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Russia BoogieFinger @boogiefinger🔁 U.S. expresses 'strong disappointment and protest' over Russia retaliation
Russia AquariuS♒™ @jhmm61🔁 Russia orders U.S. to cut diplomatic staff, says to seize diplomatic property
Russia Eugenio Bertolaccini @EBertolaccini🔁Reuters: U.S. expresses 'strong disappointment and protest' over Russia retaliation
hom paudel @hom_paudel🔁 Shepherding in Russia's.
Adam Schiff @RepAdamSchiff🔁President nominates lawyer for Alfa Bank to head criminal division at DOJ. Really? Was counsel for Russia's Vneshecon ombank unavailable?
Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1🔁Local and state government agencies are using a brand of security software that may be a back door for Russia.
Ted Lieu @tedlieu🔁If vetoes the Russia, Iran, N. Korea sanctions bill, he would be throwing Israel & US under the bus to help Putin & Russia.
Remote & Dark Years @RemoteDarkYears🔁Specifically theyre referrimg to the constant infighting, policy by twitter tantrum and Trump/Mooch leaking stuff but Russia too, sure!
RHUDINO @RHUTWITERA🔁Russia Orders US: Tell The World About Aliens, Or We Will - Hidden Truth
IAMJANE @trytostopJane🔁NEW: Back to Russia. Remember WHY Trump is threatening Mueller: Trump is, or might as well be, a Russian agent
Lynda Caneva @Lyn1350🔁 Senate Witness William Browder Testifies that Fusion GPS Worked for Russia
Andrew Green @NotEasyBNGreen🔁 orders reduction of US Embassy staff in Moscow, closure of dacha & warehouse. Suggests Kremlim giving up on idea of reset.
Debra'sHere @DebraTdmbg🔁the presidency they enlisted Russia and still lost the popular vote. The will of the people is not with the GOP so their mission like Mike
@StopHateNow @njterrie🔁Russia sanctions bill goes to President's desk with overwhelming bipartisan support. But will sign? America first or somewhere else?
giovanni @giovannisconst🔁 Russia retaliates for new U.S. sanctions via @usatoday
Main Man Moshood. 💼 @Dxski_🔁Insider Trading is legal in Russia?..
PK @Krejcikova13🔁We'll be 2 busy watching your administration implode. 25 million more with health care vs. Scaramucci, Bannon, Russia, so much not winning..
Tricia Rajabipour @thebling_vote🔁Video: Clinton, Russia, WikiLeaks & Uranium

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Cara 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ @running2_cj🔁Anyone implying or stating that Sanders opposes Russia sanctions - when he favors them & voted NO because of Iran sanctions - is dishonest.
mary pay @warrioroftrut🔁Russia has Disable US Tomahawks in Syria
Deplorable Cajun @Christi38880673🔁John McCain’s end of career accomplishments include anti-Trump dossier, killing Ocare repeal, feeding Russia hysteria. Way to go, Arizona!
Avon Marie Blood @Sydneyquid🔁.@realDonaldTrump U are useless because U have nothing to offer. Threats, Russia, lies, cons these are not presidential. U R not worthy.
Tawanda @tawanda_h🔁And your pissy president colluded with Russia to win and is essentially destroying this country to increase his bank account!
Chris Hull @ChristopherHull🔁DNC Russia hacking line began at Crowdstrike IT firm owned by Russian expat. FBI statement based on Crowdstrike.
Raul Marroquin @hksteen🔁Russia orders out U.S. diplomats in sanctions retaliation
Light Tac LLC @LighttacLLC🔁 Now we find out Russia paid for the dirty dossier. Good time to reup this
Cheryl Pettengill @Jadelia🔁 For a brief, Shining Moment, we showed the world: this is Who We Are.
Pamela Miller @sweetonemill🔁Russia seized two American diplomatic properties and ordered the U.S. Embassy in Moscow to reduce its staff
Sumer Sloan @SumerSloan🔁Russia will expel several US diplomats from the country in response to a new sanctions bill passing Congress

Akash Deep @akashdeepn🔁It will have zero effect on policies or actions viz India, China, USA, Russia, KSA, bcs t decision makers remain unchanged
bang tut @slavetut🔁Well, I'm sure he is pretty "loyal" to Putin and Russia... so at least he's loyal to one country...😄🤣
Jim @satirist_indian🔁I am strongly supportive of sanctions on Russia and North Korea. However, I worry very much about President Trump’s approach to Iran.
Esther Poldvee @estocanam2🔁Congress presented Trump with a bill to place sanctions on Russia yesterday.

Tell him to sign that bill here:

Rod D. Vereen @RodVereen🔁#StayWoke everyone #RussiaRetaliates
Sharon Dennis @sddphoto🔁Russia seizes US properties in Moscow as retaliation for sanctions. Maybe Putin will turn them into adoption centers

Audrey @Audnumber🔁Which is why the people who say "Dems should drop Russia talk!" are giving horrible advice. Russia pressure makes it harder for the regime
Dyrgas @Dyrgas🔁Lubyanka Building Moscow Russia   …
Nancy Bonita @NancyBonita7🔁When it comes to Russia it almost ALWAYS involves some kind of money laundering
Reuters story from late last night

Janice Perkins @aero06janice🔁 Russia orders out U.S. diplomats in sanctions retaliation #TheResistance
ItsAWonderfulLife🌟 @NowPleaseClap🔁John McCain’s end of career accomplishments include anti-Trump dossier, killing Ocare repeal, feeding Russia hysteria. Way to go, Arizona!
Glenda Ahrens @GlendaAhrens🔁 Reminder: This traitor is the dirtbag behind the Trump-Russia dossier.
Audrey @Audnumber🔁The Russia investigation has played a big role in putting big pressure on the Trump regime and limiting them from passing major legislation
steve warford @stevenov1947🔁 Firm behind anti-Trump dossier also worked for Russia, Senate witness says
MayDay @meckeesh🔁#Trump got #Trumped
#Russia seizes #US property in Moscow & cuts diplomatic staff in #retaliation to new #sanctions
Pullfoxslicense @pullfoxslicense🔁Peak Trump desperation: Hiring a hedge fund dude bro goon to seed chaos, bump Russia stories off the front page
Peggy @PMueller2🔁Russia probe could reveal Trump's closest-held secrets via @usatoday
Karen @Ksweetsoap🔁 Donald's puppet master is not happy.
Fred Kaplan @fmkaplan🔁Russian embassy citing Scaramucci citing Trump citing Putin that if Russia hacked DNC, they are so good we wouldn't know it.
Tess @supersoultess🔁If vetoes the Russia, Iran, N. Korea sanctions bill, he would be throwing Israel & US under the bus to help Putin & Russia.
Mo @T134M124J31600N🔁Any evidence? Theres evidence of Obama colluding w/ Russia & you claim he has no tiea w/ Russia. No evidence of Trump lol, you are insane.
Gadfly M @GadflyMorse🔁 is scapegoated for 's : are immoral & disastrous for .
Laurie Osgood @osgood_laurie🔁 Exactly. Trump Cares Nothing For The American People. But Russia..
Моnasterium @monasterium🔁 to host the 'Friendship Tour -' participants on Aug.6-8. You can join at
FLsun1 @FLpalmtree1🔁Trump admitted he fired Comey due to the Russia investigation. Now he wants to fire Sessions for not obstructing the Russia investigation.
Rich Justice @richrake🔁Bill slapping new sanctions on Russia is headed to Pres. Trump. Senate voted 98-2 to punish Russia, Iran & N. Korea
Patrick Manja @PatrickManja🔁 Breaking News: The Senate has approved sweeping sanctions against Russia
William Spiegel @WilliamSpiegel🔁Can someone explain why Bernard Sanders voted against the Russia sanctions? For reference, they passed 98-2. Yes, he was ONE of TWO. Smh
Mary J ONeil @marymjoneil🔁We've seen an increase in drone reports over sensitive client sites. Good article on the dangers these can pose.
ochreblue @ochreblue🔁 U.S. ambassador to Russia ‘expressed his strong disappointment and protest’ at Russian retaliation over sanctions
SoLongOolong @ChartreuseDoor🔁☕ Coffeetime reading Huckabee, Trump, Russia... all throwing, as they say in England, their toys out of the pram. Satisfying.
Carolyn Newell @newellc31🔁Russia probe delves into Trump's most guarded business secrets including involvement in human trafficking/sex trade
Fred Dover @dovetail0225🔁CONFIRMED: Shady Research Firm Fusion GPS That Produced Fake Trump Dossier Linked to Both DNC AND Russia
Bill7001 @BillRevMusic🔁The entire Russia hoax implodes just as the scandal of the year (the Awan brothers) breaks. Bad week for Fake News!
Maui Man @MauiMan70🔁BOOM!👊💥
ends WH Briefing like a BOSS!✊

Put the Russia BS to bed, LibTARDS!
is DNC/Russia Collusion.

Mary Holden @cabrinimh231🔁Russia Seizes 2 U.S. Properties and Orders Embassy to Cut Staff

Shared from my Google feed

anthony zumpano @tonyzump🔁That's WRONG Mueller needs to be fired You don't need him nor the lies abt You & Russia they got the wrong man its BHO & HRC 👈
Linda @Biblio_hiker🔁@realDonaldTrump DJTjr(2008)"Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of our assets;We see a lot of $ pour in from Russia."
tiger @TigerToker🔁 V few get it:
RD Tudor @RD_Tudor🔁Meanwhile from the Progressive Voting/Donating MSM we here Crickets on this and Awan. Only reporting more Russia/Trum p & Anti-American Crap.
CMMorgan @SoCallls🔁Russia ran an Op to seduce the dumbest, least patriotic people in America. Worked pretty well, evidently.
Ermo Ikävalko @Ermowhat🔁"Better to let the American political class consume itself w its own toxic paranoia & delusions about the world..."
Pun Kanus the Kafir @Pun_Kanus🔁 ASSANGE: Democratic party is doomed, Russia narrative consumed all its energy
Ben Ellmann @BenEllmann🔁President nominates lawyer for Alfa Bank to head criminal division at DOJ. Really? Was counsel for Russia's Vnesheconombank unavailable?


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