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Russia Ulv Bjerkan @UlvBjerkan🔁#NSA in Unprecedented Hunt for #KremlinGate Evidence | @20committee #nrknyheter #nrkurix
David Frum @davidfrum🔁Since 1945, the supreme strategic goal in Europe of the USSR and then Russia was the severing of the US-German alliance. Trump delivered.
Russia jø loves 김남준 @namjoonperfect🔁 #BTSBBMAs
Brazilian armys you are wonderful. From Russia with love~💕
Brussia is real😉
Russia Venezolano @ElMaracucho2🔁 Russia’s new Il-112 transport plane to make maiden flight in 2017
Ted Lieu @tedlieu🔁Dear Jared: I have been told that Siberia, Russia has lovely weather this time of the year. You can backpack and back -channel all you want.
Kim Dotcom @KimDotcom🔁Must read. The Russia story is the biggest propaganda con in US history and Americans are increasingly believing it, without any evidence.
Nick of Times @AlleyKat2🔁Delusional Democrats are required to forget this 2014 story about Obama's attempt to set up a secret Russian channel
Mindy Michell @Intentionality4🔁 .@Bencjacobs caught Gianforte investing $250,000 in Gazprom and Rosneft.

Gianforte bodyslammed him

Sandy Moreno @Sandyinchgo🔁#NinaTurner: While Congress Obsesses Over Russia, Americans Being 'Left Behind' -
AustinDem1 @AustinDem1🔁 Adam Schiff: 'There's No Way' Kushner Can Keep Security Clearance After Lying About Russia:
🐾 Karmastrophic 🐾 @Karmastrophic_🔁let's cut to the quick - Kushner and Sessions both lied about Russia. that's not just deception, it's coordinated deception.
NoMoreWarPlease @cmarslett🔁In general, people wake up wondering how they're going to survive that day

Over half of America lives in poverty. That's not Russia's fault

seiichikanise @seiichikanise🔁Officials say Trump and Bannon are increasingly convinced they are victims of a conspiracy against the White House
Scott r Smith @ScottrSmith06🔁 Exploding leftist logic with a single Socratic question @BIZPACReview
R Lee @RLee50608689🔁 Should #SethRich be included in Special Counsel Robert Muellers Russia investigation? 🤔
BASH @mubvshir🔁French Pres. Macron's first meeting with Putin went well. He criticized Russia's involvement in Syria and called Russian media "propaganda."
voiddreamer @voyddreamer🔁House Republican spreads fake news to discredit damaging report on Jeff Sessions
R @R98250729🔁If Trump "colluded" with Russia then, using that standard, Obama is guilty of colluding with both Iran & Russia.
kevin ingham @kingham111🔁@realDonaldTrump Kim Jung Eun has to have a shadow ally. 2015 Russia meet was not fake news. USA a super power, Would you provoke you?
Marcia Sibley @sibley_marcia🔁Your alternative facts and lies are all you post. All media worldwide see your tweets as propaganda. Except fake Fox News and Russia
Shad.KBN. @ugaso2010🔁5)agreement says we shall reach 2% of BNP efore 2024, and we will!Agreement signed (with Obama) after Russia aggression i. ukraine/Crimia!
Lola DiMenico @AltThisMoFo🔁 Illegal secret back channels with Russia don't bother Rick Santorum but gay marriage does.
nancypeggy @nancypeggy🔁Crucial policy critique of Trump's diplomatic "strategy."

Is it working?

NK missile launches? ✅
Alienation of allies? ✅
Russia happy? ✅

Judy Hilburn @JudyHilburn2🔁This must be for
Sharon Stiff @StiffSharon🔁Obama's Secret Outreach to Russia. MEDIA AND DEMS SILENT!
Vernon Thompson @vthomp12351🔁

Trump don't care! He busy defending son in law secret deals with Russia! wonder what else
he keeping secret. Taxes

E. Spencer @ESpence00496851🔁"I don't like it, I just don't," says McCain on Kushner's reported request to set up secret Russia back channel
GetOurCountryBack @Jude5253🔁 Another fake news hoax collapses as the truth about Trumps Russia back channel comes out!
J Cole @JoCole2631🔁Here is Trump praising Putin in Feb 2014 as Ivanka and Jared visited oligarchs in Russia at the same time. Thread:
MAC Nicholls @manjrn🔁Insanity! Isis and Islam are the biggest threat the world, including Russia has ever faced, McCain like the Dems, EU, UN empower them
Lojak👌A Deplorable @llojak🔁Why do dems want to investigate where there is no crime (Russia) & they don’t want to investigate the murder of one of their own (seth rich)
PostCapitalism @sporran666🔁John F. Kennedy was murdered because he threatened the power of the MIC
The MIC wanted war with Russia
Nothing has changed in 54 yrs

Mike Datlof @mike_datlof🔁Alan Dershowitz rips CNN talking head to pieces on the absurdity of innuendos. Even a top Dem is saying the Trump/Russia is BS
Irate Plebeian @postabsurdist🔁There's literally one step from Russia influencing our elections and Russia taking over or destroying the United States.
Prez Cannady @prezcannady🔁I pick them on the basis of common interests--Western Europe is more hostile to conservativism than Russia. And Russi a is still malleable.
김종형 @jhkim518🔁 Emmanuel Macron came out of his first meeting with Vladimir Putin with a message of stark challenge
Kathryn LePage @rabbitpainter🔁Yes, because life in Russia is so much better than here, Huh? Ann you could easily disappear in Russia with some of y our insane comments.
Katherine Fenton @KatherineFento2🔁 I hope our elected Republicans realize that because of them, Putin and Russia are winning. Democracy, NATO under attack.
Beau Brown @Beau_Brown_🔁Imagine believing this and then voting to make a member of Russia's Order of Friendship our Secretary of State.
🇺🇸Pat💪 @psundin11🔁SOROS-funded McCAIN has LOST HIS MIND saying Russia a bigger threat than ISIS resents TRUMP win ning. McCAIN a LOSER
Ann German @wankerjustice🔁 Macron: Putin, Trump, and Erdogan can suck it (basically).
No Fly Zone = WWIII @AchmarBinSchibi🔁This is Y it's madness to put US UK NATO troops missiles on Russia's doorstep: Difficult 4 any nation 2 ID incoming

AmorGaia @AmorGaia🔁.NEW Photo:Ivanka Trump in Russia w/wife of Russian oligarch-Ivanka was w/her for 4 days
Laughing Cavalier ⚔ @WhaDaF_u_Tink🔁If Russia dropped an atom bomb on NY, GOP would be up in arms. Make no mistake, Democracy is under attack. GOP STAND UP!
Barb Cali @barb4kids🔁You visited. I live there. Russia is not in the top three concerns of Ohioans or any other folks I've talked to across the country.
James R @Realpersonpltcs🔁 can't make up their minds. Russia not working out, now "obstruction of information" Haha! Back to Russia in 3..2..1 😱
Rick @did_i_say_that🔁Perhaps more than anything else, our European friends can help us by calling things as they see them in America.
Lady T @TheresaDinardi🔁Russia tries to interfere in many Countries elections. Not Trumps fault that Russia hacked Podestas emails. Jackass
John Durrant @BoycottHRC🔁RUSSIA HOAX FAIL=>Clapper Says AGAIN 'No Smoking Gun' Evidence of Trump Collusion with Russia (VIDEO)
STEVEN MENDELSOHN @MENDY26🔁@SandraSmithFox who benefits most and what's the common link? Russia! Leaks are coming from them. They want to create political unrest here.
Honor & Integrity @karolcummins🔁Well, this explains why Trump sucks up to Russia, they are holding a quid pro quo recording
John Jenkins @Oteachjohn🔁NYT: Jared Kushner urged Trump to fire Comey and assured him it would be a political “win,” six West Wing aides say
Down w/ the NotSees @Mr___Sub🔁Over 95,000 U.S. troops perished in the Cold War. All so Jared Kushner can backchannel a white flag to the Kremlin?
Sandy @jesussaves47🔁Russia didn't convenience me to vote. Crooked Hillary Clinton Foundation -RICO case convenienced me to Vote for Presi dent Trump. Lock HER UP
Swifteagle @Swiftteagle🔁Russia was under investigation 4 trying 2 alter our democracy so Flynn made Kushner a Russian asset with or w/o Kushn er's/Trumps awareness.
American Insurgent @Who_Me_Two🔁 Did Russia bomb children in Manchester last week?
Kay @kacrary2🔁Married couples splitting over Trump Give me a break; marriage probably over & this is an excuse Let's Blame Russia😂
Michael D @mjdibatt87🔁Turns out Sessions made multiple trips to Russia during the 90s–wonder what his FSB file looks like
Marcia Sibley @sibley_marcia🔁The fake news bit is old Cant ur small brain come up with anything else Thank GOD we have leaks bc u r hiding everything Collusion w/Russia
J Dilo @JDilo10🔁Homeland's Kelly says no 'big deal' if Kushner tried back-channel network with Russia, as WH fights back
My Pres Obama @PurlLeslie🔁Standing next to Putin, Macron calls Russia Today, Sputnik 'organs of influence and propaganda' -
Greg Elliott @grege1953🔁 Other sentences come at you fast.
John Jenkins @Oteachjohn🔁California resident here, I live in the , people here are terrified of losing their healthcare, they are not talking Russia
Constitutionalist1 @RogueConstitut1🔁Fmr. CIA & NSA Director on Russia probe: "There's enough circumstantial evidence... that this deserve a full airing"
stevec50 @stevec50🔁McCain doesn't believe Kushner's reported Russian backchannels follow procedure: "I don’t like it, I just don’t"
Richard Mills @RicoBM🔁Jared Kushner didn't suggest Russian communications channel in meeting. Source says Russia did !
blueinred @GatesKeith🔁 Mueller moves quickly to build staff, budget for Russia probe. Thanks Comey via @WSJ
R Morgan @rangespyder🔁How ironic it is that Sarah Palin said she can see Russia from her backyard. If things don't change we might all be s aying that.@maddow@cnn
Chicago1ray 🇺🇸 @Chicago1Ray🔁Obama Admin can try & strengthen relationship with Russia and no one cares, but then Trump does and he is a puppet?

Impeach#DonTheCon @ctv556🔁Failure to keep track of emails, messages & other records could expose Trump aides to criminal charges down the line
Mark for MAGA @mmtiff4_mark🔁John McCain says Russia is a bigger threat then ISIS. John McCain has officially went full psycho. To say that comment, you're truly sick!
y gracia @ytugrac🔁 Democratic Strategist Nina Turner: "No One In Ohio Is Asking About Russia"
Kristine montello @kristinemontel1🔁Because it's a Cover Up Spmeone had this kid THIS is suspicious not convinced w Russia = Diversion
Sameer Hasan @simplysamy7079🔁Extreme weather that hit Moscow has already claimed over 10 lives and left over 70 injured

Reg Nansen @regnans🔁Putin, calls out "unprofessional politics" arming & supporting . not . Listen !
Sandra Gidak-Tucker @Meliorist59🔁EU should pay attention to national interests, set eyes on Russia, China
grandma panpan @flee8250aolcom🔁Iran and North Korea are clearly the biggest threat to the world's peace, but the media & SJWs say it's Russia and Trump hiding "evidence"😂😂
jeanne rocque @jeanthebean2🔁W.H official told NBC News at least one staffer was speechless when learning about reports of a Russia back channel.
Eh? Theist. @joncKTS🔁Hate to burst your nubile Janice but Russia is and always has been religious. Definitely not atheist. Tsars were actually deemed gods.
Andrew @rubygirl271🔁@FlaDaigle @NIRPUmbrella What did the public think when all that Uranium went to Russia and who profited did anyone ask WTF
DumpTrump17 @DumpTrump79🔁WATCH: schools Wall Street Journal columnist defending Kushner’s backchannel Russia overtures
Paty @petitePatsy🔁Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner "unfazed" by scrutiny of Kushner's Russia contacts, an administration official says
hk..i @longshipdriver🔁Excellent piece. "Princeling" ftw.

Jared Kushner’s Role Is Tested as Russia Case Grows

Ann J. Morris @AnnJMorris2🔁 We should form a military alliance with Russia to protect it from Western Europe.



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