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Russian yellow @JUSTLIKEFIIRE🔁 How many #Putin regime police men does it take to arrest one brave Russian woman?
Russian martha jenkins @mortimersnerd63🔁 Proof that I have NO RUSSIAN TIES! #TrumpRussia
Russian THEish @THEishTweets🔁 Russian bank VEB says executives had talks with Trump son-in-law Kushner.
Colin W @Reach_Russian🔁 This game is great

Russian Mimi Messick @MessickMimi🔁 Cheney: Russian meddling possibly 'an act of war' via @NolanDMcCaskill
Russian PeopleRuinEverything @Skunky66613🔁 THE RUSSIAN DEFLECTION
RussianRussianRussian Алексей Рапанов @rapan76🔁 PHOTOS: Inside the protests where Russian police detained hundreds of people
Jon Cooper @joncoopertweets🔁Hey @RogerJStoneJr. You just referred to Russian hacker Guccifer 2.0 as "her" on CNN. If you only communicated via Twitter, how'd you know?
Eric Lipton @EricLiptonNYT🔁Covert coordination between WhiteHouse & House GOP chair of Russian hacking investigation. Impossible to see how Nune s can remain in charge
Amy Klobuchar @amyklobucharRecent news shows it's past time to launch an independent commission on Russian interference. 🔁//" target="_blank"> ns deserve answers.
Fred Drachus @FredDrachus🔁So, Amb Kislyak set up meeting between Kushner & head of a Russian spy front which operates worldwide incl USA. Make of that what you will.
Mary Beth @M_B_Z_W🔁Recent news shows it's past time to launch an independent commission on Russian interference. RT if you agree Americans deserve answers.
LKJ @LJMISSMJ🔁 Isn't this the racist guy that's part of the Russian crew to sabotage the democracy of this country. these Repubic s are EVIL&SICK
Gretchen Fox @fox_gretchen🔁Anybody submitting to submits to , including your IP address. They gave their SSL keys to FSB.
İhsan Yılmaz @ihsanyi81376275🔁 Russian police arrest hundreds of protesters at nationwide anti-corruption rallies
kathleen levy @kjolevy🔁Russian developer sued Jared Kushner's business partners over a $29,000,000 loan

Chad Wolfer @GhostofChadW🔁Paddy Tarleton- No Russian Ever Called Me White Trash
Left Wing Nation @LeftWingNation🔁@invmyers @Rsyv8071 My gal will have a legacy of humanitarian service. Your guy will be remembered as a Russian puppet. Alas, america wins.
Resolute Uncle John @azmoderate🔁Jared Kushner Smuggled Russian Amb into Trump Towers for his Meeting w/him & Flynn

D Miller @getgreen52🔁Our evidence of Kushner's Russian ties will be in EVERYONE'S hands before he talks to them.

WeThePeople🇺🇸🇺🇸 @PrincessBravato🔁Sergey Gorkov, Russian banker who met wJared Kushner, is a graduate of the Russian Academy that trains intelligence and security forces.
Eddie Tofpik @EddieTofpik🔁@russian_market ...busy polishing up their resumes...
Kathie Noga @radhapriestess🔁Exclusive: Powerful Russian Partner Boasts Of Ongoing Access To Trump Family
Ronn Thomason @RonnThomason🔁 Russian spy who gained entry to White House grounds last week now identified as Devin Nunes
Dragoneye @w55unicorn🔁REVEALED: Jared Kushner met with head of Russian bank that hosted spy ring busted by Preet Bharara
POCjr. @porter331🔁 "Judge-granted FISA warrant defined Donald Trump as a Russian agent of influence." #Dems
Rich Pietrzak @rapietrzak🔁Jeff Sessions is using the WH daily briefing to demonize immigrants as threats to nat sec. No word yet on Russian infiltration of the WH...
Robert Cashman Sr @RobertCashmanSr🔁Did u know the Kushner's have had Russian ties for decades?


NOW-u can get a lil excited 🌊🌊🔥🔥🇺🇸

JoAnn Jukes @Cruzing10🔁@thehill Nunes is in Russian's Puppet's pocket. Absolutely WRONG move going 2 LYING Trump 1st. Don't blame Dems 4 being mad. He needs to go
Lifes A Mess @Dontae_58🔁1940: Russian scientists conducted experiments, such as this one, involving the revival of organisms. WARNING: DON'T WATCH IF YOU LOVE DOGS
OccuWorld ❌ @OccuWorld🔁Live music brings joy to Russian commuters
Pamela Kolstad @PamelaKolstad🔁Hey . You just referred to Russian hacker Guccifer 2.0 as "her" on CNN. If you only communicated via Twitter, how'd you know?
Ranek @Siadasha🔁 @LouiseMensch @DevinNunes @wordpressdotcom Trump was named as a Russian agent is how I read the last sentence. :D
Underlying Currents @PresXit🔁$375B NATO bill to Germany? I again apologize to the world on behalf of America: Trump doesn't get it - he's Russian
Ahnid @Ahnid🔁Kushner now appears to have deleted all his tweets...--> Who Is the Russian Banker Who Met With Jared Kushner?
Ana Maria Arteaga @maracucha007🔁PHOTOS: Inside the protests where Russian police detained hundreds of people by via
Joanne Douglas @Jdstasia🔁Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny gets 15-day jail sentence for resisting police orders during protest
Paulien Slikker @PcmPaulien🔁 agreed with ambassadors and the to exert pressure on .For the NON-EXISTENT aggression.
Ms Nashville @MsNashville🔁Russian anti-corruption protests are another test for . American presidents must stand with those who struggle for freedom.
PDJ Barrett @simplypjb🔁(5) Source E, per STEELE's dossier, explicitly confirms the TRUMP campaign was aware of Russian hacking as it happened and colluded in it.
Julio Dorneles @juliodorneles🔁PHOTOS: Inside the protests where Russian police detained hundreds of people by via
Donna K. Williams @DonnaKW🔁Who Is the Russian Banker Who Met With Jared Kushner?
prokjuice @prokjuice🔁Old people having trouble crossing a busy Moscow street can just shout 'DEMOCRACY!!' and Russian police will rush to help.

JEForse @jeforse🔁Report: Jared Kushner had undisclosed meeting with head of Russian bank under sanctions via
Lee⚛ @Leezhka🔁We demand an independent investigation into ties between Donald J Trump and his associates and Russian interests.
California Girl @FightingMad1🔁Oh really?

"the Russian ambassador said he wanted Kushner to meet with Sergey Gorkov, the chief of Vnesheconombank"

Gale McCarron @honk4peace🔁📰 📷 The Russian Orthodox Church commissioned a new painting to celebrate the ongoing

Ronessa Mayfield @RonessaMayfield🔁 Trump removes aide with clear Russian ties as FBI investigation heats up via @shareblue
Lillian Crook @WildDakotaWoman🔁Jared Kushner had a previously unreported meeting with the head of a Russian bank that was under sanctions
The Grey Man @IntelOperator🔁"Until now, the overwhelming public perception has been that there is no alternative to Putin"

Granny❤️ @BonnieGranny🔁True‼️ Schiff MUST step down bc he allegedly has major conflict of interest w/ ties to Ukrainian + maybe Russian ARMS DEALERS‼️
Masha Holl @mashaholl🔁Monday Russian News Items
In Spite of Trump @InSpiteOfTrump🔁What the Russian Protests Mean for Putin
My Info @zotan220🔁Trump named in FISA warrant on Russian money laundering. No wonder he’s been quiet since 3/25 Comey meeting.

Louis Itoro @louisekpenyong🔁The similarities with the world that caused the Russian revolution are too... by via
California Girl @FightingMad1🔁Vnesheconombank (VEB) is a Russian govt-owned development commonly used as a front for espionage by SVR and FSB.

A coincidence, surely.

Tobias P. Hohl @Nightingal_news🔁There was an FBI wiretap involving Russians at Trump Tower, but Obama didn't order it (Details)
Miranda A Young @mirandaayoung5🔁Dick Cheney: Russian interference in US election may be ‘an act of war’ Right.
Blindsquirrel @Blindsquirrel8🔁: Jared Kushner met with a Russian banker while still a private citizen. reports:
Bruno Santana @BrunoSantanafer🔁PHOTOS: Inside the protests where Russian police detained hundreds of people by via
Granny❤️ @BonnieGranny🔁Rep SCHIFF MUST immediately step down due 2 alleged conflict of interests=ties 2 Ukranian +maybe RUSSIAN ARMS DEALERS‼️Rep Nunes is a HERO‼️
Julie McFarland @jmgoldmann🔁 10 AM Thursday
Natasha Romanoff @Russian_Spider🔁@Patriotic_Steve she moaned softly and moved her head away from where he was biting to give him a better angle. "I can tell..."
你疯了 BOY @LoeyYoda🔁Could it be that Chanyeol has found his love for furry caps again? 😂 maybe he bought an Ushanka (a Russian fur cap)? 😂
Larry Crabbe @llcrabbe🔁


Granny❤️ @BonnieGranny🔁Sorry Chuckie- seems ur man Schiff maybe tied big-time 2 Ukrainian/Russian ARMS DEALERS + MUST step down NOW‼️
пøтный свитер вика @russian_oakley🔁 Thank you!!!
JMAZ @mofonobueno🔁Really? More suspicious than the Russian ambassador meeting at the WH under DOZENS of times? C'mon.
Juan Orellana @_Ljudski_🔁I had a professor once say "Da - Russian woman must be big to pull plow" to a Ukrainian girl in my class 😂😂😂


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