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ElizabethRaeStevens @Lizbethrae555๐Ÿ”@ClowerCottage It calls her. #SASW
Perspicuous Enigma @perspenigma๐Ÿ”@paperbullets @emokyloren does, in fact, have many feels #SASW
Thunder Thief @LeanN_Mean๐Ÿ” Beard trembles w emotion #sasw
Bonnie ๐Ÿฆ„ @experiment801๐Ÿ”Beard trembles w emotion #sasw
Angela LaRee @angelalaree๐Ÿ”@paperbullets #SASW Hut Slayer Leia. Imaginary Worlds - Slave Leia 2016 traffic.megaphone.fm
Thunder Thief @LeanN_Mean๐Ÿ”HOLD THE PHONE, Lin-Manuel Miranda is credited in this?!?!? Now it really IS best Star Wars. #SASW
Thunder Thief @LeanN_Mean๐Ÿ”Now just sitting here listening to the credit music, because JW is a rock star. #SASW
Me-and-ham soup @Ithika๐Ÿ”This was an epic livetweet, even if I was only here for the tiniest smol bit I've been reading the tag c:
Angela LaRee @angelalaree๐Ÿ”We will conquer again! We're looking at you #LordOfTheRings #SASW
Thunder Thief @LeanN_Mean๐Ÿ”Thanks guys. That's what I needed today. #SASW
Kate Bennett @AKatelynrose๐Ÿ”Thank you all so much! Thank you @paperbullets for organizing this! I would not have made it through the day if TFA had not been last #SASW
Angela LaRee @angelalaree๐Ÿ”Thanks Alastair & everyone for making my first livetweet stream a fantastic experience! We made it! I love you all! โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ #SASW
Thunder Thief @LeanN_Mean๐Ÿ” Once again: TFA is best Star Wars. #SASW
Bonnie ๐Ÿฆ„ @experiment801๐Ÿ”DECEMBER 15 CANT COME SOON ENOUGH YALL #sasw
KClarkPhotography @ClowerCottage๐Ÿ”@elsagrabthesalt Only better reveal would have been Bill Murray #sasw
sarah, a smol birb @elsagrabthesalt๐Ÿ”Once again: TFA is best Star Wars. #SASW
ElizabethRaeStevens @Lizbethrae555๐Ÿ”Chills. #SASW
Daphne Olive ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’– @daphneolive๐Ÿ”Just these two looking at each other makes me so excited for them having scenes together. #SASW
Thunder Thief @LeanN_Mean๐Ÿ”The million dollar stare down. #SASW
KClarkPhotography @ClowerCottage๐Ÿ”I've used all the battery life today. #SASW
sarah, a smol birb @elsagrabthesalt๐Ÿ”HOLY SHIT IS THAT MARK HAMILL?!? #SASW
Thunder Thief @LeanN_Mean๐Ÿ”I would like to live on this island please and thank you. I believe it's near Ireland? #SASW
sarah, a smol birb @elsagrabthesalt๐Ÿ”I love Rey's theme. #SASW
Thunder Thief @LeanN_Mean๐Ÿ”Thank you @paperbullets ! Tons of fun even though I could only be here for the last. #SASW
sarah, a smol birb @elsagrabthesalt๐Ÿ”Imagine how Rey feels seeing SO MUCH WATER. #SASW
tomfromhr @tomfromhr๐Ÿ”@LeanN_Mean Almost like he was keyed to look for Lukeโ€™s heir I MEAN WHAT #SASW
KClarkPhotography @ClowerCottage๐Ÿ”So Kylo saw the ocean in her mind. Is she from here originally? #SASW
Bonnie ๐Ÿฆ„ @experiment801๐Ÿ”@elsagrabthesalt OMFG SARAH #sasw
Daphne Olive ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’– @daphneolive๐Ÿ”This has been so much fun. Thanks for doing this for an insane and incredible number of hours for all of us! twitter.com
Thunder Thief @LeanN_Mean๐Ÿ”Ok but this whole R2 thing doesn't work for me. Unless he was waiting for Rey . . . #SASW
Angela LaRee @angelalaree๐Ÿ” Women embracing women and sharing strength and compassion moves me so deeply. #SASW
Bonnie ๐Ÿฆ„ @experiment801๐Ÿ”@LeanN_Mean STRONG AGREE #sasw
tomfromhr @tomfromhr๐Ÿ”The hug with Rey and Aunt Leia. #SASW
Kate Bennett @AKatelynrose๐Ÿ”@experiment801 "All I have's my honor, a tolerance for pain, a connection with the force and my top-notch brain" #hamilton I mean #SASW
Thunder Thief @LeanN_Mean๐Ÿ” It's amazing how Force Awakens combines/retexturizes the WHOLE Star Wars saga and inspire something NEW. #SASW
sarah, a smol birb @elsagrabthesalt๐Ÿ”"Leia, it's Han... he's not--"
"I know."
ElizabethRaeStevens @Lizbethrae555๐Ÿ”Women embracing women and sharing strength and compassion moves me so deeply. #SASW
Thunder Thief @LeanN_Mean๐Ÿ”NO, NO Leia does NOT hug Rey. She hugs CHEWIE #SASW
sarah, a smol birb @elsagrabthesalt๐Ÿ”She doesn't know what to DO #SASW
Lolo ๐Ÿฃ @Loloamp๐Ÿ” I love that Rey is exactly excited as any of us would be at being offered a job on the Millenium Falcon. #SASW
KClarkPhotography @ClowerCottage๐Ÿ”First hug from a Mom in 15 years. #SASW
Angela LaRee @angelalaree๐Ÿ”It's amazing how Force Awakens combines/retexturizes the WHOLE Star Wars saga and inspire something NEW. #SASW
Michael @JediObiMike๐Ÿ”Lol Finn's face has to be freezer burnt #SASW


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