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Oríon$ @OrionD15🔁 Another TD for Rodney Anderson 😎
Rodney Anderson Lee Harvey @MusikFan4Life25🔁Rodney Anderson : 26 carries for 201 yards & 2 TD's (2nd 200-yard game this season)
Rodney Anderson ESPN Stats & Info @ESPNStatsInfo🔁Rodney Anderson: 6th 100-yard rushing game in his last 8 games.

We're not even halfway through the 2nd quarter

Oklahoma Football @OU_Football🔁Rodney Anderson rushes for 63 yards on the final 3 plays of the second drive to find the end zone and put OU back o n top!
Oklahoma Football @OU_Football🔁Already 107 rushing yards and two TDs on just 8 carries for Rodney Anderson today.

lead 21-7 with 14:12 left in the 1st half.

John Henry @JHLeifeste🔁@_TaylorHamm Rodney Anderson, Buggs, Lamb, Parker. Tough watching guys that got away
todd @donnan_t🔁just wait till Rodney Anderson’s senior season👀
merritt coleman @merrittannn🔁 Rodney Anderson, Sony Michel, Baker Mayfield...the star of the Rose Bowl right now is Gary Patterson in the ESPN Film Room.
cam @that_man_cam🔁What people don’t realize is Kyle Murray, Hollywood brown, trey sermon, Rodney Anderson all come back next year for O U they’ll be in the playoff
Stone @Stone_InSpace🔁Rodney Anderson is the 2nd Oklahoma player to rush for 200 yards in a bowl game

(Marcus Dupree - 239 yards in 1983 Fiesta Bowl)

🌹 CHAMP U 🌹 @The_BradJohnson🔁 Something I’m not sure everyone realizes? Rodney Anderson had over 200-yards rushing today. #Sooners 7.7-ypc.
Huncho Chois @Ritechois🔁 RODNEY ANDERSON BRO
Drake Johnson @DrakeJFiggidy🔁@CalDay2044 Rodney Anderson doesn’t care
Martin Senfter @msenfter🔁@Chris5Sh @footballaktuell Rodney Anderson ist aber schon noch Running Back ;)
Jamal hicksville @jamal_napoleon🔁@john_jastremski john no love for Rodney Anderson! Shame on you
ChrisS @SinCityChrisS1🔁While it's a tough loss to absorb, the future is so bright for the on offense with Lincoln Riley, CD Lamb, Rodney Anderson, Marquise Brown, and Kyler Murray.
Chris @ouou1974🔁@1NEFOE Not your fault son keep working you will be back next
season. Look no further than Rodney Anderson so keep your head up.
Cristian Medina @Hoodie_Medina🔁Kyler Murray
Rodney Anderson
Trey Sermon

The Oklahoma backfield next year 👀

Backwoodz @okbackwoodz🔁@cbfowler Where he fell short was not feeding the beast Rodney Anderson. Kid was the best back on the field, let the kid work #BoomerSooner
carter devine @carterdevine12🔁Rodney Anderson: 6th 100-yard rushing game in his last 8 games.

We're not even halfway through the 2nd quarter

Wesley Chance @wesleychance19🔁 Rodney Anderson looks like that against everyone, Ben
Aaron @41KeepFightn🔁Rodney Anderson showed out too for Oklahoma. He had 201 rushing yards and two tds
Brooks @EBrooksUncut🔁6.) Oklahoma RB Rodney Anderson

It’s entirely possible the redshirt sophomore goes to the NFL, but if he stays, he’ s going to have an unreal year in what should be a more run oriented Oklahoma offense.

Jobie Anderson @AndersonJobie🔁Ole Miss fans: that was practically Rebel family on that OU touchdown. Rodney Anderson is the brother of our own
Matt Hover @mhover03🔁Oklahoma's offensive plays in OT:

-- Run by RB Rodney Anderson
-- Glorified handoff to WR Marquise Brown
-- Handoff to WR Jordan Smallwood(!)

-- Run by Anderson
-- Incomplete pass
-- Option to QB Kyler Murray(!)
-- Dump-off pass to Anderson
-- Dump-off pass to Brown

Truth WeAgree @TruthWeAgreeOn🔁Ga played very poor defense the first half. OU was worn done in the second half & gave up huge runs. The running ga me of Rodney Anderson was the only reason OU was in the game. The late fumble by Ga was the only reason It went to overtime. Better team won, that's football.
casey @caseyangle44🔁 Rodney Anderson. Most underrated RB in the nation.
Kameron (13-25) @KamSivad🔁Courtney Jean Thornton Publicly Comes Out & Drops Her Protective Order Against OU RB Rodney Anderson's After Cops Proved Through Witnesses & Texts She Lied About Him Raping Her After He Didn't Want to Be Her BF
Michael Lemons @lemondrop110🔁 Way. Too. Easy.

Oklahoma 14, Georgia 7

Rodney Anderson goes 63 yards on three runs.

Kameron (13-25) @KamSivad🔁I spoke to someone close to the investigation OU Rodney Anderson's rape case & asked why false accuser not charged. They said DA didn't want pushback from women's groups considering current climate on sexual assault, but reiterates evidence proved she lied
Doug Anthony @Douganthony🔁@CelliniNick @680TheFan That Rodney Anderson didn't like to go down.
Cole Brignac @ColeBrignac🔁 Rodney Anderson is like combining Sonny Michel and Nick Chubb and not being overhyped all in one
ashley @smashlanta🔁Will say this though: Rodney Anderson is a beast. I really like watching him play, just as long as it isn’t against my team.


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