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Roald Dahl Stephanie Grue @stephaniegrue🔁 #WednesdayWisdom for #RoaldDahlDay! What's your favourite Roald Dahl book?
Roald Dahl Stacy Nicholson @missnicholsonuc🔁 Wise words from @roald_dahl on #RoaldDahlDay
Roald Dahl Tyler Walsh @tylerwalsh01🔁Also, who knew that Roald Dahl characterised politics so brilliantly in 'Fantastic Mr Fox'? #RoaldDahlDay
Roald Dahl Tilly Greene @tillygreene🔁 Roald Dahl, British author, was born today in history: 13 September, 1916
Roald Dahl Mischa Watson @mischawatson🔁Roald Dahl round ! Almost tempted to ditch the theatre and take part in this.
Roald Dahl Not Brian @FabFunkFive🔁 Thought for the day on #RoaldDahlDay #RoaldDahl
Roald Dahl emma bennett @ejbennett79🔁 On this day in 1916 the Author of Matilda, Roald Dahl, was born. #RoaldDahlDay
Angela Drew @HeadBrom🔁 The BFG was Roald Dahl's favourite character - who knew? #r4today #RoaldDahlDay
Roald Dahl Mark Alexander @markpalexander🔁 The Twits. In every sense #RoaldDahlDay #RoaldDahl #RoaldDahlDay2017
Roald Dahl Stevie @Stevie_Baillie🔁 Happy Roald Dahl day. This... #RoaldDahlDay
Roald Dahl Churchill Arms Pub @ChurchillArmsCA🔁Raise a glass at #ChurchillArmsPub to the author ROALD DAHL, born 101 years ago today in Cardiff, Wales.
Roald Dahl فيليب @_ajata🔁 Friendly reminder that Roald Dahl would've probably been an alt-right Nazi. #RoaldDahlDay
Roald Dahl gicreativetechs @gicreativetechs🔁Happy Roald Dahl day.. wise words.
PuffinBooks @PuffinBooksCalling all Matilda fans! To celebrate we're giving away a bundle of goodies. 🔁//" target="_blank">
Penguin Books UK @PenguinUKBooks🔁‘Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.’

Happy , one and all! Which Roald Dahl story made you believe in magic?

PuffinBooks @PuffinBooks🔁//" target="_blank">
Aimée Carter @aimee_carter🔁 It's impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren't feeling twinkly yourself. ROALD DAHL #RoaldDahlDay
Caroline Rainey @Claclee🔁Calling all Matilda fans! To celebrate we're giving away a bundle of goodies. RT to enter.
Sara Morris @SaraMorris7🔁Loving the quote bombardment today from the ever so lovely Roald Dahl 😍😍
Teach Perfect @TeachPerfect🔁Roald Dahl’s book The Twits was triggered by his desire to ‘do something against beards’ – he had an acute dislike of them
Eva. @EvaBeaverRox🔁We love Matilda :) A real story about the underdog winning :) (Maddie was Matilda for Roald Dahl day :)
Kingsmeadow English @KingsmeadowEng🔁 Some pretty amazing efforts at Quentin Blake's Willy Wonka from students
Harvey Salmon @carrowkid🔁RT your chance to some scrumdiddlyumptious Charlie & the Chocolate Factory goodies!
John McNicoll @theWishyman80🔁- what's her name?
- well i was inspired by my favourite roald dahl book.
- really? oh i love matilda.
- shh, you'll wake slugworth gloop... @misstmw82Enter to complete works to celebrate . Simply LIKE, 🔁). Good luck folks.
Vale Academy Library @VOLA_Library🔁‘Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.’

Happy , one and all! Which Roald Dahl story made you believe in magic?

property1 @property1🔁“A little magic can take you a long way.” HBD to beloved novelist Roald Dahl, whose magical stories continue to enchant and inspire.
Our Santa Monica @OurSantaMonica🔁Happy 101st birthday to British fighter pilot, screenwriter & author of beloved childrens books !

Anne Barrie @Anne_Barrie1🔁@LizBarrie @roald_dahl @KilmacolmPS Very handsome!
🔹Lisa Stephens🔹 @lisajstephens🔁We've a razztizzler prize for you this FLW, RT & tell us your favourite Roald Dahl word to this stash of booky prizes
Allison Bailey @MsAllisonBailey🔁Happy Birthday, Roald Dahl.
Nick Peake @AFC_Nick🔁@whalefromtv It's my annual tradition on Roald Dahl Day.
Karen Oberst @kloberst🔁New blog post: Roald Dahl Day via @wordpressdotcom
Olivia Harper @OliviaHarpy🔁1. Grandmamma, from The Witches, by Roald Dahl: smoking cigars and teaching her grandson about evil
Animal Ailments Game @AnimalAilments🔁Today is Roald Dahl Day! He lived an incredible life, check out this documentary!
Teresa Dunat @tdunatbanks🔁Roald Dahl is still one of my favourite authors ⚡️ “Happy Roald Dahl Day!” by @roald_dahl

joanne moden @joanne107🔁Happy
To celebrate we're having a Roald Dahl giveaway! RT & Follow for a chance to win - Winner announced tomorrow morning.
DankBoys @TrimTram87🔁BBC News - Roald Dahl wanted Charlie and the Chocolate Factory hero to be black
Poppy 🦆☕️🦄 @PoppyCocktails🔁Just thought I'd share that... Also, Roald Dahl: totally overrated as is Bagpuss and I am overly tired and fractious and shall now retire
Lizzy Mia Charlton @charmeliasa🔁"If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books."
GCSE English @ Kiddi @kollenglish🔁It's What is your favourite book? Read about his fantastic life which inspired his books
Mivvy Tekchandani @mivtek🔁Roald Dahl, who was born 1916, displayed a rather scrumdiddlyumptious memory about all things chocolate in 1989.
popcorn bytes @Popcornbytes🔁‘007’s Oriental Eyefuls’ - In 1967, this rare Playboy article was written by author Roald Dahl.
💕HappyMummy💕 @shelleytownsen1🔁@PuffinBooks @roald_dahl I love Roald Dahl books and can't wait to introduce my daughter to the magical stories! 😃😃#RoaldDahlDay 😃🎉
Devour Bristol @DevourBristol🔁What was your favourite meal or food ? Bruce bogtrotter's cake ? Snozcumbers? Giant gobstoppers ?
Lancashire libraries @lancspublib🔁For Roald Dahl Day: Dahl gets interviewed by his ten year old great niece. Magical. On from 1.47.20. You may cry.
360MediaX @360mediaX🔁Can you spot your favourite Dahl character?: The BBC went looking for Roald Dahl's…
capkneemo @capkneemo🔁 Roald Dahl wrote for adults as well - and these are his best #RoaldDahlDay
Cat tattoo girl @lady_carrie🔁@PhilipArdagh @PuffinBooks @roald_dahl @RoaldDahlFund @roalddahlmuseum @booksaremybag Long beards have always reminded me of the Twits..
💜💙🖤 @88Iine🔁Happy to human beans big and small! Join us for celebrations throughout the day
🍒Julie Duffy🍒 @JulieDuffy4🔁 Love these Roald Dahl quotes 💜💜 #roalddahlda y
Ruth Wishart @RuthWishart🔁What is your favourite Roald Dahl book? My answer: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. What do you think?
Gareth Bagg @Garruff🔁Taking Emily to see Matilda tonight, on Roald Dahl day no less! Didn't plan that last part but a nice bonus.
Ibrox Primary School @ibroxPS🔁Roald Dahl Day so here's one, of so many inspiring quotes, from his book Matilda. What's your favourite RD book &/or quote?
Charlotte Huish @CharlotteHuish2🔁 What an incredible day we have had celebrating Roald Dahl's birthday! #RoaldDahlDay
Got Grahamal Toe? @TightOff🔁Today is also:
Defy superstition day
Fortune cookie day
Roald Dahl day
Celiac disease awareness day
Programmers' day
Peanut day


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