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Lillian Martinez @Lillian45577102🔁#hot russian men nude older women with younger women sex videos
Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1🔁FLAG: DHS on Russian interference: "We have evidence of 21 states, election-related systems in 21 states, that were t argeted."
Kim Dotcom @KimDotcom🔁Both the FBI and DHS had no access to DNC servers. The investigation of so-called "Russian hacking of the DNC" has zero credibility.
RussianRussianRussianRussian 환멸나요 @08sNFxSBLEFmYGr🔁 Russian photographer Anna Danilova
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁#BREAKING: Kellyanne Conway now under investigation @TheDemCoalition for her Russian biz ties

#TrumpRussia #Resist

Phillip Fuhrer @phillip92321🔁 UPDATE: Trump continues to push farcical line about Russian election interference
Michael MacKay @mhmck🔁@jaigoodman Russian soldiers invading the largest wholly European country, Ukraine, killed Europeans in their homeland.
S H @Peresson79🔁 Mueller just added a Russian-speaking former Supreme Court clerk to his special counsel team
Annemarie Hams @annemariehams🔁: Mitch McConnell now under investigation for campaign finance fraud—and his Russian & Chinese business ties.
Charlie Davis @trolltrumptower🔁Fmr. DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson: "It was unprecedented, the scale and scope" of Russian interference in 2016 election. (via )
Atom Aunt @MerileeEaton🔁More damning: Flynn heard those secrets becuz Trump, though warned of Russian blackmail risk, opted to share them. Think what that implies.
☬ R.D.A. ☬ @AHA1R🔁 @realDonaldTrump Wow Donald, you seem to have as many questions about the Russian collusion as we do!
Tina Romero @Flomero🔁FLAG: DHS on Russian interference: "We have evidence of 21 states, election-related systems in 21 states, that were targeted."
Simon @79Simon🔁Just like he crashed $ laundering casinos
eventually sociopath POTUS will crash US economy
laughing all the way to Russian banks

T Flaherty @chiefster16🔁Trump posts 6 Tweets about races the GOP should have won, but I see NOTHING on a Russian Jet Flyby @ 5FT, putting our Troops in harms way!
Szymon Kurzacz @SzymonKurzacz🔁RT: airliners_net: Air to air with a Russian Air Force Su-30SM. Photo by Alex Beltyukov
I❤Sally_Yates @safety_refinery🔁After today's brief ban, are you trying to understand how Russian censorship works? Read our deep dive.
NewsRadio 1450 WKIP @1450WKIP🔁Video emerges of a NATO fighter jet rapidly approaching a plane carrying the Russian defense minister.
Tee Resists Here @TeeTweetsHere🔁: Bombshell report reveals lengthy Trump ties to Russian mobsters & money laundering

Cynthia Immoos 🌹 @CynderIm🔁Russia is important. Many Americans think getting thrown off healthcare is also important. Saying this doesnt prove you are a Russian agent.
Nancy Dobson @NancyDobson1🔁 I'm afraid to take a DNA ancestry test.

What if I find out that I'm part Russian?

That's illegal, right?

roser1dozer @roser1dozer🔁Trump set up commission to look into voter fraud. Now some members want to look at Russia hacking too.
The Moon's Rabbit @mdavidberger🔁Here's the thing: Had Hillary won, Russian "interference" might still drive the narrative for a confrontation with Ru ssia over Syria.
Miodrag Petrović @MizoMint🔁@danibostick @realDonaldTrump Russian interference is indisputable?? Apparently you have evidence that not even the @NSAGov or @CIA has.
UpsideDownyJunior @msamson56🔁@realDonaldTrump This AGAIN? You won the damn election, thanks to your Russian crime family so please just STFU about it.
Auriandra @Auriandra🔁Trump's Vote 'Rigging' Claims Delayed Warning of Russian Cyberattacks, Former DHS Chief Says
GCD @gcd_🔁Why haven't you turned over your WH tapes? B/c you're a scam, fraud ,liar, Russian Spy...It's another Trump scam just like your fraud school
JB- #Resist @JBsTweets🔁What no one's saying is what happens if Trump deliberately under-resources our cyberdefenses, then wins big in a midterm with Russian hacks.
Melinn#UnitedWeStand @Melinn2🔁Obama explained every bit of this during the press conference announcing the Russian sanctions.
jeanne sloan @jeannesloan3🔁STOP deflecting investigation of the Russian ATTACK on America! What ELSE are you hiding? (we already know you begged Putin to do it)
confused bee. @jinshiliya🔁@jinshiliya They hit all the right notes and the whole Ice Cream Cake mini was so coherent. Rookie and Russian Roulette on the other hand...
Усатиков Феликс @UsatikovFeliks🔁Is any body interesting to be sponser of my idears to organise a Russian club in Bournemouth?
Fiona Horrigan @fiona_horrigan🔁Blackouts in Ukraine were just a trial run. Russian hackers are learning to sabotage infrastructure.... via
Victoria_L @volleyheads23🔁By not acknowledging there is a russian problem and the taint that is in your administration, if this is true, I can see the lack of trust.
Andrew Harger @LakeviewChgo🔁@realDonaldTrump Remember that time when you admitted it wasn't a hoax?
Sotightwitit♪♪♬♪♪♬♪ @sotightwitit🔁 Oops: Donald Trump didn’t know his Russian mafia buddy Felix Sater was an FBI informant
MCleary @mcleary🔁Ukraine blackouts were trial run. Russian hackers are learning to sabotage infrastructure – US might be next

Dashiemama @dashiemama🔁Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. emerge as possible targets in Mueller probe of Russian money laundering | Raw Story
Kévin Chardin @KeviinChardin69🔁Please RETWEET this video until steps down for lying about meeting with Russian ambassador Kislyak.
Diamond Rose @Diamondrosegrfx🔁. CAUGHT LYING about her connections to Russian ambassador Kislyak. Please share! Take this crook down!

CToth @ChrisToth7🔁 @KenDilanianNBC @Lizzs_Lockeroom Another question is why did media ignore this?
Deep Vard @deepvard🔁Oops: Donald Trump didn’t know his Russian mafia buddy Felix Sater was an FBI informant via
brian barr @bestdeke🔁but Obama admn FBI/NSC heads denied tht any Russian interference cgnged any votes/how do u square tht?THS IS A MADE U P SCANDAL/
pharaoh owen cyclops @WesternIdentity🔁broke: severing family ties over honor + money

woke: severing family ties over conspiracy theories you read on russi an body building forums

Liberal America @Song4Jazz🔁Russian troll bot account. @BernieSanders is over and there is no #Socialist revolution
CommonSensei @quarklesparkle🔁If Russian meddling is political equivalent of 9/11 attacks, as frm CIA acting director Michael Morell stated, Trump was 1 of the hijackers.
Gary Stewart @blucaller🔁@BradMossEsq McConnell stopped Gang of 12 from issuing a nonpartisan report
Victor Laroux @MIGHTYMAGAMAN🔁 Ted Cruz Reveals The Story Behind The Russian Collusion Investigation via @chuckwoolery
Cathy 🍓 @cathykaku1🔁Trump says "if" Russia interfered.

Jeh Johnson said yesterday Russian intrusion in the 2016 election is 'a fact, plain and simple'.

PEBB @pebb05🔁@Russian_Starr @ShaunKing @ABCPolitics America won't get behind Trump bc he is an elitist, narcissistic, bigoted, scumbag! 😱
Alan Davis @icechex🔁Dems WON the election by 3 million votes. Period. Your Russian buddies hacked it. You colluded with them. and the a re complicit!
Kh'ull @Azaginin🔁 Female killer part of ruthless Russian gang says she was inspired by Bride of Chucky horror film
Kay Shan @KHShan🔁As Trump continues denying the conclusion of 17 intel agencies, note: WH wants to weaken the Russian sanctions bill
Melody @WontBeSilent2🔁You need to read 's explosive report on Trump's ties to money laundering and the Russian mafia.

Chump and Putie @chumpandputie🔁To Trump supporters: NO, it's not just abt Dems being mad abt election; it's abt having a Russian money laundering fraud in the White House
DisIsNotAmerica @ImpeachAgtOrang🔁: Kellyanne Conway now under investigation for her Russian biz ties

RutlandMoveOn @JuliussenAnn🔁Don't rhe two go together?Russian influence would either have preceded any collusion, or could be the result of guilty knowledge of it.
Christine Caston @CastonChris🔁(3) The assumption of this Washington Post report is that if Trump received Russian money during the campaign, he "coordinated" with Russia.
Voodooqueen @Voodooqueen6🔁Watergate bugging wouldn't have affected '72 election. Russian break-in into DNC in '16 may have changed history.
None of This is OK @poopnuts2🔁"If"? "Obama?" Doubting Russian malevolence & blaming Obama are the only two consistent elements of Trump views and actions.
ava4 @ava414🔁NYT ed board—Trump's refusal to accept Russian interference "leaves the country vulnerable to more damaging attacks"
Purr10 @purr10🔁Schiff to : House Intel is interested in finding out whether there was Russian support in the Trump campaign's use of data analytics.
mb @imsure🔁Soros-funded JOHN McCAIN Russian Collusion in 2008 race DEMs didn't care b/c McCAIN lost (HRC & Podesta Russia $$)
David Siegel @davesiegel🔁@p25735 @danibostick @realDonaldTrump Here you go.
Lane @desdelane🔁The Gorge On Putin party is under FBI investigation, as a party, for taking and distributing stolen emails and Russian money: Source
NoBrightShinyObjects @nobrtshnyobjs🔁Schiff: House Intel is interested to find out whether there was Russian funding or support of the Trump campaign's use of data analytics.📽️
Mark @MarkALiberto🔁Anti-Trump New York Times writer just admitted that "Russian collusion" was made up by the media, and that there is still NO EVIDENCE :
Imveryhongry @imveryhongry🔁The DNC refused to let the FBI check its servers and computers, then the FBI enabled the cover-up. Here's the story:

Katzen @I_am_Katzen🔁False. Putin/Ivanka/Kushner pal Russian oligarch Abramovich is raking in $$$ () off Trump's Key stone pipeline EO
Michael Amaral @wantyx737🔁Reason Russia selling S400 is that it has already replaced it with S500 on Russian soil. Good system against average fighter jet in ME...
Ben L @BEN123L🔁@gatewaypundit We need to investigate: Obama- Rice- Rhodes- Clapper- Brennan- & Comey for creating a fake Russian conspiracy to spy on Trump
Peggy Wall @PeggyWall🔁When are you going to get over all this Russian stuff and accept that you are President and stop acting like a c andidate????Cheez
DeplorableMe @whynergirl🔁Jeh Johnson TESTIMONY ENDS "Russian Collusion" LYING MEME said Russia DID N OT ALTER a SINGLE BALLOT
Julia @jshbooks🔁Mitch McConnell doubted Russian hacking intel & said he'd consider any Obama admin response "partisan politics."


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