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Tree @TheBeertree🔁 #RockChalk and goodnight
#RockChalk#RockChalk#RockChalk#RockChalk Biagio Capp @BiagioCapp50🔁 🤘🏾 blessed to recieve an offer from the University of Kansas @KU_Football #RockChalk 🔴🔵🦅
Mary Walberg @MaryWalberg🔁It’s that time of year again! #RockChalk #KUbball
#RockChalk Marlins_Man @Marlins_Man🔁 Forever friends @Marlins_Man #RockChalk
#RockChalk Cha cha real smooth @link_number🔁 Lieutenant Colonel Tracey Olson with the aerial game ball delivery 👏 #RockChalk 🇺🇸
#RockChalk Nicholas Cederlind @JayhawkNick🔁 Great team win tonight!!! 💪🏽 #rockchalk
#RockChalk#RockChalk Kara Kahn @mskarakahn🔁This is what I️ miss in life #EvanManningFTW #RockChalk
#RockChalk Super Jayhawk @Super_Jayhawk🔁 We're back for the 2nd half. Let's go!!!!! #KUbball #RockChalk
#RockChalk Kansas Basketball @KUHoops🔁Allen Fieldhouse is a special place. #RockChalk
#RockChalk KWCH Eyewitness News @KWCH12🔁#RockChalk: @KUHoops passes a BIG early-season test over @KentuckyMBB #KWCH12
Landen A. Lucas @LandenLucas🔁Tuned in! Let’s get this W my boys! #RockChalk
John Ballington @john_ballington🔁Interesting way to frame the win given the fact that they've won 3 straight against UK, but whatevs.
#KansasCity @HashTagKCMO🔁 that would be no one, Coach…INCLUDING Doke


⚖️ ⓋoxⓆuindaro 🇺🇸 @VoxQUINDARO🔁that would be no one, Coach…INCLUDING Doke


Brian Pokorny @bpoke54🔁@Vicklovekicks Dicky V said that Pass to SVI was like Tom Brady! #RockChalk
Mon B. @AllGolden_B5🔁Yeah they did! We didn’t shoot that well 2nite but we beat them on the offensive boards and lot of sec hand shots. Ho twitter.com pefully get better from this going forward. I glad we beat Kentucky tho! 🙌🏽
Josh, I Think... @ChiefsFan_91🔁 KU has beaten UK three straight times in three different locations. #kubball #RockChalk
Chris Harrison @HarrisonCCH34🔁 #rockchalk for the night
Michael Easterling @mhebboy1🔁Great pass!
#RockChalk twitter.com
⚖️ ⓋoxⓆuindaro 🇺🇸 @VoxQUINDARO🔁

don’t know if they ever got to ‘crazy’, but played hard af for such an astonishingly short bench


_____ASS_____ @bobby_shep🔁#RockChalk baby. Lets go.
Jeremy Mills @JAMills11🔁Wasn’t quite as smooth as I had hoped. But we saw two really good games. And for the first time at the twitter.com we walked out of there with our teams collecting 2 W’s!
Caleb Isaacs @IsaacsCaleb🔁Go hawks! #rockchalk
Meghan McBride @Meggles011🔁Gosh that felt better than the other times. #rockchalk
RCJH @Kansashoopschat🔁 Tuned in! Let’s get this W my boys! #RockChalk
RCJH @Kansashoopschat🔁 Beating Kentucky always feels so damn good #RockChalk 🔴🔵🔴🔵
Allie B. HC @LadyBraBra🔁 Nothing like a quick little sesh to get your ❤️ racing & the season started. 🏀 #RockChalk #KUbball
Kareem Nelson @TheBrothaMan🔁Please follow up with your about his friendly wages with our

Cody Alan Smith @CodyAlanSmith1🔁 #KUbball takes down #bbn for the third straight year. #ROCKCHALKJAYHAWK #RockChalk
Alicia Phillips @anp0410🔁Jayhawks WIN!!!! #wavethewheat #kubball #rockchalk @ United Center instagram.com
Michael R. Bull @bulltown03🔁#KUbball takes down #bbn for the third straight year. #ROCKCHALKJAYHAWK #RockChalk
Katie @KTPharmD🔁I screamed a lot at the game, like more than I did at the Mizzou game, and now my voice is gone and is making fun o twitter.com f me.
Bradley W Albers @BWAlbers🔁Not the best stat lines tonight, but I like how Devonte and Malik closed out the last few minutes. #RockChalk
Bob Noller @BobNoller🔁 3 in a row = Yet another #kubball streak. #rockchalk
Jayhawk4Life @CrimsonandBlue0🔁 You know what to do tomorrow. @qdotgrimes 😏😏😏
Chris Nano @ChrisNano10🔁You know what to do tomorrow. @qdotgrimes 😏😏😏
Blake Baldwin @Blake_Baldwin13🔁The Celtics won their 13th game in a row and KU beat Kentucky. What a night 😍
#CelticsNation #RockChalk
GHN, Ph.D. @AugieTex🔁For you, too -- was one heckuva game! Good chane of a rematch in the #FinalFour!

#Rockchalk! twitter.com

Dylan Lysen @DylanLysen🔁Three years in a row. #RockChalk
#KansasCity @HashTagKCMO🔁 3 in a row = Yet another #kubball streak. #rockchalk
Short On Clever @DrRichardTater🔁Man, a hard fought win against a tough Kentucky squad tonight and a possible Quentin Grimes commitment to tomorrow? twitter.com This could be a solid 48 hours. 🔴🔵🏀
Hawklin @TheHawklin🔁3 in a row = Yet another #kubball streak. #rockchalk


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