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Angelica Bailey @tbYd03uEYNAv1iw🔁russian teen facial
Russian NomenOmen @_NomenOmen_🔁22-year-old Russian blogger convicted for playing #PokemonGo inside a church ahahahah
Russian 💮Gummyshoes💮 @GumshoeComix🔁 This is pretty unexpected dog Russian costume
Russian Orwellflux @Orwellflux🔁 Goodbye fake Russian narrative. #SethRich
Russian Nasty News @realnastynews🔁Putin, Lavrov, Kislyak are loving this. Thanks, Trump voters. #russiagate @WhiteHouse @GOP
The Associated Press @AP🔁BREAKING: European official to AP: Country might stop sharing intel with US if Trump gave classified info to Russian diplomats.
Kurt Eichenwald @kurteichenwald🔁I know details of classified info Trump leaked 2 Russia Ambassador.

Russian news agency Trump let into meeting is reporting it.


Tucker Carlson @TuckerCarlson🔁Russian expert: The assault on @realDonaldTrump is the biggest national security threat to the United States right now. #Tucker @FoxNews
New Eastern Outlook @JournalNEO🔁Germany: Kiev's sanctions against Russian media don't meet European values. But murder Donbass pp does correspond to those values. That's it
inger knudson @ingerknudson🔁Putin offers to provide Congress with details of Trump disclosures to Russian envoys
Radka Lalonde @RadkaLalonde🔁Photo: EVP of Trump Organization endorsed Russian mob felon Felix Sater on LinkedIn-for real estate development

Gerri Carr @gmcsonny🔁 Whatever we end up calling this scandal, it should be used in diners to mean a turkey sandwich w Russian dressing.
Ex-Dem @Quest2017🔁SCOOP: Russian state bank secretly financed hotel project. by
Terry M. Pope, HOF @TerryMPope🔁There never was a Russian hack
There never was Russian interference

There only was a disgruntled Bernie supporter/DNC staffer

TBO Media Inc. @TrudieMerwin🔁Merkel meets Russian-German migrants amid fake news worries
missLtoe @missLtoe🔁You're not "declassifying" info when your disclosure is "for Russian eyes only." Great piece by .
Kira L Mello Near @hellfire777🔁 that he was the shortest serving "President" of all time while also the only one installed by a Russian Dictator.
charlenewells @WellsCharlene🔁@FoxNews DNC coverup...there was no Russian hacking. Seth Rich murdered for leaking
Image Posters @imageposters🔁 Here it is. Breaking:
Russian State-Run Bank Financed Deal Involving Trump Hotel Partner
Liz Shulman @zibilith🔁Trump may actually have violated the law with his dangerous decision to give top secret info to Russian diplomats
chickenman @garydixson🔁
spice r should be a comedian ref=" /i/web/status/8649230469 38726400" target="_blank">
George Jobson @GeorgeJobson🔁(THREAD) Trump secretly leaked Israeli intel to Russian spy Sergey Kislyak. Now ALL PRIOR CONTACTS between the two men must be investigated.
Sam @samnew_samnew33🔁2 Spanish jets escorted the Russian jet near Estonia. What do the Spaniards do near Leningrad?Try to remember the fate of the Blue Division?
h @hrdbra🔁Spicer: "I will not speak about the Russian investigation"

Arrested Development narrator: "Sean then spoke about the Russian investigation"

lesa @lesa415🔁 Trump hotel project reportedly benefited from Russian state-run bank: via @slate Well I'll be!
Barb Trerice @barb_trerice🔁In 2 wks, Trump Oval guests include: Russian spooks to whom he blabbed classified info; Turkish strongman whose thugs beat-up people in DC.😱
GiordanoBruno @antimpostium🔁Wikileaks got Russian servers one week before they published DNC hacks. A provable fact angrily denied
Concerned Citizen @DavidHinSoCal🔁Putin personally signed off on Russian bank financing of Trump International Hotel and Tower via
Matt Couch @RealMattCouch🔁@ShepNewsTeam says a Russian recording or document wouldn't mean anything.. Then what is all of the Fake Russian Collusion story for Shep?
Beach Bum @BytorNSnowdog🔁The guy who has to create multiple scandals weekly to cover-up his treason and affinity for doing Russian laundry de serves NO respect,
[redacted] @charlesthomas🔁@AndrewK_6 I was going to call you a Russian troll, but you are clearly not on their level.
New Eastern Outlook @JournalNEO🔁 described as "dumb and dangerous" those behind reports of the alleged 's handover of secrets to Russian FM
Frances @Frankie1654🔁How about the next hour. I got a notification that the is moving a story on Trump and a Russian bank. This isn't slowing down.
Robin Wood @RobinWood🔁There's 1 person out there this AM vouching for : Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

We need an independent commission NOW

WOUB Public Media @woub🔁 Russian bank financed sale that included Trump business partner: report
DisIsNotAmerica @ImpeachAgtOrang🔁“A Russian state bank reportedly financed an $850 million deal with a Trump business partner” by
Laura melick @melick_laura🔁Russian expert: The assault on is the biggest national security threat to the United States right now.
Megan #ImpeachTrump @mmmMeggie🔁 #FollowTheMoney: Russian state-run bank financed deal involving Trump hotel partner via @WSJ
JJ @Atamansikka🔁Ukrainian Jews call for help from world to end Russian conflict via @TheCJN
G @GraceHolness🔁Russian Children have no chance to escape from Russian orthodoxy... or nationalism for that matter.
Pondarosa @harmonyis1🔁Jared Kushner met w/ the head of a Russian state-owned bank (Vnesheconombank) - one that recently played host to a spy ring.
Christian Lupo @christianlupo_🔁Excellent reporting on how Kremlin-controlled money funded a Trump tower in Toronto. Follow the money. via
John Jabbo @jfjabbo🔁This week's Russian revelations are part of a larger pattern: Toxic white male identity politics brought us here.
STEVE JET CITY @stevejetcity🔁@chrislhayes PENCE Also Colluded in The Russian Cover Up. Time to Talk About Impeachment & PENCE Can't Be PRESIDENT. PENCE Not Cub Scout
Mel Ankoly @Mel_Ankoly🔁@ColinBanks44 @Teamnguns @ScottAdamsSays Full transcript of Comey's testimony on March 20:
TRUMP Defense ☎️ @SlicksTweetz🔁Achilles seem to be a family name within the Rothschild dynasty
Kirill Andrienko @Andrico21🔁NEW: launches petition to force floor vote on creating independent commission on Russian interference.
Kevin @Kevlor1🔁 Was the term "Russian models" brought up at all?
Lea Black @LeaBlackMiami🔁Like the Russian transcripts would be in tampered with and accurate? Pleeeeezzzzeee
Cliff Archangel @cliffarcha🔁"Merkel Meets Russian-German Migrants Amid Fake News Worries" by REUTERS via NYT
Autarkh @Autarkh🔁 Another day, another Trump conversation revealed by foreign media @callumborchers
nikita @sassyblackburn🔁They knew Trump was bad news, that's why they fought so hard against him in the primary. I think he knew about Russian $$ & its documented.
Bob McBryde @TheBobIsIn🔁The Democrats have been on their side until Trump came along. Now they are EVIL. How did that Russian Reset work for ya, ?
Ralf 007 @Ralfoo7🔁Putin personally signed off on Russian bank financing of Trump International Hotel and Tower
Frederick Deknatel @freddydeknatel🔁“The tragedy of McMaster began when he answered Trump’s call and came to Washington”
Daan Koopman @NintenDaan🔁The game supports English, Italian, French, German, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese and Japanese.
Lisa McCormick @LisaMcCormickNJ🔁If Vladimir Putin says President Donald Trump divulged no secrets to Russian officials, that's good enough for most Republican politicians
Lee @leeshutterbug🔁Ok wow --> Russian state-owned bank Vnesheconombank (VEB) essentially bailed out a Trump hotel in Toronto, via a Trump business associate.
Sandro Stealth @mutalabala🔁Because God forbid Trump shares info that could help save Russian lives from a potential terrorist attack. We certainly don't want that!
Jesus @TweetusHChrist🔁@RealAlexJones @RogerJStoneJr @StoneColdTruth How can a russian agent combat globalism?
Psychotriker @paychotriker🔁Question... on jan 27 fbi announced they found nothing illicit

And the Come y memo is dated after investigation ended

commonsense @commonsense258🔁Congress to Rename Street in Front of Russian Embassy After Murdered Anti-Putin Dissident via
Constitution MD @constitutionmd🔁Putin is seeking permission from the Trump to release a full record of ’ meeting with Russian officials -
#MAGA @Elohim_Gadol🔁It takes the Russian President Putin to tell the Democrat Media Complex they are destroying their own country.
Lisa Burnum Manning @LisaBurnum🔁BREAKING: Russian President Vladimir Putin says his country is willing to give the US records of ' talks with Foreign Minister Lavrov.
#WhoKilledSethRich @OpenThePrimary🔁Does anyone here think Julian/wiki werent taken back in Oct?
NYCTaper @nyctaper🔁Perhaps after this week's series of fake stories, actual facts will prevail:
Jo-Anne Finegan @jo_finegan🔁 They could do that. Or just ask any Russian
Paul L Mueller @podlodka150🔁UPDATE: White House spokesman says not aware Russians recorded conversation between Trump, Russian foreign minister.
Pondarosa @harmonyis1🔁Vnesheconombank was also a front for a Russian spy ring. Agents posing as bankers collected intel for Russia's SVR.
milti @conjja🔁 @copyboy1 Wake me when Beyoncé and Shakira are arrested for being Russian agents, like she's claiming. 😴
Maddie @ZenMaddie🔁the democracy of the united states was hacked by Russian government
to help win the election!!
Where are all the hearings?
Titus Frost @ImperatorTruth🔁I got this. Think its based on a persons recent searches. Can we talk about Julian / wiki? Saw yall were on it last night jn.


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