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Ed Ruby @EdRuby3🔁 hysterical antifa protestor at richard spencer speech yells at cop
Christopher Mathias @letsgomathias🔁Wow. About a dozen arrested protesters in handcuffs inside the building where Richard Spencer spoke. They're singing "Solidarity Forever."
Local 4 WDIV Detroit @Local4News🔁Police: Alt-right supporter of Richard Spencer charged after pointing gun at protesters in Michigan
Richard SpencerRichard Spencer Gay Tina @AlternativeStr8🔁 lol here’s the “crowd” for the MSU Richard Spencer event.
Vic Berger IV @VicBergerIV🔁Richard Spencer and his neo-Nazi movement is suffering. His speech in Michigan had 11 people attending and he’s resor ted to appearing on Baked Alaska’s YouTube show.
Ron Swanson of Communism @tranewreck4🔁Love that Richard Spencer can go less and less places without being shouted down or attacked. Fuck that Nazi fuck and anyone who protects him.
Neenie 🦅 @Heide0Neenie🔁@goldengateblond @slpng_giants He and Richard Spencer are neck and neck as to how utterly forgotten they are becoming (Ann Coulter is 3rd).
SurelyNotAWalrus🌹🏴 @Tweetatthevoid🔁Love that Richard Spencer can go less and less places without being shouted down or attacked. Fuck that Nazi fuck and anyone who protects him.
wad @ladacyn🔁24 people facing arraignment this afternoon in Michigan after MSU rally against Richard Spencer. Please donate if you can, and spread the word.
Reed Adams @ReelyReed🔁antifa was too busy storming sargon's talk the other day they ignored richard spencer's

but it looks like everyone else did too lmfao

ScottG @So_So_Scott🔁@John_Kass @chicagotribune Why is the right - loud about everything - so quiet about Richard Spencer and Steven Miller and ....
Shell Ferra @ShelleyDoct🔁Website in response to Richard Spencer has raised $8,288 for community based orgs thus far . . . and counting:
HalfJapanese Panther @TheSteveAyres🔁Imagine believing this to be true:

Harper said he’s compelled by what he sees as a lack of voice for white people.
“It seems like every other group except whites has advocacy,” he said.


millennialfalcon @fattfeinbaugh🔁Richard Spencer: “we want violence! Death to Antifa and their supporters!”

Me to Richard this morning on East Lansing streets: “alright let’s fucking rumble Nazi fuck! Back it up!”

Richard Spencer: *runs with his latte spilling all over his expensive European suit*

Mudhooks @Mudhooks🔁11 people showed up at Richard B. Spencer’s talk...
Gulag'd Sax*n ☦🌲⚔☭ @SaxonNEET🔁*Richard Spencer in the distance*
"ʷᵉ ʷᶦˡˡ ᵇᵉᶜᵒᵐᵉ ʷʰᵒ ʷᵉ ᵃʳᵉ"
We are a nation of lulz @NASDAQEnema🔁People like Richard Spencer talk about how the left are cowardly and weak and need a "safe space" but who are the ones that need a police escort just to walk out in public and can't win a fight without Daddy Government coming in to save the day with riot cops and pepper spray?
Kevin Laprise🔌🤔 @kevlap017🔁If you are interested check my tweets and responses, I was discussing with someone that not all of spencer's fans are bad people, but maybe just confused or lost folks, and that they are given a scapegoat by Richard Spencer. False hopes
🐬NotMyPresident🐬 @Chris6375🔁 The 'sword and shield' of white supremacists buckles under pressure via @thinkprogress
Joe Bowser @infil00p🔁Neo-Nazi group the Traditionalist Worker Party who worships Hitler, poses with a banner taken from Leftist group, SDS, while throwing up fascist salutes. This is who does security for Richard Spencer, and this is who comes out to see him speak.
Very Stable Genius @ShenoahAlways🔁Richard Spencer and his neo-Nazi movement is suffering. His speech in Michigan had 11 people attending and he’s resorted to appearing on Baked Alaska’s YouTube show.
Wilbur🌎Postmodern🍍🍕Litost🏴🌹 @LitostFirefly🔁Whenever you feel bad about your life just remember that Richard Spencer & the Alt-Right get treated worse than any g roup in the whole wide world.*

*According to Richard Spencer, leader of the Cult of White Victimhood & Alt-White Children’s Crusade.

Maybe Surely @Maybe_Surely🔁Because of our courage today, many fascists were unable to attend Richard Spencer's talk. Sadly, we had 20+ arrests on our side. Donate to their bail here:

🏀 Geoffrey Madness 🏀 @mynameisGEOFF🔁@CSMacDon @brook194 Hey man just because I'm bald doesn't mean I'm some Richard Spencer fan
🌸 ace⋆Lynx {in pain+sick}🌹 @CattyFae🔁This is a fund for bail for the 20+ people arrested (many who were completely peaceful) protesting Alt-Right Nazi Richard Spencer's MSU talk
Michael Murphy @Donkor2219🔁Spencer and his white supremacist buddies had a miserable two days in Michigan. via @HuffPostPol
Big Red Spear @BigRedSpear🔁So you can punch bullies like Richard Spencer, but how dare a father shame his kid on social media by showing his pun ishment for bullying. I can see the consistency in your principles even from down here.
Christopher MacDonald @CSMacDon🔁@mynameisGEOFF @brook194 Who didn’t? Even Richard Spencer did!
look up _Secessio Plebis_ srsly @DarkandWondrous🔁 White supremacists just had a miserable two days in Michigan. My dispatch:
Greg @gpalmmm🔁There's zero chance the GOP would support that rhetoric if he were white - no Republican members of congress support guys like David Duke and Richard Spencer what are you talking about?
Oshⓐ @OshaKarow🔁Wow. About a dozen arrested protesters in handcuffs inside the building where Richard Spencer spoke. They're singing "Solidarity Forever."
Jᴀqᴇn H'ghᴀr @RealFacelessMan🔁You think I should respect Linda Sarsour, despite her antisemitism, because she's against racism?

I'm guessing you also think I should respect Richard Spencer because he's in favor of single-payer healthcare.

Matt Martin @electrovert🔁Bail Fund for Stop Richard Spencer at MSU #crowdfunding @FundedJustice Support and Retweet
#YellowDogDemocrat @EllenPrewett🔁Gary Cohn is Jewish. How he could have stayed on after Charlottesville is a mystery to me. Donald Trump is all for W hite Supremacy and David Duke and Richard Spencer. All those Nazis had good people, remember? I would have walked out. Right then and there. Trump's disgusting.
Michael Lodge @michael50lodge🔁They fall into one of these categories:
1) They’re racist & love Trumps racist tendencies. They would have voted for Richard Spencer after 8 years of Obama
2) They’re uneducated, & believe Trump is a smart businessman

All decent Republicans dropped Trump after

Greg @gpalmmm🔁Really? David Duke and Richard Spencer are invited to CPAC? You're a fucking moron - the guys a racist POS it shouldn 't be hard to denounce him.
Zach D Roberts @zdroberts🔁White Supremacist Richard Spencer Rejected by Hundreds of Protesters at Michigan State University #StopHate
Marcus Tobias @MarcusTobias4🔁Antifa trying to shut down Sargon's event. Antifa trying to shut down Richard Spencer's event. The dying order lashes out, unaware that it has already become history.
Ripley's believe it @StephanieRiple6🔁 The ‘sword and shield’ of white supremacists buckles under pressure
Abbot Mills @mills_abbot🔁 The ‘sword and shield’ of white supremacists buckles under pressure
norman h. la marche @norm49henri🔁In what was planned to be a large event for the white supremacist, reports, “Spencer stood in a largely empty auditorium often used for livestock auctions,” last night at Michigan State.
Mary Foster @marylynne1🔁Only 11 people snow at white Supremacist rally in Michigan.

Sounds like Spencer did Nazi that coming. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Harry Gaskin IV ®™ @gaskinbiz🔁Police: 13 face felony charges in clashes sparked by Richard Spencer's MSU speech via @freep
Good Agent @Good__agent🔁Richard Spencer had a very bad, terrible, no-good weekend capped by a sparsely attended speech - Southern Poverty Law Center
Sandra Bee @Jacala63🔁White nationalist Richard Spencer blames violent protesters for small crowd at MSU via @LSJnews
Doris Strong @MascaraStJames🔁Richard Spencer, the racist so-called "alt-right" leader, spoke last night at Michigan State University to about a dozen people.
More than 200 students, professors and activists protested outside.
Talib Kweli Greene @TalibKweli🔁The truth is, people like Richard Spencer and Donald Trump love it when people ignore their racist agenda. It gives them a toehold. Then, when they gain power, people who just ignored it can't figure out how the shit happened. It's like getting shot and ignoring the wound.
Robby Eli @EliasRobby🔁No one really gives a shit about Richard Spencer expect the media, actual alt-righters, and those far left Antifa fre aks.
Elarkin Rhodes 🇺🇸🇷🇺🇫🇮 @movetosomalia🔁Lol... in Britain, making mean Facebook posts about Muslims is considered a "terror threat".

And citing "Hope Not Ha te" - a far-left activist organization - would be like me citing Richard Spencer's NPI

Crisis Actors Guild @EyesOnTheRight🔁@don_chump @IGD_News Okay you're right, that was someone else.
Antifa USA @AntifaUSA🔁Word is that Richard Spencer is still in East Lansing and was chased out of a coffee shop full of anti-fascists. He escaped back into his car.
Your Queen @AjaElonnn🔁As of early this morning, Patriot Front members were bragging in Discord about doing armed security for the alt-right FMI conference in Detroit, and hanging out with Richard Spencer.
Your Queen @AjaElonnn🔁: We've obtained & published over 26,000 private Discord messages from chat servers tied to Patriot Front, a neo-nazi group that splintered off from Vanguard America. Patriot Front members are currently in Michigan for Richard Spencer event
Paul Pogba’s Haircut 🇸🇩 @Apoybali🔁MSU sending Richard Spencer to a livestock farm way off campus during spring break and seeing absolutely nobody show up except for a few protestors and a few white nationalists bussed in from Detroit
もろ @MoroNoKimi🔁Richard Spencer just walked into a cafe filled with anti-fascists and got chased back to his car. Get the fuck out of East Lansing, no coffee for you
TotesNotAnActivist @PunchinNazis365🔁1/3

Updated: Here's a brief update about our people that were arrested at yesterday's demonstration against Richard Spencer and the Alt-Right:

- a little more than 20 people on our side were arrested
- about 6 got out last night

BreakingNewzman @BreakingNewzman🔁White nationalist Richard Spencer -- source of melee at Michigan State university earlier this week -- to drop lawsui t against Ohio State University but will pursue U of Cincinnati case over security fee they want for his appearance
Vigilant Violet @VioletReads🔁DeVos Is Sued By 17 States; Richard Spencer And Colleges; Race and Student Loans - via
ㅤㅤㅤ @theonlypinky🔁Thanks to the fight back at MSU, this is the huge crowd that Richard Spencer spoke to.
Negi @rebased_negi🔁@JoshBlockDC @jpodhoretz @jstreetdotorg j street would endorse richard spencer if he ran for congrefs
It'sAColor @ATintofPurple🔁We stopped these people from gathering and organizing on monday. Not a single patriot front member made it inside to see Richard Spencer speak


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