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Rick Saccone Big10 Brooklyn NY @Josey1Josey🔁 Where Conor Lamb and Rick Saccone stand on the issues cnn.it
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁The Economy is raging, at an all time high, and is set to get even better. Jobs and wages up. Vote for Rick Saccone and keep it going!
PissOffDonald @PissOffDonald🔁@realDonaldTrump Is Rick Saccone a crazy pedophile like the last guy @realDonaldTrump endorsed?
Rick Saccone Beverly Harden @harden_beverly🔁 The polls are now open! Vote Rick Saccone! #PA18
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁The Pittsburgh Post Gazette just endorsed Rick Saccone for Congress. He will be much better for steel and business. V twitter.com ery strong on experience and what our Country needs. Lamb will always vote for Pelosi and Dems....Will raise taxes, weak on Crime and Border.
#ThePersistence @ScottPresler🔁THIS IS CRITICAL:

Republicans have tried to vote for in Pennsylvania's 18th District and are being told they can't twitter.com vote.

This election is based on the OLD district, not the new one. Let the Rick Saccone campaign know IMMEDIATELY if this has happened to you.

rbrown @shaylasnali🔁I am hearing reports of HEAVY HEAVY turnout in Pennsylvania as Democrat Conor Lamb looks to upset the GOP and Rick Saccone.

This is very positive news this afternoon!!

If you haven't voted yet, you have just under 2 hours remaining!

wmb @Wmb2Wmb🔁HEYTRUMPERS... WHAT THE HELL... WHERE IS campaigning FOR RICK SACCONE? asked us to specifically help... if we keep losing to the left... He's SCREWED and nothing will get done for another 2 years... TRUMP NEEDS A SUPER MAJORITY... HELLO???
Mystery Man @ALWAYSAPATRIOT2🔁POTUS is asking for PA to vote for Rick Saccone! Please get out and vote for a true experienced conservative! We need good republicans not a candidate that just speaks the right words. Lamb will never vote Conservative!
Rosemary @royaleight🔁 .@ChuckTodd says he is "shocked" Pres. Trump's political team allowed him to campaign for Rick Saccone twice #MTPDaily
Tim D @dei_tim🔁THIS IS CRITICAL:

Republicans have tried to vote for in Pennsylvania's 18th District and are being told they can't vote.

This election is based on the OLD district, not the new one. Let the Rick Saccone campaign know IMMEDIATELY if this has happened to you.

Alexandra Polaski @AlliePolaski🔁Polls close at 8pm ET.

Here are links for each speech. Times TBD.

Conor Lamb () Election Night Speech

Rick Saccone () Election Night Speech

Trumplover @JulieAnkorgirl🔁🚨URGENT CALL TO ACTION!🚨

Democrats are ACTIVELY blocking Conservatives from voting for (R) RICK SACCONE in Pennsylvania Election, claiming redistricting. 😡

➡But this SPECIAL ELECTION is based on old district lines!


Richard Casarez @richcasa🔁Right Wing Round-Up: Rick Saccone’s Critics Hate God | Right Wing Watch rightwingwatch.org
Helene @HeleneSusor🔁RUN OUT TO THE POLLS AND VOTE FOR RICK SACCONE!!! But, don't run too fast! You might slip and bust your ASS like Crooked Hillary!!
MSF North America @MSFAmerica🔁Rick Saccone: Pro-Life Champion, Conor Lamb: Extreme on Abortion!
Darryl @tinfoilrus🔁Today is Election Day in PA-18. Rick Saccone served our country in uniform in the United States Air Force. We desperately need more conservative veterans serving in Congress.
TheCaptainC @TheCaptainC🔁Complacency Will Kills Us! PA Should Be In The Bag & Rick Saccone Should Be Kicking Ass! America Can Not Live With A Democrat Majority Ever Again. Liberal Control Means "Extreme Gun Control", "Higher Taxes" etc.. Can Not Do It Alone! We Must United! Lets !
Pointblank @jjet4life🔁Today is the day, PA. Please vote for Rick Saccone, US Congress. We can’t sit back, but get out the vote. Here’s to a big win tonight.


Tit4tat @Tit4tat11🔁Today you can vote for Rick Saccone, who would probably hang out with Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Or US Marine turned federal prosecutor Conor Lamb, who would likely investigate Mar-a-Lago.
Judith Lombardi @JEL317🔁'Conor Lamb is gonna win': The knives are already out for Republican Rick Saccone before votes have even been counted in Pennsylvania
Jerry @jhaleyj56🔁Do Me A Favor:

After you vote for Rick Saccone, TODAY, in Pennsylvania's 18th District, please personally call your friends & make sure they have a plan to vote today.

Let them know if they like their tax cuts & steel coming back, they need to vote Rick.

PGYMath #Resistance @PGYoung1964🔁Republicans fear a loss in the Pennsylvania special election between Rick Saccone and Conor Lamb. usat.ly
CK @grannygethealth🔁 Donald Trump Jr.: 'It’s important to elect Republicans who will work with the president' washingtonexaminer.com

Tetsu Kaba @TetsuKaba🔁Retweet this if you want Democrat Conor Lamb to win his special election on Tuesday. Here’s video of his GOP opponent Rick Saccone screaming like a lunatic: In Pennsylvania we’re still clinging to our guns & our bibles!

Ann @123puglet🔁There's been issues for Republicans voting in today. Dems have told Republicans they couldn't vote due to New Redistricting Lines. You might want to keep an eye on this race. There are several folks who've called Rick Saccone about it.
Coockie69🌐 @Coockie690🔁Rick Saccone is a so great candidate, don't trust the polls, we will win !
Diane Boyd @Boyd_2650🔁🔴HEY ...


Now it's time to vote TRUMP-BACKED CANDIDATES to keep PA moving toward


Get out & vote ➡RICK SACCONE...


Ken Buuck @BuuckKen🔁If you live in Pennsylvania please get out and vote for Rick Saccone give President Trump another vote for our agenda
cheryl shepley @shepley_cheryl🔁The Republicans are 5-0 in recent Congressional races, a point which the Fake News Media continuously fails to mention. I backed and campaigned for all of the winners. They give me credit for one. Hopefully, Rick Saccone will be another big win on Tuesday.
Glam Mami @MzGlamMami🔁There is a special election underway in Pennsylvania's 18th district on Tuesday. The race to fill former Rep. Tim Murphy's seat is a toss up, though a recent poll shows Democrat Connor Lamb leading against Republican Rick Saccone. Who is Connor Lamb?
Pattie Wagner @pwpcgirl🔁 PA-18, don’t forget to vote for the #MAGA Candidate, Rick Saccone!
⚡️astrid3121⚡️ @astrid3121🔁Polls close at 8:00 p.m. ET in a closely watched special election for a House seat in Pennsylvania. It is usually a safe Republican seat, but the race between Democrat Conor lamb and Republican Rick Saccone has been neck-and-neck. has more.
Scott Atkinson @Hotjava01🔁Rick Saccone, in Saturday's debate, tells us healthcare isn't a civil right. But, he seems to think guns without background checks are.

Conor Lamb calls healthcare a civil right. He is what we need in Congress. Support and vote for
Tuesday, 3/13/18

Randie Croshaw @RandieCroshaw🔁🔴⚪️🔵Calling all PA Dist 18 Patriots to get out TODAY and vote for Rick Saccone for US Congress!🔴⚪️🔵He has been there for you! 🇺🇸Veteran🇺🇸Pro 2Amendment🇺🇸Pro lower taxes🇺🇸For more jobs🇺🇸He is for Steel and coal jobs
jill @estepjill🔁 Marine vet Conor Lamb opens crushing lead over Republican one day before #PA18 special election


La Jolla Liberal @LaJollaLiberal🔁Wait until results tonight. You’ll be regretting these tweets. twitter.com
Fiona Stanley @sashapupcev🔁Think Rick Saccone knows hes going to lose!! He says Dems Hate Trump, Dems Hate the Country & Dems Hate God.
So he's a Nut case. Like we need another Lunatic!

GOP’s Closing Argument in PA Special: Liberals Hate God via
M Jones @NoUseForTrump🔁PA GOP voters, if you really believe Democrats "hate this country and hate God," you're crazier and far more Fox Kool twitter.com -aid sodden than the paranoid, LYING Rick Saccone. He's a freaking CLOWN.


Jacquie Harrison @jrharrison1🔁 all of you people in PA still have time to get out and vote for Saccone you voted for Trump help him finish his age twitter.com nda you wanted his agenda now you have to give him the people that will help him please give out the vote to the Republican Rick Saccone so Trump's


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