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Russia 🇭🇷MonikaK🇨🇦 @keith_monika🔁 Putin takes power, turns Russia into spyocracy.

US behind on HUMINT, Brits ahead as per usual.

Russia Updates News @updatesnews6🔁Anti-doping body mulls Russia reinstatement as Olympics loom
RussiaRussiaRussia Morag @rhuadh56🔁 Brexit/Russia.

Facts. And. Figures.

Via me and @Byline_Media

Russia Positively Rockn @PositivelyRockn🔁 Jared Kushner might be interviewed by Mueller next:
Russia Gulf-Times @GulfTimes_QATAR🔁#Russia, #Syria armies step up attacks on #Damascus enclave-rebels
RussiaRussiaRussia Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald🔁This is pure, classic Russia Twitter: 2017. Look at what immediately spreads everywhere, and then what doesn't.
Peter Daou @peterdaou🔁A lot of people hate that I constantly defend . I wake up each day to a torrent of rage from right and left (and Russ ia). It doesn't deter me because when all is said and done, I stood by a friend and I stood on the right side of history. The rest is noise.
Alan He @alanhe🔁Mike Pence to Hugh Hewitt 7/29/16: "If it is found that Russia or China or any other foreign power compromised the p rivate email, or capture classified information, and then released that information through the Wikileaks or otherwise, there’d be serious consequences for that."
Sandra Morris @slmorris555🔁DT has pressured AG to launch investigations to distract from Russia; DT/GOP pressure on AG to become write-in in ALA would be aimed at same
Chaunce Woodmansee @MisterProg🔁"It's impossible to prove that Sessions is lying or not -- whether about his meetings with Kislyak or this memory...
Lisa☝️ @mspretty5882🔁@thehill The obsession with Russia is crazy 😂
Ty @SpreadFacts🔁It’s interesting that Jeff Sessions seems to remember so little about Russia but always seems to remember how to make the lives of black, brown & poor people worse.
ghoulie @juliesalynn🔁 Did Russia help with this one too?
Socialism is... @SlothandEnvy🔁Corruption: 's State Department approved 215 speeches (in , China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Panama, Turkey, Taiwan, India, the Cayman Islands, & elsewhere) worth $48 million!
James Pettifer @JamesPettifer1🔁Analysis: Kosovo's Bridge To Russia

Very perceotive and significant Putin achieves all this with so little apparent opposition

pedallas @pedallas49🔁CONCLUSION/ Luff, Landrum, Dearborn, and Gordon. These must become major names in the Russia probe, facing both on- and off-record, public and private questioning from Congress and Bob Mueller. America knows Sessions is lying to us—and at least one of these people could prove it.
Jackie Earle @JEResist🔁 Close enough for horseshoes, rock & roll and treason.
(✿◕ฺ ∀◕ฺ)ONECUP @Kohka_DS🔁Q: North Korea has stopped missile launches. Is there a message there? POTUS has said he wants to meet Putin to discuss NK. What kind of requests would the US ask Russia?
Don Mighty @MightySosa🔁The 17 year old Harvard Medical School dropout Lil Pump just came off a sold out world tour. Here he is performing in Russia
Average Citizen @MWarn12🔁🇷🇺is BRAZENLY bragging that their with Trump helped flip the election‼️🤬

yoongi russia @suga__russia🔁VIDEO ‣ 171115 BTS109XMAS

Peter Dew @DewPete🔁It's a measure of how broken our society is that our politicians now wilfully damage the country,some newspapers are the attack dogs of government,lies go unchallenged,the Opposition won't oppose,Russia can do what it wants,and we've a younger generation that's totally alienated.
Chris Beckett @chriszbeckett🔁Facebook has issued a carefully worded statement which appears to admit for the first time that some Russia-linked accounts may have used the platform to interfere in the EU referendum. &
Sara🦑 @llama_trash🔁UK and Europe 2018 Tour tickets are out NOW!! some venues have already sold out so grab ’em while they’re hot! (or snowy if you’re from Russia)
Dezeen @dezeen🔁Reader comment: "Shame they dispensed with the absolute best thing about the 1990 Germany design"
Claudia Gee @cgeec21🔁Trump and Tillerson have hired the KGB to provide security at the US embassy in Moscow and closed the department overseeing sanctions at the State Dept. We are now, officially, Russia's bitch.

Stop the Hammering😎 @DeplorableJon🔁 The greatest bait and switch in American history is about to happen with the Russia collusion investigation. You wait!
Kim Simpson @kimosim🔁 Christopher Steele believes his dossier on Trump-Russia is 70-90% accurate
Anabelle @Tahoesquaw1🔁Russia used a network of 150,000 Twitter accounts to meddle in Brexit 🇷? ?
Rico 81💯💣💥💥 @reesetheone1🔁NEW POLL: A majority of Americans say Mueller's probe into Trump-Russia ties is "fair"
good day @FunnygirlLee🔁So we got a major DOD contractor, the Chinese, the Qatari royal family, & BlackRock - all in bed together w/Russia's preferred Western bank of a moneylaundering machine. Just need Apollo, Access Industries & the Saudis to make this a complete family reunion of world corruption.
Alabama Observer @AlabamaObserver🔁The most critical mission of any spy agency is the capture of their own legislature. Since 2013 we've seen it in Germany, France, China, the UK, Russia, and the Netherlands. Now we see it in America, too.
Maurizio Passariello @mpassariello🔁“I’ve been dealing with this country for thirty years. Why would I invent this stuff?” Christopher Steele.
Звездин Сергей @zvezdinsa🔁Oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky's conviction exposes links with Soros & Rothschild
Tombizz @Tombizz🔁For sure especially if VP gets off to a bit of a slow start. Im really excited for team Russia as well. Think lots of the players on that team could be insane when unleashed in a more pug style roster.
Nicola @upanditembo🔁Better him than a bitch who let men die and lied about it, colluded with Russia on Uranium 1 deal and protected an al leged rapist of so many women to be president! We have a beautiful family, not hatian relief fund thrives!
Betty womack @Bettyjwo🔁There is no reason to suspect Trump colluded with Russia except for the fact that his campaign was supported by Kremlinite staff, funds, agitprop, black ops, trolls, thugs, and supported destroying the Western alliance.
Karl Eckler @beachrubble🔁Writing a #postcrossing postcard to Russia on
News @PoliticsArFunny🔁Rep. Ted Lieu: "For Jeff Sessions not to remember this interchange about Russia and Russia contacts just is not believable"
Laurene(owlwoman911) @e99c07ccfb97417🔁 Russia, sex, and corruption. Menendez needs to be expelled. He’s already in Office.
Paul Blazewick Jr. @eagle575🔁Jeff Sessions communicates with Russia, Democrats demand a hearing.

Hillary Clinton sells uranium to Russia, Democrats demand that she be President.

Marcy McGowan @marcylauren🔁10/ Sessions' Chief of Staff at the time, Rick Dearborn, may also have been in the room, and is certainly someone Sessions wouldn't have wanted to mention to Congress because Dearborn received outreach from the Russians (via an intermediary) for a meeting.
david reisig @davidreisig1🔁Hillary Clinton could raise money from foreign Governments including Russia in the amount of 2 billion for a slush fund, but Trump or any Republican can't talk with a Russian no matter who they are?
Justin @Cu1pepper🔁Yes, now Mueller just has to build his case solely on evidence gathered through standard means. He might not be able to prove everything, but there is enough there to impeach and jail dozens. If not, American democracy did not survive Russia's attack.
Nanotech ET man @nanotechexec🔁THANK YOU VLADIMIR PUTIN! TRUMP NEEDS TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY CHESS. NEOCONS SUCK AT CHECKERS! Venezuela Signs $3.2 Bill ion Debt Restructuring Deal With Russia | Zero Hedge
Jan @Jan98390225🔁Gee...I don't recall any such passionate plea by regarding the deception, lies and manipulation to opposite the appointment of the Russian Special Counsel targeting much for "fair and balanced"...

HarperitesBGone @HarperiteBGone🔁Yesterday I testified that I:

• Forgot the March meeting.
• Forgot Papadopoulos was there.
• Forgot he said he was going to Russia.
• But, remembered I pushed back.

They call it 'selective memory.'

FAKE NEWS! My memories are fine!

I WAS lying though (devilish elf giggle).

Alex Malloyy @ratpowe🔁Russia Dossier Haunts Trump As Christopher Steele Says It Is 70%-90% Accurate via
Samuel Adamson @samuelmcadamson🔁Playing catch-up on Brexit-Trump-Russia? My piece from May. Read it before Cambridge Analytica (of FBI & Wikileaks fame!) sues into oblivion. They're trying to shut this - me, us - down.

Richard Rizzo @RichardRizzo11🔁Watch Rep. Jordan presses Jeff Sessions to appoint special counsel. Thank GOD someone is stepping up to investigate the Dem Collusion & Obama Administration's interactions with Russia!

Matthew Hernandez @matthewh4295🔁I blame Russia
James Aurelia @JamesAurelia3🔁DEMS scared to death of DOJ Special Prosecutor investigating HILLARY are ridiculous saying SESSIONS would make DOJ political. WHAT DO DEMS THINK OBAMA DID FOR 8 YEARS weaponizing DOJ against CONSERVATIVES & giving CLINTONS a pass on foundation, emails, Russia & Uranium One
PRICEXPERT @APLPriclng🔁Five House Dems file five articles of impeachment against Trump. I: Obstruction of justice on Russia. II & III: Emoluments. IV: 'Undermining' judiciary. V: 'Undermining' freedom of press.
🇭🇷MonikaK🇨🇦 @keith_monika🔁ERRATA: Read too quick - Steele didn't go private sector, he manned the Russia MI6 desk first. Makes sense.
Celery Caraway @CeleryCaraway🔁Read an excerpt from new book "Collusion: How Trump Walked Into Putin's Web." Former Moscow bureau chief for , Luke has written top-notch books on Putin's Russia, including "Mafia State" and "A Very Expensive Poison" on Litvinenko
amina @ulthoseokss🔁 why don't I live in America? why don't I live in Korea?
why was I born and live in Russia?! daaaaaaamn 😭
jonestheboat @jonestheboat🔁It's almost as if Russia.. knows... that Brexit wouldn't... be in our national... interest? No, that can't possibly be
Regina Peele @ReginaPeele🔁Jeff Sessions said I DON’T RECALL not one - not two - not three - not four - but nearly every time he answered a question today about Trump’s ties to Russia.

It’s important to point out that people who experienced situational “memory loss” during Watergate still went to jail!

Ripley's believe it @StephanieRiple6🔁While we work out what the Trump campaign was up to with Russia during the election, we don't have to wonder how the Trump administration has treated Russia *since* the election. What's happening right now.
zamani @sadiqbila🔁On Tuesday, the Super Eagles came from 2-0 down to thrash Argentina 4-2 in an international friendly played in Russia.
Here are five things we picked from that game.

rwreeve @rwreeve🔁👍The German translation of Nazi, contains the word ‘socialism’ - indeed Hitler and his party saw themselves as socia list. Even though they shot communists and fought Russia.
Ⓥ @ReplicantX6🔁 Jail Trump the Traitor now!
#Deplorable MrsK🇺🇸 @MrsESK🔁JudicialWatch: Corruption: 's State Department approved 215 speeches (in , Chi…
Nabil H @inabster🔁Of interest to those like me who learnt more about Russia under Putin - Military & Intelligence Analyst The Saker decided to go public & identify himself - via - MEETING WITH THE SAKER IN BEAUTIFUL TOBAGO

Robert R Snedden @RRSnedden🔁. on the eu & uk govt.
Would bbc broadcast this? many conflicts/wars are we on?

peter.bryan @ChoctawVillain🔁A pathetic display by Darrell Issa this morning, who had a chance to ask Jeff Sessions questions about Russia but said the following instead:

“I don’t speak Russian and I haven’t met with Russians and I don’t really want to talk about that today.”

Chip Marsh @chippy3166🔁WATCH: Shep Smith debunks Trump claim that Clinton gave away American uranium to Russia
kim dunn @kmjdu🔁
Wikileaks reached out to 8 weeks after it came out that Wikileaks was working with Russia
Trump was highlighting them too
They knew
❄#ViveLaResistance❄️ @JustWhatNowWhy🔁 Christopher Steele believes his dossier on Trump-Russia is 70-90% accurate
Rory M Kirkwood @rorymkirkwood🔁Um... well she is part of this weird collective.. spends most of her time getting eviscerated on Twitter for trying to insinuate herself into the whole Trump-Russia thing. Bessie mates with of course ;)
AmericaG'ma @bsnbrysp8🔁It’s hard to believe all your lies. It’s hard to believe you say Russia has had sanctions imposed by you. Outright li e. It’s hard to believe all your closed meetings with Putin, our ENEMY! It’s hard to believe you appointed the WORST to cabinet!
Dr. Gonzo destroy Roy Moore @BrianJoaloha🔁Congress, Tillerson gave a NO-BID Contract to a Russian firm to guard our embassy in Russia. This is outrageous! The American people demand this be revoked now! Trump & Tillerson are dirty & traitors.

Tina Altic @altic_tina🔁 I can't wait for the media to oppose Mueller as soon as he starts indicting Democrats for colluding with Russia
yasin gültekin @yasingultekin74🔁 #Russia begins deliveries of T-90 tanks to #Iraq
J Starr @JamesS020770🔁Hillary had just spent 4 years as Sec. of State, constantly meeting with Russia, always on the phone with Russia, working with all top Russian officials and we’re probing Trump to see if he had any Russian contacts???
VlahderFish @Dexternosis🔁Hillary sold uranium she didn't own for money she didn't need to a US enemy w the means to weaponize it. And, being a serious crime, she opened herself to blackmail from Putin, putting him in charge of her actions if she'd won. Hillary sold the US presidency to Russia for $145M.
Sulome Anderson @SulomeAnderson🔁- Trump over-investment in Saudi alliance;
- Trump strategic ambiguity re Syria/Afghanistan;
- Wisdom of targeting Lebanese state to pressure Hezb;
- Barzani-Talebani competition in KRG;
- Durability of Russia-Iran-Turkey axis.
Magnus🐾 🌈👬 @ImWLamax🔁in 2013 while harry was promoting this is us, he met a kid in russia that didn't know how to count, he told him to believe in himself and never quit fighting to live his dreams. that kid was albert einstain <3


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