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Jeremiah @JZS42069🔁 Roadrunners eat snakes way too big for them
Tucson Roadrunners @RoadrunnersAHL🔁. has five assists through two periods tonight, becoming the first player in franchise history to register five point s in a single game.

Not a bad Roadrunners debut.

Texas Tech Baseball @TTU_Baseball🔁Back to Wolff Stadium today at 3 p.m. against the Roadrunners. #WreckEm
sharonjb k @sharonjbk🔁 🚨🚨🚨Barnes in OT & your TOPEKA ROADRUNNERS WIN 3-2 against the @AmarilloBulls!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Arizona Coyotes @ArizonaCoyotes🔁After 50 games, the @RoadrunnersAHL hold a 29-17-3-1 record. @AEKinkopf has the latest #Roadrunners Report:
Kris Alexander @RVESRoadrunners🔁The Rock View community loves being a part of ! Thank you for your commitment to getting our youngest Roadrunners exc ited about reading even before they start kindergarten!
Ice Time Hockey SW @icetimesw🔁Carter Camper and Mario Kempe catapult the Roadrunners to a historic win over Cleveland Friday night.

Recap 📝:

taphuctan88 @AnimalTV4🔁Animal Land Unbelievable Roadrunners hunting RattleSnake: via @YouTube
Alex Ireland @Coach_Ireland🔁Your Roadrunners are Kansas City bound! With a win over tonight the Roadrunners receive the second bid to the National Tournament in KC!
Kelly Mooney @KMOONEY6🔁Stuco Officers sharing leadership lessons with Roadrunners!!!!
Stella Naranjo @stenaranjo🔁I view roadrunners as mini velociraptors. They kill prey by bludgeoning it. They eat insects, spiders (incl black widows/tarantulas), scorpions, bats, mice, small birds (hummingbirds), lizards & small snakes (rattlers) -

Valley View MS @ValleyViewGiant🔁Shout out to Dr. Catherine Kennedy, Associate Superintendent of Middle schools, coming to read to our Roadrunners! Thank you!
Em @emiliaramirez_🔁Can't wait until August for some . ???? No worries! Your Roadrunners will be back on the court tomorrow in a against TCU! First serve is at 5 p.m. at the Convocation Center! FREE ADMISSION!


Taylor Bowling @Finding_TBow🔁 #16 Roadrunners Move On To Championship Game Of SSAC Tournament
Mandy @DoctorAuthor🔁I dunno, Wile E. Coyote kinda taught me Dynamite is for murderin' attempts. Specifically for Roadrunners. He had sign s and everything..
Monsters Fans @monsters_fan🔁Recap: Camper, Kempe Lead Roadrunners to 5-1 defeat of the Monsters - The Cannon #roadrunners
Morris E. White III @morrisewhite3🔁The download that every supporter should make. Don’t leave home without it.

Spread the spirit for

Kasi Clark @kclark_SSMS🔁Thank you for the great read aloud and bringing book markers for our Roadrunners!
AZ Rubber Magazine @AZRubberHockey🔁. has five assists through two periods tonight, becoming the first player in franchise history to register five points in a single game.

Not a bad Roadrunners debut.

Jennifer Hicks @jenhicks🔁Read Across America Day = STREAM Day at RPES! Ms. Motley & I had a great time exploring & seeing all the places the B ee-Bots went w/all 3rd Gr Ss! Lots of Creativity, Communication & Collaboration at work! 😀
Greg Glover @gregglover3🔁Congrats Roadrunners 80-69 winners over Loyola NO in Montgomery at SSAC tournament semifinals. Advance to finals vs. William Carey Saturday.
M&P Presentations @MPPresentations🔁From Roadrunners to Unicorns....we celebrated all the Everyday Heroes of Nazareth Academy!
Darcy Mingoia @DMingoiaCFISD🔁We are so fortunate to have the best board members that support education. as with as his assistant reading to our 1st grade roadrunners.
Daily Citizen-News @thedailycitizen🔁Roadrunners will play Saturday for the SSAC Championship
isaiah box @Ibox31🔁Roadrunners WIN! Final score 80-69 in the semi-final. Tune in tomorrow at 7:30 eastern for the championship game against or


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