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RobertsonRobertson Glenn David Yorek @GlennYorek🔁One last time at the The Rodeo with my honey, Sister Cindy and BIL Bob Robertson!
Robertson Christian Kallias @KalliasX🔁 : #scifi #IARTG #ASMSG
by Mike Robertson
Robertson Kai Tutton 🌐 @kaitutton1495🔁 Filming starts on new British movie Bend It Like Robertson
MATAZ TICHA @Tachi17171981🔁 Quick reminder that Andy Robertson cost £8million.
RobertsonRobertson Rob @robkelso30🔁 Luke Shaw 30m. Andy Robertson 10m.
Clive Anthony Boyce @Clive_A_Boyce🔁 Robertson extends the lead to 12!



Robertson abo mady @Ahmedmady1🔁 #LIVWAT BONUS POINTS AS IT STANDS

3 - SALAH (Yes, seriously!)
1 - MANE


DaveOCKOP @DaveOCKOP🔁Andy Robertson cost £8m from Hull.

Liverpool sold Kevin Stewart to Hull for £8m.

Never forget.

Nightline @Nightline🔁. star and director Greg Berlanti tell Nightline Special Correspondent there wasn’t a dry eye when Robertson shot t his scene with Jennifer Garner.
Rory Smith @RorySmith🔁This may be pushing it, but Andy Robertson’s the sort of transfer that everyone should celebrate. Shows it’s not all about paying premium fees. Spotting the right player, allowing him time, coaching him well still goes a long way.
Kathy Hopper @anfieldkathy🔁I agree. Robertson is a real talent. And he has so quickly settled in to both the team and the Liverpool way of doing things. No wonder he's become such a favourite with the fans.
Donald XL Robertson @D_XL_Robertson🔁@suurrrp @jazzyrgarcia Super facts 💯💯💯
Chris @YungBurreeto🔁This is the 4th time the Jets have traded up into the Top 5 picks of the NFL Draft.

The players chosen by the Jets the previous 3 times (QB Mark Sanchez, DT Dewayne Robertson, and WR Johnny "Lam" Jones") combined for 0 Pro Bowls.

James Parnell @LFCjparny🔁 Andy Robertson cost £8m from Hull.

Liverpool sold Kevin Stewart to Hull for £8m.

Never forget.

Viraj Baké @viraj_bake🔁This may be pushing it, but Andy Robertson’s the sort of transfer that everyone should celebrate. Shows it’s not all about paying premium fees. Spotting the right player, allowing him time, coaching him well still goes a long way.
jeter1128 @jeter1128🔁My best roster guess - here's 24 of 25:

SP (5): Severino, Tanaka, Sabathia, Gray, Montgomery
BP (7): Chapman, Betances, Robertson, Kahnle, Warren, Green, Shreve
C (2): Sanchez, Romine
IF (6): Bird, Drury, Gregorius, Torreyes, Wade, Walker
OF: Gardner, Hicks, Judge, Stanton...

Toronto BBallAcademy @TBA_MBB🔁👏 👏 👏
Congrats to Kassius Robertson on a fantastic college career, climbing that ladder and evolving. 19 pts in his final game as Missouri was eliminated from Off to the next chapter. Good luck!
Marcin Politanski @JedynieSluszny🔁 Quick reminder Andy Robertson cost £8m. What a cross that is.
𝗠𝗖𝗙𝗖 𝕁𝕒𝕞𝕖𝕤 @JB9MCFC🔁Mad how the debate is what Salah will do to Vincent Kompany instead of what Kevin de Bruyne, David Silva, Gabriel Jesus, Raheem Sterling, Leroy Sane and Sergio Aguero could do to Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold. Bias is real.
Adam Barksdale @Abarksdale_7🔁Since there continues to be a lingering ROTY argument, let’s wrap it up now.

Ben Simmons has...
- 1000+pts, 500+reb, 500+ast(3rd rookie ever)
- 8 triple-doubles(only Robertson had more in NBA history)
- 28 double-doubles
- 5 games of 20+pts, 10+ast. Rest of rookie class has one.

Brian Redmond @briansredmond🔁 Salah's obviously amazing but Andy Robertson for £8m is signing of the season.
Molly Woods @crazycritter77🔁Rev. Pat Robertson (1998): Bill Clinton/Lewinsky - Calls for Bill Clinton's impeachment, stating that he “debauched, debased and defamed” the presidency.

Rev. Pat Robertson (2018): Trump/Stormy Daniels - SILENCE

Hypocrisy at its finest!

Gareth J Forth @GJ_Forthy🔁Apart from Salah....Andy Robertson is the best signing of the season.
Richard @Richard_otis_🔁"He's been managed very well, and he's been excellent."

"He looks like a boy who really takes on instruction well. I love him."

Sherwood and Gerrard discuss Andy Robertson's recent success at Liverpool.

Dorinda Moreno, FMG @Fuerza_Mundial🔁Watch Alert: Shonda Rhimes new legal drama “For the People” staring Britt Robertson is not short of the formula for success  
Mehlville Schools @MehlvilleSD🔁Congrats to Mehlville High senior Grant Robertson for being selected for the 2018 Missouri Scholars 100! Grant is also a National Merit Scholarship finalist. Amazing student....amazing accomplishments.
™PAPI JULO«♦♦ @iamAndre_MOZART🔁If Liverpool played Robertson instead of Moreno at the start of the season, they'd probably have the Premier League title wrapped up already. Don't @ me.
Martin Robertson @m_robertson_SC🔁HAHA! That's the worst ever lol
Izzy @Izzyy_Robertson🔁@shxxxnn No problem
Steezy @Icesteezy🔁 Andy Robertson take a bow. 👏
Dony D Sudjatmiko @dony_sudjatmiko🔁 Andrew Robertson is just class, proving to be an incredible bargain for Liverpool.
llewyn davis @baudelairre🔁The cast of Dear White People: Antoinette Robertson, Logan Browning, Ashley Blaine Featherson for Nylon Magazine
Abdulaziz El-Souri @a_elsouri🔁Virgil Van Dijk & Andy Robertson .. Class A signing as well ! Thank you Jurgen #LFC ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lee Cowen @FFScout_Granny🔁@kingsoflyon7 They didn't bench Robertson. It's called Puerile benchwankery.
Euan Brown @EuanBrownLFC🔁Andy Robertson and Mo Salah are my hero’s. what a fucking game, worth being colder than I’ve ever been in my life
David Nolan @feeferdeets🔁And here's to you Andy Robertson

Scousers love you more than you will know

Wo wo wo

God bless you please Andy Robertson
Heaven holds a place for those that play

Hey hey hey hey hey hey

Dances with Wools @SullyHhmmmm🔁Andy Robertson still has that Kop song ringing in his ears
$$H 🍺🍻🍸🍗🍖 @sshlfc🔁@LFC @sullo_58457 @carlsberg A bit harsh on Robertson imo... Should get a mention 2...
Vinolin Naidoo @vinolin_naidoo🔁John Arne Riise on his dream of a Premier League return, surprise of Andy Robertson + more.


Anfield @Liver_Heart8🔁One of the most reassuring things about is, regardless of any initial scepticism from quarters, his signings seem to embed their way into the team and add value, such as Ox, Salah, Karius, Robertson, Van Dijk. You don't see him wasting £20million on another Markovic.
Dony D Sudjatmiko @dony_sudjatmiko🔁 We bought Salah and Robertson for approximately £45M. 🤣
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. @lukaslengure🔁Andrew Robertson a good defender#LIVWAT
Shaun Coyle @shaun_coyle🔁@anfieldkathy Big fan of tierney but not near Robertson imo
MIND ON RICHES @YSpecz🔁VVD is a massive difference..... wins every long punt up field , it takes away the long ball for most visiting teams. Robertson is fantastic, no real weakness and humble. Add Keita and Werner to this with Lemar and we look tasty ☘️💚❤️⚽️YNWA
Michael Martin @MichaelJ_Martin🔁 Excited to welcome Jeff Robertson, former CEO of Airbus DS Communications, as our new GM of Public Safety.
Neil Oliver Tweets @GaelicRoadSign🔁@ScottishKits Indeed, but Robertson and Tierney still better 😊
Chris Millington @ChrisMilIington🔁Andy Robertson wrote a personalised letter to a young Liverpool fan after he donated his pocket money to a food bank.

Look at the second to last paragraph 😂

(via Instagram/tomradford0)

Yaseen🙅🏽‍♂️ @yaseentjie🔁 Don’t let Salah scoring four goals distract you from the fact that Andy Robertson is an absolute baller
Samuel :P @samueljames40🔁That ball from Robertson to set up Salah’s second was outstanding 🔥🔥 what a man ❤️
SnookerLoopy @HarveyJoe27🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Neil Robertson vs Stuart Bingham - Romanian Masters 2018 R1 Full Match


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