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Tom D @tdobrezjr🔁 His name is Kock 😂😂😂 #RexComus
#rexcomus not Jared Addison @jared_addison🔁 Comus is straight up terrifying. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. #RexComus
#rexcomus Kat - Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All @katmoo14🔁 More terrifying than the @KingCakeBaby. #rexcomus
Kat - Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All @katmoo14🔁 Nope, nothing at all weird about this. #RexComus
Michael Morgan Jr. @iriemobay🔁 What I really want to happen at the exact moment Rex meets Comus. Cmon @KingCakeBaby. #RexComus
#rexcomus Michael Morgan Jr. @iriemobay🔁 I'm already drunk #rexcomus
#rexcomus Tender Roni @MeganDoesNOLA🔁 FOUR BLACK PEOPLE! #RexComus
#rexcomus Tender Roni @MeganDoesNOLA🔁 SIX! SIX BLACK PEOPLE! #RexComus
#rexcomus Scott Walker @ScottWalker6🔁The pages at #RexComus live for this stuff.
Sarah Ravits @sravits🔁 etc someday I will join you for commentary/drinking game but for now I still (miraculously) still have it in me t twitter.com o ~rage~ downtown on Fat Tuesday . In the meantime my Ash Wednesday was much more amusing reading these observations!
fidelityfamtammy @tammyoshea1013🔁 I hope Mark Romig will mix up announcing #RexComus with a Saints game.
🦉LogLadyMarmalade🦉 @coldbean🔁 Me trying to explain #RexComus to others: “Okay, so you know how the South doesn’t let stuff go...”
|:.Elle.|.Leaux.:| @ONLifeCulture🔁that’s your retort..just like some unseasoned chicken😭🙄go jump off the CCC I promise will be there to catch you💅? twitter.com ?💁🏾‍♀️
verarocks @verarocks🔁@cokeman WHY ARE YOU NOT ON THE #REXCOMUS TRAIN? We missed you.
🅱️🅾️🅱️ @bobmurrell🔁 I feel like #RexComus is the one place in the world Mike Pence would feel comfortable in his own skin
verarocks @verarocks🔁@wargote4 'Drink from the cup' they said. 'Everything will be okay,' they said. #rexcomus
E.J. @NoItsJustMe🔁 I will take back everything I've ever said about this organization if only one Krewe member kneels during the anthem #RexComus
Corey E. Dunbar @coreyedunbar🔁 Why isn’t there a kid from Brother Martin high school in this? #RexComus
michaelpatrickwelch @mpatrickwelch🔁To "throw shade" means to INDIRECTLY INSULT someone in a way that preserves plausible deniability. They were insultin twitter.com g directly. It was pretty funny!
Asyl Nachabe @theseal504🔁 Over under on the number of these maids that will be dancing on the pool table at F&Ms by the end of the night? #rexcomus
The Bear Jieux @TheBearJieux🔁Get off twitter dad. #RexComus twitter.com
rnch @rnch🔁Years ago, the long time #RexComus announcer #NorrisFitzmorris was #DaMannnnnn. twitter.com
Michael Morgan Jr. @iriemobay🔁 Oooo next year gotta be interesting with Teedy Latoya #RexComus
Pizza Nola, 141 W Harrison, Lakeview @PizzaNola🔁Is this accurate? #RexComus was nationally trending last night? twitter.com
Vivian Norris @vivigive🔁 What will it take to convince Big Freedia to crash #RexComus?
WH985 @WH985Thank God someone got this 🔁 This lady is so excited she forgot where her hands were.
verarocks @verarocks🔁 Drink when they offhandedly mention how Comus doesn't parade anymore but not why #RexComus #DorothyMaeTaylor
David Jack Browning @thedjbtweets🔁 To be fair, we'd all be lucky to love anything as much as Errol loves this stuff #RexComus
Rude Katy @rudekaty🔁 Also Rex is blood and Comus is Crip. #RexComus
Scotch on the Rocks @CestLaVie504🔁 The Rex ball is held on special white canvas floors because wood is too brown for them. #RexComus
Mod Mobilian @modmobilian🔁"Transplants... see local conservatism as a problem calling for enlightenment rather than an opinion to be respected, twitter.com and view the importation of national and global values as imperative." - (btw did kdv see this?)
Tom D @tdobrezjr🔁 OMG his last name is KOCK. #RexComus
Tom D @tdobrezjr🔁 "Eduoard James Kock IV" because one letter away from Koch is a fire troll #RexComus


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