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#Skol Ramsalyn Dosela @CallmeApplessss🔁 Through all of the ups and downs in an incredible season, we appreciate your support!


Ariiel Moya @ariiel_Moya🔁 From one Viking to another, good luck boys! @Vikings #SKOL
#Skol Matt Geffre @HesNotThatGood🔁Ouch.... #Vikings #SuperBowl #SKOL
#Skol Ramsalyn Dosela @CallmeApplessss🔁 An unfortunate ending to a great season.


#Skol MamaKopp @Mama_Kopp🔁 "Screw this, we're going to Iceland!"

Shut. The. State. Down. #Skol

Joey Nepi 🇮🇹 @joey_nepi🔁 And know the #Eagles mock #Vikings fans 🤷🏾‍♂️


#Skol Minnesota Vikings @Vikings🔁Through all of the ups and downs in an incredible season, we appreciate your support!


Barstool Sports @barstoolsports🔁EDP is GRAVE DANCING tonight #SKOL
#Skol Minnesota Vikings @Vikings🔁An unfortunate ending to a great season.


Thomas Lesar @minnysoda_4ever🔁@athielen19 Thank you!! It was a fun season and I can’t wait for the upcoming year already! #SKOL
Craig Kennedy @ohheygreg🔁@athielen19 you're the man, Adam. #Skol
Chances Favor @ChancesFavor🔁@athielen19 I am thinking of it as a dress rehearsal. And it was wonderful. #Skol
SUPERBOWL BOUND @GoinThruAlot_🔁You came to our city, thought you were going to take it over, did you little chant on our steps, dressed up the Rocky statue...and then when you got you asses kicked cried like babies that “Philly fans are disrespectful”.

A little hypocritical, dont you think?

Eagle Valley GC 🦅 @EagleValleyGC🔁Great season! Come see us when the snow melts! 🦅

Don’t hold it against us that we have the word Eagle in our name. twitter.com ....

Therese VanderPutten @2T_Baby🔁Brought home the cruise taking full advantage of the drink package because #SKOL
Elle Butkovich @ElleButkovich🔁@athielen19 Thank you for the amazing season 💜💛 #Skol
Westen @epicgeezr🔁thank you Adam we knew you were out there in pain. You're tough as nails. Thank you for your strength and leadership twitter.com this season. We love you
Jeff Lindemann @wiscobeerman🔁Trying to get over this vikings loss w/ a win. Let’s Goooooo! @ Xcel Energy Center
Shawn @the_SKOL_train🔁@athielen19 Thank YOU @athielen19
Ace Ferguson III @AceThaGreat_🔁 The best is yet to come #SKOL
noah @ButIerSZN🔁@athielen19 Great season brother. Looking up years to come #skol


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