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Lisa Charlanza @LisaCharlanza🔁@RevDrBarber You know he does. Roy Moore & Jeff Sessions are two evil racist elves.
Roy Moore Jessie Lund @Jessie__Lund🔁 An Alabama judge's ruling against Roy Moore.
Tony Laughlin @efi2nr🔁 @JuddLegum Rare footage of Roy Moore taking a lie detector test...
Max-Leo Amberg @maxleoamberg🔁 Just In: Judge rejects Roy Moore's attempt to block election defeat
Judd Legum @JuddLegum🔁Roy Moore denies that he lost the U.S. Senate election, even after Alabama's Republican Secretary of State certified his opponent as the winner.

Kind of puts his other denials in perspective.

Ana Navarro @ananavarro🔁Only one thing to say to Roy Moore....Hit the road, Roy. And don’t you come back No Moore. No Moore. Hit the road, R oy, and don’t you come back No Moore.

Boy, bye.

Keith Boykin @keithboykin🔁Roy Moore is suing to stop Alabama election results from being certified, citing unusually high voter turnout in Jeff erson County, Alabama. The county seat is Birmingham (73% black). What could possibly motivate black people to vote against an old white man who supports slavery?
crazyworld @cmcoy3971🔁Has nigel farage been challenged even once on the BBC about endorsing child molestor Roy Moore in the USA? Or are we pretending it didn't happen? Like all his other shameful moves?
Deplorable jala thil @ThilJala🔁Hannity stop fooling White Republicans tell them the truth- DACA ppl will never vote Republican. As a result of DACA Texas & Florida will go Democrat. No Gun Rights, No freedom of Speech. You/FOX were always for Globalist.I belive this now when you/FOX trapped Roy Moore
Margarita Coneo @marrosa06🔁Alabama secretary of state: Jones will be certified
BT @Burleytommy🔁 Roy Moore's picture should be next to "sore loser" in the American Dictionary of Slang.
Dave D @answerallman🔁Roy Moore is suing to stop Alabama election results from being certified, citing unusually high voter turnout in Jefferson County, Alabama. The county seat is Birmingham (73% black). What could possibly motivate black people to vote against an old white man who supports slavery?
David Marshall @FunmanDave🔁Roy Moore denies that he lost the U.S. Senate election, even after Alabama's Republican Secretary of State certified his opponent as the winner.

Kind of puts his other denials in perspective.

Shellie Correia @shelliecorreia🔁Fascinating read! Apparently, Roy Moore took a polygraph concerning accusations and passed. A lot of people going down in Alabama Senate scandal. Lawsuit includes judges.

(((Holzman-Tweed))) @HolzmanTweed🔁When you google this guy's backstory, his utter failure to vote for good people becomes even more obvious.

UrbanSouthernBelle @UrbanSouthBelle🔁After years of supporting voter suppression, Roy Moore blames his loss on the lie of voter fraud. Almost seems like he thinks black people voting in mass is somehow fraudulent.
Zach Sampson @SachZampson🔁 Roy Moore fired as Walmart greeter for lurking in raspberry lip gloss aisle
Matteson @TheRealMatteson🔁Shocker of the year. Roy Moore won't take no for answer. #2017inReview #AlabamaSenateElection
Michael Blackman @MBlackman37🔁Roy Moore’s New Year’s Resolutions
1) Stop trolling malls for teens
2) Spend more time w/ Jew lawyer
3) Get to gym
4) Learn to ride a horse
Kernel Korn @korn_kernel🔁It would be a shame if you retweeted this endlessly... 🔥

Democrats & media would never want you to see this video from the Roy Moore election of a non-Alabama resident claiming:

“We came from all over the country to vote & canvas for Doug Jones.”

Deborah @JandN2005🔁 Roy Moore is such a douche bag. Dude, take your loss like a man and move on.
Mimi @auntymimi69🔁“When Roy Moore said ‘God is in control’ on election night, he didn’t realize God was an African-American woman.” — on
Frankie @Frankie42671233🔁@ABC Roy Moore you lost. Your a loser, get over it.
Gary @gthom18_gtr🔁See the problem with Roy Moore and his kind, is they want total govt control over people's lives, bodies, bedrooms, m arriage vows, feelings and behavior ....then use the bible, a work of fiction to justify it. It's time for reality folks
Arthur C. Lunt @ArthurCLunt🔁She's as batshit crazy as Roy Moore is.
Michael Hoffmann @TheDailyWorker🔁@Redistrict I saw one write in for Roy Moore...just wasting ink
SafetyPin-Daily @SafetyPinDaily🔁From Trump's evangelicals to witches to Roy Moore: how religion shaped 2017 | Via Vox
Allergic to PC @truthbetold1967🔁BREAKING***- Roy Moore Takes Polygraph and Files Complaint for Election Fraud: DEMS Cheated; We Finally Have the Proof
J.Leo Kemper @jleokemper🔁Roy Moore is refusing to concede. Trump repeatedly said that, if he lost, he’d refuse to concede. 2 sexual predators proving they can’t accept no for an answer, regardless of the circumstances. Meanwhile, people are telling Hillary to go away.
Ken Ham's Thoughts @aigkenhamparody🔁 Roy Moore has now been rejected by two courts: civil and food
Barbara @barbjsully🔁Do you blame Roy Moore for filing a lawsuit for voter fraud in the Alabama Senate race? Looks like the Democrats bussed in people from across the country... again!

check out the video proof:

Terri Harvey @terri_georgia🔁Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill says he has no intention of delaying the canvassing board meeting, despite the Moore lawsuit: “It is not going to delay certification and Doug Jones will be certified.”
Eric Muirhead @emuirhead🔁@StatehouseKim @AP Her attackers would have been Roy Moore supporters if they were still alive.
awjvdh @awjvdh🔁 #Alabama - #NoCoyOfRoy , then - makes Jones win official as Moore's last-ditch challenge fails
Millennial On The Right @MillennialOnR🔁 Roy Moore needs to find a new hobby in 2018 just as much as Hillary does.
mike dalena @mikedalena🔁"That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age." - Roy Moore

Deep State is DONE @PodestaMolestYa🔁how dumb must one be to trust LISA BLOOMs smear campaign victims - you know the daughter of GLORIA ALLRED whos client admitted to forging Roy Moore's yearbook signature haha. Who also protected/worked for HARVEY WEINSTEIN. Do some thinking and research once in a while
McSammi💋 @SalehFtCamacho🔁What do the KKK, Neo-Nazis, & Roy Moore all have in common?

They’re abusive and privileged white men who lost but still refuse to concede defeat.

Smart Value @smartvalueblog🔁RT Soros, McConnell, Ryan, & Establishment are behind the election fixing and tampering in Alabama. Soros' Election Rigging Machines and Voter Fraud are responsible for the Roy Moore LOSS. must authorize an investigation IMMEDIATELY.
#EndTheIgnorance @HLRowe1🔁Well that's one of the points that makes me face-palm when people defend Roy Moore whose own recent speech on camera incriminates him.
If it were not a politician supported by Evangelical NUTBARS the discussion would be different. Trial should be guaranteed.
YounqSuccessore @SuccessoreYounq🔁@AP Republicans too, speaking of Roy Moore. Motion denied.
Спина Путина @wtubzjhtozn565🔁Roy Moore needing that last dying breath of publicity before going off into the sunset.
Three independent experts say there is cause to indicate fraud was committed.

Claudine @tiadevo🔁Well, Judge Roy Moore is officially a loser, but we knew that (and then some) all along. Let him govern his horses. Keep him away from people.
Carlos May Nazario @cnazario🔁Reading about this bogus Roy Moore challenge, my biggest fear is that in 2020 a losing Trump actively attacks & delegitimizes the peaceful transfer of power, the most positive and fragile enduring aspect of our democracy.
HugYourBabies @LoveAndQuiet🔁Roy Moore spokeswoman defends voter fraud claims - YouTube
LKA @Lattitat47🔁Whether the likes it or not, Steve Bannon is running racist candidates under the Republican banner.

Either they publicly break with him & his Breitbart cronies, or they stomach the vitriol voters have already rejected in Virginia & Alabama.

HilHeide.17 @iiChiffon17🔁 BREAKING: Alabama officials certify Democrat Doug Jones as winner of special Senate election, despite fraud claims from Roy Moore.
Claudine @tiadevo🔁By the way: Roy Moore falsely blaming his loss on “voter fraud” — rather than on the fact he was a stupid, hateful, embarrassing, shameless, unpopular, child molesting cartoon caricature of a Southern bigot — does real lasting damage to the legitimate cause of election integrity.
holly landes @hollylandes🔁 BREAKING- Roy Moore Files Voter Fraud Lawsuit PLUS a recap


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