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Russia Richard Canday @RichardCanday🔁Advertising at it's worst by Burger King Russia @BurgerKingRU @burgerkingrus #FifaWorldCup18 #FIFA
Rep. Jim Jordan @Jim_Jordan🔁6 of the top FBI brass have been fired, demoted, or reassigned following their involvement in both the Clinton and R ussia investigations. Peter Strzok is the only one still employed by the FBI.

I have never seen anything like this at a federal agency.

Bill Browder @Billbrowder🔁BREAKING: Russia now making SEVENTH request to Interpol to have me arrested.
Laura Ingraham @IngrahamAngle🔁These Dems WANT the “family separation” crisis to continue...with Russia collusion narrative gone and economy strong, it’s all they have left versus .
Richard Lucas @richardlucas761🔁YESTERDAY: we expressed our regret at the US decision to leave the Human Rights Council.

TODAY: "The US Ambassador to the UN… fired off an angry letter to the International Humanist and Ethical Union accusing it of siding with Russia and China"…

Well, that escalated quickly.

Robert "Dees" Makaveli @RobertDMakaveli🔁@News24 @Sport24news Why doesn't he just stay the fuck in Russia
Commit to Vote @CommittoVote🔁Yeah, cause we need a CODEL that isn’t connected to any foreign relations committee engaging with a country that is attacking our institutions and our allies on several fronts. Enjoy your trip to St Petersburg (biggest tourist town in Russia) and your hotdogs in Moscow.
Rosi AC @ArowsicRosi🔁Here’s the latest look at , the photobook that is shooting in Russia; illustrations by , poems by me. We’re 80% funded with a week to go; you can help us reach our target here:
Jack in the East @talkradio200🔁Just the opposite, dictatorships actually love the UN Human Rights Council.

UN Human Rights Council Condemnations, 2006-2016:

🇮🇱 Israel - 68
🇨🇳 China - 0
🇮🇶 Iraq - 0
🇵🇰 Pakistan - 0
🇷🇺 Russia - 0
🇸🇴 Somalia - 0
🇹🇷 Turkey - 0
🇻🇪 Venezuela - 0

Joe Namath @joewillie7171🔁Trump’s centralized state has incarcerated and separated infants, toddlers and little girls from their parents and STILL refuse to let Americans see the conditions they are now suffering under. (See also Russia, Turkey, North Korea)
I am at Peace. @Maazi_Dan🔁Have the liberals started screaming... ! !! The scan machine is.... ...eeeemmmm, yes; machine is made by for Hitler
RaypowerNetwork @RaypowerNetwork🔁: Morocco has joined the other teams (Egypt and Saudi Arabia) to be eliminated from the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup a fter their loss to Portugal in Group B on Wednesday.

Andrii Sybiha 🇺🇦 @andrii_sybiha🔁 remains an integral part of - the Project Coordinator in Ukraine’s mandate applies there, despite ’s ongoing occupation and attempted annexation.
Heath Walker @HeathNOLA🔁Think about it. Seriously. Why would Obama help Russia help Trump when Trump and Russia were already friends? Who ben efits? Makes absolutely no sense. To frame Trump? All him saying stand down could do is give cause to investigate if he knew Trump was involved and guilty.
Ameya Sathaye @AmeyaSathaye🔁New post added at - Russia to supply technical security equipment to IndiaMumbai, June 21 (IANS) Russian state atomi c energy corporation Rosatom on Thursday said that...
Shaun Bowman @shaunbowm🔁Trump plans to meet w/Putin in July, NSA John Bolton to visit Moscow next week & some senators (Shelby, Kennedy, Hoeven) plan to spend *US Independence Day* in 🇷🇺.

None of the senators sits on the Foreign Relations or Intel Cmte’s.🙄

Deb @debgagahiggan🔁In context of IG Report, this fits quite nicely into the idea that the Trump/Russia thing was an Obama Admin setup from word ‘go.’ It would explain otherwise inexplicable “stand down”... they needed Russian hacking for the scheme.
Squirrels @JMG_33🔁Meanwhile in Russia, Burger King apologizes for short-lived promo offering lifetime of free Whoppers to women impregnated by stars

CarpathianViking @CarpathViking🔁 Why do we always learn of these visits and meetings from the Kremlin?
Kailey Johnson @simpleness____🔁Burger King Russia has been forced to apologize after an advertisement offered Russian women the chance to win $47,000 and free Whoppers for life if they got impregnated by a player
eclipticwatcher @Eclipticwatcher🔁 All this because Trump wanted to build a f*cking Hotel in Russia. Unbelievable.
Kezhal Dashti @KezhalKFOX14🔁Iran may have lost to Spain, but Iranian women celebrated a bigger moment. They were allowed into Azadi Stadium in T ehran, to cheer on their team, for the first time in more than 35 years.

AussieARA @AussieARA🔁DISTURBING VIDEO: Captive 'Forced' to Play Vuvuzela - For World-Cup Fans in Russia!
Wil @Wil12th🔁From today’s Intel hearing on Russian interference:
• Russia will probably try again
• Other nations learned from their success
• Fake trolls & bots are still active
• Fed gov’t, states & industry must better work together
• Election security legislation still needed
Charlie Brown :) @_Siya101🔁DA MP asking Deputy President DD Mabuza whether he discussed the modus operandi of assassinating political opponents when he visited Russia, in light of his "alleged history" with regard to this. 😳😳🤔🤔

DD's face!!

YourDailyJewels @yourdailyjewels🔁The Long Road to Russia - 2018 World Cup via /r/FreeEBOOKS
Barbara Williams @URSimplygorgeou🔁While we’re getting ready to celebrate ‘Independence Day’ under our new wannabe Dictator Trump Regime & are potentially United through Trump Under Russia it seems the height of horrific irony that a group of GOP may be going to RUSSIA & celebrating Independence Day over there👇
Milanobass @haybhex🔁Buy Bitcoinforce () directly from ERC20.EXCJANGE

Zellart Modern Arts @ZellartCo🔁 Germany In The Soccer World Cup Russia 2018 Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Daniel Ghioldi
NewsAtDen @NewsAtDen🔁Australia are currently losing to Denmark in Russia. If it stays like that in the latter stages, could a legend be called upon to try and save them and get the chance to join an elite group of footballers in World Cup history?
Wake Up Everyone! - @U_Awake_Now🔁Russia, Russia, Russia...
Seems the Obama Admin wasn't too concerned about "Russian Meddling".
Cyber Chief was told to STAND DOWN by Susan Rice, during the 2016 campaign!

Jennifer Tromans @JenTromans🔁Democrats don't knowingly elect Sexual Predators
Democrats don't knowingly elect Sexist
Democrats don't knowingly elect Racists
Democrats don't knowingly elect Bigots

Democrats are not working with Russia
Democrats are not breaking ties with our allies

But Republicans are!

Imperial @lucyimperial🔁U.S. source:

U.S. Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman is arranging for a delegation of GOP senators to visit Moscow, ending a long dry spell of congressional trips to the country following the Kremlin’s interference in the 2016 presidential election.

lee ahern @leekeywest🔁WTF⁉️ US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman’s is arranging a trip for Senators to Kremlin😳Remember when Trump transition official, K.T. McFarland, wrote in an email: Russia 'has just thrown the U.S.A election' to Trump”⁉️I do💥
Steve Neuwohner @SNeuwohner🔁 For those tuning in:
Alex Golubowitsch @agolubowitsch🔁"The report also outlines how Kremlin-controlled authorities on the peninsula continue to convict residents for socia l media posts and infringe on people’s voting and property rights."
Freedom61 @Homeoffree61🔁You back a muthafucka that was installed by our sworn enemy. You are ok with America becoming a russian suburb. You like russia? Move there! This is America bitch!
Joanne @JMG2033🔁Russia trolls and bots are active it again, this time taking advantage of a roiling controversy around immigration and family separation at the U.S. border, a prominent Republican senator says.
Joe Dursma @BassMagic17🔁I’m starting to see firsthand, how Russia used support for Bernie Sanders to divide us.
I supported Sanders, and many accounts which I still follow are starting to come into focus.
I’m compiling a list of those accounts that have a clear goal of dividing us.

Maria Edna Bon @bonissima91910🔁Check out Trump's Russian master leader Putin acts
ronald weinmann @ccw1933🔁People are reaching the conclusion they're no longer news organizations. They're representatives for the left and wil l do anything to protect them. Reminds me of Joseph Stalin's Russia, and Hitler's Germany, when there's no substance, you lie.
Daniel Giles @daniel_giles1🔁More of a breakdown of the distance covered stats for the World Cup so far. Russia covering more distance, generally at faster speeds and completing more sprints than any other team so far...
Agnes Moorehead 🏳️‍🌈 @moorehead_agnes🔁 Of course hardline GOP Senators are going to Russia. PUTIN is a major sponsor of their leader
Logan Malach @lmalach🔁A group of American senators will travel to at the end of the month and celebrate Independence Day in Moscow.
⚠️ American. Senators. Will. Celebrate. Independence. Day. In. Russia. ⚠️

abrojna @AbAbrojna🔁Senegal have attracted worldwide attention in Russia, not just because they've had the only win, so far, for an African nation, but also because they have the only black manager in this .

Read more 👉

Jane hartsock @APRN1119🔁 has given us:
☆ Three New for BABIES
☆ We Are Now Violators
☆ Left UN Human Rights Council
☆ Richer, More Powerful
☆ An Unreliable Voting System Easily Hacked & Manipulated by


SB @44ICE🔁This will make things interesting:
Meadows: FBI May Have Manipulated Witness Reports in Clinton/Russia Investigation via
GCC Cat @gcc_cat🔁Live: Moon Jae-in adresses the State Duma in Moscow, in what is the first state visit by a South Korean president to Russia since 1999
AmberBoBamber @AmberBobamber🔁NO COLLUSION. American senators to visit Russia at end of month: report - NY Daily News
LC @labeth22🔁. will join me tonight on 'Hannity' with the latest on her story that may have major implications for Michael Flynn
jean🐝 @jeanid123🔁 Translation: America is war mongering and Russia is making sure it is ready.
Infotrust @Infotrustng🔁Argentina's forward Lionel Messi attends a training session at the team's base camp in Bronnitsy, near Moscow, on Jun e 19, 2018 ahead of their Russia 2018 World Cup Group D football...
John @johnArmyR🔁JW found State Dept records showing that the Clinton-linked Podesta Group run by Tony Podesta — brother of John Podesta who became WH Counselor & the Clinton 2016 campaign chair — worked on behalf of pro-Kremlin Ukrainian political group Party of Regions.
Peter Tatchell @PeterTatchell🔁New book reveals 's unseen letters about his male lovers. Many people in still deny that he was gay. READ
South African Mag @southafricanmag🔁Living the dream!
Pradeep Gupta @pkg4krishna🔁Celebrating health and well-being with !
Its time for the fourth International Yoga Day celebration in Russia from Vladivostok to St Petersburg!

MWR DBM @mwr_dbm🔁 BREAKING: Russia now making SEVENTH request to Interpol to have me arrested.
MAGAPatriot🇺🇸Steve @RealMAGASteve🔁 Russia, Russia, Russia...
Seems the Obama Admin wasn't too concerned about "Russian Meddling".
Cyber Chief was told to S…
Letter Lout @Letterlout🔁Well that's a pretty definitive statement from Mueller. Russia is engaged in ongoing 'active interference operations' posing as US activists online. is not so crazy now is she ?

Penny Parker @pennyparker0523🔁Unfuckingbelievable...........seriously, and the knowledge that and members will be in Russia on the Fourth of July is just about one of the most despicable and unpatriotic acts I've seen in decades.
jean hanson @hansontn🔁So, since November 8, 2016 America has learned that Russia may have attempted to interfere in our presidential election AND Comey, McCabe, Strzok & their conspirators in the FBI and DOJ actually DID interfere in the election on behalf of their candidate Hillary Clinton.
impeach Resist 🗽 @impeach_resist🔁@SenShelby @ManufactureAla Why are u going to Russia for Independence Day? Why are u GOING TO RUSSIA AT ALL AFTER THEY ATTACKED US
Will Cooling @willcooling🔁 ICYMI I & discuss . We look at if its problematic for & to host the tournaments, whether there should be tea m, 's admirable commitment to inclusion and the unintended consequences
May Mobley @mobley_may🔁REPORT: Susan Rice Told NSC Officials To ‘Stand Down’ In Response To Russian Meddling Attempts via
Of course s he did because they were colluding with Russia.
Grand jury needed please!!!
Janine Caroots @jcaroots🔁Gowdy Calls Out The On His "NO BIAS" BS:

The Judged The Outcome Of The Hillary Investigation


The Exact Same Agents Judged The Outcome Of The Trump Russia Investigation



Kaydee King @KaydeeKing🔁Why would she do that? Maybe bc the Russia stuff was fake. Look up CIA Vault 7 (“Russian fingerprints”). This was the ir “insurance policy” if Trump won. They made it look like 🇷🇺 was involved so if he won they’d have a case. Hence why the 🇷🇺 investigation started right up.
InChrist Comm. @InChristComm🔁 is aiming to reach as many as three million people at the soccer in Russia, despite what some faith leaders say is a crackdown on evangelism in the country. From
Donara Barojan🕵️‍♀️ @donara_barojan🔁 “#PutinAtWar: How Sputnik Secures Russia’s Interests” by @DFRLab
USA Rebel @manthony870🔁Renown liar, Susan Rice gave stand down order to Obama’s cyber security Czar regarding Russia meddling during 2016 election.

WHY ??



Oliver Jia (オリバー・ジア) @FOXHOUNDER1014🔁“The world’s most important human rights Body.”

UN Human Rights Council Condemnations, 2006-2016:

🇮🇱 Israel - 68
🇨🇳 China - 0
🇮🇶 Iraq - 0
🇵🇰 Pakistan - 0
🇷🇺 Russia - 0
🇸🇴 Somalia - 0
🇹🇷 Turkey - 0
🇻🇪 Venezuela - 0

Brianne @brianne09🔁Milad Mohammadi arrived in Russia with the sole intention of becoming a meme and I have a lot of time for that.
James Phennah @JPhennah🔁So let me get this straight:

Peter Strzok exonerated Hillary before investigating, led the FBI Trump/Russia investigation, told his GF he would “Stop” a Trump Presidency and was still hired by Mueller to work on the Special Counsel.

But Trumps crazy for calling it a Witch Hunt?

Why Is Trump Still President? 🇺🇸😳🤪🙄 @WhyPresident🔁Coming from Russia, I can see where your loyalty LIES, Inga. The U.S. was doing quite well until the got elected. H e and Putin are BFF’s now. But soon it will be , and all of his blatant corruption will be cleaned up.
Kathleen Roberts @MizzieRoberts🔁ICYMI: Giuliani: We Believe Strzok Left Behind Similarly Biased 'Cohorts' on Trump-Russia Probe
Great Tribulation +++ @Big_Frank_612🔁 Very bright daylight #fireball explodes over #Russia, #meteorites possible
Kevin Johnson @johnkev26🔁You might wanna look into a doctor for your TDS! I'm sure you didn't complain when the Obama/Clinton crime family wer e robbing this country selling our weapons to Mexico cartels,money to Iran, uranium to Russia! Where was your outrage then? Hypocrite
Karmascoming4u @rayofliteindark🔁 opened this door! Russia Seeks The United States’ Former Seat At The UN Human Rights Council via
DJS @DJSiri🔁UN Secretary General visits Moscow tomorrow. Russia believes in unique advantages of UN as international forum and its key role in global stability
Paolo Nieddu @paolonieddu🔁On work most proud of . "I'm proud that we're out on the streets with the fans in Russia & working with the local communities to change perceptions, oh and sitting on this stage with !"
MM Wiley @MMwiley204🔁These Dems WANT the “family separation” crisis to continue...with Russia collusion narrative gone and economy strong, it’s all they have left versus .
Oskar N @OskarNjaa🔁First participants in the between 🇳🇴 and 🇳🇴 arrive in Kirkenes. Tomorrow, the start signal sounds! 📣 W e are building the one step at a time.
Salvatore @Sallvatore🔁Mueller hiring Dem supporters to go after the President on a phony Russia investigation that was set up by Comey who leaked information knowing a special counsel would be appointed, un-recuse yourself and appoint to investigate the investigators!
ARRIVEDERCI IT’S ONE ON ONE @Creedy__🔁this pair of skinhead morons doing Nazi salutes in fucking Volgograd of all places give all other England fans out i n Russia a bad name. if identified they should be banned from football for life, preferably locked up as well.
May Mobley @mobley_may🔁Watch Susan Rice look the American people right in the eye and LIE HER *SS OFF !!

And now we find out she gave STAND DOWN ORDER ON RUSSIA MEDDLING

—Collusion?? Obstruction??


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