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#RobertELee Hogan65 @Hogan6585🔁 Apparently #johnkelly needs a history lesson about #RobertELee and the #CivilWar.
Kevin M. Levin @KevinLevin🔁When John Kelly praises a man like Gen. #RobertELee it leaves serious questions as to whether he will defend our constitution.
Kevin M. Levin @KevinLevin🔁After lying about a Florida congresswoman John Kelly is the last person who should be lecturing the nation about honor. #RobertELee
#RobertELee Jeff Labrecque @JeffLabrecque🔁When “honorable man” #RobertELee proposed a prisoner exchange with US Grant, courtesy of Ron Chernow
OldMan Ebro @oldmanebro🔁We don’t wanna hear it but history books say #RobertELee was honorable... still put those statues in a museum
Alan Sandoval @AlanSandoval13🔁Gen. Kelly defends a racists traitor in our White House now, of course he would defend the racist traitor

Awkward_Pause @awkward_pause74🔁If you read no other thread today, read ' rebuttal to 's white nationalist take on being "honorable."👉🏻
R.N. @routeofthesun🔁Dear

Every officer,like , who pledged allegiance to the Confederacy committed treason against the Republic

No Honor

#HelpPeople @MickLondon777🔁The only “men” who deem “honorable” are those who aren’t honorable.

Patriot Mary @Yoridoo🔁 is too much they say

But we celebrate rappers everyday who push drugs, sex and violence

We actually full on encourage it

Patty Van Zant @liberaltlou🔁 #JohnKelly has half of Twitter talking about #RobertELee & #CivilWar.

No one is talking about what he did to @RepWilson.

Rob Smith @robsmithonline🔁 Wakes up to #RobertELee trending.

I’m going to need more coffee for this shit.

Timothy Cole @timelyrepairs🔁 There aint a witch, warlock, goblin, ghost, ghoul that I'm gonna see tonight that is gonnna scare me more than this.
#LockHerUP @Billright50🔁HELP My primary is blocked please follow and rt I follow back trump supporters
Btrswet @Btrswet🔁 unfucking believable that we have to deal with all these racist jerks in our government. White Blight.
CFR Andre @cyferPtVila🔁
🎥 Descendant Of Robert E. m.youtube.com Lee, Mom Of Speak Out ...
THIS IS I feel is an
Myke Reid @Myke_Reid🔁After 157 years, #RobertELee is finally trending on Twitter.
Btrswet @Btrswet🔁 Praises ... Refuses to apologize to Rep Wilson. Kelly has lost all decency. washingtonpost.com
nicci @niccigilpin🔁Let's stop with the foolishness that was an honorable man. This is not the behavior of honorable men. FYI, founding twitter.com fathers were also heavy handed w/ their punishment of slaves. It is just plain wrong, even they knew it and it didn't require modern sensibilities.
CALL: 202-224-3121 @sevenbowie🔁 #JohnKelly: #RobertELee Was An ‘Honorable Man’ #CivilWar #TuesdayThoughts


Richard Goode @MrRichardGoode🔁 Waking up this morning to Liberal Idiots slandering on the topic of the
Live News Cloud ⛅️ @livenewscloud🔁#JohnKelly: #RobertELee Was An ‘Honorable Man’ #CivilWar #TuesdayThoughts


Dylan Seeley @dylan_seeley1🔁Who’s more evil? or Ronald McDonald?

One killed millions through diabetes and heart failure.

Remove all Ronald McD statues. 👌🏻

Coastal Elite @PSampsonHowes🔁When John Kelly praises a man like Gen. it leaves serious questions as to whether he will defend our constitution.
A.B. @PoliticalAnt🔁The Making & Breaking of the Legend of #RobertELee (Brutal Slaveowner, Racist Traitor During Civil War) nyti.ms #JohnKelly
Panther Mountain @panthermtnichol🔁 As always, blame Shelby Foote. youtube.com #JohnKelly #RobertELee #CivilWar
Royal Priest 🇺🇸 @MLCHZDK🔁John Kelly is apparently the white supremacist adult in trumps white house. #RobertELee
Kevin M. Levin @KevinLevin🔁As always, blame Shelby Foote. youtube.com #JohnKelly #RobertELee #CivilWar
Hogan65 @Hogan6585🔁 Just Show yesterday He is a Racist & US Traitor said that was a Honorable & Great Man????????????????????????
The Thinker @shabazz_rashad🔁LYING #JohnKelly SAID #RobertELee WAS A HONORABLE MAN, READ LEE’S SLAVE’S TESTIMONY #AP @Rasa171a @1Soul1_my #Gaza fair-use.org
Balkingpoints.com @Balkingpoints🔁If #RobertELee would have just freed half the slaves... twitter.com
ghoul alliance 👻🎃 @RebelOne08🔁Please take a moment and read this.

#LostCausism twitter.com

Marci Green @MessageMarci🔁John Kelly's view of and the Civil War makes it official: The Trump administration is a circus, and he's BOZO the clown.
Kevin M. Levin @KevinLevin🔁Three interviews so far today. This is absolutely ridiculous. #JohnKelly #RobertELee
Supa Predator @TreLangston3🔁Re: Kelly's remarks "..it was always loyalty to state first..now it's different."

We've always been at war with Eurasia 😒


Samuel Adam @SamuelDaWriter🔁#JohnKelly #RobertELee I swear sometimes I feel like the Black guy in that movie Get Out. Thats why I love that movie, I felt the terror
A.B. @PoliticalAnt🔁.@rolandsmartin makes it clear that #RobertELee was not honorable, like racist Chief of Staff #JohnKelly claims. fb.me
ormiga @ormiga🔁's defends south gen vs congress(?)man reminds him of ;) usa twitter.com


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