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Goatface @GoatFaceBX🔁 When Vince McMahon tells Triple H that he would love to use Ricochet for 205 Live.

Triple H:

OMG its Khairy 💓 @ComedianKhairy🔁Bruh they signed Ricochet and War Machine to @wwe


Ricochet Saveurs méd @saveursmed1🔁High-flying independent superstar Ricochet signs with WWE, likely to start in NXT
Ricochet DS Wrestling News @DSWrestleReport🔁 Ricochet Officially Signs With WWE - cultaholic.com
Ricochet Sean| RICOCHET IS IN WWE @SoloZayniac🔁@chasinthadragon @WWENXT I still need time from war machine and ricochet.
Tonio @tonytorrez4🔁 Bruh they signed Ricochet and War Machine to @wwe


WWE NXT @WWENXT🔁Innovative high-flyer @KingRicochet has officially joined the @WWEPerformCtr! wwe.com
Bleacher Report WWE @BR_WWE🔁WWE has signed independent wrestling sensation Ricochet and he will begin training at the WWE Performance Center in O twitter.com rlando
Dominic Vendetta @SoulTakerAD🔁 Innovative high-flyer @KingRicochet has officially joined the @WWEPerformCtr! wwe.com
bro @FookMaywedda🔁I wish Ricochet could’ve went to WWE 3-4 years ago. Idk how much he will stand out on the current product. I’m hoping twitter.com for the best, but I have no faith in WWE anymore.
David Johnson @Ricochet_19🔁Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech is on January 30th.

He’s obsessed by TV ratings.

America - don’t watch his State of the Union speech. Turn off your TV and watch his ratings plummet.

Please retweet.

Austin @RollinsorweRiot🔁 #WWE land indie wrestling circuit hero Ricochet in time for Royal Rumble - The Sun goo.gl
Jason Cline @Team_Cline🔁 how to fuck up ricochet
John Page @johnfreakinpage🔁@DanTheBowtieGuy Ricochet and War Machine are all i know of
DC Matthews @TheDCMatthews🔁 - Ricochet and War Machine are in a system that should give them every opportunity to succeed. Sky is the limit for twitter.com all three.
staci aka weetly. @ihatecrayons🔁Fuck Ricochet though
J. 🇺🇸 @__GodHatesUsAll🔁If ya don't know who Ricochet is then watch his pwg/njpw matches on YouTube or Lucha Underground on Netflix
Abdullah Moallim @Moallim88🔁Marry it together and you end up with a good wrestling product. I can see Ricochet being in the Finn Balor role and e twitter.com levating NXT to a higher level. 2018 should be fun
jonah @jonahmoffster🔁@charlieINTEL They need to go back to ricochet in hardcore matches
HarrisonWWEfan @dobson_harrison🔁WWE has signed independent wrestling sensation Ricochet and he will begin training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando
Black Jungle Snake @IAmNotLetago🔁DID RICOCHET SIGN WITH NXT????
Thierry Ferdinand @ThierryFerdina3🔁@WWENXT @KingRicochet @WWEPerformCtr Ricochet Has arrived
Anthony Nellist @AnthNellist🔁@gabs_marsh Ricochet and War Machine just got assigned to the Performance Centre 😍
UG Fight Cast @UGFightCast🔁Another huge addition to NXT. Expected to get War Machine and Ricochet but nonetheless, a great addition. twitter.com
GulfDogs ® @GulfDogs🔁TERRIFIC convo w/ re: "rape" story and the progressives' assault on basic boy-meets-girl biology-->

Goff Ball @MNaumu🔁 War Machine and Ricochet will kill it in NXT. What an interesting year for that brand.
MilyStar ******1/4 @DayDreamThis🔁WWE PC signs world-famous flyer Trevor “Ricochet” Mann wwe.com via @wwe
ColdStone Tim Boston @CS_TimBoston🔁::sees all the Ricochet news::

I should probably start working on some flips or something.

Shayne Merriman @ShayneMerriman🔁With the announcement earlier today that War Machine and Ricochet are heading to find out what our very own thinks WWE should do with them.


War Machine:

aiman @YOURDARLlNGS🔁 God, how I ricochet between certainties and doubts.
Ollie [Team 💯] @_OllieHoward_🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Controversial Finisher Unbanned | WWE Sign Ricochet | Sasha Banks Update
Wrestleaholic @Wrestleaholic_🔁With the announcement earlier today that War Machine and Ricochet are heading to find out what our very own thinks twitter.com WWE should do with them.


War Machine:

Solent Championship🎙 @SolentWWE🔁Ricochet vs Velveteen Dream has already got me sold. twitter.com
Daniel Shipway @ShipwayShikari🔁WWE need to sort their shit out, get Neville happy and book Neville v Ricochet
Another day, gotta give ‘em hell! @PocketVolcano🔁Ricochet slept on my couch in 2013. Really good dude, soft spoken and nice as all get out. Really happy for him.


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