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Rise of the Roypublicans Globalists Suck! @mshaw53🔁 "Rise of the Roypublicans" Because people don't want to see the sale of anymore baby body parts.
Charles M. Blow @CharlesMBlow🔁Read my column, "Rise of the Roypublicans," and let me know what you think. mobile.nytimes.com
Holly O'Reilly @AynRandPaulRyan🔁"The pre-Trump Republican Party is dead; the zombie Trump party now lives in its stead, devoid of principle, feating twitter.com on fear and rage, foreign to moral framing."

Rise of the Roypublicans

Charles M. Blow @CharlesMBlow🔁Thanks Twitter family: "Rise of the Roypublicans" is trending. Read the column here: mobile.nytimes.com
Ernie Maroon @ErnieMaroon🔁 Read my column, "Rise of the Roypublicans," and let me know what you think. mobile.nytimes.com
Scotty @scottaeckert🔁"The pre-Trump Republican Party is dead; the zombie Trump party now lives in its stead, devoid of principle, feating on fear and rage, foreign to moral framing."

Rise of the Roypublicans

M🇺🇸GA @joey_girardi🔁It doesn’t surprise me one bit that this terrorist came into the country under Obama!

42nd Street and 8th Ave Don L twitter.com emon Rise of the Roypublicans News Special Report Bangladeshi NYPD "Megyn Kelly Akayed Ullah Port Authority"

Pitter1311 @pitter1311🔁 Rise of the Roypublicans via @NYTimes nytimes.com
Disenchanted Activist @fauxpinky🔁 Thanks Twitter family: "Rise of the Roypublicans" is trending. Read the column here: mobile.nytimes.com
Popy Panayotou @popy_panayotouRise of the Roypublicans: Volunteer to HELP win BIG by making phone calls

🔁//www.roymoore.org/Volunteer/" target="_blank">roymoore.org

marietweetss 👰🏻🌸 @marietweetss🔁"Rise of the Roypublicans" The democrats support murderous Sanctuary Cities harboring illegals that murder people and then try and take the moral high ground. Give me a break. A zebra can't change it's stripes. Liberals get people killed.
gary @garymoo60767865🔁 Rise of the Roypublicans: Who would YOU vote for in the #AlabamaSenateRace tomorrow?


Mike Young @Suboshi1🔁Doug Jones needs your vote tomorrow. Don’t let Roy Moore represent values. Doug Jones will fight for people, not corporations. He is tough on crime and has a plan for economic growth in Alabama. Stop the Rise of the Roypublicans and be on the
jamia @auntoona🔁 Rise of the Roypublicans via @NYTimes nytimes.com
Globalists Suck! @mshaw53🔁Roy Moore is about to be elected to the Senate. False accusations, millions of dollars, and non-stop liberal propaganda have failed miserably. Sound familiar? It should, because you tried the same shit with Trump and HE STILL WON.

Rise of the Roypublicans

Beekinder @TMetaxatos🔁Rise of the Roypublicans means blaming a 14 year old girl for Moore’s pedophilia and if that fails, argue that her parents should have been honored that an attorney wanted their child. OMG

Watch this 👇😡

Anita L Estes @anjohne09🔁Rise of the Roypublicans! That's a good one. As I have said before, I would not be surprised if Roy Moore is elected. The GOP has already shown that morality takes a back seat when it comes to politics. Case in point, Trump is president.
Peggy Stuart @PeggyStuart🔁Rise of the Roypublicans nyti.ms
Out in my garden @outinmygarden🔁Rise of the Roypublicans #GOPIsRotting nyti.ms
SlaveryIsBack[Islam] @Population_Grow🔁Hitler wouldn't make it in the GOP.

Hitler could run for DNC chair and win.

"Rise of the Roypublicans"

Globalists Suck! @mshaw53🔁The NYT getting ready for the crucial election with fresh liberal propaganda, “Rise of the Roypublicans.”

Nothing rising in Alabama except a tide of Trump support that’s gonna roll over Doug Jones and his sanctuary city, full-term abortion agenda, sinking it to oblivion.

suuzzy que @heroesofmine🔁"Rise of the Roypublicans" NY Times Charles M. Blow “ If Roy Moore is elected to the US Senate, the GOP might as well rename itself Roypublicans.”
ccs @catherinecritz🔁Rise of the Roypublicans have made it impossible for me to watch Bama or Auburn football. If they don't like "outsiders" let them play for state championships not national championships on TV.
LegalLegacy @LawLegalHistory🔁Rise of the Roypublicans unmoored from any fundamental morality - nyti.ms
Laurie Bertram Roberts @smartstatistic🔁 Charles M. Blow: Rise of the Roypublicans - a brilliant column dailykos.com
sqldeve @SQLDeve🔁Rise of the Roypublicans is support for a man who said he thinks every Constitutional Amendment after the 10th thwarts the founders' intentions. 13th freed slaves, 14th equal rights, 19th women's right to vote.
Grillin G @bigshowfishin🔁"Rise of the Roypublicans"

Let’s take a look at Doug Jones’ fundraising efforts, shall we?

Antonela Arleo @AntonelaArleo1🔁 Opinion | Rise of the Roypublicans nyti.ms
SoapBox @SoapBoxinCA🔁 A vote for Roy Moore is a vote for the Stone Age.

#MondayMotivaton Rise of the Roypublicans

Barbara Doherty @BKDstudio1🔁The NYT has fresh liberal propaganda, “Rise of the Roypublicans”

The hypocritical Bill Clinton-loving Democrats: They fully support a serial sex villain and his enabler wife for decades and now want to talk about trumped up charges on Roy Moore?

Alabama’s voting Trump agenda.

Donna Stewart @DStewart541🔁The Rise of the Roypublicans is totally on Trump, Ryan and McConnell. They had the power to stop this and they chose to unlock the Pandora’s box anyway. The cost of political expediency is high and they’ll be paying for it if he wins.
Roshan Thomas Jr @goldentiger39🔁💥Desperate ratings WHORE & 💥 who has the lowest ratings on her show in it's history! Is making A last stitch effort to Harm with !
"Rise of the Roypublicans"
Jderb @jjderb41🔁How is Rise of the Roypublicans trending?! The article is written by Charles Blow, who posted it & pinned it 2 his page HOURS ago, has only 212 RT'S with a 414k following!😂

Roy Moore will win. & u lunatics who use bully tactics will not change that

Fred Jaramillo @chooseliferacr🔁Rise of the Roypublicans is the result of the democratic party. Now unless the prove their claims, they will actually twitter.com make this a positive thing. Yet they are failing daily.
Gary Napier @Napier60G🔁 do you think we all don’t notice that NYT gets at least 3 trends a day with hardly any impressions as long as it’s against Conservatives???

Rise of the Roypublicans

Maureen Gaudet @MaureenGaudet66🔁Rise of the Roypublicans I will continue to say that GOP still works. Grabber of Pussy. The onl y thing they need to do is change their mascot from an elephant to a beaver gnawing on a cross.
L.E. Harding @gloloh🔁The Rise of the Roypublicans is a cancer that destroys them from within. We’ve got to be stronger than hatred so they don’t have enough power to bring us all down with them.
L.E. Harding @gloloh🔁Rise of the Roypublicans

"The zombie Trump party now lives in its stead, devoid of principle, feasting on fear and rage, foreign to moral framing."
This is true of the GOP whether or not Roy Moore gets elected. We are well past the line.

Brad Gippy @BradGippy🔁The Rise of the Roypublicans will be the downfall of America!

We must take America back and continue to resist! twitter.com

Climate change is real!
Russia is real!
Sexual abuse is real!
The nuclear threat is real!
Evil corporations are real!



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