanks to Amazing guys who inspire and support us with the events across Africa including and the awesome !


Bernd Siewert @Bernd_Siewert🔁What's new for your intranet in Office 365!
- Document libraries inside
- Connect team sites to Teams
- New Planner integrations
- Organizational news
- Hub sites
- and more!

Andrew Mutua @NguliMT🔁 Is about to start...

We're tuned in for the BIG announcement all the way in Nairobi, Kenya.

All the best to the keynote speakers....bring us the amazing news!

CC: And team.

Andrew Mutua @NguliMT🔁That was AMAZING!!!

and the entire and team....Bigup for such an AWESOME Virtual Summit.

Can't wait to get our hands on the many new things coming.

Enjoy the conference!


Phil Worrell @Worrelpa🔁[Coming soon] Establish a new, integrated for approval on your pages.
Phil Worrell @Worrelpa🔁Just saw the new column type called Location. Oh and when new items are added the page will refresh automatically and show a map GUI instead of text.
Adrian Bignell @adrianbignell58🔁Catch up on the announcements at , including full document library integration:
Bob German @Bob1German🔁Keynote speakers all wrapped up with dry run and ready, ready, ready for a great kickoff!
See you tomorrow.
adjie wibisono @d3saint🔁We have new SharePoint Online infographics available at . Try them out and aka.ms give feedback at , or if you're at sign up to come to a hands-on session this Wed!
Ron @r_acker🔁No flow on-prem but the next best thing. Flow and powerapps integration with SharePoint server 2019
Office 365 Dev PnP @officedevpnp🔁Join my session at 8.30 tomorrow at about PnP PowerShell DevOps to see how we do the provisioning in the PnP SharePoint Starter Kit we released today.
Bru I am the NRA @JWNCoachBru🔁Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) BUSTED Paying over $100k in Campaign Funds to Her Daughter

Jari Pullinen @jaripullinen🔁Modern world premiere bt at the ! If you missed it, more sessions will follow tomorrow and Wednesday!
Aravind @Arvind_Mp🔁Get ready! “SharePoint is not just a technology but a community...the best community in tech” Jeff Teper wrapping up a great and exciting Keynote!
Jeroen Branders @Jerre003🔁[Announcing] Create immersive, mixed reality experiences available to anyone, across browsers and MR headsets

Karthik Kumar K @Karthik_KumarK🔁New innovations—including SharePoint spaces—mainstream mixed reality and AI to transform content collaboration for the modern workplace. Learn more:
Jeroen Branders @Jerre003🔁Pnp Starter Kit by & to show you potential of modern SharePoint UX
Office 365 Dev PnP @officedevpnp🔁Amazed that sounds just as calm in front of thousands as he does on the regular community calls . Probably glad he’s not using Skype...
Clifford Kennedy @CliffordKennedy🔁If you didn't see today's keynote and the awesome demo of SharePoint Spaces... You need to follow right twitter.com now, and stay tuned for some amazing mixed reality experiences right from within SharePoint. Well done!
UK Funeral Plan @UK_FuneralPlan🔁New innovations—including SharePoint spaces—mainstream mixed reality and AI to transform content collaboration for the modern workplace. Learn more:
John Carthy @LightningCarthy🔁Enjoy the awesome sessions at & make sure to stop by the Rencore team during social hour. Get some 🥨 swag & take the chance to win the Lego Falcon 🚀
Kamil Baczyk [MVP] @KamilBaczyk🔁Did you all notice all those call-outs by and the team at the keynote? Microsoft Graph is core foundation to experiences in and developers can also use it to power their own experiences.
Office 365 Dev PnP @officedevpnp🔁Members of the team are available live at the PnP booth at and are even willing to do live issue resolution!
Iva Novoselic @inovoselic🔁My happy crowd booth 🖖 we had an amazing day , our video magician Adam from is with us, we met great people! See U tomorrow Love
Gaia Carini @carinig🔁[Announcing] Backup your camera roll to for Business! This was a top UserVoice request.
Ron @r_acker🔁: here is the inner loop, outer loop, email slide. . Future self: you’re welcome.
Daniel Ferreira @FerreiraDan_Lux🔁Via "Microsoft’s spaces brings mixed reality to core Office 365 document management tool".
Silversands Ltd @SilversandsLtd🔁Apply to be part of the limited preview of spaces!

Mark Thompson @SuperSimple365🔁 is the perfect time to remind all folks how to stay up to date with all the changes out there! This is your go-to resource for what to follow and how.
Adrien W Mercier III @AmercierIII🔁Check out a preview of NITRO Reports in action. To see the full tutorial, check it out on Get in person de nitro.studio tails as well as in person demos! Booth #217
Brian Douglas @typozh🔁New Capabilities for announced today at !
- Mobile scanning
- Password protected links
- Upload to OneDrive for Business
- Known folder move
- and more! via

Mark Kashman @mkashman🔁There hasn’t been one attendee that has not raved about how awesome the keynote was today - congrats!
Karina Myers @karinamyers🔁First day of is over and it's time to hit the strip!


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