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Rosier Heat Season @HeatSeason🔁Thomas can't be more open and Rosier can't got an easy pass that any QB around nation competes
ACC Football @ACCFootball🔁Malik [Rosier] is very smart. He understands football. He can come off the field, or after a rep in practice, and det ail what he saw.
- Coach Mark Richt
Alvaro @27_Vro🔁 Malik Rosier next year
Raul Gamazo @RGamazo24🔁 Malik Rosier next year
Barry Jackson @flasportsbuzz🔁Rosier will be in unusual situation of QB off 10 or 11 win season who will need to battle to win 2018 starting job.UM remains high on N'Kosi
Will Manso @WillManso🔁Rosier with another miss. Had Thomas for easy first down. He’s been a great story for Miami this season with big p lays in big moments. But UM needs consistency. He just hasn’t shown it.
DieselCane @DieselCane22🔁@jstew9 Rosier won’t be here. Perry abd Williams will compete to start
RichardLavina @LavinaRicky🔁@roybelly Can we adjust AR’s knee, Walton’s ankle, Rosier’s brain+arm and @JonVilma51 eligibility?
Dustin Houlton @putter1013🔁Rosier is not good. He was bailed out by Langham twice and had the benefit of the defense giving him a short field. A s good as this defense can be we should be putting up points and we rarely do
JayllaLynnMedina💚 @JayllaLynn🔁 Rosier is playing with my emotions.
🖤🍫KB🍫🖤 @xxSimplyKB🔁 Malik Rosier will NOT be Miami's starting quarterback in 2018.
CJ Kania @CJKania🔁If Rosier takes a god damn snap next season Richt gotta go
Nick Pompili @BernardJoints🔁We’re not done yet, we’re always a 2nd half team.

They’ll adjust; Rosier will start hitting his throws, and our rec eivers will start catching them.

Juan Claude Van Damm @MrRichardF🔁 Rosier 6 for 12 for 27 yds ...down 21-0 vs Clemson at half... UM being outgained 231-64
Thomas Dougherty @tdou04🔁@sunzouttgunzout Rosier Hail Mary is only 30 yards
Chillona Woods @Ms_3K20🔁I mean what do we have to be upset about(besides Rosier)
Josh Stewart @jstew9🔁@DieselCane22 So he and Rosier had something in common. Idk how that changes next year.
Jimi Kunkel @JimiKunkel🔁@JGJr9 Your takes on Rosier have been 100% accurate.
Mr.C @bigman_29🔁 This has been the story for weeks. Jeff Thomas is wide open and Rosier can’t hit him.
Sarah Rosier @sarah_e_rosier🔁THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS, HONEY.
javycane @javycane🔁Fuck these niggas

Rosier stinks and has stunk all season

Carried by an overachieving defense all year

Joe J @ATLCane_99🔁W/o Rosier we aren’t even here. Do you all even realize how historically terrible this O Line is. F*** Stacey Searle s I am tired of ...
Glenn Sutton @GASTides🔁@CanesFootball Rosier looks flat does he know This is for the ACC Championship? Snap out out of it
#DolphinsSZN @JarvisIandry🔁Starter? Rosier won't be a USA citizen after tonight
Bryan Llenas @BryanLlenas🔁Honestly, I get Clemson is an incredible team but Malik Rosier the last 6 quarters of football just looks lost, disin terested, and uninspired. Doesn’t strike me as the QB to rally the troops.
Sarah Rosier @sarah_e_rosier🔁Free wine at the Christmas party for the local political org I volunteer for. Taylor Swift lyrics time? Maybe not.
🇭🇹ºWa Ayitiº🇭🇹 @BlaCoG6🔁 QB comparison:

Bryant - 15-of-18 for 164 yards

Rosier - 5-of-10 for 21 yards

10k gold @tUrn0v3rChain🔁3rd and 7 with a quarterback that is as inaccurate as Rosier....that’s why he punted. If it had been 3rd and short, h e may have considered it IMO
Yandin Hardaway @Chad_Griffeyjr🔁Can the ghost of Ken Dorsey take over Malik rosier in the second half?
Michael @Tha_Tuna🔁Rosier beat FSU. Not a canes qb over the last 7 years could say that. Yeah he’s not good, but he’s done more then mos t have
Rolando Rodriguez @roly_is_here🔁Coaches have put Rosier in position to make plays over and over again and he has missed them terribly. It should be 21-10 at this point. Instead we can't move the ball to save our lives. I feel for the fans who made the trek to watch this garbage.
Derrick Burnette @dpburnette🔁I appreciate what Rosier has done for Miami this year...but when you play teams like Clemson YOU HAVE to have a QB that can hit open receivers...we've hit the ceiling with him folks
Stanton @StantonThe3rd🔁@BranG1992 I have Al Golden recruits in my mentions for talking about rosier
Santiago Chi @santiago_chi🔁 The good news is we have 30 minutes left.....bad news is we have Rosier at QB
Tate @illmaticTate🔁@SheCameILeft I know, but if they keep playing like this? We won’t score. Rosier sucks
rOmaN @romancane🔁Said 3rd down was the key. Not running, rosier, completion % etc etc

Miami 2/8
Clemson 7/9

It NEVER fails

joe joe @doublej_01🔁Damn man, the offense needs to wake up, running game ain’t working and Malik rosier needs to start making some throws . Let’s go wake up.
Dave Stecklow @dssteck🔁@Tha_Tuna @CanesFamNews Take anyone over rosier
D'quidis Ben Reddy @dekiddisreddy🔁@roybelly Can Rosier adjust his accuracy?
BossHawgKasino @ChefMaal7🔁@KingLew_88 Wasn't our night the moment Rosier missed that deep ball to JT4
Flippa McFadden @Stretch_Go_Ham🔁Rosier lookin like he lost
♌️ @hazeleyesmikel🔁@fastthink @CanesFootball If Rosier make the open throws Miami would have points on the board right now
Better Duck @Betterduck🔁@flasportsbuzz @CIS_Geo They got bigger problems than QB. The defense stinks and no running game. Stop asking Rosier to be Marino.
Tony Clifton Hannukah Special @DTenenbaum🔁Tonight more about opponent, but Rosier has struggled most November. He's a senior next year, but when/if Richt gets Jacob Eason on campus for 2019, things will really roll.
Zaboka Papi 🇭🇹 @4thQtr_Ninja🔁@Dont__BeStupid It is, but there’s gotta be someone more suitable than Rosier
Josephson ⛩🀄️🎴🇯🇵 @Ceasars_Palace9🔁Malik Rosier will NOT be Miami's starting quarterback in 2018.
LoICPodcastCFB @loicpodcfb🔁Miami Hurricanes fan excuses tonight

Rosier terrible ✅
Walton/Herndon/Richards hurt ✅
Richt poor playcalling✅
Scho larships/depth issues ✅
We need a new punter✅

Add on.......

Hurricane Rob🇵🇦 @DeeRob305🔁Rosier missed Thomas for 6.. Malek missed a fumble and Badge missed a FG.. we aint ready yet...still Go Canes
Richt Flare🔥Drip💧 @Carson737_🔁Even without Herndon & Richards, we’re doing horrible regardless. Rosier keeps throwing crap passes.
Derrick Burnette @dpburnette🔁I appreciate what Rosier has done for Miami this year...but when you play teams like Clemson YOU HAVE to have a QB t hat can hit open receivers...we've hit the ceiling with him folks
Barry Jackson @flasportsbuzz🔁Rosier 6 for 12 for 27 yds ...down 21-0 vs Clemson at half... UM being outgained 231-64
Jarvis Peeples @jpeeples21🔁 Rosier will not be the starer next year
Chief Gym Hopper @FrankSno9🔁@bigpunisher305 Is it a meltdown if you’re pointing out how bad Rosier isV
Stanton @StantonThe3rd🔁 The homers are probably blaming the defense for Rosier missing a wide open Jeff Thomas with an underthrow
Jacob Mode @JacobM9🔁Rosier will be 4th string next season.
Zack Mitchell @ZMPunk08🔁@CanesFootball Bench Rosier for the rest of the game. Next year get an offensive coordinator. #GoCanes
DieselCane @DieselCane22🔁The good news is we have 30 minutes left.....bad news is we have Rosier at QB
Andy Singleton @PeoplezPen🔁You're living on the arm of Rosier at this point. Have to trust your D to not tire immediately, and go hurry up with the air game. Run isn't working, spread them out, and let it fly
BigBaller🐬4-7🐬 @ohthatscash🔁@Patrick_Aves10 rosier looks fucking terrible
SteveO @TheStevenM🔁@flasportsbuzz Rosier can switch to punter!
Cane D. Great @Category9Cane🔁Canes defense with some good signs over the last couple drives. Bryant has missed his last five throws. But none of that matters if Rosier keeps missing receivers.
Matthew Wright Mason @Ubermensch1199🔁@CanesFamNews This has nothing to do with that. Rosier can't hit wide open WRs.
RoboCane @RoboCane1🔁27 passing yards.



lol.... whatever atleast we made it @Outpinged🔁@AtlCane09 No they know I’m not I’m just vocal about Rosier and I have been all year
Mike @GoldenBrew🔁This is really weird to say, but Miami is lucky to only be down 21-0. We are one FG and one EASY Rosier pass from i t bring 21-10, so that’s something positive.
Marcus @mprimc🔁@flasportsbuzz Rosier will transfer he doesn't have the talent to compete with Perry
BEAT CLEMSON @CanesSmackTalk🔁@isaiah_km Nah they haven't played good on D. Rosier can't hit open receivers though.
USC 31 Sanford 28 @TheLakeShOwKinG🔁 @TheLakeShOwKinG He’s a solid RB. No Mark Walton whose the #1. Miami is too young. And Rosier is terrible
BEAR @Sed_Coleman_🔁 Rosier 6-12 for 27 yards ... at least he completing his usual 50%
SportsFan Medic @SportsFanMedic🔁@flasportsbuzz There will be no battle. Rosier has no chance to be QB next season. ZERO!


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