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Roger AilesRoger Ailes wade wilson @littlespoonthor🔁 Roger Ailes died and was replaced by something better: a conspiracy theory post
Roger Ailes Jon F. @jonfman🔁 Here's the only Roger Ailes obit you need. (From a Deadspin commenter)
Roger Ailes Cheryl Morgan @PeachyCheryl🔁 A sad legacy of Roger Ailes. I'm sure a lot of Americans can relate to this online comment:
Roger Ailes Michael Heilman @MichaelHeilman🔁 While Roger Ailes allegedly demanded oral sex from dozens of employees, only one acquiesced
Roger Ailes CJR @CJR🔁Ailes legacy: stoking divisions, damaging truth
Roger Ailes Ed Darrell @EdDarrell🔁 Ailes legacy: stoking divisions, damaging truth
USA TODAY Money @USATODAYmoney🔁The late Roger Ailes' legacy: 3 lasting effects he had on politics and TV
Roger Ailes trumpathon @trumpathon🔁BREAKING: Disgraced Fox News CEO Roger Ailes Deád At 77
Kevin Gagnon @K_M_Gagnon🔁 Oh... Roger Ailes died??
Roger Ailes Christian 💬 @christianmccrea🔁Here's the only Roger Ailes obit you need. (From a Deadspin commenter)
Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid🔁My Roger Ailes obit in @TIME
Anne Applebaum @anneapplebaum🔁Roger Ailes made our country stupider, cruder, nastier and more bigoted via @slate
Potomac Flow @FlowPotomac🔁Fate Of Late Roger Ailes' Sexual Harassment Cases
ForeignServiceGal🌍 @ShirlsAdams🔁@RainHellBitches 2. But here's the #NYTIMES piece on #RogerAiles well worth a read ? ?
Eduardo @hockey8Canada🔁From past guest of the show : Roger Ailes Was One of the Worst Americans Ever via
tracey @mustangmadd🔁 Roger Ailes’ true legacy: His misbegotten swamp child is in the White House -
Mark James @DemocratMark🔁The World Roger Ailes Made
Mara McGuire @Megaera17🔁I don't know the rules, but decency would seem to limit flag-draped coffins to members of the military.
American Patriot @Earth_Patriot1🔁Anthony Weiner, a convicted pedophile, received more media sympathy than Roger Ailes' widow, a grieving wife.

Let that sink in.

MJW @mjw_26🔁 I wrote about Mr. Ailes
The Nice Terrier @Bobbyh214🔁Bill O'Reilly: "Hatred" Killed Roger Ailes - news -
Max @max007ab🔁Fox News founder Roger Ailes died of complications from fall

bridget ryder @bridget4kicks🔁 Levin: Roger Ailes showed people that ‘courage does matter’

JO PIPES @JOJap227🔁So Bill O'Reilly thinks liberal hatred of Roger Ailes killed him? Dude, if hate could kill you'da been dead as fuck like forever ago
Ashburn Connect @ashburn_connect🔁Roger Ailes Was One of the Worst Americans Ever -
Sarah London @londonsje🔁More odd friendships. Like liberals finding George Bush "cute"
Inky Mark @inky_mark🔁Roger Ailes’ true legacy: His misbegotten swamp child is in the White House -
Emotionally Unstable @SentencedToWin🔁Roger Ailes has died. Wow. Sending deep and heartfelt condolences to everyone who was abused, harassed, exploited, and unjustly fired by him
soros owes me $1500 @alecolyte🔁as the man who was personaly tasked with wiping roger ailes ass id just like to say theres no way im more than 40% responsible for his death
BDBoop @BDBoopster🔁 I hope Roger Ailes is in heaven now.

He deserves to spend eternity in a place run by a liberal socialist.

James E. Girards @girardslaw🔁 Roger Ailes popularized conservatism. And debased it. My Saturday column in the NYT:
Donald Tr*mp @realDumoldTrump🔁Roger Ailes was a disgusting puke and the world's a little bit better with him in the ground.
Shimohi Kagami @ShimohiHikagami🔁I liked a @YouTube video BREAKING: Disgraced Fox News CEO Roger Ailes Deád At 77
bridget ryder @bridget4kicks🔁 .@marklevinshow's tribute to the late Roger Ailes!

Theoreticalthinker @philosopherstew🔁 Taibbi: Roger Ailes Was One of the Worst Americans Ever via @RollingStone @Laura_B_Liberal🔁Roger Ailes dolled up female reporters while they took down another woman: Hillary Clinton.
Rick Fredenburg @Rickthomas23🔁 ....Millions of Min ds are lost because Fox is a CULT..their VIEWERS are Malinformed.Unable to think#FoxNotNews...
Amazing Amy @Amy88888🔁Like, even Roger Ailes jokes are confusing rn
ScullySR @gir_sus🔁 Bill O'reilly says nation's hatred killed Roger Ailes | via @HuffPostMedia
Skiin 🐱 Glee @nuiotwo🔁Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes dies aged 77 amid sexual harrassment scandal just eight days after a fall at his Fl
Joseph Kapsch @JosephKapsch🔁Taibbi: Roger Ailes Was One of the Worst Americans Ever via @RollingStone
anodyne @DiChristine🔁Roger Ailes did more to degrade the tone of public life in America than anyone since Joseph McCarthy:
Rick Gary @Rickandgary🔁Day Three in Hell isn't going well for Roger Ailes. It turns out the 60" television Satan gave him as a house-warming gift only gets Maddow.
Jackie Garcia @JackieGlo305🔁Awesome tribute. I love who was there to pay his respects. Roger Ailes was a patriot, a media genius, & a true Amer ican
Gailo in Tucson @GailoinTucson🔁 Rachel Maddow Mourns the Death of Fox News Founder Roger Ailes: 'I Considered Him To Be a Friend'
Destiny 🏳️‍🌈 @poshboyholmes🔁They say you should only speak good of the dead. So when they told me Fox News' Roger Ailes had died, I held my tongue and just said "Good."
Robert López @RobertLpez11🔁Roger Ailes is now where he was suppose to be long ago. His grave will not be visited by anyone. It will weather to nothing as his soul.
#Resist:#NoSurrender @NoConversions🔁Roger Ailes is the single person most responsible for the fact that I'll never talk to several of my family members ever again.
Marcia C Young @faeywrld13🔁Confess your unpopular opinion: I often enjoy Bret Stephens and thought today's on Ailes was a must-read.
CELEBRITY NEWS BLOG @MillarMatthews🔁Bill O’Reilly: Hatred Towa #billoreilly #foxnews #news #rogerailes #tv #CelebrityNews #News #World #USA #Canada #UK
Allison🇺🇸🇺🇸 @Allison59798116🔁 ....Millions of Minds are lost because Fox is a CULT..their VIEWERS are Malinformed.Unable to think#FoxNotNews...
Jane West @rltrjane1🔁 Roger Ailes Is Dead, but the Right-Wing Bubble Lives On
B @SilverFoxBarnes🔁 Roger Ailes is remembered at an intimate funeral Saturday
Bob Garcia @1reddragon696🔁Roger Ailes's lifetime achievement? He helped create this nightmare world of Trump's 'New' America | Arwa Mahdawi
Indigopher @sorcerer_silas🔁 Roger Ailes gravestone should just read: Here Lies.
isabelmmatos @isabelmmatos🔁Bill O'Reilly: Roger Ailes endured hatred 'and it killed him. That is the truth.' via @usatoday
Stacey Dunn @dunnclan🔁How Roger Ailes Degraded the Tone of Public Life in America via @newyorker
Eric Bunson @Bunson8r🔁 I wrote about Roger Ailes' awful legacy bleeding into sports media.


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