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Anthony @A_G_G_23🔁 Ronald Darby in individual drills:
Ronald Darby Zesty NFL Eagles @zesty_eagles🔁New Eagles CB Ronald Darby practices for first time
Christopher Howard @galacticbrewing🔁 Ronald Darby in individual drills:
Ronald Darby dave @eagIespls🔁 Ronald Darby ready to practice #Eagles
Ronald Darby Eliot Shorr-Parks @EliotShorrParks🔁#Eagles future at CB, Sidney Jones and Ronald Darby
Philadelphia Eagles @Eagles🔁#Eagles jersey number updates:
LeGarrette Blount 29
Ronald Darby 35
Terrence Brooks 24 (d)
Philadelphia Eagles @Eagles🔁Watch live as head coach Doug Pederson & CB Ronald Darby address the media.
Daniel Franck @dkfdawg🔁 Eagles get first look at Ronald Darby's fit with starting defense
vicnextdoor 🇵🇷 @yapapivic🔁 Jalen Mills (right) and Ronald Darby (left) are lining up as Eagles first team corners.
vicnextdoor 🇵🇷 @yapapivic🔁 Sneaky beneficiary of the Ronald Darby trade is Jalen Mills. No longer will go head-to-head vs. every teams WR1.
Kody Koharcheck @therealkodsterr🔁Suddenly the Eagles secondary looks much better.
LCB Ronald Darby
RCB Jalen Mills
Safety Malcolm Jenkins, Rodney McLeod
Nickel Ron Brooks
aiGlizzy ⛷ @glizzy_i🔁i pray Ronald Darby is nice cause i'm thinking super bowl this year 🙏🏾🏆 #FlyEaglesFly
Philly Bleed Green @phillybldgreen🔁Darby played with Eagles 1st string today

#eaglesfansonly #Eagles #birdgang #FlyEaglesFly #bleedgreen...

e.o @eazeee2004🔁We got our 1st look at Ronald Darby, who was immediately thrown in with the starters Sunday.

Mo Brewington @Smashmouth_Mo🔁Excellent run-down of today's #Eagles practice from @TDavenportNFL. Lots going on at the Novacare Complex-Peep it!
Philly Bleed Green @phillybldgreen🔁Ronald Darby practiced for the first time with the on Sunday and he was thrown in with the starters
Michael Trés Moore @mtresays🔁#FlyEaglesFly: Jim Schwartz Is 'Excited' To Have Ronald Darby
Eagles Buzztap @eaglesbuzztap🔁philly​.com >> Eagles get first look at Ronald Darby's fit with starting defense
iPhillySports @iPhillySports🔁Jim Schwartz Is ‘Excited’ To Have Ronald Darby
Naked Mole Rat @MindofKBR_0133🔁Newest CB Ronald Darby chats about playing LCB & RCB, going up against Alshon in practice & his departure from Buffalo
loading... @phillydotcom🔁Eagles get first look at Ronald Darby's fit with starting defense
Christopher Howard @galacticbrewing🔁 Ronald Darby running with the first team defense at RCB. Jalen Mills stays on the left. #Eagles
Christopher Howard @galacticbrewing🔁 Ronald Darby with the first-team defense right away. No slow transition.
Christopher Howard @galacticbrewing🔁 Ronald Darby and the other #Eagles CBs: Sports @phillysport🔁POLL: Is the Eagles secondary good enough with the addition of Ronald Darby? Cast your vote here: Sports @phillysport🔁Eagles get first look at Ronald Darby's fit with starting defense
Philly Daily News @PhillyDailyNews🔁Eagles get first look at Ronald Darby's fit with starting defense
Eagles Buzztap @eaglesbuzztap🔁philadelphiaeagles​.com >> Jim Schwartz Is 'Excited' To Have Ronald Darby
Snapshot King ⚫️ @AmeenKnows🔁 @sethjoyner Yessir. Ronald Darby was in bump and run vs Torrey Smith on a play.
Dino @MarrandinoDylan🔁Ronald Darby didn't look bad in first practice. Didn't notice him get beat much. Often had good coverage on his WR.
Goop @Goopalious🔁 Sidney Jones. Ronald Darby.

The dreaded secondary. 🔥
soldrz @soldrz🔁With Ronald Darby playing in the secondary today Eagles are having trouble completing a pass to whoever he's covering. Coincidence?
Mike Powers @mpowers_18🔁Getting ready to post a few shots of Ronald Darby during his career. Scouting report coming soon on the site! Check there for full notes.
Thad Moore @ThadM44🔁Hear from a somber Carson Wentz and others on Matthews trade, as well as Ronald Darby in my VIDEO from Sat:
Vinny L. @VinLospinuso91🔁WOW

Eagles trade Jordan Matthews to Buffalo for CB Ronald Darby

Bills trade Sammy Watkins to Rams for CB E.J. Gaines.


Vinny L. @VinLospinuso91🔁Recap Last 45 minutes:

Zeke Suspended 6 games

Sammy Watkins to Rams for CB E.J. Gaines.

Jordan Matthews to Bills for CB Ronald Darby.

Philly Bleed Green @phillybldgreen🔁Eagles CB Ronald Darby working on deep coverage.

#eaglesfansonly #Eagles #birdgang #FlyEaglesFly #bleedgreen...

Caleb Grossman @f_ckdallas1🔁Bills started 4 safeties opposite Corey Graham last yr. Graham attributed diff in Ronald Darby's rookie & 2nd seasons to bad communication.
sam @flyer4life🔁 The Eagles have traded wide receiver Jordan Matthews to the Bills for cornerback Ronald Darby.
Super Two Sports @SuperTwo_Sports🔁"We won the trade!" He proclaims though unbeknownst to him Ronald Darby will give up a deep bomb with the season on t he line in Week 17
Donald Rarby @PhlyingEagles🔁The more I think about it, the more I love the trade for Ronald Darby. Only 23 & Perfect fit for our scheme
Bradley Mason @bradthetruth🔁Jim Schwartz: It's exciting to have Ronald Darby
975TheFanatic @975TheFanatic🔁 On NOW is @JoeTordy until 8! Ronald Darby, the Slot WR, Ezekiel suspension & International Left handers day! 610-632-0975
BleedingGreenSince33 @FlyEaglesFly33🔁@YoPhilly500 Ronald Darby played well today in practice. Thats a great sign
Robbie @rob0803🔁 Eagles CB Ronald Darby may be used in cat coverage vs. top WRs
George Remaily @GeorgeRemaily🔁Ronald Darby!!!
EaglesSteelersFan @Eagles_Steelers🔁Bonus as aired on - Ronald Darby is worth what the Eagles traded to get him


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