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#RodneyReed Justice4ReedFamily @Justice4RodneyπŸ”Frustrating cross exam of Lydia Clay Jackson this morning. Summed up in this FB post #rodneyreed #justice4rodneyreed
The Smithville Times @SmithvilleTimesπŸ” Attorneys conclude questions for Wardlow. #RodneyReed hearing is recessed until 9 a.m. tomorrow.
Robin Victoria @RobinVShockleyπŸ”Not seen that before: Judge in barks out "sustained" before prosecutor can rise during line of speculative questions by defense.
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”Here is a wrap of Day 3 of the hearing, which included testimony from Reed's original trial lawyers. twitter.com
Alex Stockwell @alexrstockwellπŸ”Court is done for the day - #rodneyreed hearing will resume at 9am tomorrow
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”Attorneys conclude questions for Wardlow. #RodneyReed hearing is recessed until 9 a.m. tomorrow.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”We're back up at #RodneyReed hearing. We had brief technical confusion. twitter.com
FreeJamieSnow.com @freejamiesnowπŸ”Rodney's family has been out in force every day. Some pics from day 2.
FreeJamieSnow.com @freejamiesnowπŸ”Frustrating cross exam of Lydia Clay Jackson this morning. Summed up in this FB post
(((G. Host))) @ghostie55555πŸ”These #rodneyreed court hearing streams are pretty amateurish.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#RodneyReed hearing: State now calls Rocky Wardlow to the stand, he was the lead investigator in the 96 murder case.
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”Board dismissed, state calls "Rocky" Wardlow, former Texas Ranger & lead investigator in Stites' case, to the stand. #RodneyReed
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: State making point that investigators at the time didn't know about new timeline so could not disclose that to defense.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: Now up, Bastrop Police detective who's now a real estate agent.
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”Campos reads original police report after interview with Fennell, where he said he last saw Stites night of April 22. #rodneyreed
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: state has Campos read his original report, saying that Fennell last saw Stites last the night of 22nd.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”We're back in the #rodneyreed hearing. State's first witness is an investigator on the original 1996 case.
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”Prosecution calls first witness in #RodneyReed hearing, David Campos, one of the investigators into the Stites' murder in 1996.
McMillan for Lakeway @McMillan4LWπŸ”@courttrials #RodneyReed is an innocent man, wrongly convicted for a crime he didn’t commit. #freerodneyreed
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: break called, returning at 4 pm. Garvie says, "hallelujah brother" as he leaves stand.
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”State and defense finish questioning Garvie. Defense rests. Breaking until 4 p.m. when prosecution will call first witness. #rodneyreed
Laura @lauraaaarrrπŸ”THIS. It helps people follow your tweets more easily. #TIA #yourewelcome #RodneyReed
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: Calvin Garvie making a compelling plea about how it was Calvin and Lydia vs. a vast amount of resources in short time.
Laura @lauraaaarrrπŸ”Here's a tip for journalists covering #RodneyReed trial: Learn how to thread your tweets! It's real simple. You do it like...
Ilish @XilishXπŸ”Sounds like its a question of who wasn't on that witness list, purposeful subterfuge by DA #freerodneyreed #rodneyreed
Ilish @XilishXπŸ”thats not a street, thats a weee path. #rodneyreed
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”State concludes questions for Garvie, going back to defense now for re-direct. #RodneyReed
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”How is this different from the new info provided by Davis, that Fennell wasn't where he said he was?, state says. twitter.com
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: The point from the state is that they had a faulty timeline in 2006. What's different now? twitter.com
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: state going through past testimony from Martha saying Stites was alive at 5 AM and seen with Fennell.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: State pointing out defense could've talked w/ Davis. There was a police report saying Fennell and Davis were together.
TxMoratoriumNetwork @stopexecutionsπŸ”Here's what happened before lunch at the hearing, when the state questioned Reed's former attorney:
TxMoratoriumNetwork @stopexecutionsπŸ” To follow events at today's #RodneyReed hearing, tune in to @marymhuber in the Bastrop courtroom.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: we're back. State begins cross-exam on Calvin Garvie, Reed's 1998 appointed attorney.
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”#RodneyReed hearing is back, with state questioning Calvin Garvie, one of Reed's original trial lawyers.
McMillan for Lakeway @McMillan4LWπŸ”It’s time for this innocent man to go home. #RodneyReed twitter.com
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: short break before state cross-examines Calvin Garvie.
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”Defense concludes questions for Garvie, passes to prosecutors. Hearing recesses while Ottoway looks at notes. #RodneyReed
Ilish @XilishXπŸ”#rodneyreed Seems like the DA's office created the situation for ineffective council PURPOSEFULLY. #sandbagging
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”Garvie says of state: "They probably had a year or more ahead of us." Defense was "always running." #RodneyReed
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”Garvie said Curtis Davis didn't pop up to the top of the list of people to talk to during the original trial, limited time. #RodneyReed
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”Defense was given a list of 275 state witnesses in 98 #RodneyReed murder trial, Garvie said they didn't have time to interview all of them.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: "It's not like today where there's technology everywhere, this was a different world." says Garvie.
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”Defense: Were you able to prepare like you were in other death penalty cases? Garvie: No. "Time was of the essence." #RodneyReed
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: Garvie says he can't remember if he specifically talked to Curtis Davis.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: Garvie said he didn't speak with Fennell. There was an attempt. Garvie didn't recall if Fennell was receptive.
Spectrum News Austin @SpecNewsATXπŸ” Calvin Garvie--a defense attorney for #RodneyReed during 1998 trial--now on the stand
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: q from defense, how many of the 275 witnesses did you interview? Garvie, "just a few", had to rely on investigators.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: Garvie says once Clay-Jackson came on they had 3 months to prepare for trial. They asked for a delay, wasn't granted.
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”Defense is questioning Garvie, who said he came onto the #RodneyReed case in October for a March trial.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: Garvie says he came on Reed's case in October for a March trial.
Alex Stockwell @alexrstockwellπŸ”Calvin Garvie--a defense attorney for #RodneyReed during 1998 trial--now on the stand
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”Next up to the stand is Calvin Garvie, an attorney that defended #RodneyReed at his 98 trial.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: Lydia Clay-Jackson is off the stand. Now up, Calvin Garvie, Reed's other attorney in 1998.
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”Defense finishes re-direct of Clay-Jackson. No further questions for her. #RodneyReed
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”This arguments seems like a microcosm of the #rodneyreed case in general : who said what, WHEN.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: lengthy debate between lawyers about what can be included and what cannot, how credible the witness is, etc.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: Clay-Jackson says its her experience if police officers don't know something, they'll say so (abt Davis CNN interview)
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”Here's what happened before lunch at the hearing, when the state questioned Reed's former attorney: twitter.com
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”We're back in court here for #rodneyreed hearing. Stat e passes witness. Defense redirecting Clay-Jackson ------> twitter.com
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”#RodneyReed hearing back from break, Clay-Jackson is still on the stand. It's the defense's turn again.
RPFilms @rpolomskiπŸ”Autopsy/time of death was part medical but also based on faulty investigation.
Bayardo stated he was going on what twitter.com he had been told by investigators.
Important how much stock everyone was giving to Fennell's story. From Rocky to Bayardo - the whole prosecution.
RPFilms @rpolomskiπŸ”Important to point out Bayardo's 3 AM time of death (which he has retracted) was also based on information he had got twitter.com ten from Rocky Wardlow and Sherriffs Office, which was based on the timeline Jimmy Fennell had given them, which we now know to be false or misleading.
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”#RodneyReed breaking for lunch until 1 p.m., defense will cross-examine Clay-Jackson when we get back.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: State passes the witness. Judge agrees to a lunch break. Be back at 1 PM.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: state trying to make the case that Clay-Jackson knew of false statements in the past.
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”Ottoway: "If his expert opinion was based on an autopsy, what does Jimmy Fennell getting home later have to do with an autopsy?" #RodneyReed
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”State arguing that what time Fennell got home the night before Stites' murder has no bearing on time of death estimates. #RodneyReed
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: State makes point that Fennell would close bank account b/c he could have lost his checkbook.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: State continues to question Clay-Jackson on why she didn't go after differing timelines in the past.
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”We are back from a short recess at the #RodneyReed hearing with Clay-Jackson on the stand.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”We're back at the #rodneyreed hearing: kxan.com
Lisa O'Brien @obrienlannπŸ”There's no forensic proof that the DNA was over 24 hours old. That is based on 's uncorroborated claims of a relatio twitter.com nship.
Leslie Mestman @vaughnski5πŸ”Standing with #rodneyreed and hoping justice finally prevails.
Duke Patterson @DukeInTXπŸ”Hoping for a productive day of review & testimonies for the #rodneyreed case. Sending all our best thoughts and wishes. #justice4rodneyreed
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”#RodneyReed hearing is back at 11:15, when prosecution will continue questioning Clark-Jackson, one of Reed's original trial lawyers.
Austin Statesman @statesmanπŸ” #RodneyReed hearing on a short break.
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”#RodneyReed hearing on a short break.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: quick break. State tried to make case that defense in 98 had all they needed. Not sure if it's sticking though...
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: state trying to get Clay-Jackson to dispute Curtis testimony (both are defense witnesses).
Justice4ReedFamily @Justice4RodneyπŸ”State's strategy w/ Clay Jackson attempts to show incompetence re the defense trial strategy to point to Fennell as murderer #rodneyreed
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”State says Clay-Jackson had police report that said Davis & Fennell were friends, together April 23, could have questioned him. #RodneyReed
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”State attempting to show that Clay-Jackson had adequate info in 98 to investigate timeline in Stites' death, question pathology. #RodneyReed
Rebeca Trejo @RebecaT_KVUEπŸ”Picking up where left off- hearing, day three. Reed's original trial attorney again takes the stand.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: State trying to make case Clay-Jackson doesn't remember what happened in 98 and responsibility on outcome was with her.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: State making argument there was discrepancy in Fennell timeline years ago... so the new info shouldn't be considered.
Erin Jones @ErinJ_KVUEπŸ”Picking up where @RebecaT_KVUE left off- #RodneyReed hearing, day three. Reed's original trial attorney again takes the stand.
Mary Huber @marymhuberπŸ”Matt Ottoway of prosecution pointing out that defense lawyers pushed heavy at '98 #RodneyReed trial to show Jimmy Fennell was killer.
Phil Prazan @PhilPrazanπŸ”#rodneyreed hearing: Ottoway, "you were investigating Jimmy Fennell in this case correct?" Clay-Jackson, "yes".


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