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Otis @brooklynsbigo🔁 @HoopsReference @MrDee__ he... he's not s better all round player that's Stephen Curry???
St;v; C.▲+ @SteveCashA🔁 Hero just went over his first jump in the High jump on to the next round for him #HEROtheHedgehog
Round 1 Give Me Cheap Stuff @givemecheap🔁LinenTablecloth 90-Inch Round Polyester Tablecloth, White #deals
Round 1 2ndressedtokill @2ndressedtokill◔∂ ONE WORLD M BLACK LACE CONTRAST ROUND TIE NECK SHIRRED HEM SHO🔁//" target="_blank">
Round 1Round 1Round 1Round 1 FowlervilleAthletics @Glads_Athletics🔁Best round of golf ever...#GoodCompany! #FutureGladiators
Round 1Round 1Round 1Round 1 MATI OPAZO @MatiGarrix🔁 Ibiza! This is Super Martin Garrix at @ushuaiaibiza for Round 6 (Aug 10th) ➕✖️
Faggot Supremacy @evilfaggot🔁*clap clap* i think these nazi's in #charlottesville need a round of applause
Round 1 Danny Covfefe🍦🍦🐸 @Daniel_Ohana🔁Damn /pol/ you guys are good. Round of adderall on me!
Round 1 @find0m @RTfaggot🔁 Getting ready for drinks who's buying the first round #findom #financialslave #femdom #paypig
Round 1Round 1 //nick🍩gar🍩rett// @FearlessRiOT🔁 The next round will be movies. There are definitely some really epic films from both eras
Round 1 Abi Wright @abiwrightonit🔁Nice walk round the village, shorts and hoody kind of weather.... #keepmoving
Round 1 Thomas Kult @thomaskult🔁 Money makes the world go round und was noch?
Round 1 ペケロク(@名古屋 @pekeroku🔁#nowplaying NEW WORLD - ROUND TABLE Feat. Nino -NEW WORLD Feat. Nino
Round 1Round 1Round 1Round 1 pia♡ @BlessingTae🔁 yoongi; bts

-yes hello it's another nose i wanna boop
-so cute
-it's so round

Round 1 cruzianmac @vbcc17🔁 Ready for Round 2? Let's get it!

Play ball!

Round 1 Bemituale👑 @AlphaCapitalist🔁 It looks like we got go round up these Damn Nazis AGAIN!!!!! #Charlottesville
Round 1Round 1 Долька помидорки🍅🗡 @Little0tomato🔁 " Round-Face "
Round 1 raw me teba @brutalitydrive🔁 giorno: dad could you stop scaring every friend I bring round
Round 1 Burke F Garner @BeezyBGarner🔁 Bucs release kicker Roberto Aguayo, who they selected in the 2nd round last year
Round 1 M🍃 @mintparfaits🔁 Janken Tournament 2017 - Preliminary Round (Day 2) Results
Round 1Round 1 jaque²⁸ @stylesreiign🔁 Harry Styles vs. T-ara in round four of #FanArmyFaceOff
Round 1Round 1Round 1Round 1 Sweet baby boy @DarkASMRKnight🔁 💥💥💥original vs my style💥💥💥
   💥💥💥round 2💥💥💥
Round 1 camila @Camila_Cabello🔁love..... makes the world go round
Philadelphia Eagles @Eagles🔁Roster Move: acquire CB Ronald Darby from Buffalo in exchange for WR Jordan Matthews and a 2018 3rd-round pick.
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁This Just In: Eagles WR Jordan Matthews and a third-round pick have been traded to the Bills in exchange for CB Ronal d Darby.
The MMQB @theMMQB🔁The most accurate kicker in NCAA history couldn’t hit the mark in the NFL. on Roberto Aguayo:
Bobby Dennis @101bigears🔁ROUND 1 of 15 - Of these candidates who would you vote to win the White House? The top 2 will progress to the next bracket!
💗 @_prettylexi_🔁The next round is Music. Both eras have classics so I'll be posting a few of the many iconic music moments that define each era.
Sabrina🎩🎶 @queen_stevie_n🔁 Queen of Rock N' Roll?
Tina Turner Region
Round Two 1 Vs. 9
Dawn Moore @manchecktanra11🔁Godchaux will start next to Suh Week 1,Phillips proyect is done, outperformed by a 5th round rookie.
William Cook @WGeorgeCook🔁New hike today. Into the Mokelumne Wilderness and up to Round Top Lake. Caples Lake pictures.
Tarlos @tarlosistvan🔁Decca 78rpm 1949 GUY LOMBARDO Merry Go Round Waltz + Canadian Capers Twin Pianos
Register Sports @RichmondRsports🔁GOLF: Final round of Lady Indian Invitational is set for Sunday at the Bull .. 1:30 p.m. start .. Sacred Heart leads field, Scott County 2nd
Nicole Di Carlo @dicarlonicole🔁.'s 🇨🇦  expects Canada to get better heading into the 🏅 round. 🏆


Lorinda Benway @dept_i🔁"Nice job, that moved you up to 11th," tells after his second run in Round 1.
Greg Cosgrove @GregCosgrove1🔁Sounds like fighting talk. Dyche takes out Conte in round 1.
AKU AKU @OogieBJBong🔁If you think Denzel Ward is a late first round pick you are kidding yourself. Top15. Also, Mike Weber with 25 reps 👀
Joe La Papes @jpgettygreens🔁On This Day 12 August 1959 Archie Moore stops Yvon Durelle in round 3 of their rematch to retain the Light Heavyweight title.
JavaClass 🇺🇸 ✝️ @TheJavaClass🔁What a CLUTCH round 11 by !
They stay alive and remain at Champs!
ForeBiz Telford @ForeBizTelford🔁Owner/director? Golfer? Handle more business? Join us - 7am 23rd Aug for a FREE round  in Telford
Min Yoongi @army_adina🔁i mean it wholeheartedly when i say ive never seen a cuter nose in my life. super cute small and round, inventor of button noses 1billion/10
DCDominatrixes @DCDominatrixes🔁We'll do a round up a bit later.

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Adam Milsted @milzy26🔁 Playoffs (Round 2):
W2B beats 56st Narbs, 2-1.

1 - @poultonb87
1 - @milzy26

Winning Pitcher:

iCan'tThinkOfAName @tthinkofaname🔁"Story time again?" the dingo asked. "Well, gather round..."

Thanks for the snap

JavaClass 🇺🇸 ✝️ @TheJavaClass🔁Game 5, round 11, and we take it 3-2 over . We are the only European team in top 8 of .
Race Sonoma Fans @RT_RaceSonoma🔁Does anyone have the power to stop 's ascension to championship glory? Tune in now for Round 7 at .
Rosie @Rosies_Round_Up🔁The Elephant Sanctuary is celebrating with the grand opening of our Outdoor Classroom.
Julie Strietelmeier @thegadgeteer🔁Thinkware dascam review, OURA fitness tracking ring review, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review, and more – Weekly round …
Tre @TheScarletTre🔁[] Team Shade fall in round 3 of the day 1 qualifier.

Keep your heads up and prepare for the next qualifier.

Football Rss @PremierLeaque🔁[Sky] Ligue 1: Marseille win again


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