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#SABCS17 Strong_bio @strong_bio🔁 OlympiA - Trial of Adjuvant Olaparib in Breast Cancer #SABCS17
#SABCS17 Medscape Education @MedscapeCME🔁Decision Trees: Luminal HER2− mBC #SABCS17
#SABCS17 Strong_bio @strong_bio🔁 PARP InhibitorsTrials in Breast Cancer + gBRCAm #SABCS17
#SABCS17 Strong_bio @strong_bio🔁 Dr. Garber also talks about the OlympiAD study design at @MedscapeCME live event at #SABCS17
#SABCS17 Medscape Education @MedscapeCME🔁Olaparib vs Chemotherapy TPC (OlympiAD trial) - Detailed AEs #SABCS17
Williedevalparker @devdevalducie99🔁 #BreastCancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women. #SABCS17
#SABCS17 Medscape Education @MedscapeCME🔁Dr. Delaloge Talks About Quality of Life in the OlympiAD Trial #SABCS17
#SABCS17 Medscape Education @MedscapeCME🔁Long-term incidence of AML, MDS, CMML in germline mutant carriers in phase 3 studies #SABCS17
#SABCS17 Strong_bio @strong_bio🔁 Decision Trees: Luminal HER2− mBC #SABCS17
Cleveland Clinic MD @CleClinicMD🔁Researchers have uncovered links between bacterial composition and breast cancer: #sabcs17 cle.clinic
AACR @AACR🔁Tripathy: Ribociclib improved PFS for pre- and perimenopausal women w/ HR+, HER2– advanced breast cancer in MONALEESA twitter.com -7
AACR @AACR🔁Gray: Meta-analysis shows increasing the dose intensity of chemo reduced the risk of early-stage breast cancer recurr twitter.com ence and death.
Bertha Allford @Hey_chipotle🔁 Love hearing @YoungStrongDFCI speak on issues of endocrine therapy especially in young women w breast cancer! #SABCS17
Christine Sharp @christinesharp🔁A variety of new targeted treatments for breast cancer are having positive outcomes in clinical trials.
Carol Goldman @cgoldma🔁 Poll: Are adjuvant bisphosphonates a regular component of adjuvant therapy for your patients with ER+ disease receiving endocrine therapy?
Terry Arnold @TalkIBC🔁@Breastcancerorg good to meet you today. Looking forward to hearing podcast. Terry. @TalkIBC #sabcs17
Marina Holz @Holz_lab🔁Thank you, always good to see you! #SABCS17 twitter.com
SuperShuttleSAT @SuperShuttleSAT🔁 we want to offer you 10% off of our services as a thank you for a wonderful week! Use offer code B3GUH on or our mo twitter.com bile app!
BLCAC @ItzYourVoice🔁The latest The Bettye Harris Herald! paper.li Thanks to @eB2B_Health #sabcs17
Medscape Education @MedscapeCME🔁Dr. Delaloge: Little is known regarding their use in earlier lines for patients with HR+ disease, especially compared twitter.com with currently available strategies (including ET + CDK4/6 inhibitors or mTOR inhibitors) (3/3)
Medscape Education @MedscapeCME🔁Dr. Delaloge: PARP inhibitors, as far as we know, appear to display a favorable toxicity and QoL profile compared wit twitter.com h available chemotherapy in advanced settings
Little data are yet available regarding treatment combinations (2/3)
Medscape Education @MedscapeCME🔁Dr. Delaloge concludes that PARP inhibitors generally appear well tolerated, with a typical, manageable, single-agent twitter.com shared class toxicity profile (main toxicities: hematologic and digestive) (1/3)
Almita Astorga @AlmitaAstorga🔁 #SABCS17 News: Pembro boosts treatment impact in advanced breast cancer
Medscape Education @MedscapeCME🔁The risk-benefit profile of a new therapy shall be seen differently according to the clinical situation, says Dr. Del twitter.com aloge
Dr Sunil Verma @cancermd🔁 Here's how advocates can contact @FDAOncology via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. #SABCS17
Medscape Education @MedscapeCME🔁Dr. Suzette Delaloge, Associate Professor of Medical Oncology; Head of Breast Cancer Department, Gustave Roussy Insti twitter.com tute, discusses profiles and risk-benefit of new therapies
Michael Singer @Bronxborn409🔁 thank you for stopping by our booth today and for inviting me to your lab to see the work you are doing. twitter.com


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