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#SGIM17 MarthaGerrity @gerritym1🔁Looking forward to seeing everyone in Denver #SGIM17 #ProudToBeGIM
#SGIM17 Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁EMR session: Note writing: Are You Writing Too Much? #SGIM17
#SGIM17 Jennifer Carnahan @jenncarn1🔁Highly important to intervene in alcohol and tobacco misuse to make true impact for patients #SGIM17
#SGIM17 Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁Best Practices for using Computer in room: #SGIM17
#SGIM17 Madeline Sterling MD @mad_sters🔁 Looking forward to seeing everyone in Denver #SGIM17 #ProudToBeGIM
#SGIM17 Albert Wu @withyouDrWu🔁Thank you @Julie_Machulsky and team for organizing + taking care of us #SGIM17 - it was an amazing meeting!
#SGIM17 Lekha Tummalapalli @LTummalapalli🔁Need all interdisciplinary team members to be aligned for high value care @CostsofCare @SL_Wallingford #SGIM17
#SGIM17 GeorgeShelton MD,MPP @DrGeorgeShelton🔁 General internists have teaching and mentoring in our blood. #SGIM17 #ProudtobeGIM
#SGIM17 Lekha Tummalapalli @LTummalapalli🔁Majority (~80%) of patients want physicians to discuss costs of care with them @ReshmaGuptaMD @CostsofCare #SGIM17
#SGIM17#SGIM17 Bennett Lee @BLeemdRVA🔁#SGIM17 #updatesinprimarycare part2 take home points
#SGIM17 Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁EMR: audience Quoted: Bob Berensen? "We are obsessed with measuring,but it may have no meaning for pt care" #SGIM17
#SGIM17 Albert Wu @withyouDrWu🔁PrEP can also be useful in women Adaugo Amobi @MassGeneralNews #SGIM17
#SGIM17 Jane Liebschutz, MD @liebschutz🔁In hospital mortality for patients admitted for opioid poisoning going up over time #SGIM17
#SGIM17 Bruce Henschen @brhenschen🔁Great presentation by David Liss on the Northwestern Follow-Up clinic at #SGIM17 ! @NU_IntMed @NUPPCHS
#SGIM17 Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁Small actions with big repercussions. #SGIM17
#SGIM17 Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁Productivity Bootcamp: so many people here, so valuable. Dr Knape and Dr Wener: thank you #SGIM17
#SGIM17 Jane Liebschutz, MD @liebschutz🔁Receipt of bupe or methadone decreases 1 yr mortality after opioid overdose from 5->1.4% @The_BMC #SGIM17
#SGIM17 Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁Bermuda Triangle of Productivity: #SGIM17 So recall: the Machine is the Tool: it's Not in charge
#SGIM17 Jennifer Carnahan @jenncarn1🔁Multidisciplinary clinic visits pilot reduces #readmissions by @uvahealthnews Dr Kon #SGIM17
#SGIM17 Albert Wu @withyouDrWu🔁Ready to Science for @SocietyGIM #SGIM17 #itswhatwedo
#SGIM17 Albert Wu @withyouDrWu🔁Mom marching for science #SGIM17 @Hopkins_GIM @JohnsHopkinsSPH @ZackBergerMDPhD
#SGIM17 J Kimbrough Marshall @JessieKimbrough🔁 Sage advice at the joy in #primarycare #practice session. #sgim17
#SGIM17 Albert Wu @withyouDrWu🔁Moms demand action for science! #SGIM17
#SGIM17 HollisDay @DayDHollis🔁#SGIM17 working smarter and happier great wkshp on productivity
#SGIM17 Yngvild Olsen @YngvildOlsen🔁 Mom marching for science #SGIM17 @Hopkins_GIM @JohnsHopkinsSPH @ZackBergerMDPhD
#SGIM17 Viraj Patel MD, MPH @DoctorPatel9🔁Getting ready for @ScienceMarchDC with @MontefioreNYC @EinsteinMed @einsteinmedicin colleagues! @SocietyGIM #SGIM17
#SGIM17 Julie Machulsky @Julie_Machulsky🔁SGIM out! It was a great #SGIM17. See you next year!
#SGIM17 Urmimala Sarkar, MD @UrmimalaSarkar🔁 The gavel passes (literally) to Pres @SocietyGIM @TGallagherUW #SGIM17
#SGIM17 J Kimbrough Marshall @JessieKimbrough🔁 Great to see this
#SGIM17 Robert Hopkins @ARAdultImmDoc🔁 @CostsofCare is at it again! #SGIM17 @ChrisMoriates @ReshmaGuptaMD
#SGIM17 J Kimbrough Marshall @JessieKimbrough🔁#MIM #SGIM17 2017-2018 #SGIMDTF Chair and Co-chair @DrNRedmond
Cleveland Clinic @ClevelandClinic🔁Our research at looked at what risk factors keep people from living a long life. tops the list
K. Bibbins-Domingo @KBibbinsDomingo🔁Tom O'Toole shout-out 2 landmark work in older adults
Urmimala Sarkar, MD @UrmimalaSarkar🔁success in academic medicine: "don't think about who u want to be, but how you want 2 spend ur time"-Abby spencer
Urmimala Sarkar, MD @UrmimalaSarkar🔁Thank you and team for organizing + taking care of us - it was an amazing meeting!
John Mafi @jnmafi🔁I'm starting to see critical mass among physicians to tackle low value care @ABIMFoundation @CostsofCare @FutureDocs @MacCollCenter #SGIM17
Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁Bed earlier. No more Snooze button. So true. #SGIM17 #SGIM18. Productivity Bootcamp
҉__Ljʰᴹ__ ҉ @Jo_devilsangel🔁Our research at looked at what risk factors keep people from living a long life. tops the list
Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁Productivity: what Joyfulness can you Incorporate into your Morning routine to help you feel like you are taking care of yourself? #SGIM17
Jeffrey Jaeger @jjaeger3🔁@jjaeger3 but risk increases OVER no scrip if you start drug and stop it.... tough issue for hospitalists #SGIM17
Tom Spinelli @tspinell🔁Does Healthcare Price Information Impact Healthcare Decisions? #sgim17
Jeffrey Jaeger @jjaeger3🔁Mortality in year after admission for opioid overdose is scary high and reduced by leaving with a scrip for OUD medication. #SGIM17
Jane Liebschutz, MD @liebschutz🔁Massachusetts legislative mandate to link statewide databases offer clues to impact of SUD treatment
Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁Delegating.... do it. #SGIM17
Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁The Rule of Three: chose theee takes a day. So it's simple: instead of a to-do of 1,000 tasks! #SGIM17 Dr Jessica Knape.
Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁Marie Kondo: the life changing magic of cleaning up #SGIM17 Book: ideas to declutter life and mind. Our spaces impact the way we Produce
Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁Clear the Desk. Write down All those things in your head: now see, which do you have control over? Productivity: Dr Knape Colorado #SGIM17
Arnhold Institute @ArnholdInst🔁Dr. Stephanie Wang presenting 'a practice transformation work with
Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁Jill Wener: Physivisn and Vedic Meditation. Turning down the clutter in your head.... write all of those things down. #SGIM17
NU Internal Medicine @NU_IntMed🔁Great presentation by David Liss on the Northwestern Follow-Up clinic at !
Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁"I've never done anything like that. And I thought that was amazing." -Audience comment. Meditation on Unconditional Love #SGIM17
Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁Productivity Bootcamp: Prioritize. #SGIM17
Chris Wong @ChrisWongMD🔁Canada has decreased healthcare spending as % of GDP in each of the last 6 years. Gordon Guyatt, Single Payer Symposium #SGIM17
Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁Productivity Bootcamp: Doctors are so Productive- that we may forget to Eat and Drink during the day
Annie LeBlanc, PhD @Annie_LeBlanc🔁.'s great talk at

1. Value matters.
2. Empower doctors.
3. Patients matter.


Annie LeBlanc, PhD @Annie_LeBlanc🔁Congratulations to the most fabulous for the very well deserved Mid-Career Research Mentorship Award!
Daniella Zipkin @EvidenceBasedMD🔁Mirror image? Split personality? In any case 2 of my fav members Lauren Block
Jeffrey Jaeger @jjaeger3🔁What's driving the opioid epidemic? Research showing increase in <65 Medicare population suggests "disability" playing a huge role #SGIM17
SGIM @SocietyGIM🔁Congrats to all 2017 award winners! Share your awards photos and tag with #SGIM17 & #ProudtobeGIM
Sarah Wakeman @DrSarahWakeman🔁Dr Zirui Song sharing powerful data on rising in hospital mortality from need in-hospital treatment
Paul O'Rourke @ORourkeJr🔁Great job @mad_sters on the Saturday #SGIM17 plenary session!!!#ProudToBeGIM
Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁"Productivity is not about doing More things.. it's about doing the Right things..." #SGIM17. work smarter, not harder
Jeffrey Jaeger @jjaeger3🔁In-hospital mortality declining for most everything but for opioid-related hospitalizations it's going up #SGIM17
Brian Muthyala @muthyala_brian🔁 SGIM congratulates Med-Peds on celebrating 50 years @nmpra @AAIMOnline #SGIM17
Laura Parnas @LauraParnas🔁Displaying lab test costs in health records doesn't deter doctors from ordering them
Albert Wu @withyouDrWu🔁Leah helping her mom present a case of pulmonary echinococus (note doggy + lammy in corner of poster)
Karen Horowitz, MD @HorowitzKaren🔁Extend your #SGIM17 experience! On the way home, read the current Forum issue on wellness!
Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁Informatics groups Know they don't know Medicine- and they are Looking for Physician Collaborators. -Dr L Samal. Brigham and Womens. #SGIM17
Vinny Arora MD @FutureDocs🔁Simple, transformational idea: free child care for patients at clinic. . (photo h/t )
Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁EMR: Audience Thought: around since the 1970s.... so is it now more set up for billing than patient experience? #SGIM17
Meera Sheffrin @doctormeera🔁SNF to home best practice recs in at Geriatrics Update by
Linda Canty @linda_canty🔁Audience: If we spend more time on the patients experience... Moving from Provess to Outcome: Symposium for #SGIM18 #SGIM17
Melissa Wei @melissaywei🔁. Proud to get this award with my amazing colleagues
Jane Liebschutz, MD @liebschutz🔁Life years lost to opioids and suicides almost totally erased the progress from life years lost to HIV #SGIM17
SGIM @SocietyGIM🔁Show your GIM Pride before you go--visit the #ProudtobeGIM photo op spot in Columbia #SGIM17
Darren DeWalt @darren_dewalt🔁This is very good advice #SGIM17 @UNC_GIM
Jeffrey Jaeger @jjaeger3🔁"As best I can tell we have not copied anything from peer institutions." No part of EHR hierarchy charged w/finding best practices #sgim17
Michael L. Barnett @ml_barnett🔁 Congrats to @davidlevinemd for winning the Lipkin Award and for @ml_barnett for winning the Hamolsky Award!! #SGIM17
Rasheed @DRasheed999🔁Our research at looked at what risk factors keep people from living... by vi a
Carlos del Rio @CarlosdelRio7🔁Our residents did us proud today from beginning to end
Jeffrey Jaeger @jjaeger3🔁More questions than answers in the EHR and burnout workshop. #SGIM17


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