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Roy Moore becky in Texas @bechey🔁 Bill Maher defends pal Al Franken: He's no Roy Moore or Donald Trump
Ryan Saavedra 🇺🇸 @RealSaavedra🔁Gloria Allred Admits She Doesn’t Know if Roy Moore Signed The Yearbook
jordan @JordanUhl🔁The Roy Moore press conference just ended in spectacular fashion.
Save America🇺🇸 @sareed59🔁 Roy Moore’s wife comes to the Alabama Governor’s defense
Franklin Graham @Franklin_Graham🔁The hypocrisy of Washington has no bounds. So many denouncing Roy Moore when they are guilty of doing much worse than what he has been accused of supposedly doing. Shame on those hypocrites.
Susan Mcginley @obannons19691🔁WH Press Briefing:

- 10 minutes in

- 12 questions/ 8 about Roy Moore

- 0 questions about Al Franken

This is why America hates the media!

SCAM @SCAM518🔁The hypocrisy of Washington has no bounds. So many denouncing Roy Moore when they are guilty of doing much worse than what he has been accused of supposedly doing. Shame on those hypocrites.
Ibrahima Diallo @abe_diallo🔁Why are evangelicals in Alabama still backing Roy Moore? Why did they back Trump? For me, this was the most difficult chapter to write:
NidoqueenOfSentrets @No2Rezone🔁Al Franken did a bad thing & the condemnation has been universal, which he deserves. But he doesn’t deserve to be lumped in with Roy Moore.
Ellen Kulp @EllenKulp🔁Bob Menendez has not apologized for having sex with underage hookers or all the crooked stuff he's accused of.

He denies it.

He is still in the Senate.

So STFU about Roy Moore.

dawn in CO @dawnhatesdrumph🔁Republican senator caught on live mic saying GOP was 'toast' under leadership of Roy Moore, Donald Trump | via

Christine Lux @luxtine🔁During the Weinstein story, CNN had a clock counting the hours it took Hillary Clinton to respond.

Seven days later and Donald Trump, the president and GOP leader, still hasn't said a single word on Roy Moore.

michele @EaglezFan🔁You are a phony Christian. Of course your pro life, but only so child predators, like your pal Roy Moore, have more victims to molest.
Deplorable💥Okie08 @Okie08🔁I'll be in Alabama on December 12 cheering Judge Roy Moore's victory over the lies and deceptions of media, Dems, and RINOs
Bad Hombre Joe @3To3🔁Doug Jones is experiencing a MASSIVE surge of donations to his Senate campaign.

Meanwhile, Roy Moore continues to lash out at the media and at his fellow Republicans following accusations of child molestation and sexual misconduct - by several women.

Denise Onorato @wportusa🔁Judge Roy Moore slams the gavel on Mitch McConnell's double-standard between Moore and Al Franken. BOOM.
Indigo 7 Alpha @trvanes🔁That’s why Roy Moore trying to solicit a 14yr old girl doesn’t matter to them. He embodies what Alabama loves. Doug Jones does not cuz most white voters do not care he stood up for black people, and honestly, it’s going to hurt him with many.
Renee O'Neal @sroneal921🔁Child molester's wife Kayla Moore: Trump 'owes us a thank you' for diverting attention from Russia

Hahaha! This made me laugh so hard I literally fell out of my chair. These people are evil. But this is hilarious.

Ortizmedia @Ortizmedia1🔁This is rich , the pot discusses the sins of the kettle.The fact Trump rushed to tweet on Sen.Al Franken's photo makes his silence about Roy Moore an accused child molester - even more damning@realDonaldTrump #TrumpLiesMatter#TreasonousGOP
Abdirahman y warsame @TerrorFreeSomal🔁GOP Attempts To Equate Al Franken And Roy Moore Fall Apart As Female Staffers Say Franken Treated Them With Respect via
Alby Hornswauggold @givemtheboot🔁‼️Predictions‼️
Franken:Collateral Damage-Forced to Resign
Moore:Wins Election
Biden:Creepy Joe will never be Pres.
William B. @willbarrett_1🔁Report: Roy Moore Fundraising Surges Since Attacks
Already Great USA @AlreadygreatUSA🔁Democrats don't get confident, Moore's base could come out in droves to support his anti-queer, anti-women agenda.

NR Garrett @NR_Garrett🔁@ByronYork Awaiting your think piece on what GOP should do with their child molestor Roy Moore.
General Defense 🇺🇸 @GeneralDefense🔁The hypocrisy has never been so blatantly disgusting!! Same Media, Democrats, Republicans attacking Roy and Kayla Moore who have ZERO Evidence are giving filthy picture creep, Al Franken a pass !!


Sparrow @Im1sparrow🔁Gloria Allred won’t allow inspection of yearbook. Roy Moore accuser likely forged his signature via
Barbie Williams @Barbie892🔁Roy Moore denies writing in the victim’s yearbook.

L: Yearbook R: Foundation Letter

Retweet if you agree that these signatures match.

Roger K @jrbkjrbk🔁 Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey: I Have No Reason Not To Believe Moore’s Accusers But I’m Still Voting For Him
Lynn Essenberg @EssenbergLynn🔁Roy Moore's Attny. Trenton Garmon suggests Ali Velshi's "background" would help him understand why Moore would date underage women — is from Canada
Trumpster @Work4Trumpster🔁 Moore: Allred refusal to show yearbook proves signature is "fabrication."
Sandra Brotherton @sandrabrothert1🔁Literally everything I and my team at YourVoice™ America have predicted regarding Roy Moore has proven true and is coming to pass. We don't say what's popular, it just ends up that way.
Loyal Blue @LoyalBlue2🔁 Christian support for Roy Moore 'looks like hypocrisy to the outside world.' | By @emmaogreen
The Cutting Edge @filoquecorta🔁The governor of Alabama is saying she thinks Roy Moore is a criminal, and also that she’s going to vote for him:
Rteefact @Rteefact🔁Most Americans don't trust this Congress to draft a fair tax code any more than they would trust "Judge" Roy Moore to drive their teenage daughters to church.
KayM @kayAngeline1970🔁Gloria Allred: I Didn’t Ask Accuser If She Saw Roy Moore Sign Her Yearbook

Didn't they teach you that in Lawyer 101? Allred is in quicksand as you will see in this interview


❄#ViveLaResistance❄️ @JustWhatNowWhy🔁And yes I said that. Doug Jones prosecuting the KKK for The 16th Baptist Church Bombing will hurt him more with white Alabama voters than Roy Moore’s sexual advances on teenage girls.
Cheryl @Cheryl123456889🔁The only person the establishment and their media have opposed as much as they oppose Trump is Roy Moore.

If I lived in Alabama, Id vote for him twice.

Rosalie Alsante @bluero🔁I don’t remember the name of every guy who flirted with me, every date I turned down, every frog who tried to kiss me or every octopus I wrestled off. So let’s be honest-nor do Roy Moore’s accusers.
JAZZ @redrose196🔁Is Judge Roy Moore wins the election in Alabama it will prove that Alabamans don't care about sexually abuse victims.
Including Pastors.
EM @Emanate8888🔁 Women supporting Roy Moore and Donald Trump right now are beyond my comprehension.
Cheryl McFadden @camac928🔁 Doug Jones raised $250,000 a day after the Moore scandal broke, two sources tell NBC News.
Bob @Bmrm2000🔁"Al Franken did a bad thing, and the condemnation has been universal, which he deserves. What he doesn’t deserve is to be lumped in with Roy Moore. Or Kevin Spacey. Or Harvey Weinstein. Or Donald Trump." –
DeplorableChefJenna @ChefJennaMc🔁Kayla Moore: Roy Moore is "fighting for life. Fighting against abortion. Fighting for the acknowledgment of God. Fighting for traditional marriage. And fighting to protect the Second Amendment."
Christopher G. Adamo @CGAdamo🔁Any who expected lib/Dems to hold Franken to some standard of decency, _especially_ after all of their sanctimony aga inst Roy Moore, are dangerously naive. Leftists are hypocrites who _never_ abide by the rules they set for others. It's _all_ about political leverage.
James Sandiford @JamesSandiford2🔁“Remember the [Allred] incident with Arnold Schwarzenegger? She brought all these women in front of him, said they’re going to sue, they’re going to file suit against Schwarzenegger. Guess what? After the election, absolutely nothing happened.”
Michael @mwz524🔁Should we address writing off Weiner repeatedly sexting underage girls as a “Vice” while railing on about Roy Moore, or nah?
FA Valentine @valentine_fa🔁This whole segment is worth watching. But if you do nothing else, watch starting at 9:29 on Roy Moore, Trump, and GOP's party-before-everything doctrine. via
Shawn @22norsedad🔁Republican senator caught on live mic saying GOP was 'toast' under leadership of Roy Moore, Donal... FURTHER CEMENTS REPUTATION AS A JERK LOSER
Crusader @baumsche🔁EXCLUSIVE – Roy Moore: Gloria Allred’s Refusal to Release Yearbook Proves Allegations Are ‘Completely Untrue’
Justin Childs @jbctoys🔁Women For Moore? 😒

NO. Let's call this rally what it really is."Mothers for Pedophilia"

FUCK YOU Roy Moore, Kayla Moore and the Evangelical women who cheer for this sack of shit child molester.

Jared A. Chambers @C4CEO🔁 Yep. She sure did.
GOPher Impaler @gzusscripes1🔁Doug Jones has been raising $250,000 per day since Roy Moore's scandal broke.

Thank you to everyone supporting him - small donations can have a BIG impact!

Indigo 7 Alpha @trvanes🔁Changing white voters mind in Alabama has nothing to do with policy. Roy Moore is a twice removed judge who thinks Sharia Law in the US is real, believes gay marriage is unconstitutional, the only faith that’s real is Christianity, and put the Ten Commandments up at a courthouse
irah43 @irah43🔁 Report: Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey to Vote for Roy Moore for U.S. Senate - Breitbart
Janet May @janettmay🔁Can you believe this rationale is one presented by the governor?
PeopleWhoCan @ReadShould🔁Party before honor: Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey believes Roy Moore’s accusers but plans to vote for him anyway because he’s a Republican. via
AnnArborRealtor @AnnArborRealtor🔁One key reason Alabama likes Roy Moore via @bv @collierswecker
Donna @Kodie2038Donna🔁 Funny how the Roy Moore Fake Yearbook Signing story disappeared Faster than a Turkey at the Duggers Family Thanksgiving..
Loretta Steddum @LorettaSteddum🔁Al Franken forcibly kissed KABC anchor Leeann Tweeden and took a photo groping her while she was asleep.

If Roy Moore unfit to be a senator because of a 40 year old allegations, then Al Franken must resign immediately.

veronica @rove_cani🔁Roy Moore? Trump makes disgusting "jokes" about dating children — a lot. We have had enough! Use your social media to focus like a laser on sexual predators in power like Trump. Normal healthy adult men do not joke about child sexual exploitation


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