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Rosier Sophia Son @only1kenjai🔁⚫️⚫️⚫️ went to rosier funeral last night
RosierRosier Deezy Gramz @DeezyGramz561🔁 Braxton Berrios and Malik Rosier after the Orange Bowl
Deezy Gramz @DeezyGramz561🔁 Watching Malik Rosier on this drive
Deezy Gramz @DeezyGramz561🔁 Last Rosier drive ever
Rosier Stanton @StantonThe3rd🔁When you see Malik Rosier’s stats
Canes Football @CanesFootball🔁WHAT. A. PLAY.

Rosier to Cager for six!

Rosier Canes Football @CanesFootball🔁With that passing TD, Malik Rosier now holds Miami's record for most total touchdowns in a single season.
ESPN Stats & Info @ESPNStatsInfo🔁Miami QB Malik Rosier with 31 TD resp. for this season, breaks a tie with Vinny Testaverde for most in a single seaso n in school history
Mr.YankeezMan @MrYankeezman🔁@MarkRicht ENOUGH of Rosier!!!!!!!!
jarrod cardinal @JarrodCardinal🔁@Canes_and_Cards @TheStateOfTheU Moved on to Rosier pastures?
Ya Hoe™ @Money__Walks91🔁Rosier had static in his headset whole game
BringBackTheFullback @BrngBakFullback🔁I do think that if Malik Rosier isn't throwing picks, Miami wins that game. despite the Refs.
Terrance M. Sullivan @tsully76🔁 Rosier less than a 50% AGAIN
BTSK #LilBlackGenius @BTSKSmoke🔁 Telling them boys this.. RT @Truth_305: And to be fair to Rosier the play callin not great Lol
Terrance M. Sullivan @tsully76🔁Rosier 2 picks was the game for the canes. He was too helter skelter all year. the most bipolar qb I've ever seen in my years of following canes football. Sub 50% passing performances cannot be accepted and i fully expect a usurpation to happen in spring.
Vic Figueroa @dachosn1Telling them boys this.. 🔁 And to be fair to Rosier the play callin not great Lol
Matt Bodenheimer @RBPD5015🔁@JMP1063 Been saying this all year, that Rosier is not elite and makes too many bad passes. Can’t win with him.
Coach @lookinuge🔁@HurricaneinWS Im happy man.. Rosier gone..
The Miami Hurricane @MiamiHurricane🔁After a ten-game winning streak followed by two losses, UM concludes the 2017 season with a third consecutive defeat against Wisconsin in the Orange Bowl. Starting quarterback Malik Rosier set a school record for most total touchdowns in a season with 31:
theOvision. . AuRA ™ @Truth_305🔁And to be fair to Rosier the play callin not great Lol
Kenneth Rountree @KHRountree🔁@JohnMichaels929 Rosier just not consistent enough
BTSK #LilBlackGenius @BTSKSmoke🔁Rosier sucked the energy out of the team with his stupidity
Earl Law @iAmEarlLaw🔁@A_Wonder75 I just never was a belieber In Rosier ... just never saw anything that made me believe in him
MarcusJayBird @PrincessDracul4🔁@espn Rosier is a bum. And his confidence is gone. 4 more years!
Kham @_KillaKham🔁 Rosier career over at Um and we need and offensive coordinator bad
Derek Chabot @Dchabs4life🔁I will drink to that all weekend. Rosier has over achieved during their 10 wins. Keep studying, practicing, and eati ing NPerry👊
Big Belly Rude T @Fat_boy_T🔁Damn rosier threw 3 picks
Sophie @SOPHI_sticated2🔁Rosier isn’t even as good as Blackman. Let alone, Francois. He’s about as good as Franks. Honestly think Del Rio is better.
Marcus Lightfoot @infiniteENOS🔁How Richt talking to the pundits when he bout to put the blame on Christopher Williams...I mean Malik Rosier for the season and the loss tonight
Rob @FSUWarpath🔁Did Rosier get to wear the turnover chain when he threw those interceptions? Asking for myself.
#theU 10-2 @caneslifer_🔁He’ll compete next spring. Think Perry might have inside track and Williams might play a factor. Gotta give Rosier credit. Showed lots of guts all year
#33 @geeRaddd🔁You right. It’s not hard. Homer and Deejay could’ve got off if they ran the ball. Especially Deejay. Idk why he so co nfident in rosier arm.
Rell Sosa 🍢 @TerrellT_🔁@ceddyb_ Richt gon force Rosier out?
RAFA @RaffaMiami🔁Not gonna criticize Rosier the young Man won the job this year because he was the best QB on the roster and won the job . Solid season .....
dbedu @dabtobin🔁@Manny_Navarro If rosier is competing we r in trouble. That kid shouldn’t be allowed within 1000 feet of a football next year.
Terminator X @monstaX🔁No more Rosier though. Can’t do it man
Ncaa 2017-18 Roster @Ncaa16Rosters🔁weird anomolies about this canes football year

-almost no holding penalties against miami
-opposing kickers didnt miss one FG
-we lost basically every major star playmaker we have
-we won 10 games in spite of this
-rosier is way too inconsistent and wont start again

Kyrie Swerving 🎱 @_LeDieuNoir🔁Open QB competition for Miami next year will be great. Either Rosier takes that next step or we get someone that will. I like it
BDuBB Coastal Champs @bwintz122🔁weird anomolies about this canes football year

-almost no holding penalties against miami
-opposing kickers didnt miss one FG
-we lost basically every major star playmaker we have
-we won 10 games in spite of this
-rosier is way too inconsistent and wont start again

Coach @lookinuge🔁My 2017 Canes take.. Richt is building a monster. Rosier was a stopgap to the future that went better than planned. 2 018 Canes will be better and Rosier will be signaling plays. Richt is here for the long haul
☁️Ceddy Brenzel☁️ @ceddyb_🔁I might take a year off from da program if Rosier da starter next year.. 🤦🏾‍♂️
Holy Cane @Freddie_Cane🔁 Imagine losing to Malik Rosier
Ryan @CoRyanSmith88🔁My only take on the Miami game last night... Defense played horrible. Rosier played horrible.. Next year is a new sea son. Not saying a year ahead of schedule anymore. 10 wins is ok but 11 would have been better.
🅱️ig 🅱️aller Q @CaneGangg🔁Imagine losing to Malik Rosier
🅱️ig 🅱️aller Q @CaneGangg🔁Idk How Rosier won 10 games
☁️Ceddy Brenzel☁️ @ceddyb_🔁 @CaneGangg We good dawg that sorry shit rosier and Delaney out of here
NFC East Champs @_Geetchi🔁@CaneGangg We good dawg that sorry shit rosier and Delaney out of here
Desynovalasari @DesyNovalaSari🔁Foto-foto terbaru dari Fantastic Beasts 2!

Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) and Tina (Katherine Waterston).

Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law).

Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) and Rosier (Poppy Corby-Tuech).

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald tayang di bioskop 16 November 2018.

Gideon Rogers @1Gideon_Rogers🔁The badgers defense has woken up and force a three and out after NT Olive Sagapolu sacks Miami QB Malik Rosier.

🙌🏽 14

🔴 10

Janina Larssen @JaninaLarssen🔁Vinda Rosier was a member of the famous pure-blood Rosier family and a loyal and trusted follower of Gellert Grindelwald. She was said to be mysterious.

Can I already obsess over my new favorite Dark Veela?

🅱️ig 🅱️aller Q @CaneGangg🔁Yea had Rosier not thrown the 2nd Pick we probably win but it what is, got me a nigga at QB next year with this recru iting class🔥so I’m chillin
Deezy Gramz @DeezyGramz561🔁 My story: The competition to be UM’s starting quarterback in 2018 has begun for Rosier, Perry
Deezy Gramz @DeezyGramz561🔁How the heck did Al Golden leave the qb position so barren? Rosier does not start for another top 25 team and probably not for half the MAC or CUSA. Malik won the job and absolutely did the best he could but if he was the best, holy shit.
Deezy Gramz @DeezyGramz561🔁 Badgers had no life and Rosier resuscitate them. SMh
友蔵 @shin_dc5🔁ROSIER / SHOW-YA


“If you watch the tape you’ll see.” @THVLES1🔁 @CanesFootball For the love of god Richt, please never start Rosier ever again. Please.
☁️Ceddy Brenzel☁️ @ceddyb_🔁 Good morning

Rosier just threw another pick .

Steve 🇭🇹 @zoeveli🔁Good morning

Rosier just threw another pick .

nittanyCane @ZackUMPSU🔁I'm still giving Richt the benefit of the doubt on offense. Everyone said we'd struggle on that side because of youth and Rosier, yet we're shocked when it happened. Then we lost Walton, Herndon, Richards. Excuses gone next year with the talent coming in.
Gil @GGUTI01🔁At the grocery store the other day, I was telling my wife how its strange there’s high pulp, low pulp & no pulp orange juice, but no normal amount of pulp OJ.

This is also a good synopsis of Malik Rosier’s play.

Chris @frostdog0511🔁@ByTimReynolds Rosier is a jv quarterback in dade,broward, and palm beach
Hunter maher @huntermaher92🔁Perry probably is the fav don't be surprised if barren gets the nod the best arm of the 3 kosi has advantage of being in system a yr rosier has no shot IMO
Mdoeee @mdoeee🔁I can live with a loss tonight, but please, no more Rosier as the quarterback. He served his purpose this season
Deezy Gramz @DeezyGramz561🔁 I've watched the progression of Malik Rosier do from Dorsey to Jacorey seemingly over night.
Deezy Gramz @DeezyGramz561🔁It’s hard to move the ball consistently when your 2 best receiving threats are out, but it sure doesn’t seem like Rosier is the answer at QB. Is Perry? That’ll be one of the biggest questions of the offseason.
Deezy Gramz @DeezyGramz561🔁 Rosier just isn't very good. That's so unfortunate but it's a reality.
Deezy Gramz @DeezyGramz561🔁Miami QB Malik Rosier with 31 TD resp. for this season, breaks a tie with Vinny Testaverde for most in a single season in school history
Deezy Gramz @DeezyGramz561🔁 Last weekend with Malik Rosier and Jay Cutler. That’s a W in my book
Deezy Gramz @DeezyGramz561🔁 Malik Rosier has only attempted 7 passes and still was able to throw the 1st half away for Miami.
michael @philefan4life🔁@Jaredd410 Rosier is a junior.... he'll come back cause nobody drafting his sorry ass
Stardust @ThisKidGio🔁Quick to jump on Rosier, but he won us 10 games this year.
My Legs Are Swollen @Rex_Karz🔁@CANESFAN121974 @CanesWarningFS nonsense.. rosier sucks. end of story.
My Legs Are Swollen @Rex_Karz🔁@CanesWarningFS game went exactly as I thought it would. rosier is the worst qb im div 1....10-3 is a miracle.
David Thomas @nevereverDave🔁Aye happy new year indeed to one & all. With these fine young ambassadors starting out, future is that bit rosier. F ew adults commenting below, should have a word with themselves, let go the insecurity for a day! Take no heed of them, plough your own way & enjoy the journey 👏💐
Jeremy @JFialkow305🔁Quan returns. Storm 18 DBs — Same defense. The Notorious LBs (not you, McCloud). AR82, JT4, Pope. Lo, Travis & Cam. Not Rosier. Brevin + Mallory.

Y'all thinking what I'm thinking?

Mike @Hurricane_dymo🔁 Fuck rosier idgaf block me do whatever!! Move the fuck on from him
Levar @LevarTheLibra🔁First off let me say GO CANES!!! 🙌... but Let's break it down. Travis Homer is a powerful runner but lacks vision. Malik Rosier great kid but lacks accuracy and decision making. The cornerback position needs reevaluating but keep Young where he is at and Bandy at the nickel.
YouTube Expert @TFBJP88🔁
Watch My 1st Y outube Video☝Conor McGregor
Rosier Kirk Franklin
Tony Ferguson
New York Summit
The Misfits

🅱️ig 🅱️aller Q @CaneGangg🔁Think it might be Rosier’s final game in a Miami uniform. Was an upgrade over Kaaya. Has the guts. But word out of practice lately is Perry’s ready.
🅱️ig 🅱️aller Q @CaneGangg🔁 Malik Rosier against FSU:

1-0. Sit this one out, Bud.

The Miami Metropolis @MiamiMetropolis🔁The competition to be UM’s starting quarterback in 2018 has begun for Rosier, Perry
Todd Jones @ToddJones5🔁@TheAmigo He didn’t call an awful game... Rosier is so bad it makes the Canes limited. Hopefully Perry is ready to go.
Pacers Fan @Paceafterdark🔁Malik Rosier turned the ball over 3x, we missed 2 FGs, and the defense wore down.

But thanks for asking.

Dave Duncan @DaveDun90384952🔁Don't forget all the picks Rosier threw, his lack of converting on 3rd down, and all the terrible missed penalties th e canes committed. Wiscy would have blown the "U" out in Madison.


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