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#RoaldDahlDay Kate Theodosiou @Caterina_T🔁 "Lukewarm is no good." #RoaldDahlDay
#RoaldDahlDay Baile Estate Agents @bailescotland🔁#RoaldDahlDay spread your own kinda magic ⭐️
#RoaldDahlDay emma bennett @ejbennett79🔁 On this day in 1916 the Author of Matilda, Roald Dahl, was born. #RoaldDahlDay
#RoaldDahlDay Not Brian @FabFunkFive🔁 Thought for the day on #RoaldDahlDay #RoaldDahl
#RoaldDahlDay Bee Literary @FinbergBee🔁 Oprah Dee Oprah Dahl goes on brah
La-la how the life goes on


#RoaldDahlDay SophieG @SGM_11🔁 Wise words ...... 😃 #RoaldDahlDay #BoostTorbay
Norfolk WT @SupportNWT🔁 “A little magic can take you a long way.” #RoaldDahlDay
Dave Halligan @RuralDavie🔁@EmpLawyerAndy Hard to beat #FantasticMrFox @EmpLawyerAndy; voiced in the movie by ol' Danny Ocean #RoaldDahlDay
#RoaldDahlDay Kristen Zayon @AKLibraryChick🔁 "I'm wondering what to read next," Matilda said. #RoaldDahlDay #lovelibraries #WednesdayWisdom ♥️
#RoaldDahlDay Nicola McFall @Bessy_Bumblebee🔁Using #RoaldDahlDay as an excuse to have a cheat day! lmao! #dietfail #anyexcuse
#RoaldDahlDay Lucy Mackelden @LucyLou_ox🔁 "You are not alone." #RoaldDahlDay
#RoaldDahlDay Toni Thorpe @ToniThorpe4🔁 Happy #RoaldDahlDay!
#RoaldDahlDay Bee-Ritters @BrittanyAshie🔁 It's #RoaldDahlDay. Here's some wise words from Roald.
#RoaldDahlDay Karen @kmackfitzgerald🔁It's #RoaldDahlDay. Girls have so many choices for tonight's bedtime story. #Magic
#RoaldDahlDay Jay @_JayMcPherson🔁 Never a truer word said! #RoaldDahlDay
#RoaldDahlDay DuAcademy Library @DuAcad_Library🔁 Some #wednesdaywisdom about #reading on #RoaldDahlDay - we can help you read *lots* of books 🤓.
#RoaldDahlDay d f @ToddCoxeter🔁 Friendly reminder that Roald Dahl would've probably been an alt-right Nazi. #RoaldDahlDay
Angela Drew @HeadBrom🔁 The BFG was Roald Dahl's favourite character - who knew? #r4today #RoaldDahlDay
#RoaldDahlDay Vale @Vale86Design🔁 Celebrating #RoaldDahlDay
#RoaldDahlDay Rebecca Broomfield @RCBroomfield🔁 Still so true #RoaldDahlDay
#RoaldDahlDay Lizzee. @LightlySlightly🔁 My favourite. #RoaldDahlDay
#RoaldDahlDay Mark Alexander @markpalexander🔁 The Twits. In every sense #RoaldDahlDay #RoaldDahl #RoaldDahlDay2017
Penguin Books UK @PenguinUKBooks🔁‘Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.’

Happy , one and all! Which Roald Dahl story made you believe in magic?

Paris Lees @parislees🔁I remember my mum reading this to me as child and it's been in my mind ever since. One of literature's finest univers al truths
PuffinBooks @PuffinBooksCalling all Matilda fans! To celebrate we're giving away a bundle of goodies. 🔁//" target="_blank">
Lily Sasson @LilySasson🔁 On #RoaldDahlDay we must re-share this wonderful piece by his granddaughter @sophiedahl
Laura Isherwood @LauraIsherwood5Enter to complete works to celebrate . Simply LIKE, 🔁). Good luck folks.
Mariners - Torquay @MarinersTorquay🔁Happy Don't forget recently on sale George's Marvelous medicine 5-10 March 2018
Sally Harrod @BowDurhamHead🔁‘Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.’

Happy , one and all! Which Roald Dahl story made you believe in magic?

Animal Ailments Game @AnimalAilments🔁Today is Roald Dahl Day! He lived an incredible life, check out this documentary!
Shσ̵shσ̵♡ @Sho9499sho🔁 watch


Eva. @EvaBeaverRox🔁It's ! Win your choice of 2 of his books for yourself or a child.Follow,RT & tell us your favourite. Intl,ends 13/09 8pm
Kath Cox @kathc4🔁Want to win a tray full of books for your classroom? Like & share to enter!
Seena Semsar @seena_seena🔁 It's impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren't feeling twinkly yourself. ROALD DAHL #RoaldDahlDay
Grand Opera House NI @gohbelfast🔁Today is ! We're delighted to be welcoming 's production of one of his greatest stories!
joanne moden @joanne107🔁Happy
To celebrate we're having a Roald Dahl giveaway! RT & Follow for a chance to win - Winner announced tomorrow morning.
Sub Baidya @BaidyaSub🔁The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last 4 golden tickets have been found at the ! 6 more to go!
Dunclug English Dept @Dunclug_English🔁Let's celebrate
Steven Scrase @DisScrase🔁@BOOKSetc_online @carltonbooks Frobscottle #RoaldDahlDay
SKS Media Shanghai @SKS_Shanghai🔁Retweeted Luxury Property Show (@LuxPropertyShow):

Happy #RoaldDahlDay! @LuxPropertyShow @sks_media

💕HappyMummy💕 @shelleytownsen1🔁Calling all Matilda fans! To celebrate we're giving away a bundle of goodies. RT to enter.
Rode & Norton PE @rode_nortonPE🔁BFG class did some whiffle-popping swimmering this morning! #RoaldDahlDay #Yr4swimming
Josie Verghese @josieverg🔁📻 Hear as you've never heard him before, being interviewed by his his great niece for . 📚
YouShore Labs @YouShoreLabs🔁It's and I love this quote for summing up the courage entrepreneurs need to have to take a leap of faith and go it alone.
charlotte kaye @charlottexkaye🔁 ! JUJUBE superfood snacks for the whole family. FLW + RT + tell ur fav character! 😃
FRED #FDS #UDPC 🐸 @nous_francais🔁 Totally consumed with hate for , & co. Even on the they show their ugly thoughts. Haters gotta hate.
Lottie Claridge @lottie_claridge🔁'Don't worry about the bits you can't understand. Sit back & allow the words to wash around you like music'

Lizzy Mia Charlton @charmeliasa🔁"If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books."
GCSE English @ Kiddi @kollenglish🔁It's What is your favourite book? Read about his fantastic life which inspired his books
LibraryGirl&BookBoy @BookSuperhero2🔁To celebrate we are giving away 2 x Jigsaws OR 3 x Games.
To win ❤️ & RT by midnight tonight!
Afterumbrage @Afterumbrage🔁It's , and we thought we'd bring you some from the great author himself.
Shannon @YesMomCanDoIt🔁Happy ! In honour of the day, we’re giving away a pair of Heat Holders! To , AND RT! ENDS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!
Fred the Hedgehog @Left0verSushi🔁Happy ! We've welcomed this fantastic LEGO build of our little heroine, Matilda, to the Cambridge Theatre to celebrate.
💕HappyMummy💕 @shelleytownsen1🔁@PuffinBooks @roald_dahl I love Roald Dahl books and can't wait to introduce my daughter to the magical stories! 😃😃#RoaldDahlDay 😃🎉
SKS FX Trader @SKS_Trader🔁 Happy #RoaldDahlDay! @LuxPropertyShow @sks_media
DuAcademy Library @DuAcad_Library🔁Maybe not THE chocolate factory, but it's A chocolate factory 😋🍫
It's AND

joanne moden @joanne107🔁We're celebrating with a splendiforous RT & follow for a chance to win this razztwizzling Dictionary
Marj @bouncebckbltrx🔁@JustNabz Fact. Such a once-in-a-lifetime author! 👏 #RoaldDahlDay
Brett Summersby @MrS_Primary🔁RT your chance to some scrumdiddlyumptious Charlie & the Chocolate Factory goodies!
LP @SunnyInDorset🔁We've a razztizzler prize for you this FLW, RT & tell us your favourite Roald Dahl word to this stash of booky prizes
EnthusiasticHE @EnthusiasticHE🔁Yes! It's (hope to see more) & (could be extended to HE students in future?, as suggested).
Good Egg @GoodEggCards🔁It’s – What better way to encourage a child to read than to send a surprise book as a gift - Giving card No. 3
Devour Bristol @DevourBristol🔁What was your favourite meal or food ? Bruce bogtrotter's cake ? Snozcumbers? Giant gobstoppers ?
Andrew McParland 🤖 @amcpmade🔁We don't do lukewarm ... "Lukewarm is no good."
Meet our Phizz-Whizzing team>
LP @SunnyInDorset🔁Happy everyone! Fancy some scrumdiddlyumptious flavours? Just RT & follow for the chance to !
capkneemo @capkneemo🔁 Roald Dahl wrote for adults as well - and these are his best #RoaldDahlDay
She W🍩n He Cheated @epaldelta🔁 ⚡️ Catch up with all the highlights from #RoaldDahlDay in our #TwitterMoment


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