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RussiaRussia Paul Wouters ☕️ @letoams🔁 Here’s McAfee deleting their Russia office from their website.
TYT Network @TYTNetwork🔁Hillary Clinton's Selective Amnesia on Russia
Russia All Quotes @AllQuotes_enws🔁Western concerns over Russia-Belarus military drills. #allviews #quotes
Russia All Quotes @AllQuotes_enws🔁Western concerns over Russia-Belarus military drills. #allviews #quotes
TYT Politics @TYTPolitics🔁Hillary Clinton's Selective Amnesia on Russia
Russia Reuters UK @ReutersUK🔁Russia becomes Iraq Kurds' top funder, quiet about independence vote
Russia Emily Fun Buns @MsEffieLou🔁Awesome new group to follow to keep up with everything Trump-Russia related ----> @InvestigateRU
Russia Marie M @MarieMaulorico🔁 Make America Pay Again?: Trump reportedly using donor money to pay legal fees:
Russia Captain Covfefe @LarryRamzey🔁@Vegas_Cannabis @realDonaldTrump Wailing like a toddler and blaming Russia for your failures is silly.
Jeremy Diamond @JDiamond1🔁NEW: RNC spent $230,000+ to cover @realDonaldTrump's legal fees tied to Russia probe. $131,250 to Sekulow. $100K to Dowd, per RNC official
CNBC Now @CNBCnow🔁JUST IN: President Trump is using campaign & RNC funds to pay Russia probe legal bills - Reuters, citing sources
Rob Reiner @robreiner🔁To understand the gravity of Russia's invasion of our democracy, today we launch Committee to Investigate Russia.
Laura Bruzas @Laura_Bruzas🔁Another wow - Idox (vote software co. quietly used in Brexit) owns Mclaren whose partner (Crocs) does IT for AlfaBank & Russia Supreme Court
ThePerkyFiber @ThePerkyFiber🔁Freeman’s role in video is similar to that of Colin Powell w/vial at UNSC - Russian FM spokeswoman
LovelyLowEnd @LovelyLowEnd🔁If you attended one of the 17 flash mob events fake Russia accounts organized in Florida, I’d like to hear from you
DEFCONNewswire @DEFCONNewswire🔁As space threats proliferate, intelligence integration will be critical #China #Russia via @DEFCONNewswire
charmaine ross-le @LadyLe114🔁Trump continues to do what he's always done: get himself into legal/business trouble & use others to cover the costs.
Roger Mack 🇺🇸 @rmac704🔁Dem Senator blames Russia for anti-Pelosi Dreamer protest.


They are DERANGED.

"Muh Russia conspiracy" explains ANY embarrassment.

Lou Dobbs Fans @LouDobbsFans🔁 Hollywood Celebrity Launches Investigation Committee to Investigate Russia
David S Handler @davidradiowntp🔁Wiretapping Fake Russia Dossier Heads of FBI & DNI Lying AG takes 5th

Comey’s Wiretaps via

Shaun Ince 🐝 @ShaunInce123🔁I liked a @YouTube video Morgan Freeman Declares War on Russia in Bizarre New PSA
🏒hawkeymama🏒 @bhawkzmama84🔁 Russia helping North Korea evade sanctions. Of course.

Poland in the UN @PLinUN🔁Poland's FM @W_Waszczykowski spoke to @FRANCE24's Marc Perelman on the sidelines of the #UNGA72 in New York.
Chilly 🐧 @ChilliehPenguin🔁Yeah this whole Russia story on @GeneralHospital I come to GH to escape reality. I'll go to Trump's TL if I want a reminder.
Depl🍦rableChicki👠 @CornflowerLane🔁 Morgan Freeman Declares War on Russia in Bizarre New PSA
Gerald Nelson @ger32🔁A Complete Guide to the Russia Investigation
(To those who say it is a hoax, please ignore)
Updated periodically.
Franzén @franzen86🔁Don't believe a word until there is an official denial...
#Russia #Säkpol #Zapad17
Never2Big2Jail @sms_sullivan🔁But, Russia advertises on Facebook ...
FRANCIS K S LIM @cgnetwork🔁Lawmakers fear Russia’s Facebook meddling continues: Congressional pressure mounts on…
ginger Dixon @gingerdxn🔁Senator Shaheen blames Russia not Dems for 10s of Millions of illegals threatening chaos against Americans if they don’t get their way.
Vincent.Jappi @VJappi🔁 Narcissist Obama almost started World War 3 with Russia while trying to cover up on Trump wiretapping.
Laurie Caldwell @gwynnfly🔁To understand the gravity of Russia's invasion of our democracy, today we launch Committee to Investigate Russia.
Joyce soverns @JoyceSoverns🔁It's the same people that lied to us that Trump was not wiretapped that are now telling us that 'Russia interfered in the election'.
daytime viewer @Dawn2334Dawn🔁 Another top money-laundering prosecutor joins Trump-Russia probe
KP Kop @KPkski🔁 If Russia paid $50k to Facebook and then Facebook execs donated to Hillary - how is Donald Trump the one colluding again?
loner @loner616🔁 Russia has vaccination choice. No mandatory vaccination. Chew on that for a moment.
Sergy @SPodopryhora🔁Shut the border between Ukraine occupied by Russia territories and Russia and all will come back to normal even witho ut PKO.
Thomas Sorlie - JPC @Thomas_Sorlie🔁Kremlin frets as Russia's once restive Islamist region takes up political #Islam #Chechnya #Russia via @csmonitor
Caren Frech @cbfrech🔁 Here is the FISA timeline of Trump and his team of traitors, Paul Manafort included.
🇺🇸Jason🇺🇸 @JasonLo1980🔁Russia failed, Hillarys book failed, wiretaps failed, riots failed.....

So now dems attack melania's English. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

The Human Car @TheHumanCar🔁Many have been critical of the RNC's use of donor $$$ to pay for Trump's Russia defense. But not the Russian media!

Karl E @therussophile🔁🎈If you missed The Golden Ring of Air Balloon festival, you still have a chance to enjoy it! ➡️
RUSSIA NEWS SERVICE @EINRussiaNews🔁Russian foreign minister scoffs at Swedish-US defense question #Russia
Leland @justboothing69🔁I've been mentioning Russia, Russia, Russia for months & months. But yes, as a Miamian, all these freaking hurricanes have distracted me.
Natalia Antonova @NataliaAntonova🔁You won't believe what 's weaponizing now
Tremble! spills the beans for
The Week @TheWeek🔁"The latest revelation about wiretapping is not a smoking gun or any kind of gun," says :
I Am a Liberal TMDD @IAmALiberalTMDD🔁Suspected Russia propagandists on Facebook tried to organize more than a dozen pro-Trump rallies in Florida...
Mehul @rxmehulpatel🔁Plot twist: publishes details on Russia's increasingly oppressive internet surveillance industry.
Enactus @enactus🔁Learn how our team helped 200 visually impaired people experience museum exhibits through touch
Huemann @mayksnocens🔁@RealJamesWoods New plan: Keep the current 20 million illegals, DEPORT Democrats,CNN,MSNBC,NYT,media to Mexico or Russia or both.
Gebnut @Geb_nut🔁Trump's repeated theme at the UN was "sovereignty.

Yet no mention of Russia interference in US sovereignty in our elections or in Ukraine.

PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Facebook should testify in Russia probe, Senate intelligence chairman says
Alan @AFK_10🔁So if an armed militia in the US asked Chin or Russia for support that wold be okay. This is the 21 century NOT 1776.
Distant Warrior @IlyaBeraha🔁Note that the French government investigation denied any evidence pointing to Russia for . Journalistic incompetence at best.
Elements Trivia @ElementsTrivia🔁Most of the world’s vanadium ore is mined in & China. Learn all 118 on iPhone/iPad!
Melvin Clark @meltx2000🔁 Did not know that Mike Pence has a brother with connections to Russia - Ed Pence
News18 @CNNnews18🔁Archive, containing letters, photographs, was taken to Europe by members of royal family who fled the chaos.
Eric @eric426hemi🔁If Americans wanted war with Russia, Hillary would have won.

She didn't.

No amount of hysteria will change that.

ORF @orfonline🔁Europe and Russia are shifting their attention towards China and its space station, says Vidya Sagar Reddy.
Karen MacDonald @mshopemac🔁Did you know that Rupert Murdoch used to own a Russia-based media company that the FBI was investigating in 2012?
Badcraigsnews @badcraigsnews🔁Articles: In the Wake of Russia Hysteria, Opportunity Beckons
Colleen Brock @colleenwhitak20🔁There is meddling in Germany's election — not by Russia, but by U.S. right wing via @USATODAY
Sally McCune @SallyMcCune2🔁We really hope you folks will read and share this piece. It explains FISA, hot mikes and when FBI knew.
Navstéva يزور 🐐 @Navsteva🔁 offers relief assistance in dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake utilising capabilities & experience of its
Liv4freedom @newliv2011🔁LOL you know they know about the SVB server, right mate?

You do now.

Laurie Caldwell @gwynnfly🔁Retweet if you agree Russia interfered in our election.

Cmte to Investigate Russia is fighting back! 👇

KayGee1 @Kgoldberg71🔁RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️can't make this up
Edson Mineiro @mineiro_edson🔁 Russia is considering its second bank bailout in three weeks.
Betty Rea @rea6974🔁 After committing treason, fraud must feel like a misdemeanor. @realDonaldTrump
ScottMTKD @scottmtkd🔁Crooked Hillary?

Trump Businesses have been in 3,500 lawsuits and Trump is being investigated for colluding with Russia.


Austin Bonang @austinBonang🔁Russia interfered with our election, possible collusion > lying about a legal, classified wiretap. Again this is not THE scandal.
rebs @bexual_healing🔁@andrewperezdc Ezra goes to every single one of those insufferable Russia Probe happy hours
DaVinciOnEarth @DaVinciOnEarth🔁 Give me one legitimate reason Kushner needed to set up back channel communication with Russia.
OverTheMoonbat @OverTheMoonbat🔁"#Russia" -- #ObamaGate
#Tucker: ‘We Live In A Country With Deeply Corrupt Institutions’ [video]
#tcot #PJNET
PietroRegazzoni @PietroRegaz🔁China, Russia, soon all countries w strong computer science. Competition for AI superiority at national level most likely cause of WW3 imo.
Betty Mullin-DiProsa @BMullinDiProsa🔁 Meet the woman who warned about Russian election meddling years ago—and got death threats

Taheerah🌹🐴Barney @fleshandbrand🔁Gentle reminder: Same people claiming to defend US "democracy" from Russia lied about WMDs & killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people
Freedom4Ukraine @Freedom4Ukraine🔁Leave investigating to experts
An excellent + thoughtful piece for
Huw Nicholas @huw_nicholas🔁@Levisonwood . @RobertSheal would be good if you're in the UK, especially after watching the latest walk along Caucasus from Russia to Iran.
Denis Warburton @orangecomma🔁$100,000 in legal bills and death threats -- what's in store for some Trump aides pulled into Russia probes
Mike @MichaelMalleo79🔁"No investigation into Russia’s role ...will be credible or complete without the facts about Mr. Comey’s wiretaps."

James Smith @JamesSm24512691🔁Just put up extensive article on Russia's criminal diaspora [lol]
check it out/ chilling
lukasz gescholowitz @investors_life🔁 Leave investigating Russia to experts via @bv
Rick Wang @WangWeikong🔁On the Podcast, we discuss 's new book Russia and the Western Far Right
Bonita Rose @bonitarosekemp🔁Entire GOP, INCLUDING PAUL RYAN, under a RICO investigation. Trump Russia Treason Timeline – patribotics
Whatsupic @Whatsupic🔁Israel Warns US To prepare For War With Syria, Russia,#Iran via @Whatsupic
Conor Maury @atlasimpure🔁Every time I hear Trump say the word, sovereignty, I wonder why he nevers mentions Russia's audacious violation of our sovereignty last year
ZagCsik @ZagCsik🔁Targets are now so paranoid face to face meets & cutouts being employed, too late dickheads


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