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Vanessa Pearson @vanessa_pear🔁 Warming it up on gameday!!! #RockChalk #KUbball #FinalFour
Kansas Basketball @KUHoops🔁#RockChalk from the River Walk! Our fans sure know how to start a party #FinalFour
Justin Bradley @PizzaPartyPuma🔁 @PizzaPartyPuma Forever grateful to have you as part of the #KUbball family. #RockChalk
#RockChalk Dub Woody @TheDubWoody🔁@Devonte_Graham4 Free Dtae, so amazing to see Graham. #rockchalk forever
Joel Embiid @JoelEmbiid🔁THIS IS BRUTAL.... I’m literally trying to take my mind off this pain but Kansas is not helping #RockChalk
Kansas Jayhawks @KUAthletics🔁Corporal Ryan Minton is chanting from overseas and we hear him loud and clear.

Near or far, we want to see where Y twitter.com OU are cheering for today!

Dan Czechowicz @cashdemCZECHs🔁 THIS IS BRUTAL.... I’m literally trying to take my mind off this pain but Kansas is not helping #RockChalk
Garek @garekpeters🔁KU is going to look so different without Devonte and Svi next year... but it’s something I’m looking forward too alre twitter.com ady!
Tyler Hernandez @Hernandizzl🔁You will always have a place in our hearts #RockChalk twitter.com
Rock Chalk @Depressed_KcFan🔁The fact that Mizzou has the audacity to try and talk shit when they have been irrelevant forever is hilarious 😂 kee twitter.com p talking shit and we will keep making the final four while y'all watch from the couch you stupid fucks.
Rock Chalk @Depressed_KcFan🔁I don't wanna be selfish, but I hope comes back next year! That being said if he gets the opportunity go make that $ twitter.com you will forever be one of my favorite Jayhawks no matter what you do! I just hope to see in the stands next year again!
Breyanna Bennett @Breyanna_Thayer🔁crying. #rockchalk twitter.com
Jen @JHawk0511🔁I’m not mad, disappointed or even sad. This team gave everything they had and I’m proud of them. They did more, went further & exceeded my expectations. My heart is full, I’ll bleed Crimson & Blue and be a Proud Jayhawk till my parting breath.
Zharif Ibrahim @Zhareefer🔁@Devonte_Graham4 @KUHoops Love you fam. I have nothing but respect and pride for you. #RockChalk forever!
Jacqueline @saenz_jackie🔁Jayhawk fans are ready to pack Allen Fieldhouse for the Final Four Watch Party.
Nick Johanningmeier @NickJohanningm1🔁Rock chalk regardless. Great run and way to go farther than anyone thought you would. It was a pleasure watching kans twitter.com as this year
Hope Nordhues @hopenordhues🔁S/O my favorite player and player of the year What you accomplished at KU will always be remembered.
Guatemala Dolla @J_dizzledogg🔁All I’m gonna say is this team will be remembered for a long time. Great season! #RockChalk
Roger Thurlow @RogerThurlow🔁It was a tough night but what a great and unexpected ride these Jayhawks had!! Great job Coach Self and team!! Thank twitter.com you DeVonte and Svi, we will miss you guys!!
Junior @AJonesJr85🔁 Hell of a Season - 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 #rockchalk forever !!!
amy @_amywk🔁During the game we made 1 arrest for trespassing, and 1 arrest for DUI. No arrests or citations following the game. Goodnight everyone, and !
Brock Watson @Wat_Brockson🔁 hold your heads high. Losing the last one always stings but you've represented KU in such a positive way. That little orange ball either goes in or out some nights and it won't define your legacy
Chandler @ChandlerElwood🔁This man will go down in Jayhawk history. We’ll miss you Devonte'! We’re all proud of you and the team! ❤️💙 twitter.com
Unda Boss🇬🇾🇬🇾 @Michael_Alert🔁 I know you most likely won’t write back to me but hella of a season! You really are just a dynamic player and you’ll twitter.com always be my favorite JAY HAWK
Carson kirshbaum @ckirsh4🔁Being here in San Antonio has been unreal man! The love from the KU community is unmatched, and I wouldn’t ask to be here with anyone else.🙏🏽 Glad I got to reconnect with my brothers, coaches, and the fans.🔵🔴
Jeremy Mills @JAMills11🔁This squad was doubted > any of Self teams. Yet overachieved all season. Historic 14th straight title. B twitter.com 12 tourney title. 31 W’s. A .
It was a great year for . It was.
But this hurts. Not the ending we wanted. Still, always,
Stephie G. @StephieGDrummer🔁Good run, KU!! Still bleeding crimson and blue! #RockChalk #KU #Kansas
Dj High Tallerance @DjHighT913🔁No one is saying they prefer Big 12 titles to NCAA titles. What we prefer is having a coach that consistently makes u twitter.com s a contender. We have a great season EVERY year, even when people claim it will be a down season.
gabby @gabby_sowell🔁@Devonte_Graham4 my favorite jayhawk💙❤️ so glad i was blessed to watch so many games of a true legend’s. love u devonte #RockChalk 💙❤️💙❤️
Terry Tebrugge @Terry67401🔁Not happy with losing, but still proud of ! Got further than we should have. Could have been bounced a lot sooner, e twitter.com specially with the thin front court. Next year could be something special. Can’t wait!
Casey Jones @CaseyJonesKC🔁But until then, Devonte and Svi threes on repeat. What a season it has been. #FOE #RockChalk
iheartjayhawks @WWJayhawk🔁Remember the season when KU

🏀Beat mizZOO
🏀Beat KY
🏀Beat WVU 3x
🏀Beat little brother 3x
🏀Won 14 straight B12🏆Titles
🏀Won the B12🏆Tourney
🏀Beat Duke
🏀Made Final4
🏀Hung 2 jerseys
🏀Had AA PG

Yeah, that was cool


Serg @TherealSerg_🔁 What a season from @KUHoops. Proud to be Jayhawks. #RockChalk twitter.com
Jack Zumalt @JackZumalt🔁never bet on Kansas in a football stadium #rockchalk
Brian Cordes @kansaswolverine🔁I will ALWAYS be a proud Jayhawk. So proud of these boys. Thank you and for a FANTASTIC 4 years!!
Jordan Anderson @JM_Anderson40🔁To be honest with you, if your favorite team wasn’t in the Final 4 , Kansas is better than the haters favorite team....😂😂😂😂😂


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