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Russian Ricky Stauffer @ricky_stauffer🔁@cnnbrk This is real russian collusion , tell it like it is CNN
Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr🔁Obama administration knew about Russian bribery plot before uranium deal via @nypost
AmericanProgressive1 @USA_Progressive🔁To the Hillbots who accuse Sanders Supporters as Russian Agents. I got one message to you:
Joanne Petzold @JoannePetzold🔁 .@realDonaldTrump Who Paid for Russian Dossier? The #FBI Did!
Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr🔁BREAKING: Obama DOJ Allegedly Threatened FBI Informant To Silence Him On Russian Nuclear Corruption
James Woods @RealJamesWoods🔁A lot of white noise from #Democrats today. They must be really worried about the revelations regarding the #Obama and Russian uranium deal.
Sabrina B @sabbay017🔁Rest assured, all of your distractions & attacks haven't led us to forget about those Russian sanctions.
positive @positive4uk🔁 WOW! Wall Street Whistleblower Says Clinton Foundation Purposely Hid Russian-Uranium One Payments
Joanne Wilshin @PriscillaAnew🔁 Russian propaganda may have been shared hundreds of millions of times, new research says
Raquel @Raquel55248434🔁 BOOM
Patsy Dryden🍀💥 @Patta47cake🔁CIA chief Pompeo says intel agencies concluded Russia did not affect election outcome. That's not true.
Ber White 111 👿 @20XTS14🔁Sex abuse, Russian meddling, cyber-bullying - the list of things our president can't speak about because HE DOES THEM just keeps growing...
abbey lunden-handy @LundenHandy🔁President Trump said Clinton ran the State Dept like her personal hedge fund and accused them of having Russian ties. MSM shot him down!
Mark Bristow @m_bri12191046🔁And nasty Russian women, right? What a maroon!
21BigGuns @21BigGuns🔁Hillary lost- Thank God
CIA Director Sets The Record Straight: Russian Meddling ‘Did Not Affect Outcome Of Election’
Tracy JSM @Trinityapp🔁Old news, no one cares. It's another senile effort by you to take attention off of your russian connections.
JT @irishd247🔁The CIA Dir. distorted the intel community's findings on Russian interference, claimed it didn't alter the outcome.
BE @BEickstedt🔁In Jan. I asked AG Sessions if he met w Russian officials. He said no, under oath. But that’s not what we heard from him today.
ALOHA STATE ❤ TRUMP @808alohadeals🔁 Bill Clinton met with Putin in private before controversial uranium deal
just kathy @mainemama48🔁BREAKING: UN Ambassador Haley Says Russian Election Meddling Was "Warfare"; If So, It Affects Trump's Legal Exposure
Angel Mendez @AngelusMendez🔁Who! asked his wife’s to meet Russian Nuclear officials when in Moscow for a $500K speech!
ERIC @pizdapalace🔁When will the rest of the MSM start to report the REAL Russian Collusion?
Chris #NotMyPrez @chriswhiz4u🔁BREAKING: They have Russian spy lawyer's June 9 meeting memo. It says NOTHING on "adoptions." It attacks SANCTIONS.
Joanne Wilshin @PriscillaAnew🔁 Facebook takes down data and thousands of posts, obscuring reach of Russian disinformation
Deb @liberalgramma🔁Hey , hundreds of thousands of you followed fake Russian accounts w/ millions of retweets, including Trump.

Diana Marie @Shiloh_2005🔁 Donald Trump’s Niger scandal tied to Russian sanctions and Blackwater’s private army
donna van auken @AukenDonna🔁We have only scratched the surface with the Hillary Obama BillClinton involvement in Russian uranium deal. The Real collusion.
beachgoddess @MMjustified🔁💥BOOM💥Wallstreet whistleblower says payments from deal were purposely hidden‼️ DO UR JOB
Diane Gray 🍑 @unnothinrau1980🔁italian amateur oral cumshot exploited babysitters force russian milf
Kate @K8TDidToo🔁Warner cuts to the chase: It's not about Russian organizations and rubles - it's about ANY political ad coming from an inappropriate source.
TRUMP GIRL💕✨ @JulieCa92128716🔁i drank too much in NYC and saw Rob Reiner and could not help myself-I went over to him & got into a fight with him over all that Russian BS
UN-American Potus @mgd4161🔁Donald Trump’s Niger scandal tied to Russian sanctions and Blackwater’s private army via @PalmerReport
Laura @choirsingergirl🔁What happened to Russian Sanctions & DT Tax Returns, CHAD? Cutting Medicare Medicaid helps who? U paved the way for Rich Tax cuts -Shame!
Cherie @shezola1🔁Please exit California and take the rest of the Loons with you. The two fat ladies and their cat from Berkeley make 💩 up as they go.
Even the has authenticated the story.
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Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal
#ConstitutionAtRisk @taninthesummer🔁George W. Bush just slammed bigotry, white supremacy, Russian election interference and conspiracy theories. In other words, Donald Trump.
Diane Baker ❤️ @spilerunop1982🔁undress kissing porn russian milf perfect girls
Becky Myrick @becky_myrick🔁 COOKED BOOKS? Clinton Foundation Did Not Report Russian Uranium One Deal via @@truthfeednews
Oathkeeper @BrotherVet🔁Senate Seeks To Interview Informant Linking Russian Nuclear Bribery Case To
lynda Joyce @ntvnyr173🔁@dbongino @ChiefFabulous Mueller should investigate himself since he was part of real Russian collusion
Janice Varrone @VarroneJanice🔁CIA corrects director: We haven't concluded that Russian interference had no impact on election result
Legit Melonhead @LegitMelonhead🔁Clinton takes $145M in bribes to okay sale of Uranium to Russia. Left media ignores.
NunyasBinness👯 @kshliker07🔁George W. Bush: "The Russian government has made a project of turning Americans against each other."
Media World News @ayeworld🔁Suspecting Russian Meddling in ‘Brexit’ Vote, Lawmaker Seeks Inquiry
John Martino @jrxjohn🔁@akteddybear1 @ConservaMomUSA @RepWilson Ask the bankrupt draft dodging Russian puppet cockroach crap eating bogus potus
Lek-Sleuther @jipjapjan55🔁 Bill gets $500,000 speech

Hillary, as Secretary of State, gives Russia a nuclear deal.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. @Gmanc95Castillo🔁“Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday President Donald Trump should be respected because he has a democratic mandate.” Really??
Curtis Curtis @TeachKevinTeach🔁 A bunch of Russia-obsessed journalists were shocked to hear actual facts about Russian meddling today.
June bugg @MeMeJuneO🔁Clinton Corruption Coverup- : Mueller, Rosenstein & Comey hid Clinton’s Russian Uranium deal conflicts
CaffeineFreak💜☕️🎃 @Caffeinefreak🔁Dworkin Reveals Mitch McConnell & Paul Ryan Took Millions From Russian Oligarch Tied To Putin
NitroPenelope @NitroPenelope🔁You know the answer troll girl. Russian trolls using NFL protests to sow discord online, GOP sen says via
Joanne, NYDeplorable @JoanneColombo🔁FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot involving Clintons before Obama admin approved controversial nuclear deal.
Allen McDavid @banker924🔁 Sounds like the perfect guy to lead a Russian investigation.
ZZ222 @vertex37🔁Prediction: Eventually Putin will boast about the Russian hacking and Trump will be the only one left denying it.
Ducktape 🔷 @ducktap54400020🔁 Boom!! Clintons/Russia!!
Thinkingmansgame @Thinkingame🔁There's the big Russian story! All along it's been just as President Trump had warned us. Silly Democrats get on board
angie de kleine @adekleine🔁 Adam Schiff to "DIRCIA" Pompeo denying Russian impact on the 2016 election: Screw You, Pal.
Steve Nellis @steve_nellis🔁Rybolovlev🇷🇺was in same cities as Trump during rallies. His yacht was in Croatia🇭🇷same time as Ivanka & Kush🤔

Alice Clark 😋 @ininalan1976🔁brutal anal cum russian fuck indian pussy
Eτh▲η [Meph] @MEPHIDOS🔁JackieGlo305 is still at it. Spot the dead give away this is a Russian troll account? We don’t say “accomplished no good thing.” But a non-native speaker sure does. Russian. Troll.
James Jay Cakes @mr_jj_cakes🔁Russian troll account pushed a fake story about “rigged voting machines” in PA, helped by
Joanne, NYDeplorable @JoanneColombo🔁Russian nuclear firm under FBI investigation was allowed to purchase U.S. uranium supply


Surely Serious @OGalanter🔁@FPE66 @AndrewHusband @realDonaldTrump We know, Russian bot, we know.
Chris Maggio @ChrismPrism🔁Those who stick by Trump will go down with him. It looks like the general drank the Russian tea.
Jbearclan @jbearclan🔁Today Nikki Haley said Russian hacks an act of war. Kelly ann, Bannon, Flint, Jahred, Ivanka, the lot. Are in line fo r death penalty. byebye
Lauren Down South @LaurenDownSouth🔁So not only are you trying to distract us from your catastrophic failure, you're doing it w/ the same topics Russian propagandists are using
Debby Garland @DebbyLG3🔁24) That fake Trump dossier based on Russian disinformation was then leaked in the DNC Media & became public. It influenced the election.
Mike Jackson @MikeJackson9701🔁Bill Clinton sought State’s permission to meet with Russian nuclear official during Obama uranium decision
Trump Newspaper @trumpnewspaper🔁 evidence mounting against Obama
coverup is bigger than Watergate

Vote Beto 4 TX 2018 @LiuWendy8🔁deeply disappointed Pompeo, CIA directors should not be political- CIA dir distorts intelligence findings Russia
Ann Kallevig @energy_ann🔁Trump’s done over $198,400,000 in business with Russian elite in Florida alone-big Russian ties @tedkidd🔁I liked a @YouTube video Clinton cash trail in the 'real' Russian collusion scandal
Susan Hilgenfeld @SusanHilgenfeld🔁“It stinks” Peter Schweizer questions the millions donated to the Clinton Foundation during Russian Uranium deal
Muffie Waterman @mwaterman🔁DB: Kellyanne Conway, Don Jr. pushed messages from a Russian troll farm-operated account a week before Election Day.
FreeSpirit @spiritmefree1🔁@TweetDanielSan @thehill I don't read Russian propaganda. I recall BERNBRATS swimming in that pile of Russian Shit.
ar chroi @Ar_Chroi🔁Mueller will not find any Russian collusion (he cannot indict himself), but he will something else entirely.

ThisRabbitHoleIsDeep @Hippichcforlife🔁Putin’s bagman Not only bought Trump’s mansion for double, he also kind of bought the Monaco justice system.
sisters keeper @BuffyleeBright🔁Bill Clinton sought State’s permission to meet with Russian nuclear official during Obama uranium decision CRIMINAL
Vote Trump @pilarmel13🔁 Listen carefully or you’ll miss CNN’s Wolf Blitzer mentioning the Russian uranium deal story
Michael Peters @michaelepeters7🔁No. This one might be a Russian holding on to a racist and misogynist culture
Janice Varrone @VarroneJanice🔁Some of Trump's family and closest aides promoted tweets from trolls paid by the Russian government. WATCH:
Sarah @SarahBo18687778🔁BOOOOM! Tarmac Loretta Lynch & Obama Admin colluded w/ Anti-Trump Russian Lawyer in an attempt to frame Trump Jr./Trump Campaign


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