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#SeaMayor Heather Weiner @hlweiner🔁 My in depth analysis from tonight's #seamayor debate
The Seattle Times @seattletimes🔁Portraits of Homelessness: Residents of several Seattle homelessness encampments share their stories
#SeaMayor Cambria Roth @CambriaRoth🔁Damn, now that's a subject line -- from @voxdotcom sentences. #seattle #seamayor
#SeaMayor Pam Richmond @richmond_pam🔁 Newcomers pour into King County; Washingtonians quietly exit #SeaMayor
The Seattle Times @seattletimes🔁Rents in Seattle keep climbing, even though the city is getting a record number of new apartments
The Seattle Times @seattletimes🔁More about the rise and dramatic fall of King County’s black homeowners from : f="" target="_blank">
Local Local Seattle @LocalLocalSeatt🔁The latest Local Local Seattle! #seamayor #figuringhistory
Liz Pearson (Legg) @CycloneLizzy🔁 Love the call from @CaryMoon4Mayor for more prevention & legal services to address #homelessness. #seamayor
Scoots @McScooterson🔁 Seattle, meet Mayor Bruce Harrell #SeaMayor
Crosscut @Crosscut🔁. sworn in as , resigned effective 5pm today, more on
Tamika @MikaShay32🔁The last year has been a complete and utter mess. #seamayor #seattle
RNR Missouri @RNRMissouri🔁 #SeaMayor
DURKAN supports the erasing of our history & selective censorship. Vote @CaryMoon4Mayor
Crosscut @Crosscut🔁Seattle, meet Mayor Bruce Harrell #SeaMayor
Mac S. McGregor @Mckick🔁. said transition would happen Nov 28 rather than Jan 1 as would otherwise be customary.
Jason @cornerofjustice🔁Watched my first swearing in ceremony for #SEAMayor, and clearly the first order of business should be to make that oath a little punchier.
The Urbanist @UrbanistOrg🔁.@CityAttyPeteH said #SEAmayor transition would happen Nov 28 rather than Jan 1 as would otherwise be customary.
The Urbanist @UrbanistOrg🔁CM @bruceharrell is about to be sworn in as mayor. Resignation means #SEAmayor race winner will start immediately.
Seattle U CCE @SU_CCE🔁Video of last night's debate now on 's FB page. Thanks & for stream!
Tre @GLR3TX🔁 It took 5 victmins to come fwd before called 4 Murray's resignation
Mossback @KnuteBerger🔁.@Crosscut Summary of last night's #Seamayor debate btw @CaryMoon4Mayor and @JennyDurkan
Kai Strandskov @kaiweb🔁The latest The kaiweb Daily! #seamayor
Annie Donovan @ann_donovan🔁Durkan, Moon: Not so similar after all #seamayor #Seattle
Jon Humbert @jonhumbert🔁New poll #s released by Cary Moon campaign:

-Durkan 38%
-Moon 36%
-Undecided 26%
#seamayor #waelex

Lisa MacLean @lisamoxie🔁#seamayor race WIIIIDE open
Building Changes @BuildingChanges🔁. coverage of debate on housing/homelessness co-produced Tuesday night by & .
Jon Phillips @thejonphillips🔁 Durkan = slogan-bot. Moon = actual thoughtful person. #seamayor
Martin Duke @MartinDuke2🔁Listening to #seamayor debate now
SU Fam Homelessness @SUfamhomeless🔁.@hyded: At debate, relatively clear contrast between candidates re @CMMOBrien proposal on people living in cars. #SeaMayor @seattleu
KUOW Public Radio @KUOW🔁Last night @JennyDurkan and @CaryMoon4Mayor faced off in a #seamayor debate. #KUOWrecord
Zander Batchelder @ZBatchelder🔁Kind of looking forward to having 4 different Mayors over 4 months. #seamayor
Catherine Hinrichsen @chinrichsen_su🔁Tune in, log in, for latest on & what candidates said at debate on housing/homelessness last night.
Insert New Name Here @nezumysh🔁Every time a candidate mentions CLTs or public housing as a solution, I shred another of my democracy vouchers.
Eastside Bistro @FallCityBistro🔁The latest The Fall City Bistro Daily! Thanks to @sgrid36 #seamayor #goalkeepers17
Zachary DeWolf @zacharybob🔁All Home co chair and Solid Ground CEO kicking off the mayoral debate
RENAULT Patrice @Patrice_Renault🔁The latest English News! #nbawards #seamayor
Dylan Wilbanks @dylanw🔁Jenny Durkan: Too cozy with Ed Murray
Cary Moon: Clueless about housing density and homelessness

This #seamayor race sucks.

FiresteelWA - YWCA @FiresteelWA🔁Our hearts are very warm to see live-tweeting an event with all of us again. Great job on debate tonight .
Benjamin Curtis @benonthestreet🔁 I really need Durkan to stop classifying homeless people primarily as drug addicts #seamayor
WillSeattle @WillSeattle🔁Looks like Sea-Tac plans to use facial recognition scanners without a warrant on all US citizens in a few months #Seattle #Port #seamayor
Abigail Schachter @aaschachter🔁Local data: rapid re-housing is working well for many people - check it out! @JennyDurkan @CaryMoon4Mayor #SEAMayor
A. J. Honoré 🌻 @AJHonore🔁 .@CaryCMoon calls her opposition to homeless sweeps one of the biggest divisions with #seamayor opponent @JennyDurkan. @KUOW
Sara Newton @RoseVictorian🔁#seamayor gonna resign today but OMG the liberal loonies who want to replace him make me vomit. #Seattle
SU Fam Homelessness @SUfamhomeless🔁Video of last night's debate now on 's FB page. Thanks & for stream!
SeattleU News @SeattleUNews🔁. coverage of debate Tuesday night on housing/homelessness, co-produced by & .
SeattleU News @SeattleUNews🔁 .@seattlepi coverage of #SeaMayor debate hosted by @SUfamhomeless & @SolidGround tonight.
mister_fusspot @mister_fusspot🔁 Durkan seemed to express concern about "character of city" changing if it became majority renter. Creepy classism #seamayor
sixhens @sixhens🔁Nearly 22,000 homeless people were counted during January’s annual tally.
The Seattle Times @seattletimes🔁Jenny Durkan and Cary Moon squared off in Seattle mayoral debate overshadowed by Murray’s resignation:
refuoe nchee @refuoenchee🔁On homeless, Murray always began discussion blaming feds, state, county. Didn't hear that from Moon or Durkan #hopeful #seamayor
Cajun Scientific @cajunscientific🔁Some background on Seattle’s first 24-hour shelter for the homeless


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