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Anggie T. Mahardhika @anggietdhika🔁 #Runaways is really good, I was ready to binge the whole series but Hulu was like:
Omi Wardani @OmiWardani🔁 #Runaways is so good
#Runaways ✨brookeishibashi @brookeishibashi🔁 Tina Minoru’s looks have me rooting for the evil parents #runaways @BrittIshibashi
Anggie T. Mahardhika @anggietdhika🔁 me @ anyone who ships Karolina and Chase #Runaways
#Runaways Marvel Planet @MarvelPlanet🔁[Critique] The Runaways S01E02 - 3★
#Runaways Chyts🇿🇼 @Chytsound🔁 #Runaways may be Marvel's greatest TV series yet: thedailybeast.com
#Runaways Edgard Souza 🤣🤣🤣 @HaloSouza🔁 INTERVIEW: @RainbowRowell Reveals Secrets of @Marvel's #Runaways


#Runaways Paula Gmz @_PaulaGmz🔁 [Critique] The Runaways S01E02 - 3★
#Runaways#Runaways#Runaways Forbidden Planet @FPICardiff🔁 heres a little preview of #Runaways 4, art by me and @COLORnMATT
Chris E. Hayner @ChrisHayner🔁My review: I was afraid I wouldn’t like it. It turns out I’m super into it. It’s the right mix of young superheroes twitter.com learning their way, villainy and teen melodrama. Give it a shot. It’s on now.
Hollywood Reporter @THR🔁Brian K. Vaughan on 's : "If you're a fan of the comic, you're going to be surprised. If you've never read the comic, twitter.com you're going to be surprised"
FANDOM @getFANDOM🔁Marvel's has the potential to become your new fave show, even if it's filled with a lot of teen drama.

Check out th twitter.com e complete review:

Christhian J.🇵🇷 @BiboEnVivo🔁About to start watching Runaways. Ok, @greggsulkin here I go!!! 💪💪



Miley @seleina_s🔁 @greggsulkin 's biceps is one of the reasons why this show worth watching #Runaways
Noor @NoorElBahrain🔁First 3 episodes of #Runaways were great! Can't wait to watch the rest.
Cody Mayo @Codymayo🔁Wasn’t the first 3 episodes of @runaways GREAT?! #runaways #marvelrunaways
Luka Nieto @LukaNieto🔁 Oh hi! I really <3 Hulu's #Runaways and you should too. vntyfr.com
Ghengheun Network @ghengheunblog🔁Marvel's Runaways is here guys!!! Who's excited?


Rosuto (田口 涼介) @rosuto4u🔁Seeing Nico in live-action gives me hope, that maybe someday Hazmat will get another chance. I know that is a lot twitter.com more popular than Academy ever was, but still, I loved the crossover.
Rouén D. E. Robinson @RouenRobinson🔁Catching up on #Runaways on @hulu
Anggie T. Mahardhika @anggietdhika🔁Me: I need more in my eyeballs RIGHT NOW

: "We gave you three whole episodes less than 24 hours ago..."



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