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Joseph Rogers @VFLJoe🔁 DEAR MEN,
#RiseUp4Roe Jedigal007 @JPERGELRWE🔁 Happy Roe-versary! #Roversary #RiseUp4Roe
#RiseUp4Roe Annette Ashley 🌏❄❤ free speech=democracy #WATON @annetteashley61🔁 IT’S SO SIMPLE: Their bodies, their choice. #RiseUp4Roe
#RiseUp4Roe Lioness @Lioness95834🔁I know I do!! #Resist #Resistance #RiseUp4Roe #RoevWade twitter.com
Sen Dianne Feinstein @SenFeinstein🔁In the first year of the Trump administration, we’ve seen attempts to defund Planned Parenthood and restrict access t twitter.com o birth control; the creation of new government offices to undermine women’s health care; and judges who oppose women’s privacy rights. We must FIGHT!
Sen Dianne Feinstein @SenFeinstein🔁As we mark the 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions is under relent twitter.com less attack from President Trump and Republicans in Congress. We must ALL recommit ourselves to protecting women's rights.
ACLU @ACLU🔁Whether we can get affordable abortion care shouldn’t depend on our income, insurance, zip code, or immigration statu twitter.com s.
Just Hamza @alpha_dweeb🔁 Abortion is not about choice.

It is about escaping the consequence of your choice.

#RiseUp4Roe #Prolife

Houston Harper ll @HoustonHarper2🔁Check out this video!

🚨Watch this video about Planned Parenthood’s racist attempt at population control by aborting black babies! It’s true and absolutely disgusting!


AND @DukeVibe🔁Honestly it really does need to change. 9 months is too long babies should be able to choose if they want to be born twitter.com in the first month if they want, it's not fair to keep a baby in the womb against its will.
Valerie @vjoycejkl🔁

🚨Here’s a fun video for liberals to watch! It’s the REAL Jane Roe, Norma McCorvey explaining how fighting for abortion was the biggest mistake she ever made in her life. Enjoy!


Aanel Victoria @AanelVictoria🔁I because women are not incubators for the state. We’re whole people with hearts, minds, talents, opinions and goals. Some women have the capacity to bear children if they choose; others do not.

Regardless, our bodies are our own.
Not yours.
Back off.

Millie @Crixiest🔁45 yrs after , it’s clearer than ever that we must to protect the right to choose & affordable family planning.
GTP @GTP_Global🔁Virginity pills and surgery: Iran’s fake hymen industry f24.my twitter.com
linda hale @LindaHaleRCSD🔁My ass is not a reproductive organ, but you are not invited to kiss it.
My body.


Robert Castro @Robvcastro🔁I because women – not politicians – should be making personal health care and family planning decisions. Affordable and accessible reproductive health care should be available to ALL women – regardless of zipcode or income.

Mary Bezinet @MaryBezinet🔁 Then don’t make my business pay for your reproductive organs care.

#RiseUp4Roe twitter.com

Maria Plochocki @MPlochocki🔁All of us should be able to live, work, and make decisions about our health and our future with dignity and economic twitter.com security. We RISE UP for a better future.
Maria Plochocki @MPlochocki🔁Politicians from the White House to state houses are attacking our health & rights. We RISE UP to build a better futu twitter.com re for our families, our communities, & ourselves.
Maria Plochocki @MPlochocki🔁We RISE UP for fair wages, decent working conditions, and access to affordable health care, including abortion, so o twitter.com ur families and communities can be healthy and live with dignity.
@DoctorandusA @DoctorandusA🔁i by sharing and centering the stories of people who have abortions to eliminate the shame and stigma that rages in our culture. As Rosie’s story shows, the legal right established by Roe is nothing without access:
PHYS 878 @PHYS878🔁: because nonstop human sacrifice is what is needed to keep a civilization strong, as the Aztecs showed the world.
Don Millen (Hitman) @DasHitman🔁 Those who #RiseUp4Roe rise up in favor of judicial despotism and thus against democracy and the rule of law.
Martha Beall Mitchel @MitchelBeallMit🔁My great grandfather had 19 daughters. It took 2 wives to do it. They both died because a man had control of their b twitter.com ody.
Jae White @JaeWhite84🔁 Today is the biggest day of the year for Democrats. They celebrate babies:


#RiseUp4Roe 🇺🇸 maga

Tamara Wood @TamaraW86146879🔁For all you developing humans looking for the womb, unfortunately, the hashtag proves you'd be wise to get out of there as early as you can. No telling when your mother may decide to kill you. I know. We're doing everything we can to help you. -VJ
Pamela @ThornInUrSide_🔁Now, more than ever we must remain alert at the wheel to protect a woman's right to choose. Stand up and fight for twitter.com .
Stephen Sipila @StephenSipila🔁 one of the most important decisions the court ever made and one of those rare occasions where they were 100% right. twitter.com Too bad the anti-choice movement still won't accept that.
Zoey Deutch Italia @ZoeyDeutchIT🔁WATCH: At , a rally celebrating Roe v. Wade, actress Zoey Deutch lauded schools that educate children on sex using art made out of condoms.
Fabio Giannella @fabio_giannella🔁 7 states only have one abortion clinic left. Help us fund this one. #roe45 #RiseUp4Roe >>> indiegogo.com
Dean Clancy @DeanClancy🔁Those who #RiseUp4Roe rise up in favor of judicial despotism and thus against democracy and the rule of law.
llarks 🌹 @llarks🔁We for the nearly 29 million women of reproductive age who are denied insurance coverage for abortion care. Having the right to an abortion doesn't mean anything without having the ability or access.


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