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#SCOTUS Norsu @Norsu2🔁 Looking fwd 2 talking about #2A & #SCOTUS w/ @Liz_Wheeler on @OANN TNT
#SCOTUS Bloomberg View @BV🔁"Somewhere, James Madison is shaking his head in disbelief" about the #SCOTUS ruling
#SCOTUS douglas day @dougallday🔁 Retweet if you want more Justices on #SCOTUS that understand and respect the #Constitution
#SCOTUS Margaret Thomas @thatmags🔁 "Somewhere, James Madison is shaking his head in disbelief" about the #SCOTUS ruling
🎙Wayne Dupree @WayneDupreeShow🔁If you are a circuit court and 90% of your rulings are overturned by the Supreme Court, there's a problem somewhere! #scotus #covfefe #trump
ACLU National @ACLU🔁BREAKING: #SCOTUS to take up Trump's Muslim ban.

We'll see him in court. #NoMuslimBanEVER

ACLU National @ACLU🔁Many people have asked us if the Muslim ban will take effect before it is heard by #SCOTUS. @WangCecillia explains 👇
Jimmy Hoover @JimmyHooverDC🔁Term in review: The biggest cases, sharpest dissents, & the firms that won big at :
Mariann Benway @MariannBenway🔁WANT 2 KNOW Y ISLAM IS NOT A PEACEFUL RELIGION?💣🗡️⚔️


Nick Dongell @NickDongell🔁If it's true I'm sorry to see Justice Kennedy go, just giving Trump another chance to make the conservative #SCOTUS he always wanted!
Tihamer Szabados @szabados31🔁✔RETWEET✔ if you agree that AMERICA wins with yet another victory for our esteemed President as gives 👍🏼 to !
davidbaker @baddaaddy🔁 Boom! #SCOTUS
Daniel Wallach @WALLACHLEGAL🔁The most compelling fact to me in all this: #SCOTUS departed from the recommendation of the Solicitor General. Doesn't happen very often.
Sammi LC @VBSammiLynn🔁What and Justice have in common is that they both preside from stolen seats.

Pams @pammsugg🔁 opinion on Trump's travel ban was Per Curiam because it was not an unanimous opinion & it was not a 9-0 decision by the judges.
Lori Potter @Elpotterishere🔁 @CNN My money's on #SCOTUS eventually ruling against #Trump. #TravelBan
Maddy @QueenMaday🔁 seat was the #1 issue for Republican voters. The judicial repercussions of Gorsuch who is 49 years old will play out for decades 2/
Beverly @Beveroy🔁 Approves The


For Potential Muslim Terrorists With Relatives Or Jobs⁉️

Ricardo Samir @MulengaRicardo🔁While OKs white supremacist immigration policies, we can build Sanctuary Workplaces! Join
Andy Ostroy @AndyOstroy🔁@CNN My money's on #SCOTUS eventually ruling against #Trump. #TravelBan
FREEDOM @Sajidm343🔁My first video essay for : "The Ruling Means My Kids Don't Belong." Please share.
Pams @pammsugg🔁Actually it was not a solid Trump ban win. decision is a Per Curiam opinion=issued in name of the court rather than specific judges.
💚suMarieCovfefe💙 @suMarieB13🔁. examines how our right to bear arms is still vulnerable to attack by anti-gun justices.
National Law Review @natlawreview🔁#SCOTUS Partially Lifts Injunctions from Travel Ban – Implications for Foreign Nationals @GT_Law #Immigration
The Rainbow Jedi @MatriarchAthena🔁"We are truly equal as families now." examines NCLR's recent victory for same-sex parents.
PatriotPaula @PaulaBuermele🔁. calls out for not believing in the Second Amendment
Mrs.RiosArmyVetwife @RiosJamaly🔁School choice advocates see the decision as a vehicle for funneling taxpayer money to private religious schools.
Kevin Tuerff @KevinTuerff🔁 : Meet Rahmatullah. 18 mo. ago, he was from Afghanistan. Now he helps new refugees. .
Angela Dorn @a_dorn🔁 Trump's "travel ban" is unequivocally a #MuslimBan. #SCOTUS
Sophie 🌹 @lacsd🔁Opinion: Media Credibility Takes Hit After SCOTUS Ruling On Travel Restrictions
Nicholas Mitchell @puxxled🔁In Major Church-State Decision, #SCOTUS Sides with Religious Institution @DahliaLithwick on @DemocracyNow this AM.
y gracia @ytugrac🔁"' take on travel ban shows was right despite media attacks and puts doubt on " ~
(((Garrett Epps))) @Profepps🔁 wins 7-2: Sotomayor & Ginsburg defended separation, citing Establishment Clause.
❤️TRUMP = MAGA 🇺🇸 @TraceySRogers1🔁Absolutely! We need to AMs to understand the R party & grow the base! Libs are history for 2018-2020 & w/ cons here 2 stay!
Royal Blue Smiles @royalbluesmiles🔁Happy for Trinity Lutheran, but sad that it's taking rulings to affirm someone's basic right to .
SherriDeanne @Solar_Dancer🔁 sided with plaintiffs,NOT U

Ppl from 6 countries w/ family/school/work,etc connection are NOT BANNED


Daniel 6:26 @danielsixtwosix🔁Big day at for , and .
A Conservative Voice @CommitConserv🔁Understand Travel ban ruling & its implications.Big win? #SCOTUS #travelban #appellatetwitter #tcot #Conservatives
Karen Stowe @stowe_karen🔁WHY WE NEED THE TRAVEL BAN:

"ISIS took over 2 passport places in Syria—They print their own passports now."

Heather Rohde @HeatherRohde1🔁Chuck Schumer' secret reaction to Supreme Court decision on !

Jessica B Sandberg @JessBSandberg🔁Statement from on announcement & concerns for with no ties to the US
Compa Alejandro @alejandrortiz77🔁KEY question post order: "Will colleges’ acceptance letters be sufficient to prove students’ ties to the United States?"
TeaTime4TheSoul @TeaTime4TheSoul🔁Today rejected the arguments of those who think Christians should be excluded from partnership w/government.
Tasneem Dasoo @dasootas🔁Looking for messages & actions to respond to ruling on Muslim & refugee bans? Here's what you can do right now.
Max DeCheco @ProjectChex🔁Happy Birthday to one of the great defenders of our Constitution, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas!!
Rosey P @Holduphalf🔁. files FOIA request on implementation after today's decision:
Rogue Rover Run @TerryMcCracken🔁 #SCOTUS Lifts Hold On #Trump’s Irrational #TravelBan. #NoBanNoWall #Resist #Resistance #DonaldTrump
Pete_In_Jersey @Me_In_Jersey🔁Justice Gorsuch wrote seven separate (non-majority) opinions in his first 2+ months on . Same total as Kagan—in her first two Terms.
Mike Deruki @mike_deruki🔁Sorry folks, for at least 90 days you can't come into our great country thanks to . meant it when he said . 🇺🇸🇺🇸
John Rossmair @JRossmair2🔁Dims have a it was UnAmerican when R suggested & pushed for it. will uphold plan, the 1 we need
Brian Nielson @HarvardinOregon🔁 I always get so excited when we wait to hear what our monarchs have decided for our lives. #SCOTUS
Covfefe Linda @LindaLindajade2🔁"No American should be forced to choose between their faith and obeying the law!"

Thank God for POTUS & Judge Gorsuch

Tona @brokeankle🔁’s decision to largely lift injunctions on the is a step backwards for our national security.
Merazzer @DennisMeraz2🔁@realDonaldTrump Speaking of fake news bra: #SCOTUS #TickTock
Sharon Roarty @SharonRoarty1🔁Clarence Thomas: ‘Improbable’ that 2nd Amendment Only Protects Carrying a Gun in Your Home #SCOTUS #2ndAmendment
miklosh van Egan @mikloshvanEgan🔁Good Point:setup2fail scenario:
is personal faith.
' choice to interfere, make them enemy of both😎
Keith Joseph @AyeOhKGDoe🔁#LorettaLynch
tired of #winning you ask...

hell no.

Chloe the Bulldog @BulldogChloe🔁And why we'll vote for Trump in 2020 no matter what crazy stuff he might do in the meantime. 😀 #SCOTUS
LAURA TAYLOR @AuthorLTaylor🔁 The latest Certiorari Review! Thanks to @russell_nm @JayGolfUSA @RNDavis414 #scotus #travelban
Mary Overstreet @MaryO1414🔁So now you know how tragic refusing to confirm was 4 . Today we got the first kick in the balls. More 2 come!


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