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Sen. Patrick Leahy @SenatorLeahy🔁If confirmed, Benczkowski would have visibility into—& potential responsibility over—the probe, & he has refused to twitter.com recuse. I just spoke on the Senate Floor urging senators who care about the Special Counsel’s independence to vote NO. My stmt:
🌊Happy Blue Year 2018 🌊 🌈 @BioAnnie1🔁YOU are an insult to every human who has fought for this country only to see your behavior to go main stream via twitter.com
Bill Maher @billmaher🔁Donald Trump could not be where he is without all these enablers. It's not just the clown, it's the circus. twitter.com
Dr. Dena Grayson @DrDenaGrayson🔁⚠️ACTION⚠️

Brian Benczkowski represented ’s🇷🇺Alfa Bank.

& Senate want to install their crony Benczkowski as hea twitter.com d of DOJ's *criminal* division‼️

📞CALL your Senators *every day* and tell them to vote : (202) 224-3121

Rodolfo Ovalle @rovalle97🔁Donald Trump could not be where he is without all these enablers. It's not just the clown, it's the circus.
Marcela Cristi @mcristirpc🔁Pres. Trump’s pick to lead ’s Criminal Division has NO prosecution experience and NEVER tried a case. Yet in between working for Trump and this nomination, he represented a Putin-connected bank on a matter RELATED to the investigation. Incredible, and indefensible.
linda samelson @lindasamelson🔁The Republican Party is attacking the to cover for a hostile foreign power's cyberinvasion. Can you think of words to describe these people?

Stanford U Huff Post @Tyroist🔁WATCH

Dem goes line-by-line through all of 's links to that have nothing to do with

Helen Fitzsimmons @helnfitz🔁 has ordered the expulsion of two Russian diplomats and barred the entry of two others for allegedly undermining national security, acting to obtain and distribute sensitive information.

القدس رمز.../29شوال @AR_Tweet_INews🔁Iran leader’s top aide met Russian President in Moscow.
What was the purpose of his trip to ?

Jon D. Smith @jdsproducer🔁It’s obvious that the left is without the use of logic when they accuse of while simultaneously criticizing him fo twitter.com r requiring billions more in defense spending by allies.
@gueswhogal @gueswhogal🔁Trump is happy to help the baby formula lobbyists, going against science and medical advice for women, up until objects.
RonSupportsYou @RonSupportsYou🔁., yes our allies need to spend more, but they are indispensable allies necessary to peace in the world. is not our friend, not an ally, and not interested in peace.
StopRUaggression GloryToUkraine! GloryToTheHeroes! @StopRUaggress🔁Oleg - Last Birthday imprisoned in and 61st day on hunger strike

The Torn Curtain @TornCurtain1991🔁I think it is high time that Ukrainian Americans & others from x-captive nations should stop cutting slack on his po twitter.com licies and state openly that he is personally anti-Ukraine. His support for is naive and dangerous.
Deplorable Cindy @cindyannga🔁Anyone else think there was a plan hatched ahead of this to delay, distract & do whatever necessary to keep questions from being answered? Why do Americans not have the right to hear explanations from someone involved in both the & investigations?
val wonders @val_wonders🔁Virginia Senator Democrat, MARK WARNER, is up to his eyeballs in "I was told to ‘stand down’ by Warner"

Asucena @kelseasgr8🔁 has been given ample reasons today to be pleased with both. Congress needs to focus on keeping out of our upcoming election, and on letting the Special Counsel finish investigating the last election, WITHOUT **ANY** further interference.
Dmytro @DmytroVH🔁Today marks the 60th day of Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg ’s hunger strike. We remain very concerned about his condition. must free him and all political prisoners.
Colorado Father @coloradofather🔁 heading to soon for rewards after undermining our and allies, lying about his talks and tearing down our instit twitter.com utions on foreign soil and in clown hearings
Olga Semenova @Ollissya🔁#Russia: #Moscow’s #FIFA #FanFest zones draw over a million and a half fans tass.com #WorldCup2018
moon #FBPE #Remain #FinalSayForAll @blueunicornmoon🔁Strong with everyone BUT and you asshole. He'll be easing sanctions in a few days against them stop

is a
Borgitte @Borgitte🔁Crimes against humanity done in the name of ?

How proud are you ?

we will not bow down to like

Kathy Sue Hurt @KathySueHurt1🔁Beyond the politics on display, don’t miss Strzok revealing he’s been instructed by FBI NOT to answer questions on interviews conducted because FBI probe is continuing.
Larry Samuel @ChristBeliever🔁@Reuters It's China's choice to be an enemy or allow. That's true for #Russia and even #Iran.
Rose Kessel @RoseKessel🔁These Republican lawmakers who have sold out America are beneath contempt. Putin knew the moral cowards he was dealing with.

Space Cowboy Scifi @CowboySciFiBot🔁[NEW/OLD] to Matt is in Russia to watch the match between England and Croatia.

Olga Semenova @Ollissya🔁#Russia: July 12 marks 75 years since momentous #WWII #tank_battle near #Prokhorovka tass.com #history


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