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Amy Siskind @Amy_Siskind🔁This would be a good time to remind everyone that Trump tweeted about Hillary’s emails minutes after Donald Jr’s meet ing with the Russians was over.
Murline Revis @piedmontian11🔁If I have this right--and I may not: Govt officials who used unverified political oppo research from Russia against Trump to wiretap US citizen(s) are investigating for meeting w/Russians to possibly obtain political oppo research he never received.
Ted Lieu @tedlieu🔁In March I sent a letter to asking specific questions about interactions with Russians. Now I know why the refu sed to answer my letter. Senate Intel says Kremlin used the NRA to influence the 2016 elections. Did NRA, , or Speaker know?

David Axelrod @davidaxelrod🔁Whether or not crimes were committed is for Mueller to report, but this much is even clearer after today’s doc releas e:
If the campaign didn’t collude with the Russians, it wasn’t for lack of trying!

Stephen Buss @stevenfbuss🔁Fox legal analyst Gregg Jarrett lays out the MSM/Dem hysteria of meetings with Russians or violations of Campaign finance laws.There was nothing there there...Listen
JustSayin🇺🇸 @JustSayingTrump🔁Caroline Wiles Has Been Identified As The White House Leaker. She Was Previously The Girlfriend Of Mueller’s Rick Gates. She & Her Parents Worked For McCains Presidential Campaign. Her Father Was Lobbying For Russians To Undo The Magnitsky Act. You Can't Make This Stuff Up, Folks
Mary @1DGrand🔁THE COVER-UP

Donald Trump: “No one in my campaign met with Russia.”

Sarah Sanders: “No contacts took place with Russia.”

Jeff Sessions: “I did not have communications with the Russians.”


Trump campaign had 70 known contacts and 22 meetings with Russian operatives.

Harriett @Clover54Draves🔁Just because every member of Trump's team lied about the meetin' with the Russians don't mean that anything illegal happened. Right? Right?

(Hint: wrong)

Mummadonna @mummadonna🔁Papadopoulus, Flynn, Manafort, and Page- who is the Russian agent? A year later as we find ourselves in the Mueller investigation and someone who was traveling back and forth to Moscow, actually told the Russians about the FBI probe into ? Holy cow.
Responsible Gambino @ghosr🔁Remember: Trump publicly announced that he would be unveiling new dirt on Hillary Clinton related to Russia *three hours* after Don Jr. confirmed the meeting with the Russians who were offering dirt on Hillary Clinton as part of a “high-level” effort to help Trump win.
Eleanore Labit @kjubeau🔁Jared Kushner claimed he had no idea why he was in that notorious Trump Tower meeting, but reports that newly-released testimony indicates otherwise
Nancy Wallace @topaz1954🔁‘Infuriated’ Jared Kushner Lost His Cool When Russians Didn’t Deliver Hillary Dirt//PRESIDENT TRUMP JUST HAVE THE MAR INES GO IN WITH NUNEZ AND TAKE THE PAPERWORK.
Mikki Roberts @MicheleRoberts9🔁IMPORTANT: The Senate, the body that will try Trump’s impeachment trial, has admitted that Russia worked to get Trump elected. They also admitted today the Russians funneled money to Trump through the NRA.

Two huge steps in the right direction.

ρєяѕιѕтєη¢є Ω🗽🖖Ω @Hermionejh🔁OMG Finally !!!!
Gop/Dem leaders of Senate Intel Committee agree w Intel assessment that Russia intervened in 2016 election to help Trump & hurt Hillary
Lee Lange @LadeeLeeLange🔁Donald Trump Jr., If u conspire w/ an under-cover cop 2 commit a crime but you never actually commit the crime, u are still going 2 jail.
The fact that the Trump Tower conspiracy meeting with Russians MAY not have proven fruitful, the crime of conspiracy was already committed.
Michael Higgins @gsemike🔁@Kiki1788 Those Russians are just like us
THERE IS NO PLANET B @ITAKANANA🔁Former CIA Director John Brennan tells Chuck Todd that there is still a lot of information yet to come out about the meeting between Trump Jr. and a group of Russians at Trump Tower.
Pink Star @Alpha_Lady1🔁- : Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska told the FBI that ’s campaign was NOT colluding with Russians two months before the election. So why the witch hunt?
Pamela @reporter616🔁Lies:
Russian Adoptions?
Didn’t have sex with porn Star?
Didn’t meet with Russians at Trump Tower?
No one from Trump campaign or camp met with Russians?
Millions caught; voter fraud?
Didn’t mock disabled reporter?
There are over 3,000 lies by him.
Only guilty people plead 5th?
truth @brokenheartswwl🔁You’ve got it all backwards. It’s because you have all these important responsibilities that we are concerned what the Russians have on you.
John Pierce @jrpierce🔁This would be a good time to remind everyone that Trump tweeted about Hillary’s emails minutes after Donald Jr’s meeting with the Russians was over.
Mark Mason @mem1395🔁🚨🐀Mueller told Trump's legal team he will not indict the president,Giuliani tells. 💥Why our POTUS integrity is even in question⁉️Crooked Hillary the real criminal Sold our Uranium to the Russians & she’s not in danger of getting indicted?!

Mark Tutone Crazy Politics @marktutone🔁ABC you know this didn’t influence the election at all. With all the work the Russians did it might have reached less than 1% of the voters. This is the reason Trump won as said by Micheal Moore
michelle @kmledf2🔁NEW: A former Trump campaign official told Senate he thought he received email in 2016 alerting him Russians had damaging information about Clinton. But so far no one can find the email. Speaks to where collusion investigation stands today. w/
n*e*1 @ennywon🔁so you’re working for the chinese as well as the russians now?! soon you’ll be north korea’s bitch too as you don’t w anna miss out on the nobel prize and the photo op with lil rocket man right! the clown in chief 👶💩
SHARRON GRAY @gray_sharron🔁In the Red Dawn re-enactment happening in their heads, the NRA wants you to think they are the Wolverines, when they are actually Darryl who helped the Russians
Veteran Sergeant @Pkunkorz🔁@bsb3242 @EOwensJS @danpfeiffer Are you denying that the NRA was used as a channel by the Russians?
Orpheus Pegley @MonkyThunder🔁Over 70 meetings between Team Trump and Russians.

Team Trump lied about all of them

Trump had a Russian agent as a foreign affairs advisor.

If you can't see collusion, you are wilfully blind or wilfully ignorant.

Or a liar.

Willwesurvive? & annoyinggrammarian @Willwesurvive2🔁153/ Of course this flies in the face of Trump's reputation as a campaign micro-manager who'd rage at subordinates if they kept information from him. And it leaves out the best part: who did Kushner and Manafort meet with on June 9, 2016 besides the Russians? That's right: Trump.
Peach 🍑 Pie @IngramEpps🔁I’m saying the Russians or the republicans are gonna stop whistling boy!!
Doctor J. Werner @DoctorWerner44🔁If the "Russians" are such a threat to America then why not prosecute those persons involved in brokering a deal specifically w/20% of OUR NATIONS STRATEGIC URANIUM SUPPLY?



Marilu Warner #Resistance @MariluWarner5🔁 Senate testimony shows oligarch made 'fairly sizable' gift to Trump via @YahooNews
PhillyWild @phillywild305🔁Turns out that during the election, the Russians bought Facebook ads mostly to promote the fake narrative that racism, especially white racism against blacks, remains a deep, festering problem in America. It's the same bogus line democrats peddle. Yet none dare call it collusion.
Corey B. @Coreybez1🔁BREAKING: Don Jr story that he "met with Russians to discuss Russians adoptions in America" is true: Shortly after the meeting, Putin adopted a 71-year old baby.
Willwesurvive? & annoyinggrammarian @Willwesurvive2🔁154/ So Don Jr.'s testimony is that Jared, Paul, and he frantically coordinated how to respond to the Kremlin's offer and then studiously made sure they never said anything to their boss about it for a year despite meeting with him just minutes after the Russians left his house.
(((Orwell))) @_Orwell🔁Absolutely essential to expose all because they aided & abetted Russian hackers by targeting very specific districts especially in those critical swing states that flipped the Electoral College
You think they are just protecting Trump?
P.S. Russians not that smart!
Tuck Harold @tuck_harold🔁@bama14rtr @Acosta @JimmyKimmelLive Does your THE PEOPLE include Russians?
peter toupin @PeterToupin🔁In March I sent a letter to asking specific questions about interactions with Russians. Now I know why the refused to answer my letter. Senate Intel says Kremlin used the NRA to influence the 2016 elections. Did NRA, , or Speaker know?

Cristina 🍸🐶🐱🌞🌶🥑 @_StandUpNow🔁NEW. 💥

Carter Page was warned by the FBI that the Russians were grooming him as far back as 2013 -- SOMEHOW, the fact that the FBI had warned Page, made its way back to Moscow and the FSB.

Did Carter Page share the 411 w the Kremlin?


Jane Johnson @jaj8312012🔁'Infuriated' Jared Kushner Lost His Cool When Russians Didn't Deliver Hillary Dirt

Shared from my Google feed

MAGADEPLORABLE @MAGA202011🔁Robert Mueller Issues Grand Jury Subpoenas to Roger Stone’s ‘Twitter Specialist’

WTH? Stone's twitter specialist c olluded with Wikileaks who Mueller believes worked for the Russians. Good grief. What's next.

Leesy @LeesyPeesy🔁So what about the fact that the 2000 pages of transcripts released today confirm that Donnie Jr. lied about the meeti ngs with the Russians ? Oh a fucking big surprise that the little weasel is also a pathological liar😂
PMK @veve4heart🔁What a damn day:

The Senate Confirmed that Trump & Russia worked together against Hillary Clinton

The NRA was exposed for working with the Russians to help Trump

And...last, but not least...

Trump's dumba** screwed up the NK summit.

Liz 🔈🔉🔊 BonifideDeplorable @LizzJustLizz🔁10. An anon asks Q why Strzok was in London for "Crossfire Hurricane" (on Comey's orders) 90 days before 2016 election. Q replied "SIS". Believe this means Strzok was colluding w/UK's Secret Intel Svc (MI16) to try to frame w/colluding w/Russians.

Robert miller @szucrm🔁Hilarious! Russians really putting Mueller under pressure. So much fun to watch. Indeed Mueller did not see this coming.

Wizardwayne @Wizardwayne🔁So apparently it’s not a witch hunt. via @politico
topazwine @Luwine2🔁 Senate testimony on Trump Tower meeting with Russians details ties with campaign
Jacqueline Sanders @jasanders1975🔁Here’s video I found of Donald Trump signing a contract with the Russians who helped organize the Don, Jr lawyer meeting at Trump Tower. Same Russians who hosted Ms. Universe Moscow. Same Russians Trump tried to build Trump Tower Moscow with.
David I. Ramadan @DavidIRamadan🔁Russians interfered 👇👇 👇
Willwesurvive? & annoyinggrammarian @Willwesurvive2🔁155/ Moreover, they did this despite their boss's *public protestation of interest* in any intel whatsoever that the Russians might have possession of that could damage Clinton—to the point that the *same week* as the Trump Tower meeting he *promised a speech on that very topic*.
Josh @Luckydragon84🔁205/ It's VERY late in the testimony for a blockbuster revelation: Don Jr. says that—per Trump Organization practice—a "letter of intent" is only signed when there's a "deal in place." That means Trump signed a deal with Agalarov in 2013 and another with unknown Russians in 2015.
Janice Varrone @VarroneJanice🔁If dumb trump, dumber , and rest of their confederacy of dunces didn’t think anything was wrong with the trump tower meeting with Russians, why the fuck did they lie about it with some bullshit adoption excuse. Treasonous douchebags are going down.
Bakunin.Sanger @Earle_goodall🔁Whatever you do this morning don’t retweet this video I found of Trump saying he has “the best Russian partners” before he signs a $20 million deal with them. Same Russians who set up Don Jr Russian lawyer meeting: Aras & Emin Agalarov.
Genesis @SalusReipublica🔁Trump Russia investigation: What new Trump Tower documents tell us Basically the Russians offered information about t he corruption of the DNC and Hillary and that somehow that means what? Basically to Dems& libs we don’t have a right to informed decisions.
Peach 🍑 Pie @IngramEpps🔁I think I misunderstood? Who are you give the “stiff drink” the whistleblower or Bannon? I thought you meant the Russians would try to bump of the whistleblower for well blowing the whistle....🤷🏽‍♀️


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