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SportsDay Cowboys @dmn_cowboys🔁
Rob Phillips @robphillips3🔁Cowboys swing the momentum thanks to a couple of key plays from two draft picks: Ryan Switzer and Noah Brown. #cowboyswire
David Helman @HelmanDC🔁Hello, Ryan Switzer
Jon Machota @jonmachota🔁Not bad, Ryan Switzer, especially considering Cowboys only had 10 men on the field, according to @BabeLaufenberg
chill dill @FncyFeetPhilmon🔁Ryan Switzer has to be my Gruden Grinder tonight
demario @DMBCCXIV🔁
Potato @jts234🔁 Ryan Switzer and Cole Beasley look like step brother's were one dad threw the other guys dad in prison
Angelica Venzen @ayyitsangelica4🔁 Give me a flea flicker, a jet sweep, a Ryan Switzer throw...anything to change things up.
Young Chipotle @freemanm86🔁Former UNC WR/PR Ryan Switzer will catch punts today on the same ground where cut down the nets in April this year. Makes you think.
Sal Lopez @sallopez63🔁As much as I dislike the cowboys I love seeing Ryan Switzer out there getting playing time and contributing as a rookie
Justice @NOLA_Justice🔁New Celebrity Deathmatch idea: Cole Beasley vs. Ryan Switzer for scrappiest WR in the NFL #MNF #DallasCowboys #CowboyNation #DALvsARI
Ryan Swïtzer @ryan_switzer🔁 Swift Current Broncos announce a profit for 4th straight year. READ:
Lorenzo Cortes @Hoyatexas🔁The other Ryan Switzer, Cole Beasley
Mīke @BeLikeMike97🔁Some of y’all might not know but Ryan Switzer cold
Michael Balog @MBalog8🔁@BryanBroaddus @HelmanDC Chris Jones + Ryan Switzer= Field Position. Great display of it tonight
Milad Abedi @godismycondom🔁Ryan Switzer. What a guy
Rusty Burson @RBinBCS🔁When I see Ryan Switzer catch the ball and begin shifting and shaking, I have flashbacks of Wes Walker. Or nightmares.
Matt Kumagai @mattkumagai🔁@TheNickShook After seeing you drop "SpecDakular" earlier, I'd love to get your thoughts on Ryan "Switzermy Knife" Switzer.
Andrew Farrar @FarrarAndrew🔁Cole Beasley better be worried about Ryan Switzer. Coming for his job
❌ Isaiah! ❌ @Almanac_Jones🔁Ryan Switzer was someone I studied in draft time and was scared a rival squad would draft. Well, here is, about to be a star for Dallas
Jason Griffith @singlearity🔁Jerry Jones under concussion protocol after firing Ryan Switzer, keeps calling him Barry, team states it is related to kneeling injury. #mnf
Chris Blankenship @Chriskb116🔁Pretty cool to see Ryan Switzer on Monday Night Football. He went to high school about 30 minutes from me.
Chris Spina @Spina13Colada🔁AHHHHHHHHH ITS RYAN FUCKING SWITZER!!!!!! #H2P sorry I'm having nightmares
Chase Snyder @ChasingSnyder🔁Cowboys would really run with Cole Beasley Jr. (Ryan Switzer) than a fat Zeke. WATTBA
🖕BillyB🖕 @wrbenedick🔁@SportsSturm Who needs Zeke when you have Ryan Switzer 🙄
Trill Jackson @Im_0n1🔁Ryan Switzer do a lotta moving but don't go nowhere
Joshua Marlow @joshuamarlow5🔁Ryan Switzer got a touch. I’m crying
K00L🤷🏽‍♂️ @Shawn_Gamage🔁Ryan Switzer got heart I fw him
JUNE TO THE MOON 🚀 @MartinPrietoJr🔁I wanna see more of Ryan Switzer on offense.
#SixburghSZN @WhateverFam_🔁I like Ryan Switzer as a returner this guy literally fights for even one yard 😭 u really can’t teach that type of heart tho
Angelica @angelicakw🔁I couldn't be Ryan switzer. I'd run the opposite way #cowboysvscardinals
Mauricio Rodriguez ✭ @PepoR99🔁Hey Ryan Switzer...
Caffe Romeo @caffe_romeo🔁 Awesome seeing Ryan Switzer returning punts for the Dallas Cowboys Charleston, West Virginia proud
H @holden_hill🔁ryan switzer is gonna break one real soon and when it happens I'm going streaking
sam jones @Sam_hood_14🔁Ryan Switzer is the best player in the NFL
Dray Farmer @DraytonFarmer🔁@BigSaw74 Ryan Switzer is an animal. Forgot y'all even got him.
twenty1 @frenchRONtana5🔁Take Witten out on 3rd downs and put Brice Butler or Ryan Switzer in the game
Brett Price @Brettprice97🔁 Ryan Switzer a fast Lil mf.
Cash Money🤘🏾💸 @Cash2_Cool🔁Jourdan Lewis and Ryan Switzer will be the best rookies on this team buy the end of the year
dobber11 @crazydobber11🔁We’ll have a nice battle of 5-foot-8 rookie punt returners later this year: Cowboys’ Ryan Switzer at 49ers’ Trent Taylor
John Betts, Jr. @johnbettsjr🔁The Cowboy’s Ryan Switzer is my new football boyfriend.


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