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#SBCAM18 Jake Dorak @jakedorak🔁 Our phenomenal #SBCAM18 #SBC18 crew! We love our faculty, staff & students! #iamgoing
#SBCAM18 eva uria @euriag🔁 LifeWay President @ThomRainer and other LifeWay staff bringing the annual report to #SBCAM18.
Christine Y @_chriissyy🔁#sbcam18

best part.

#SBCAM18 Jim Polk 🇺🇸 @JimPolk🔁 Interim president of ⁦@swbts⁩ Dr. Jeff Bingham addressing the messengers of the SBC #SBCAM18
#SBCAM18 eva uria @euriag🔁 This year, VBS will be available in 5 languages. #SBCAM18
#SBCAM18 Jεromε ταyλor †ن @brojerome🔁This year’s personal haul (not counting the @nursemtaylor findings) from #sbcam18 & #sbcpc18
#TheologyNerd 📚🤓
Laurie Goodstein @lauriegnyt🔁Southern Baptist Convention passed this: RESOLVED, That we desire to see immigration reform include an emphasis on s twitter.com ecuring our borders and providing a pathway to legal status with appropriate restitutionary measures, maintaining the priority of family unity...
The Gospel Coalition @TGC🔁“I’m sitting here at the Southern Baptist Convention. Earlier today Vice President Mike Pence addressed the conventio twitter.com n. We were told he initiated the offer to speak. I wish we had not accepted.”

Michelle Boorstein @mboorstein🔁Hundreds of Southern Baptist pastors voted for an amendment to block today's Pence appearance, and replace it with p twitter.com rayer time. Nothing like this has happened in decades
Adam Blosser @PastorAdamGBC🔁One thing I love about the Southern Baptist Convention is seeing past presidents sitting in the crowd just like regul twitter.com ar messengers. Leadership is given for a time and then relinquished.
pastor_swan @pastor_swan🔁To all who think the should stop aligning with politics, be sure to know you are not alone. And to all who think we twitter.com are a small group, you are clueless.
Trying To Be Like Jesus @TryingLike🔁Southern Baptist Convention passed this: RESOLVED, That we desire to see immigration reform include an emphasis on securing our borders and providing a pathway to legal status with appropriate restitutionary measures, maintaining the priority of family unity...
Lori Lawrence @puzzler74🔁So apparently I've now attended my first political rally ever, sadly it's at the SBC Annual Meeting. Grieved at the division this will cause. Please know many in the room did not want this. I respect Pence, but the convention is not the place for politicking.
officepastor @officepastor🔁The #SBC should stop seeking to align itself with political power. #Sbcam18 #sbc18 twitter.com
J. Allen @jallen0306🔁Today IMB President David Platt talks about radical Muslims coming to faith in Christ. VP Mike Pence talks about radical Muslims “on the run.” Which is it? “Come to Christ” or “Run from us.” Two different messages. SBC must determine which one takes priority. #???
Lin Carpenter @TNVOLINFL🔁 I love this! Well done #SBC18 #SBCAM18! #likeJesus twitter.com
Neil Rogers @nealus05🔁I know the SBC has welcomed politicians on occasion going back 45 years, but has there ever been a full-blown campaign speech like this one?
pastor_swan @pastor_swan🔁The Stump Speech by . Pence at the SBC Convention, tells all our ethnic minority pastors and churches you can sit at twitter.com the table but don't you dare go into the kitchen. We must be better than this.
Jεrαδ Fιλε @jfile76🔁Special thanks to for surrealizing my day by making sure I’m in the minutes of SBC history.

Adam Wyatt @pastor_adam🔁"When the church gets in bed with politics, it gets pregnant." @pastordmack #sbc18 #sbcam18
Frank Butler @frank_butler🔁Instead of politicians addressing denominations and the church, we should have preachers taking the floor at Congress twitter.com and instructing them in God’s Word compelling them to rule by God’s Law so that we may be a nation with justice.
Brittany Martin @brittany_martin🔁Congratulations to my Pastor, !
You know you’ve succeeded when is in a rap video about you 😂

sarahbeth dikun @sbdikun🔁“I’m sitting here at the Southern Baptist Convention. Earlier today Vice President Mike Pence addressed the convention. We were told he initiated the offer to speak. I wish we had not accepted.”

Jim Polk 🇺🇸 @JimPolk🔁 NEWS: Oklahoma pastor Felix Cabrera was elected SBC 2nd vice president, with 58 percent of the vote. #SBC18 #sbcam18
Jim Polk 🇺🇸 @JimPolk🔁“When Jesus is on the mind, Jesus comes out the lips.” True. Listen to Jesus addressing authoritarian religious leaders: “You hypocrites” (Mark 7:6). “You whitewashed tombs” (Matt. 23:27). “You serpents and vipers” (Matt. 23:33).
First Canton @FirstCanton28🔁The annual meeting of the SBC should center & focus only on that which UNITES us—the Gospel of Jesus, the mission of Jesus, & the Word of God. We should not be about platforming that which divides us. Unity does not mean uniformity. It allows for diversity.
DJ Jenkins @DJJenkins🔁I had to leave before this today but let me say publicly that is some of the absolute best of us, and I am so thankf twitter.com ul for her faithful gospel witness
Jim Polk 🇺🇸 @JimPolk🔁Thank you for hijacking our unified religious meeting with you partisan politcal campaign speech. You had an opportunity to offer a unifying non-partisan message but no.
Jim Polk 🇺🇸 @JimPolk🔁20 minutes ago this room was united around the gospel, worshipping with hands in the air. Now, half the room is clapping/standing while the rest sits on their hands.

Unnecessary fracturing regarding non-gospel issues only hurts our mission. This is sad.

eva uria @euriag🔁More info on campaign through LifeWay Christian Stores mentioned by at

eva uria @euriag🔁 Only God can do this. #SBCAM18 lfwy.co
Jim Polk 🇺🇸 @JimPolk🔁Any southern baptist in the Cincinnati area, who has a heart for the inner city and knows the landscape of the inner city please DM me, I’m bring some students in July and we have an open afternoon to minister
Donald Tittle @donaldtittle🔁TURN AROUND CHURCHES: Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have & underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up. I truly appreciate what is doing 4 bring me a cool hat!
Christine Y @_chriissyy🔁The last of 3,456 pictures being placed by people representing churches and people playing our part in the bigger picture of God’s mission to reach all nations.
Jim Polk 🇺🇸 @JimPolk🔁I just watched people chew out trustee Barber in front of his son to the point he was in tears. Whether you agree with the vote or not, you don't treat people that way.
Alex Lange @A_Lange🔁 I implored the @VP a half-dozen times to take up a love offering.

He refused.

Six Pence, none the richer.


i6eight @i6eight🔁Bible engagement is the #1 spiritual discipline that has exponential impact in the life of a believer. But only 45% of believers read the Bible on a weekly basis. -
Rick Lance @ricklance🔁I enjoyed fellowshipping with Alabama Baptists and others during in Dallas. As you know, we host the annual meeting twitter.com next year in Birmingham. Begin now to pray for it.
Jim Polk 🇺🇸 @JimPolk🔁STORY: My foray into the Southern Baptist world began at Southwestern. So it’s appropriate that my final story end with it
eva uria @euriag🔁God is at work around the world. Our calling is to equip the global church with the resources they need to make disciples.
Larry Gariepy @MrStreamline🔁Hundreds of Southern Baptist pastors voted for an amendment to block today's Pence appearance, and replace it with prayer time. Nothing like this has happened in decades
David Fontenot @dcf0816🔁So 's very political speech, focused on praising Trump and "America First," is not going over well with some at .
renee pigg @PiggRenee🔁As much energy it took to “expel the immoral brother...” (1Cor5:13), i pray they, , would be as passionate to restore him. (Gal6:1) The SBC must stand with him not against.
Scott @TheScootman🔁Dear , thank you for this gem. I will never use the phase “butterflies in my stomach” again.
Nancy Gilmer @NancyGilmer🔁My favorite part of the convention was when Dr. Gaines sang “I Want to Know You More” acapella. Where can I get a cop twitter.com y of that? That’s what we need more of when we come together.
Brian Tillman @btriverbend🔁“7 years ago, we began a new journey, a new direction. We made a course correction that brought about a laser focus on evangelism through . It is the New Testament model, and, we believe, still the best strategy for evangelism today.” –
Chase Thompson @pastorchaset🔁@SBCthisWeek I’m glad that, by the end of the Convention Meeting, we all settled on BOTH hashtags: #SBC18 #SBCAM18
Mark Tooley @markdtooley🔁Latest White House outreach to religious conservatives ahead of a critical midterms: today Mike Pence appealed to thousands of Southern Baptists in Dallas. “This is a pivotal year in the life of our nation,” he said.
Michael Pratt @TeachNPreach🔁The SBC isn’t perfect, and the last few weeks have been hard. We’re made up of imperfect people, after all. But through and , and other SBC efforts, God is at work. It’s worth it to get involved so the gospel can be advanced.
Terri Green @TerriGreenUSA🔁Before the close of the did the men in charge who are lead by women repent of their childish ways? Did they say the twitter.com Bible is without error. Did they make it ruigt Witt the man arrested.

Did they condemn this?

TC @counts_u🔁Thank God we have leaders that cherish the Lord and His Word! So incredibly thankful came to the today.
Dwight McKissic @pastordmack🔁Sat through the whole thing. Didn't stand and applaud and the young black brother who sat behind me said, " I just wanted to thank you." Don't know the guy.
Faith Fowler @ashleyfaith99🔁If you’re offended that is addressing , you’re simply too sensitive. The man loves God and our denomination. Be grateful for the second in command of the world’s only superpower wanting to encourage us.

The anti-politicians pendulum has swung too far.

Peter Link Jr @peterlinkjr🔁Helpful summary of #SBCAM18 bpnews.net
Bobby Cates @bcates🔁Omni Hotel clerk asked me to share with the convention how the employees were talking about how incredibly nice everyone was to them. He said they were stunned! Way to go, SBC!!! Keep it up!
Melissa Meredith @MAMeredith10🔁Congratulations to Dean of Women, , 2018 Distinguished Alumnus . You are a passionate and lifegiving leader, and I’m twitter.com honored to serve under you! You inspire!
Tommy Merritt @tommyiscooler🔁Best part about the #SBCAM18 being in Dallas? BABE’S CHICKEN!
Charny Traffanstedt @CharnyT🔁Great news in the report. We are going to focus on hurricane relief in Puerto Rico for the long term. That's why we're building a ministry center on the island that can house dozens of volunteers every week.
Joel Cowart @JoelCowart🔁This is Gold!!! Congratulations @jdgreear. #SBC18 #SBCAM18 #SBC19 @AshleyUnzicker
Jay Robertson @pastorjaycbc🔁 Too legit. #SBC18 #Sbcam18 twitter.com
Andrea Nelson @awnelson22🔁Here’s a thought (coming from a victim of an student sexual assault - he was 25, I was 16 - covered up and unreported by the IMB after their team unanimously determined the continuous assault took place). STOP PROTECTING PREDATORS.
Donna Farrell @donnasinging🔁Some say we’re closing the book on the most impactful SBC meeting in decades. Maybe. The only way to know is by measuring our zeal to demonstrate & share the Gospel of Jesus with boldness.
2nd Chair Pastor @2ndChairPastor🔁Me: [Buying some of the video sermons from and ]

Lady working sermon table: "For only $100 more you can get a copy twitter.com of ALLLLL of the sermons!"

Me: "No thanks. I don't want to buy all of them. I just want to buy the good ones."

Peter Link Jr @peterlinkjr🔁This year we celebrate the fifth year of our Initiative with a 53% increase of non-white students in the last 5 years.
Rob Ryan @Atticus59914029🔁“Politicians like Vice President Pence should be in the pew, not the pulpit.”

Here’s an important—and sadly necessary—reflection from .

robwatson @robwatson🔁You see, the RED stands for Jesus’ blood. The WHITE is us after we’ve been washed from our sins. And we’ll be BLUE if we don’t accept...

Ah, never mind. I just can’t.


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