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JreddoLFC5T @JamesJredo76🔁 tfw you wait 4 years and the opener is Russia v Saudi Arabia 😫 @MichaelDapaah #RUS v #KSA #YouGold
Adam Serwer 🍝 @AdamSerwer🔁Excited for the World Cup opener between Russia and Saudi Arabia. It's a crucial game; the winner gets to run U.S. foreign policy.
H.... @wolvesH_1🔁 tfw you wait 4 years and the opener is Russia v Saudi Arabia 😫 @MichaelDapaah #RUS v #KSA #YouGold
Russia and Saudi Arabia NaHook @D2webservices🔁World Cup LIVE: Russia vs Saudi Arabia; Confirmed teams, latest score and fixtures
Tom Williams @tomwfootball🔁If you think Russia v Saudi Arabia is an underwhelming opening game for a World Cup, wait until Guam and the Turks a nd Caicos Islands get us under way at the 206-team tournament of 2038.
Harry Leslie Smith @Harryslaststand🔁With Saudi Arabia and Russia playing today you would think it was the World Cup of Human Rights Abuses. #WorldCupRussia2018
Hailey @Hailey_alivia🔁I came to twitter to tell you that if you aren’t watching the Russia V Saudi Arabia game right now but say you “love the World Cup” you are a fake fan and I don’t fuck with that.
Biko Stephen @BikoIntellect🔁Am I excited for the start of the 2018 World Cup? You bet I am. An opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia is what dreams are made of.
Hassan @OKidAmnesiac🔁tomorrow is the first world cup game between russia and saudi arabia thus we should leave politics aside, stand with our brothers and support our dear russians 🇷🇺
Ronald M. Gilligan @guanghao79🔁{{GO#LIVE}} Russia vs Saudi Arabia Live stream,- schedule: Goal Update,HD Broadcast,Preview on PC,TV, streaming for fixtures, kickoff times, channels in English and Spanish and more || FIFA World Cup Russia 14 June,2018 Live ..

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Kenzie x @kenzie_parfey🔁You think I’m going to sit and watch Russia vs Saudi Arabia, just because it’s the World Cup??? You would be correct
ChigEm(Chi-Gem) @ChigEmic🔁Don't miss the opening match live on your GOtv.

Russia v Saudi Arabia live on Select 1 (ch 31) and Select 4 (ch 34) on your GOtv at 4:00pm

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is finally here.

ds @devinstobart🔁It’s Russia vs. Saudi Arabia in the first game of the 2018 World Cup. Follow our live coverage for updates and analysis:
👓 @McArthurMooney🔁Last WC you could watch it on but I'm not seeing it now is it not available this time please send me a link I don't want to miss this opening clash between uh, Russia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...
Brendan Cartwright @Brendanukkah🔁Both Russia and Saudi Arabia are awful humanitarian regimes. I for one am hoping for 90 minutes of the players liter ally being stricken with diarrhea on the field.
eric darko @3ric20🔁So Russia and Saudi Arabia, 2 of the world’s biggest oil producing nations will kick off the World Cup. Expect some slick passing..
Low-Key Savage, High-Key Damage. @ChaseMasondo🔁Russia vs Saudi Arabia has the be the shittest game ever 😂😂😂.

But it's the World Cup and I'm buzzing!!!!!!!!

Football on every day.

Gareth Penrose @garethpenrose🔁Live updates and line-ups for the tournaments opening game between Russia and Saudi Arabia can now be found here -
Andy Mckeown @jakey_bastard🔁Absolutely buzzing out ma tits for Russia v Saudi Arabia boays. Fuckin World Cup Fever and that.
Ronald M. Gilligan @guanghao79🔁WATCh LIVE Saudi Arabia vs Russia Live stream: TV channel,kick-off time,and team deatils ...

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Gary C @GaryC23619095🔁Russia v Saudi is a story of two nations that couldn't make soccer a success despite spending big
Spencer Tittley @spencer_tittley🔁It's Russia and Saudi Arabia and I'm still PUMPED
Rabbil | ربّا @RA_Sikdar🔁Can't decide who I dislike more between Russia and Saudi Arabia
Cortez @nubianprince10🔁If you think Russia v Saudi Arabia is an underwhelming opening game for a World Cup, wait until Guam and the Turks and Caicos Islands get us under way at the 206-team tournament of 2038.
Keryy @Laurakand1🔁World Cup 2018, Russia vs Saudi Arabia: What time is kick-off tonight and Prediction?
neva cosmopolitan @NevaCosmopolit🔁In the game between Russia and Saudi Arabia, we will leave politics aside and support the Russian bears in the game against the Saudi Wahhabis
🇦🇷Luciana🇦🇷 @lucixsalinas🔁 You think I waited 4 years to sit and watch Russia and Saudi Arabia? Damn right
J.C.'s Thought Dump @jcsthoughtdump🔁The first day of the World Cup begins with the Opening Ceremony before the highly-anticipated tournament opener between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Follow for live updates:
The internet proudly presents: Palle Hoffstein @Palle_Hoffstein🔁The first Fifa World Cup match is Russia vs Saudi Arabia and I'm failing to decide who to root for.
Tata Sky @TataSky🔁Are you ready for the first match of the ? Then to Sony Ten tonight at 8.30 PM and watch Russia Vs Saudi Arabia! To watch it LIVE on your laptop, go to and to watch it on mobile, download the app here:
SMITH @klassicbam🔁We're just moments away now from kickoff between Russia and Saudi Arabia ⚽🔥

Tune in to SS3 (ALL) & SS10 (ROA) or stream the action on Now >

Kawowo Sports @kawowosports🔁Russia likely to line up in a 4-2-3-1 and Saudi Arabia in a 4-5-1 #WorldCup #KawowoUpdates

All seems to be ready for kickoff!

Dave "Totally Verɨfɨed" Mason @dcm🔁Come on comrades! Now our two closest allies, Russia and Saudi Arabia going head to head. USA! USA! USA! MAGA! Get In!

#WorldCup #RUSvsSAU

Prince Nelly @EnweremNelson🔁It’s the “gasico” - Russia vs Saudi Arabia! The winner gets to set the price of oil for the next 12 months and determine which side the US backs in Syria
Arturo Juarez @arturojuarez14🔁On behalf of human rights, enjoy Russia - Saudi Arabia and the whole championship. Shame. #Russia2018
Steven @borley_steven🔁The World Cup is here and I feel like a kid on Christmas morning, even though Russia v Saudi Arabia promises to be the footballing equivalent of a Lynx Africa gift set.
Karim El-Bar @karimelbar1🔁I unapologetically hope Saudi Arabia lose to Russia and I don’t care who knows it.
Darius @dash1994🔁Russia are rubbish and the last time Saudi Arabia were in a World Cup they got humped 9-0. This game could well resemble two blind men trying to fuck a doorknob. A score draw is Mystic Bollock's prediction.
ThaiPBS English @ThaiPBSEnglish🔁Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas and Russian model Natalia Vodianova stand next to the trophy during the opening ce remony before the Russia 2018 World Cup Group A football match VS Russia and Saudi Arabia at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on June14, 2018.

scoopty-whoop @redherringgg🔁Saudi Arabia is dead last in power rankings and Russia doesn't even crack the top 10. Get the popcorn
Ronald M. Gilligan @guanghao79🔁Russia vs Saudi Arabia Live stream info, channel: How to watch World Cup 2018 tune-up on TV and TV, streaming for Fixtures,

kickoff times,

Online || FIFA World Cup Russia 14 June,2018 ..

Watch Live Here>>

Watch Live Here>>

Rasmi Alon @RasmiAlonn🔁russia vs saudi arabia | russia world cup 2018 | Like This Page And Share Please
Keelan @KeelanConway99🔁Can’t believe I’m buzzing to watch Saudi Arabia and fucking Russia The World Cup is something else
Sports HD TV @SportsHDTV1🔁Saudi Arabia vs Russia | Live™, Stream® Online VS Game

Russia vs Saudi Arabia Live, Stream# is set for All Time, Check out Watch Russia vs Saudi Arabia Live All Game Online Free, Post Times and full Live Match TV coverage


🐝 @bjrogerson🔁Russia and Saudi Arabia have the best national anthems #RUSKSA
Ali Khan @AliKhan1611🔁RJ It is Russia v. Saudi Arabia today (FIFA World Cup).

And the team I am supporting today is Ruet-e-Hilal Committee , Pakistan.

PCorNotPC #Gammon @Phil_PCorNotPC🔁And - GO! 🇷🇺🇸🇦

Our quest begins. Time for Russia v Saudi Arabia,
and our first are two shinies in the bag.

2 stickers down, 682 to go...

Tee @tvcalligan1🔁There will be a major US foreign policy meeting today in Russia as the World Cup kicks off with a game between Russia and Saudi Arabia. In the stands, Vladimir Putin and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia will be deciding Trump's next moves on oil prices, Syria, Iran and N. Korea.
Tyler @PatheticSimo🔁Couldn’t of cared about the World Cup a few months ago but I’m very excited now and I’m missing the gym to watch Russia vs Saudi Arabia LMAO
Reza Vafaei @rudeboiii🔁Sweden sells bombs to Saudi Arabia which are dropped on innocent Yemenis, and then has the balls to criticize Russia on its moral values?!?
The western hypocrisy has no boundaries folks...
Kamogelo FutureMfana @FutureMfana_45🔁This Russia and Saudi Arabia better be good , you cant have a boring match with a good commentary by @hothaata 😩😩😩
david keen @davidmkeen🔁Dreaming of a world where Russia and Saudi Arabia sort out all of their international disputes on the football pitch.
Karl Carrot @CarrotKarl🔁#^LIVE#* Russia vs Saudi Arabia | Live® Stream™ Online TV

🌏cup Live:

Russia vs Saudi Arabia Live Stream Online,World Cup 2018, Russia vs Saudi Arabia – kick-off time, TV channel … ceremony and the first game of the tournament will be shown live on TV

Leigh @InferiorAnatomy🔁If Russia & Saudi Arabia were playing in a friendly, i wouldn’t watch it as i would be counting blades of grass in m y garden, but it’s the and it means everything!!!! ⚽️
Nitin @NickelSn_🔁Lol Russia is the worst-ranked team in the field and Saudi Arabia is second-worst.... great opening match
Jugraj @juggy_00🔁You really think I’m gonna sit and watch a whole 90 minute game of Russia Vs Saudi Arabia? Ya damnnn right.
sadboi @ApitoT17🔁Wait you’re allowed to play soccer in Saudi Arabia and Russia???
Rob Doyle illustrator @robdoylecouk🔁The first match of the World Cup Sweep is at 4pm today (UK) and features:
Best of luck to both of you.
Luis Aury 🇻🇪 PORTUGAL 🇵🇹 @ggohom🔁EXCLUSIVE: Robbie Williams showed the middle finger just MINUTES after Raheem Sterling turned on the TV to watch the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia.
Lalis @lopez_euardo2🔁The mighty power house of Russia and the strong team of Saudi Arabia! #worldcup #RUSSAU
David Lowe @davidjlowe🔁And so it begins... Russia v Saudi Arabia is the 1st match of the World Cup!! ⚽ Score prediction?


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