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Ron Darling Sammy's Playhouse @NotTheRealMr609🔁Ron "TURN OFF YOUR TV" Darling


Craig Calcaterra @craigcalcaterra🔁Ron Darling is embarrassing himself.
Phil Rogers @philgrogers🔁Ron Darling: "An amazing, athletic play by Contreras and Schwarber has a chance to be taken away by the silliest of rules.''
Kayplusk @KayplusK🔁 Ron Darling misses these type of athletic plays in football. #NLCS
Josh Frydman @Josh_Frydman🔁Ron Darling on TBS broadcast after Contreras ruled to have blocked the plate: "It is the letter of the law. It's the letter of a bad law."
LillaPlagens654 @plagens654🔁 “Puig knew he hit it hard enough to get the gap.”

No, he clearly thought it was gone. Ron Darling strikes again.

Tom Bombadil @RealRyanFaulk🔁I think Ron Darling tears are my new favorite drink. #GoDodgers #ThisTeam
Benzac 10 @vxnova13🔁@ESPNStatsInfo @billplunkettocr The best part about this series finishing is not having to listen to ron darling
Houston Laney @houstonlaney🔁@TBSNetwork FYI Ron Darling is Tim McCarver bad. Find another of the 2 gazillion former big leaguers to do future #postseason broadcasts.
#7Wins @ShaneWaIden🔁Cubs should have realized people from LA are used to the lanes being blocked. Some say Ron Darling is still bitching to this day
Meg @megooo97🔁 Hey Ron Darling... if the Buster Posey rule isn't in place... Culberson runs over Contreras. #safetyofgame
The Great 🎃 @ceejopolis🔁Words I thought I'd never say. Ron Darling was right. Contreras broke the letter of the law, but was 100% in the SPIR IT of the law.
Tess Kolp @TessKolp🔁 "It's always been a bad rule," says Ron Darling of a rule created to help catchers not die on the field
Matthew Munson @munson91762🔁 Yasiel Puig literally just stared into the camera and challenged Ron Darling to a dance off. Whoa!
Matthew Munson @munson91762🔁Ron Darling is actually wearing a Cubs jersey in the booth to call this game. I can't believe TBS isn't even hiding their bias now. Wow.
paul burkhardt @paulburkhardt53🔁 #NLCS Does anyone else think that Ron Darling is seeming more and more like a grumpy Jeffry Toobin every day?
Randy @Burlyberenstain🔁#NLCS Does anyone else think that Ron Darling is seeming more and more like a grumpy Jeffry Toobin every day?
Fresh Outrage @FreshOutrage🔁@Chris_Sherwood @hankschulman Ron Darling would *not* let it go tonight. I bet he never caught an inning in his life.
Daniel M. Jimenez @DMJreports🔁 @mccoveychron Hot Take: Ron Darling makes Joe Buck look like Vin Scully.
Suzie Carrillo @Souixzq🔁 Ron Darling be quiet. No one wants to hear your opinion. You're bias and hate the Dodgers. #Dodgers #ThisTeam
NJ @NJinHB🔁 Ron Darling is embarrassing himself.
NJ @NJinHB🔁 Ron Darling hates this rule because apparently he'd much rather have seen someone get severely injured in a collision.
Kayplusk @KayplusK🔁I've never wanted to be listening to Joe Buck drone on and on more. Thanks for that Ron Darling.
Craig Gary Phillips @craigary🔁Ron Darling seemed mystified and taken aback. But then that’s how he spent most of broadcast. It’s as if good bullpen +tired SP isn’t a thing
Mike Yasa @MikeYasa🔁@molly_knight It didn’t feel like the cubs manager got ejected. Ron Darling was still in the booth.
Michael Carrillo @Habituallylame🔁Brian Anderson and Ron Darling are announcers for this series. The NLCS is somewhat of a big sporting event. I wish TBS treated it that way.
Michael Carrillo @Habituallylame🔁Ron Darling just writes down every baseball cliche he knows and says them randomly during the game regardless of what's happening.
Kayplusk @KayplusK🔁 Ron Darling is weeping on national TV for his beloved Cubbies
Kayplusk @KayplusK🔁 That’s the right call, Buster Posey has his leg snapped because of that, Ron Darling is being idiotic right now
Saul Zalta @zalta2🔁Listening to postseason Ron Darling vs regular season Ron Darling is all the evidence I need to know that Gary Cohen is an elite PBP guy.
Brian H @RunTheJules🔁Ron Darling was so far up the Cubs tonight, they could clean him with a toothbrush. Absolutely awful commentator.
DKDodgers @DKDodgers🔁 @BenGurr74 Ron Darling has caused me to yell at my tv more times than I can count
DKDodgers @DKDodgers🔁 You'd think Ron Darling had stock in the concussion crisis hotline or something.
Billy @ahbilly🔁Ron Darling must have cried all over it
John saenz @JS041568🔁@timcates @PetrosAndMoney Ron Darling can suck it
chewwbroccoli @chewwbroccoli🔁Ron Darling needs a Cubs' uniform. IT'S THE RULE, dumbass. Catchers can't block the plate without the ball.
#DontLookAtMoondog @EricMoondog🔁@ChiCubsCoverage ???? Ron Darling was knobbing the Cubs all night
Spense @HeyYoEowyn🔁You'd think Ron Darling had stock in the concussion crisis hotline or something.
Jonathan Johnson @Ron_Swanson1🔁Wonderful night at the opera house with my darling
🎶 @ Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Andy @ajney🔁I can't get over how much Ron Darling sounds like James Woods
PAPASIERRA @wazcrakinps🔁 Can they throw Ron Darling out of the game too, maybe? #ThisTeam
Aaron (but spooky)🌹 @aaronp_m🔁@DevinMitchell Maybe you're right. How did you feel about Ron Darling's on-air hot take?
junior @purodoyers🔁 Why doesn't Ron Darling just say, "FUCK THE DOYERS". At least then I'd have some respect for him.
Joseph Perez @josephpaulperez🔁Ron Darling is worse than Joe Buck. Is he still complaining about the play at the plate? #ThisTeam
Hannah Singh @hannahbrad🔁I think I can still hear Ron Darling complaining...
Robert Rheault @robert_rheault🔁 Agreed, Ron Darling. Great, great baseball play taken away. Darling said, "and I hate it"!!
Claudia🎃 @blissfulclaudia🔁 Ron Darling, back in his hotel room, in his Cubs PJs and raiding the liquor in the mini bar.
Tim Knoch⚾️ @Octim1🔁Ron Darling, back in his hotel room, in his Cubs PJs and raiding the liquor in the mini bar.
Erika @UVAHooGirl🔁@BenGurr74 Ron Darling has caused me to yell at my tv more times than I can count
steve smith @stevesmittyboy🔁Harold Reynolds and Ron Darling hate the Dodgers. It's amazing they give 0 props to our boys. MLB east coast bias.
Mike Yasa @MikeYasa🔁I need the @Dodgers to sweep. I can’t a full week of Ron Darling.
Erika @UVAHooGirl🔁 Attention Ron Darling. Lol complaining about the rule. Contreras woulda been flattened.
Steve Jenks @stevedabowler77🔁Ron Darling is a big dick


Ari @arikalfon🔁@timcates EXACTLY!!! F Ron Darling
Jocelyn Kornfeld @Jocelynkornfeld🔁 “I knew it!” - Ron Darling

I’ve never heard a national broadcaster root so blatantly against one team.


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