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#Royals Kansas City Royals @Royals🔁Congrats to @TheRealHos35, the #Royals recipient of the @MLBPAA Heart and Hustle Award! 👏
#Royals Rebecca Lovely @becksietrix🔁Prince George wears shorts better than anyone I know. #PrinceGeorge #Royals #unitedkingdom
#Royals Amy Meyer @sassypearl_amy🔁When you're ready to watch the #Royals but first you gotta make sure that lip gloss is poppin'
#Royals FOX Sports KC @FSKansasCity🔁Congrats to Eric Hosmer for winning the #Royals' Heart and Hustle Award! #RaisedRoyal
#Royals Kansas City Royals @Royals🔁Grab a seat. It's time for #Royals baseball! #RaisedRoyal
#Royals Mike Harvey @mike_harvey🔁Play Ball


#Royals Royals Strike Zone @RoyalsUmp🔁Call hurts #Royals
Ball 3 should be strike 2
Top 1 Vargas vs Abreu
22% call same
1.9in from edge
#Royals Anne aka Sweet Lady @GetMe2TheGeek🔁 Congrats to Eric Hosmer for winning the #Royals' Heart and Hustle Award! #RaisedRoyal
#Royals (jeff)isageek @jeffisageek🔁Watching the @Royals and @WrestleCircus tonight #prowrestling #royals
#Royals Ándrea @aze_kc🔁#Royals fever everywhere. 💙⚾️ @TheRealHos35 @Royals #RaisedRoyal
#Royals Lisa @sungoddess34🔁 Grab a seat. It's time for #Royals baseball! #RaisedRoyal
#Royals Z 104.1 @Z1041JCMO🔁 Congrats to @TheRealHos35, the #Royals recipient of the @MLBPAA Heart and Hustle Award! 👏
Kansas City Royals @Royals🔁Whit sends one down the line and drives in two more #Royals runs. We're back within one.
Kansas City Royals @Royals🔁FINAL (10): #Royals 7, White Sox 6.
Kansas City Royals @Royals🔁Remember this?? One year ago today your Kansas City visited the as World Series Champs! 👏
#RaisedRoyal ⚾️ @RaisedRoyalKCMO🔁Vargas has a good 1st. So here comes your walkoff hero Whit Merrifield. #Royals
Master Milton Prejea @PrejeaMilton🔁 my own made-up trade plus few others for NYM
Ricky Miller @stingray81🔁I'm glad to see the royals are playing. #Royals @Royals Good luck guys. #RoyalsSocial
♫ Todd C. Barton ♬♪♩ @toddcbarton🔁Ryno better explain how the heck Boney caught that in the midst of the dreaded Shadows. #Royals
Brian Utt @UttBrian🔁Boni!!! Nice play! #Royals
Nic_O_Tine @Nic_O_tine🔁so glad I can put "park sounds" on my mlbtv to avoid listening to phys/hud! #royals @FSKansasCity
♫ Todd C. Barton ♬♪♩ @toddcbarton🔁Feels like the San Franciscan Professional Baseball Franchise signing Panda is basically just trolling #Royals fans.
MLBBarrelAlert @MLBBarrelAlert🔁Melky Cabrera (15) off LHP Jason Vargas (17) - 105.5 mph, 19 degrees (362 ft Single)
84.7 mph Four-Seamer
@ (T1)
Stacey @Adsta40🔁Heat like this I feel sorry for all the players. They have to be there. Catchers especially. Stay safe Salvy. #RaisedRoyal #Royals
Nicholas Todd Smiley @RonnysKid32🔁 #White Sox at #Royals, (M.Pelfrey vs J.Vargas) 7:15 pm ET, B-R Game Stat Sheet: #playball
Crust Almigthy @ThomasJankow🔁 A cold bottle of KC Bier Dunkel, a slice of Minsky's pizza, and the #Royals on my tv. Next best thing to being at the K.
♫ Todd C. Barton ♬♪♩ @toddcbarton🔁In a black and white uniform, this guy looks like he just walked out of a late-night scary movie. #Royals
Elaina Compton @Elaina91583673🔁U know it's not ur night when gets a hit.

Jennifer Buso @jennbuso🔁Saladino looks like the bad guy from every spaghetti western #royals
Janette Reinke, LMFT @janettereinke🔁I sure hope Vargas has a good game after the last two tough starts. #Royals
(jeff)isageek @jeffisageek🔁It's time for #Royals baseball... Lets go Royals!
Shawn Pence @sjpence🔁Let's see what Vargy has tonight. #Royals
Vahe Gregorian @vgregorian🔁Watch: manager Ned Yost on the heat, optional batting practice and extra pitchers. Via :
Vahe Gregorian @vgregorian🔁 Follow tonight's #Royals #WhiteSox game with @SportsDailyKC here:
♫ Todd C. Barton ♬♪♩ @toddcbarton🔁As long as Dr Vargas doesn't burst into flames, tonight is a success. #ItsHotITellsYa #Royals
Baseball Reference @baseball_ref🔁#White Sox at #Royals, (M.Pelfrey vs J.Vargas) 7:15 pm ET, B-R Game Stat Sheet: #playball
Bandon Decker @Bandon_Decker🔁Ryan suggested people wear costumes to the game tomorrow for superhero day. I can't imagine doing so in this weather. #Royals
James J Carotenuti @ABuccsFan🔁Checked in @ Kauffman Stadium for the #whitesox vs #royals game w/
Jason Cox @34jcox🔁Let's go #Royals 👏👏 👏👏👏
Stephanie Leith @sleith9806🔁It's Hooooooot. But I got my bobblehead! #Hosmer #HosBobble #Royals 🔥🔥🔥
#RIPCHESTER @BrentBertrand🔁The can clinch the series victory over the White Sox with a win tonight. Jason Vargas will get the start.
Anthony Hartwig 🐧♿️ @AHartwig01🔁Game 2 of the vs. the White Sox starts now on FSKC!
⚾️ -White Sox
📲 :
Josh Tolentino @JCTSports🔁 In move for bullpen depth, #Royals recall Jakob Junis, option Billy Burns. Via @rustindodd:
Live Stream Free @liveonfree🔁Watch Kansas City #Royals vs. Chicago White #Sox Live Stream:
#MLB #Baseball #MLBTHESHOW17 #MLBCentral #Royals #Sox
Nick Owens @NicholasOwens🔁That pic.
Diana, Our Mother: Her Life And Legacy Monday 9pm

Armando Rios ⚾ @armandoriosjr🔁Let's go #Royals 👏👏👏👏👏
Brook Balentine @Brooklynoe🔁Young fan with -decorated prosthetic surprised by opportunity to meet her favorite team via
Sean Curry @seancurry99🔁Two nights in a row at the #Royals. Not bad. And Dil got a ball from Don Wakamatsu. #Royalssocial


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