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#Russia Tammy Quinlan @TammyQuinlan1🔁 Just A Reminder For Liberals, "Lose, Cry, Repeat" 🤣🤣🤣#Maga #DonJr #Russia Donald Trump Jr.
#Russia Azadeh @azidamidej🔁 #Russia-n military personnel pay tribute to #Iran-ian martyrs


Edıtor Press News @editorpressnews🔁 Unit of Spetsnaz during anti-terrorism military drills in the mountains of #Dagestan.

Maria Engström @maria_engstrom🔁 Unit of Spetsnaz during anti-terrorism military drills in the mountains of #Dagestan.

Vera @duchampdan🔁 Unit of Spetsnaz during anti-terrorism military drills in the mountains of #Dagestan.

#Russia Terrorism Updates @terrorism_info🔁What would happen if #Russia attacked Britain's £3bn new #aircraftcarrier #Queen... terrorism.trendolizer.com
John McCain @SenJohnMcCain🔁#Russia still hasn't paid a price for election attack - the House should delay no further & pass #RussiaSanctions washingtonpost.com
Peter Daou @peterdaou🔁If you're excusing #Russia's intrusion on our democracy by saying "Americans don't care," show us when you said that about Hillary's emails.
Charles M. Blow @CharlesMBlow🔁To which country are you referring, sir? #Russia twitter.com
4wardthink3r @4wardthink3r🔁 still hasn't paid a price for election attack - the House should delay no further & pass
L Commander @Lori_Commander🔁Truth is Hillary DID Collude with Russia and her Foundation Received Millions for it
Prasad Shigvan @shigvan_prasad🔁 offers Saudi part in LNG plant. Will help Russia to meet addl 5% (total 10%) LNG market share target, boost
Ace @Ace0044Tw🔁 Lawyer who met Don Jr. had ties to #Russia government, spy agency mcclatchydc.com
Daisy Alden 🇺🇸 @Daisy4America🔁🚨There's a GOLDMINE here. Want to know why is always in the news? Russian Reset holds clues.
Michael Gallagher @Gallagher4NY🔁A. Go ahead. Investigate. Trump is in charge.
B. Ukraine is not an adversary the same as
C. knowingly engaged here twitter.com
Bill Lamb @zachvat🔁“Pro-@realDonaldTrump media scrambles to react to bombshell emails” #Russia #GOP money.cnn.com
Kelly Rek @KellyRek🔁Which impacts ordinary #Americans?

#Leftist paranoia of #Trump-#Russia?

.. or skyrocketing #insurance premiums, thanks to #ObamaCare?

Charles Oxford @COxford🔁Where were opposition to profiting off of sales to . Different Party different rules! twitter.com
O & M Haircuts @bodhiandmike🔁 @davidfrum Found him - AND his statement on #Russia.

Stay tuned.


Michael Steward @stew455🔁#Russia & #China ban the use of #VPNs as their govts #censor what citizens can see #online: zif.tn @TheRegister @ZiftenInc
PattiTweeting @PattiTweeting🔁@David4SenateCA I love this tweet, lol. #SinglePayerNow #Russia has it!
ken davis @kenrd2🔁IDIOTIC to think #Russia involved in #election If it looks like them they didn't do it. Intel doesn't know who #Hacked many things? #maga
Horkos @WylieNewmark🔁What Exactly are 'Kremlin Ties'?
My take for on the -Trump Jr story + its hybrid challenges

iPayMyJizyaWith.357 @SonofLiberty357🔁 and Dems pay Fusion GPS.

Fusion GPS pays foreign agent Steele.

Who did Steele pay in or Ukraine w/that U.S. $$?

Jesse Ilmari Eronen @Jesilmero🔁 1910 Cows in a field II
Jeramo @lonofer🔁 Trump-#Russia investigators probe digital operation run by @jaredkushner, reports @McClatchyDC. mcclatchydc.com
PattiTweeting @PattiTweeting🔁If we want to talk about , why don't we talk about how Russia has Healthcare?
PatrioticJo🌹 @bigbirdx2🔁 DEEP TROUBLE: British Spy Points at #JohnMcCain in #Russia-Trump FAKE Dossier Case -
#Trump americanlookout.com
Trump Translator @DonaldDecoded🔁: We put him on because we know HE won't ask the obvious Q's. And by OUR country, clearly we mean . Wink! twitter.com
Pam Houston @pam_houston🔁 There's a horrible marriage between the far right in US and the far right in #Russia.
DSN ⭕️ @DannyShookNews🔁Attempt to Increase Pay for Public Servants Ends in Double Salary for Siberian Deputies themoscowtimes.com #DSNEurope #Russia
Cheetah Pizza @CheetahPizzas🔁.
Sonny Boy
shows Worked to Install an
Government in America. twitter.com
David Abrahams @davidabrahams8🔁#Russia has more factories for pig processing as agri expanding. Rest of econ expansion diificult due to sanctions. Reforms stretch reserves
Olivier Guitta @OlivierGuitta🔁Fascinating stat of arrests of foreign jihadists in :out of almost 5,000 people, 804 are fr. ,435 fr. twitter.com
A. Alico @TheFavelakid🔁"A captivating story that imagination could not invent."-Editorial Review

A. Alico @TheFavelakid🔁A Rose for Sergei is a must-read if you loved
Forgive Me Natasha (aka The Persecutor)

JanettThinks @JanettThinks🔁In December 2016, it was shown that the was colluding with against ! The has shown their colors to be Russian! twitter.com
Scrabby doo @Scoobydoo007🔁Donald #Trump slams 'greatest witch hunt in political history' amid son's row. @SkyNews #TrumpJr #Russia #US news.sky.com
Marcel Sardo @marcelsardo🔁’s Minister of Energy calls EU actions regarding Nord Stream-2 «outright sabotage»
Andreas Umland @UmlandAndreas🔁On 13.7.,15-16:30 CET, Foreign Minister Sergej Lavrov will speak abt. & in Berlin.Follow our Livestream:
L. @ljcljf🔁Jesus enough of #Russia meddling. How about @HillaryClinton's Uranium One deal? @BillClinton's 500k speech for Russian bank?
tomtom @tomtomsdl🔁E. : |n reporter on front shows the hell of urban warfare (18+). Full: youtube.com
Bill Lamb @zachvat🔁“Is Donald Trump, Jr., Taking the Fall for the White House?” @realDonaldTrump #GOP #Russia newyorker.com
CC @CambConservativ🔁#DeepState @congressdotgov #doyourjob #WrayHearing End the #Russia #Witchhunt No Proof Waste of #taxpayer $$$$$ @POTUS END IT TODAY! #MAGA
Debzee @DeborahSilvia5🔁🔥OH MY GOD🔥

Uday just tweeted emails that say HRC dirt was "official" and "part of 🇷🇺"


ScotWolf @RestorFoundaton🔁Smoking Gun in DNC Election Hack Revealed. Points to #SethRich not #Russia. constitution.com via @ConstitutionNat
Shtora @AfriCommunist🔁 provocations against ongoing: has deployed Patriot Anti-Aircraft systems in the and taking part in war games
Black Market Beagle @mihalikk🔁Democrats intentionally used disinformation from Russia to attack Trump, campaign aides

Belsat in English @Belsat_Eng🔁Son of ’s FSB heads 'ian VTB Bank Board of Directors belsat.eu "https://twitter.com/i/web/status/885169686144577536" target="_blank">twitter.com
A. Dragunskaya @a8drag🔁's southern military district has started a combat readiness check of the Black Sea Fleet in .

The Truth @DeclassifiedOps🔁Despite the medias lies, Donald #Trumpjr should be given an award for investigating #Hillarys known #Russia ties. #coup #setup #infowar #nwo
Randell @RandellMcDonal1🔁 Americans have loss their , N. Korea war calls, & Terrorism & you talk about stop being a Party of NO!


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