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The Beauty Docs @PhilipYoungMD🔁Watching Tom Hanks talk about his book #uncommontype #salhanks
#SALHanks checkman @checkman🔁Inspiration for writing while surfing. Tom Hanks’ storytelling process. #SALHanks
#SALHanks Chicajones @Chicajones🔁#salhanks I love him!!
AFB Plastic Surgery @afbplasticsurg🔁Watching Tom Hanks talk about his book #uncommontype #salhanks
#SALHanks Sheila 🦇🐝 @ThatAlienGirl🔁Nancy Pearl in conversation with Tom Hanks #SALHanks
Vienna @Vienna_Cat🔁"Know your character." Great night listening to @tomhanks! #SALHanks
#SALHanks Archie McPhee @ArchieMcPhee🔁 So excited!@Nancy_Pearl @tomhanks @McCawHall @PenguinBooks @SeaArtsLectures #SALHanks @ArchieMcPhee
Reckless Moxie @RecklessMoxie🔁@seafeebs This was my favorite part of his talk tonight. Thanks to whomever submitted that question. 😂 #salhanks twitter.com
Addison Forras @addison_forras🔁What a special evening with the American Treasure and the Australian Treasure, my friend Jen.
Tom talked about his twitter.com new book of short stories, and stories from his career.
Nikki Snowhite @nsnowhite🔁Seeing discuss his new book: hilarious, insightful & over way too fast. Such a great person. Audience question: “Did twitter.com you read the DaVinci Code before you did the movie?” Answer: “Yes, you son of a bitch, whoever asked that.”
Tamer @TamerSwe🔁So thrilled to see the man himself at . Very insightful and hilarious evening, now I can’t wait to go home and read twitter.com his new book !! Come back to Seattle soon Tom!!
Helene Williams @bibliorogue🔁Great to see and chatting tonight about books, typewriters, and more. I now know I can use f@*!ing as a term of end twitter.com earment...
Rachael Martin @rawrmartin🔁 What's @tomhanks reading? Everyday Stalinism by Sheila Fitzpatrick #SALHanks @SeaArtsLectures
Emily Kolby @EMacKolby🔁I want a typewriter for Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration, @tomhanks #SALHanks
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁“If I could just come close to writing a story with such verve and acumen, then it would be better than just being t twitter.com he funny guy at a dinner party.”
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁“I’ve only learned by reading and thinking and pondering.” #SALHanks
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁“I did not start off saying, “You know what would be really great to do? Drive myself crazy for three years and bang twitter.com our 17 stories.”
Allison Durazzi @durazzi🔁 audience question: Did you read The DaVinci Code before you made the movie?

: Yes, you sonofabitch whoever asked th twitter.com at question!

SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁Costume change in the Louvre: “I had my underwear down around my ankles and you know what was right over there? The M twitter.com ona Lisa! I had a conversation with the Mona Lisa while I was changing my pants.”
ned stark ded stark @Thedogsami🔁Also, Tom Hanks apparently casually changes costumes in front of the Mona Lisa and had a chat with her and said "and twitter.com that's why I did the fucking movie."
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁“All movies are a blast to make. It’s the best job you can have.” #SALHanks
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁“When I was working on this movie called “The DaVinci Code.” [No applause] “Hold your applause.” [No applause] “No s twitter.com eriously hold your applause. [Crickets]
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁On working with Nora Ephron: “We made a little movie called “Sleepless in Seattle.” We only filmed in Seattle for 3 d twitter.com ays.” [Audience groans] “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I had 3 kids.”
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁“Everyone should own a typewriter. No one should own two typewriters...” #SALHanks
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁“When you type on paper, you are not just putting words on paper, you are stamping words into paper. You are literall twitter.com y dying the fibers of the paper. It’s a 3D, one-of-a-kind thing. It’s a work of art.”
Alysha Marie @alyshaprince89🔁#salhanks loving this moment❤ instagram.com
Allison Durazzi @durazzi🔁What's @tomhanks reading? Everyday Stalinism by Sheila Fitzpatrick #SALHanks @SeaArtsLectures
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁“If you send the one you love a typewritten letter, they will never throw it away. It will last as long as words writ twitter.com ten in stone.”
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁What is your favorite typewriter? “It’s the Chevy Impala of typewriters. Get any Smith Corona Silent, Super Silent, o twitter.com r Clipper or Sterling. My go-to typewriter is a Hermes 3000.”
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁“I read a lot about totalitarianism.” #SALHanks
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁Who do you read? “Mostly I read some version of nonfiction. I’m reading this hilarious book right now called, “Everyd twitter.com ay Stalinism.”
Speakers Forum @KUOWspeakers🔁 @tomhanks emailed his stories to #SteveMartin:
Hanks: “Is this a thing?”
Martin: “This might be a thing.” #SALHanks
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁“Did you hear that? I librarian [@Nancy_Pearl] says there are at least 10 kick-ass pages in the book!” #SALHanks
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁“When my confidence is low and I need a little boost, I just pick up my book and read those couple of kick-ass pages.” #SALHanks
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁“No one who has read it has picked up on that and said, “So, you put a gay veteran in “The Battle of the Bulge.” Mayb twitter.com e it’s because I’m a sh*tty writer!”
Ivalee Jones @IvaleeCorsair🔁@tomhanks what was the funniest thing offset no one else knows about behind the scenes on The Burbs? #SALHanks
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁“Every one of them [the stories], you think you’ll be examining one aspect of the theme and you end up going somewher twitter.com e completely different.”
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁“I’m a horrible surfer, but I surf on occasion when there aren’t too many thugs out there.” #SALHanks
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁“You know how you need some trick to keep you writing? I thought, what if I put a typewriter in every story?” #SALHanks
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁After “Alan Bean Plus Four” was published, they asked if he had any more stories. Hanks said, “How many?” #SALHanks
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁“I’ve never been able to figure out why the fourth man to walk on the moon [Alan Bean] isn’t a household name. If he twitter.com walked out here now you’d think he was the sound guy.”
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁@tomhanks emailed his stories to #SteveMartin:
Hanks: “Is this a thing?”
Martin: “This might be a thing.” #SALHanks
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁“You know that thing that happens when you haven’t read in a while and then you go on vacation and your reading speed twitter.com and comprehension is about where it was in 7th Grade?”
checkman @checkman🔁Tom Hanks is hilarious in person! #SALHanks
SAL @SeaArtsLectures🔁“Ductap. A true requirement for going to the moon.” #SALHanks
ned stark ded stark @Thedogsami🔁Tom Hanks just shouted the F word and I'm loving it #salhanks


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